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Sarah Teale and me, Dominic Heale. Tonight: life for Iain Lawrence -


the man who killed his wife by deliberately crashing his car. The


dead woman's family described the crime as callous and sickening.


Sally's murder was an act of pure evil. As she was an inspirational


woman with a huge heart. Also, the midwife led both unit here in


Grantham is to shout. Plus the Philpott fires tragedy,


what it could tell us about children sleeping through smoke alarms.


And could Rebecca Adlington be back? Her former coach says, never say


Good evening. Welcome to the programme. First tonight, it was


meant to look like a tragic accident. In fact, it was a callous


attempt to commit the perfect murder.


A former airline pilot, Iain Lawrence, deliberately drove his car


into a tree hoping everyone would think his estranged wife Sally had


died in a straightforward road accident. But, later, the police


discovered he'd turned off her airbag and unclipped her seatbelt.


He also made sure the passenger side took most of the impact. Sally


Lawrence's family said today they were overcome with relief, as her


killer was jailed for life. I was Lawrence behind bars. Sally


Lawrence's family cheered as he was found guilty of her murder.


Afterwards, they spoke of their belief that justice had been done.


Our family is here today because of the cruel, callous and sickening act


of murder against our beautiful Sally. On the day she died, a part


of us died with her and the sentence reflects the devastating impact that


her murder has had on those close to her. Iain Lawrence thought he had


committed the perfect crime but his brutal plan was found out. After the


crash in Oadby, flowers and cards were placed by family and friends.


Tributes painting a picture of a much loved woman. She was a kind


person and couldn't have asked for a better friend. Police investigating


the crash immediately thought of foul play. Her seatbelt had been


unclipped and the airbag turned off. Her car was in the driveway with her


phone and handbag. Her husband was arrested and charged with her


murder. The jury was told that the couple had had an acrimonious at --


discussion about divorce the mice before the crash. They were arguing


about who would get equity from the home where they still lived in


separate bedrooms with their 10-year macro -- ten-year-old son. At the


time he was away on a school trip. Police found damning texts send that


evening. She had two daughters from a previous marriage and said she was


scared of being in the house alone with Iain Lawrence. Detectives


discovered she had been telling family and friends the same thing


for months, that she felt threatened and that he had evil in his eyes.


She even told one friend that he may kill her. The jury took eight hours


to find him guilty. The judge said Sally died not by chance but as a


result of careful and cold-blooded planning. He addressed Iain Lawrence


directly as he said the consequences of what you did have been


devastating. Above all, for your own son who you have not only robbed of


his mother but you will have to live his whole life knowing she was


murdered by his own father. Sally's murder was an act of pure evil. She


was a caring woman with a huge heart and was so full of life. Losing her


has been unbearable. Not a day goes by without her being in our


thoughts. She has been taken from us at the happiest point in her life


and has been denied what was undoubtedly to be a very happy


future. Iain Lawrence was sentenced to life and will serve a minimum of


24 years in prison. The NHS Birth Centre in Grantham is


to shut. Campaigners have fought for decades against the successive


down-grading of maternity services in the town. But now the NHS says


it's no longer viable for women to have the choice of giving birth at


Babies have been born here for generations. In recent years, most


Grantham women have had to go to Lincoln. A midwife led unit in the


town is only designed to take low risk births. Campaigners feared the


decision and the Grantham birth unit is to shout. We are not surprised.


They have been manipulating the figures by telling people to give


birth other than Grantham. Grantham is getting bigger but the NHS


predicts there would be enough low-risk pregnancies to upgrade the


town's birth unit. At the moment, of the 2300 woman that give birth, only


100 give birth at Grantham. They get a good experience but we won't have


a choice of a midwife led birth for all of our men. Many parents say it


is a shame and lots want to give birth in Grantham but can't. I had


to travel to Lincoln and my births were quite quick. Because of


complications, I couldn't give birth in Grantham. We could have used the


units but my wife had complications. Everybody should have the


opportunity to give birth in Grantham. My birth was 20 minutes


and I didn't have enough time to give birth in Lincoln. A midwife led


unit is likely to be created in Lincoln alongside consultants led


care. What is happening here looks like it is part of a trend. At the


birth centres have shut in the East Midlands. Darley Dale, for example.


