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trolleys are found and taken back to Good evening and welcome to


Tuesday's programme. First tonight, solicitors, barristers and QCs


demonstrated outside one of the region's biggest courts today


against controversial plans to change the legal aid system.


The Government wants to save �200 million but its critics say those


cuts could jeopardise the right to a fair trial. In a moment, we'll hear


the views of the former Solicitor General, but first here's Rebecca


Sheeran. They are normally inside the courts


but today they were protesting against proposed cuts to legal aid.


We work hard to protect people when they find themselves in situations


they did not expect to. We have done our bit for austerity. We have not


had a pay rise since 1997. These cut will result in miscarriages of


justice. Fewer but bigger organisations will provide legal


aid. This man needed legal aid and says if it was not for the choice of


solicitor he believes he could have been sent to prison. It could have


been a major factor. If people are allocated, barristers and


solicitors, though my not have their interests at heart -- they may not


have. It could have a massive effect. They were also protesting


about the rates they would be paid. How much do barristers earn? 65% of


criminal barristers earn less than �50,000 a year. That is equivalent


of an experienced teacher and very close to the salary of a London


underground driver. In a statement, the Justice Secretary said, we have


one of the most expensive legal aid systems in the world with about �1


billion a year spent on criminal legal aid. These changes are about


getting the best value for the taxpayer and will not in any way


affect someone's right way the trial. Today these protesters hope


he will change his mind. Earlier I spoke to the Harborough MP


and former Solicitor General Sir Edward Garnier. He met the Justice


Secretary last night. I asked him if Chris Grayling was prepared to


budge. He is waiting to receive the answers to the government


consultation but what he does have to deal with is the oddments bending


problems. One way or the other, he has got to find �220 million of


savings -- he has to deal with the spending problems. You have said the


legal aid system should not be immune to cuts in the past. Have you


changed your view? No, it is not immune to cuts but that does not


mean doing anything, it means doing what is sensible. It is very


delicate. It requires people of skill, people of professional


integrity to perform the task of defending and prosecuting in


criminal cases. But it also requires sufficient resources to enable


professionals to do the job. Do you have reservations? I do at the


minute. I might have to change my mind when is Grayling comes up with


the responses to the consultation. What are the reservations?


concern is that good and practitioners will no longer be able


to afford to do the work. They are not being paid huge sums of money


like commercial barristers. If they leave the profession, we will not


get the young bright people moving on to become QCs and doing the more


complex cases and then we will not get the judges who grow out of the


QCs to try the complex criminal cases. I think it does matter.


are people going to go to get legal aid bearing in mind the number of


firm available will be reduced? the plans go through as currently


advertised, there will be a reduction in the number of


practitioners, as individual barristers or as legal aid


solicitors firms, if you are in market harbour and you are arrested,


you will have to go to Birmingham, you may have to go to London to find


a lawyer to represent you. Justice must be accessible, not just to the


prosecution, but also to the defence. Thank you.


Sport is coming up later in the programme with plenty of intrigue.


We've been at Trent Bridge where the big question is, could Broad be back


as England prepare to save pride against New Zealand?


Next tonight, people living in the Leicestershire village of


Queniborough have spent the day cleaning up after a water main burst


and flooded their homes. The force was so great it created a huge hole


in Main Street. Severn Trent worked through the


night to plug the leak and repair the damaged street. The company has


apologised to villagers for the mess and inconvenience, as Jonathan Cecil


reports. 80 years old and 15 inches wide,


this is the pipe from which 100 cubic metres of water burst out,


flooding Queniborough. At 4pm, enough water to fill a swimming pool


escaped, buckling the road, pouring into homes and side streets. There


was quite a massive explosion type, muffled explosion. He rode lifted


two feet and out came gushing water -- the road. It was flowing like a


river. From our control centre, we knew we had pressure drops in this


area immediately. He calls men started to come through. We


responded from our depot in Leicester and it took us in -- it


took us about an hour to get here. It is thought seeing as though -- it


is thought seasonal ground movement is responsible. Homeowners need to


decide whether to claim of their own insurers or from Severn Trent


themselves. Either way the water company will pay the policy excess.


The owners of this house have packed up and moved out. Their home is


uninhabitable. It has been highly inconvenient. We understand that and


we would like to apologise. It is estimated damage to the water pipes


and the road will cost �20,000 to repair but a final figure to restore


people's homes is still not known. The leader of UKIP in Lincolnshire


says he's to stand down as East Midlands chairman of the party while


the police investigate racists comments posted on Facebook. Chris


Pain told members of UKIP's National Executive Committee yesterday that


his account was hacked. UKIP has issued a statement saying that it's


suspended judgement on the allegations until the conclusion of


a separate investigation by Lincolnshire Police.


A seventh person has been arrested in connection with a shooting at a


pub in Nottingham. A 22-year-old woman was seriously injured after a


gun was fired into the garden of the Vernon Pub in Old Basford last


August. A 28-year-old man has been questioned on suspicion of


conspiracy to murder. Six others have already been arrested and


bailed in connection with the incident.


Nottingham's new tram works are going on apace. But they've left a


group of pensioners feeling like they're trapped in their homes.


Why? Well, those living at the Lark Hill village in Clifton say doors


and windows have been coated in a red dust from the construction site


next door. Geeta Pendse reports. It is like a fog that comes over.


For the last two months, this flat has been covered in red dust.


Overlooking a construction site, Chris new work would take place but


she says the sheer volume of the dust has been shocking. With an


existing breathing problem, she feels trapped inside. I have to be


so careful. It is awful. My bedroom window is there. I cannot open it at


night. I am frightened of breathing the dusting. She is among several


residents who have complained about problems since work began. It came


in everywhere, open windows, under the doors, through the vents, in the


car park, everywhere. It looked like the Australian outback. It was that


red. With weather like it at the moment, open windows, the dust has


gone into the homes, extra cleaning. The contractor says they have put


measures in place to minimise the dust and inconvenience. Here they


have a water browser and they have lined the side of the construction


site with a netting that is designed to trap the dust. The contractor


also says they are working with the home to listen to residents


concerned. Many welcome the chance to have a tram network nearby, but


at the moment they say it is coming at a cost.


As you'll have heard, a special service was held at Westminster


Abbey today to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen's


coronation. Among the invited guests were two


young cadets from Welbeck Defence College at Woodhouse in


Leicestershire. They've just got back from London and are with Jo


Healey. Hello. Welbeck Defence College is


celebrating its 60th birthday. It was founded in 1953 which is why two


of its cadets were invited down to today's ceremony. Jess and Georgia,


how come you are the lucky ones? is was around the time of exam


preparations so our names were put into a hat and our names were drawn


out. How thrilled where you? It was fantastic to know we would be


spending the day in the presence of the Royal family and lots of amazing


people. You were preparing last night. We did spend quite a few


hours polishing our shoes. But macro describe it for me. It was quite


overwhelming, entering the Abbey and seeing the colours and the people.


It was quite spectacular. An honour to be there. I have never been


inside Westminster Abbey before and it was quite a spectacular place.


What was the highlight? When the quiet started because the trumpets


were amazing and the sound went right through you. A lot of people


were there from the armed forces and some of them were at the original


coronation. How did that make you feel apart from very young? It made


me feel privileged and it was an honour to represent the young. We


are potential officers in the armed services. It was pretty spectacular.


It made you quite aware of your generation but it was fantastic to


share it with people who had seen it in the first place. It was an honour


to be there. After a momentous day, Welbeck Defence College is a sixth


form college, so now they really need to get back and cracked on


revising for their A-levels. Thank you, girls.


Did you hear any of the service? I heard it was fantastic.