There is? Over Saint Mary 's birth centre at Melton Mowbray which is


under review. In Grantham, campaigners are looking at how they


can fight on against the decision. Still to come: In Sport - as the


swimming World Championships get underway, some intriguing news about


Mansfield's Rebecca Adlington. There were really a few puddles


forbid ducks to swim around in. The brain is back and I will have a full


forecast late in the programme. -- drive through the high speed rail


project that's coming to the East Midlands. Lord Deighton, who was


involved in the Olympics, has been appointed to head the new body. The


development's been welcomed to the biggest councils in Nottinghamshire


and Derbyshire as proof the Government plans to keep spending on


HS2, despite the cutbacks announced in today's Spending Review. Here's


what the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin had to say. HS2 is the


first main railway north of London for 120 years thinking at least


eight of the ten largest cities and improving services to Scotland also.


I am pleased that HS2 enjoys a broad backing of all the main parties in


this house. As well as that, the Chancellor today promised in his


Spending Review, reform, growth and fairness to kick-start the economy


and boost jobs. But there's to be a further squeeze


on local government budgets and public sector pay. Over to


Westminster now, and our Political Editor John Hess. Today we got the


economic picture from the Chancellor and whether budget axe is likely to


fall. Tomorrow we get the fine detail and reaction from local


government but also perhaps where the rail and road improvements are


likely to be. New school buildings, that sort of thing. I will have the


latest political reaction. First, Geeta Pendse looks at the likely


impact for the East Midlands. manufacturing to policing, the


spending review will impact on business and the public sector in


our region. Amongst the losers are local authorities who have already


experienced cuts to their budgets and would lose a further 10%. What


impact will more cuts to the public sector have on the East Midlands?


Latest figures show there on 365,000 people in the region who work for us


in councils, the civil service, the NHS, schools, emergency services and


all the other roles are paid for directly by the taxpayer. That puts


us sixth in the table of the regions most reliant on public sector jobs.


Since the economic downturn, the region's public sector rose briefly


and shrunk with gathering speed. In 2010, there were 405,000 public


employees. Now there are 365,000, a reduction of 10% so far, a trend


that will continue with today's announcement. There are departments


that are massively overworked and it will continue to get worse without


more investment rather than more cuts. We need investment in the


public sector to create wealth, jobs in the community and nationally. In


Leicestershire, quart of police enquiries counters are facing


closure. We are facing a current budget challenge of �20 million and


a funding gap over three years. We have to look at a range of options


to reduce our budget. The government is looking at infrastructure and


local enterprise. What has been good is additional money going into three


key areas the business. One is training and apprenticeships, two


isn't helping for exporters and three, making the most of our


science and technology base. Whilst health and education have been ring


fenced, there are concerns a further squeeze on local government will put


too much pressure on services. Joining is Gloria De Piero and


Pauline Latham. Gloria, the chances of us talking about increased --


increased spending, apprenticeships, it is talking your


Lancashire. I have heard so many warm words. In Ashfield, the


building schools for the future programme meant many schools chief


improvement got cancelled. On youth and employment, it has gone through


the roof. He should get a young person 's guarantee. Pauline, what


was your reaction? I thought it was very positive. We are coming out of


the recovery and on our way to having a better economy. You are


wanting more house-building programmes. We are going to have


them. It dramatically dropped with the last Labour government but we


are increasing it. There is more social housing to come and that is


really important for the building trade, architects, builders,


quantity surveyors. One big headline is the 10% cut for local government.


What impact will it have in Nottinghamshire? You worry about


libraries, swingers -- swimming pools. It had to happen today. Why


did these cuts have to happen? They planned to balance the books and it


didn't pay off. We are trying to clear up the mess left behind by the


last government. We want to move forward and we are doing that and


will succeed. All I would say is the economy was growing when Labour left


office. But it crashed. It has been flat-lining for three years. There


child abuse in care homes in North Wales have arrested a 62-year-old


man in Leicester. North Wales Police say the arrest is part of a


alleged to have taken place between 1969 and 1984 when they were aged


between 12 and 14 years old. The man is still being questioned by


officers at a Leicestershire police station.