Next tonight, there is no doubt they are an eyesore, discarded shopping


trolleys dumped on waste ground and in waterways. It is a problem that


could be solved. By using smartphone technology, a Derbyshire company is


out to trap them down. -- track them down. Not only will it clear up the


countryside, it will make it green as well.


Shopping trolleys that have been dubbed after being used. 400,000 of


them go missing in the UK every year. But now everyone who owns a


smartphone has the power to get them cleared away. You simply download a


free trolley app and then use it to take a photo of the errant trolley.


That marks its location using GPS technology and within 24-hour


someone takes it away. 47 teams of trolley trackers are on call to


collect them. If they are in good condition, most will go back to the


supermarket where they came from. Any which are in need of repair are


brought to this facility in Derbyshire. It is a great


opportunity for the British public to get involved and I would really


like to encourage everybody to get out there, download the app, help us


locate those trolleys and get them back where they need to be. That


image of the shopping trolley sticking out of the canal or


hedgerow, that should be a thing of the past? Like you say, it is a big


problem and we have got to tackle it as best we can. For every trolley


that is traced, a donation will be made to a charity that plants trees


in cities, helping to turn an environmental eyesore into a green


benefit. Meanwhile, the recovered trolleys that are in need of TLC


will be getting their own makeover here. This is trolley heaven. Is


this the trolley capital of Britain? It is the trolley capital of the


world! Things you don't know! The trolley


capital of the world! Talking of clever gadgets, a student


may have found a way to make roadsigns more eye-catching and less


cluttered and confusing. A student from Nottingham Trent University has


got a patent for holographic roadsigns.


Charlie Gale had his Eureka moment about holographic roadsigns.


I saw a lenticular poster of children moving and I thought why is


that not used for roadsigns? It pulses as drivers approach. Charlie


hopes it will change Britain's road signage, which has been criticised


for being confusing. It conveys the information in a much clearer way.


This will just bring roadsigns up-to-date. Charlie has ordered


spoken to the Department for Transport about his sides and is


confident we will see them on the roads. After he graduates he is off


to work for another company famous for innovation, the vacuum and a


factor Dyson. Hospitals in ligature that are being


investigated for hi-def rates are -- he death rates are to get more


staff. There will be more ward sisters spinning their time on the


supervisory role. More efforts are being made to get


children to take up swimming. It is part of the National


Curriculum but some schools do not offer it.


Now sport is limbering up with Stuart Broad and the boys practising


at Trent Bridge in the sun. They have had beautiful blue skies


and sunshine for it today. There will be more swing tomorrow as it


gets cloudier and cooler as well. Jonny for the details later. -- join


me for the details. It is sport in. A fabulous day for


it. We have football news coming up. We're going to start out in the


cricket. Stuart Broad took full part in England's training session. It


looked like his knee problem was well in the past. Now it is a case


of whether he will be risked in the final one-day international against


New Zealand tomorrow. There is no doubt England have


missed Stuart Broad. His injury was one of the barriers to success


against New Zealand. On his home territory, he would love to be back.


He plays good cricket here. I remember the test match here with


the hat-trick. It is or is good to have that confidence and everyone


has grounds that they play well at. It is that much better when it is


your home ground. I am sure he will be champing at the bit to get out


here. It is technically a dead rubber, as New Zealand have ordered


one. They want the joy of winning. love taking wickets for New


Zealand, taking them for my country. It is really enjoyable and to


contribute to a win is fantastic. For Trent Bridge itself, this is


more about the cricket that will go on on the field of play. This is


about the ground, the city, the world, he that -- showing the world


that they have the ability to win. It is vital that we take care of


everything that we can for the public and the media. New Zealand


are eyeing up Trent Bridge greedily. We have had some good times here.


When you come to Nottingham, it is a good place to come and bat. We are


all looking forward to a good opportunity of putting things right.