A man who was stabbed in the neck in Leicestershire while walking his dog


has been released from hospital. The apparently unprovoked attack


happened in parkland off Bluebell Close in Oadby on Saturday morning.


The 62-year-old victim left hospital yesterday. A 30-year-old man who was


arrested in relation to the stabbing has since been released on bail.


Two schools have been put in special measures after being rated as


inadequate. Nottinghamshire County Council wants to take over the


running of Burton Joyce Primary School after a damning report from


Ofsted. Meanwhile, The Pingle School in Derbyshire is also in special


measures. Inspectors found weaknesses in teaching, learning,


leadership and the sixth form. The County Council has said an action


plan is being put into place. The tragic deaths of six children in


a house fire has led to pioneering research into the effectiveness of


smoke alarms. Worryingly, it suggests up to 85% of young children


sleep through them. Officials are now calling on parents


to install extra alarms in their children's bedrooms. And they hope


something positive may come from the Philpott fire in Derby.


Dave is a familiar figure at the scene of suspicious fires. With the


aid of his fire investigation dog, he can identify their cause but the


tragic events on victory Road in Derby last year in which sorts --


six children died, would take Dave beyond that professional focus. This


particular incident had a massive impact on me. I was quite upset that


none of the children had woken up. The engineer that we had in was


adamant the smoking alarms were working. -- smoke alarms. I couldn't


comprehend why the children hadn't woken up. Dave carried out research


into this. We have done 200 plus activations of smoke alarms and only


26 times did a child wake. It is something we are still researching


and trying to look into the cause. There are two or three different


suggestions that have been put forward but we haven't gone down the


lines of testing those theories. In the meantime, Derbyshire Fire


service have studied the findings and had changed its fire safety


advice, particularly to those with young children. There is nothing


more tragic than having young children. Go out there and fit your


own smoke detectors in bedrooms. It is hoped this study will mean


something positive will come from the tragic events on victory Road.


struggle to comprehend why these Cheadle -- children didn't move. I


want something to come out of something bad.


Two men have been arrested after a security alert in a Derbyshire town


led to houses and businesses being evacuated. Dozens of residents in


Clay Cross spent more than seven hours away from their homes after a


large part of the town was sealed off.


In the early hours, the bomb squad was called and houses and businesses


in a 100 metre business -- radius of Clay Cross were evacuated. Officers


were told there was an explosive device in a car. Staff helped the


bomb squad officers get into the car. We couldn't get into the


bonnet. The car was thoroughly examined and it was confirmed there


were no explosive devices inside it. Police are treating the incident as


a hoax. Until that fact was established, residents were moved to


a nearby leisure centre for seven hours. I woke up at three o'clock


and I was told to evacuate because of a suspicious package. It is


better to do it this way even if it is a false alarm. A black Vauxhall


Astra was taken away for further examination.


We start with swimming and the man who coached Rebecca Adlington says


you can never say never to her making a comeback. Nottingham's Bill


Furniss is now the head of British swimming. And speaking for the first


time since he took charge, he's accepts he has a big job to revive


the sport. Kirsty Edwards reports now from the British Swimming


Championships in Sheffield which started today. Here I am by the pool


and they are in between sessions at the moment but this is where all the


big race and will be going on over the next few days. Through the


euphoria of London 2012, British swimming was one team that failed to


hit the mark but there is a new man in charge now and that man knows


exactly what it takes to be a winner. Notts's Bill Furniss has


been teaching in the county for over 30 years, taking Rebecca Adlington


to the very top. While she came away with two -- two Olympic medals, most


of the team felt very low. They were gutted and distraught. You can keep


looking back or you can pick yourself up and move forward.


believes the key to improving things is working on their mental strength.


More than anybody else, she knows what it takes to deliver at the


highest level. She has always known what it takes. I see the real


strength in what Rebecca can deliver and that is to teach our future


swimmers and our coach is what is possible. I am not talking about


technical things, I'm talking about a mindset, a belief. While he looks


to bring to the next generation, does he think we have seen the last


of Rebecca Adlington competing in the pool? Never say never but she


has put in the enthusiasm that she has put into swimming into other


areas. I think she will be a success in whatever she does. At this point


in time, she has plenty to occupy her mind. Getting in some practice


is Charlotte Henshaw and the job for Bill now is to find another medal


list like Charlotte and Rebecca -- Derby County defender John Brayford


has been the subject of a �1 million bid from Wigan Athletic. However,


it's thought the Rams have rejected the offer, as it fell short of the


club's valuation of the 25-year-old. Brayford has 12 months left on his


current contract and Derby have previously said they are keen to


keep him. Onto archery and it's been announced


that Nottingham will host one of the country's biggest archery


competitions for the next three years. The first National Series


final will be held in the city this September. And the organisers have


certainly picked a spectacular venue. The championships will be


have concentration. You have to have dedication and nobody gets anywhere


without practice. You need stamina and core strength. You need a steady


hand. Andrew and Lucy are young and committed to their sport. These


Nottingham students are aiming for the top. They are part of the


generation inspired by London 2012. It is great to see your country do


so well and be proud of it. Lord's Cricket ground, the games


fired the sport into the sort -- Spotlight. 10,000 people have since


picked up a bow for the first time. Where better to host the country's


next major archery tournament than the home of the outlaw famous for


his bow and arrow. After Lord's proved to be such an impressive


setting, it is hoped the grand backdrop of Wollaton Hall will be


just as good. It is fabulous. It is such a prestige event and we are


always looking for iconic venues. Organisers say the event on


September one will be free, fun and for all ages. The best of the


British talent is ready to compete. That is in Nottingham in September.


Back to Rebecca Adlington. Speculation about whether she will


come back. She is still a huge force.


She is at the British Swimming Championships and inspires the


youngsters. Well we're staying with sporting


achievements because two students arrived at Leicester City's stadium


this afternoon, nearing the end of a mammoth sponsored cycle to every


football league ground in England. David Clarke, from Hinckley, and his


friend Peter Cooper hope to reach all 92 stadia in just 36 days. It's


the equivalent of cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats three times.


They're raising money for Edgar's Gift, a charity set up in memory of


David's step brother, Ben, who died of cancer. Over the course of it, we


have learned how to ride a bike properly. It has been a journey of a


lifetime. I couldn't ride a bike nine months ago properly and now a


lot of people thought, that fat lad won't be able to do it. Now I look a


lot more like a cyclist. We are getting there and it has been great.


Even happy sideburns to go with it. What a great achievement. We give


them our best wishes. Now for a look is looking as if it is staying


relatively warmer over the next few days, turning muggy but the bad news


is we are going to see some rain over the next few days. I expect


that is good news if your gardens are looking a bit parched. These


weather fronts invade over the next few days, bringing back the rain. We


have seen the driest and the brightest part of the week. It is


turning wet over the next few days. It will start to feel a little bit


warmer. It felt warm in the stunt -- sunshine today. Some of that has


been increasing with clouds later in the afternoon and we are starting to


see a couple of light showers falling from that cloud. The showers


should fade away into the night. We will see the pre-is starting to pick


up and the cloud will come and go. It will stay relatively mild


tonight. Tomorrow morning, it is a bright start to the day. There will


be some sunshine around through the morning. The cloud will be


increasing as we headed to the afternoon. We will have that rain


back later on in the afternoon. The rain will not be hard -- heavy but


it will give us a breezy end to the day. Despite a lack of sunshine,


temperatures around 17 Celsius. Starting to feel muggy. A band of


rain will come across as for a while. It should slowly clear later


on in the day and the temperatures around 18 Celsius. Pressure is


building once again for the weekend. It is going to be moving back in and


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