A powerful motivator. It should be a good one. Meanwhile, the man who has


led New Zealand to victory for the last two one-day internationals will


not be coming here. He hit centuries last week but he has confirmed that


he is joining the new verbal macro in the Caribbean. He says he hopes


to play for the Derbyshire at somebody and the future. Onto the


football and Nottingham Forest will be making a new signing within the


14 days. It will be a new player, it won't be either West Ham teenager


Robert Hall or Spanish winger David Lopez, despite reports. The two


clubs are in talks about Jonny Russell.


Kasper Schmeichel has says he wants to stay where he is. A big summer


ahead for our Tigers outwith the Lions.


The British and Irish Lions arrived yesterday. Dan Cole says they have


had a warm welcome. We don't seem to be able to hear from Dan Cole there.


If you want some amusement at the end of the Australians, check out


their warmup game against India today. Out for 65, which is a great


score on the golf course but that is the only place.


Very harsh! Good luck. It has been a perfect day to get out and about


with the garden in the sunshine. More of us are growing our own fruit


and veg. A new project set up by BBC Radio Leicester is hoping to show us


how easy it can be. Lady Damon -- Lady Aidid . This rhubarb is doing


fantastically well on the primary school plot. But so are the


dandelions! All of this will be transformed over the summer with


what the children are growing over the road. There are only 23 children


at this school and they are being encouraged and port out of garden


their own fruit and veg. Is everyone ready to get growing their own? You


are going to do the broad beans, you're going to get planting the


sweetcorn if that is all right and, Jack, you are growing the Beanstalk.


OK! It is a sore place within the Jessica teachers and students.


grow your own project has been brilliant for the school. We were


contacted in the BBC to get involved. They have really enjoyed


the whole experience of gardening and being outside. What else have


you been growing? Tomatoes, sunflowers and runner beans. I love


digging holes and watering the plants. And getting how hands mucky


X macro -- and getting our hands mucky! I love broccoli!You don't


need a lot of space for growing. Even if you have a balcony, you can


grow something like a fruit pot. This one has a daughter apple tree


in it. You can grow a pasta sauce pot, which has tomatoes and herbs


and even a hanging basket is ideal for cut and come again letters. We


will see how things progress but in the meantime there is a lot of work


to be done on this allotment. Lucky for me, I have some little helpers.


Get stuck in! That is what I needed over the


weekend. I was doing battle with ground elder. Terrible stuff! Never


heard of it! We want to see some of your summer


pictures. It has been a lovely day today and hopefully for the rest of


the week. We will hear from K in a moment. Why don't you e-mail us or


you can tweet as. -- or you can tweet us. Is the weather going to


What a scorcher we have had today. It is all thank to this big slab of


high pressure that has been settled across us for the last few days. It


has been giving us that lovely sunshine and it is staying dry and


settled. It is slowly on the move. It is getting a little restless. It


will move northwards through tonight, allowing us to pick up a


north-easterly breeze. We'll pick up a bit more cloud tomorrow. Not quite


as warm or sunny for us tomorrow. There will be a bit more cloud


around and those temperatures will be pegged back eight degree or two.


Still not feeling too bad at all. On the sat like picture, you can see


weather low cloud is, it is toppling over the high-pressure and it is


starting to move in across the East Coast. A fine enter the day for most


of us with a lot of sunshine to come in the next few hours will stop that


cloud will spread westwards. It is a cloudy night for us. It is still a


little misty and murky overnight, and temperature wise, it is quite


mild, with temperatures of nine or ten. Tomorrow is a different look do


things to start with. A lot of low cloud around, a little bit misty and


murky. Things will slowly improve as we head into the afternoon. The


cloud will break up and a lot of sunshine returns towards the end of


the day and the winds will be light as well. Because of that slow start,


temperatures would be quite so high. 16 or 17 degrees. Fear not, because


things are warming up again towards the end of the week. This area of


high pressure builds back in across us, so things settle down once again


for Thursday and Friday. It stays dry with these and spas of sunshine


and the temperatures are on the up. It will be a bit breezy toward the


end of the week, knocking the age of the temperatures. Highs of 21


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