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East Midlands Today. First tonight - cyclists beware!


Three men say they have been goosed from their bikes by a passing car.


-- pushed. They will kill somebody if they don't get caught.


Cashing in on the Ashes. 500 million people watched the semi-final in


2009. If you can imagine, you cannot buy that sort of coverage. Fantastic


for us. Plus, bearing fruit. The new organ donation campaign that


is helping people like Jeff. And E heady mix. The brewer who has


resurrected a long lost there. a traditional bitter. It is very


clean. He has done a brilliant job. That's the warning from three men


tonight, who say they've been knocked off their bikes by a


passenger in a car. One man was left with a broken


collar-bone after he was pushed from his bike, at the weekend. Speaking


exclusively to the BBC, the men say they think the car involved was a


silver BMW. This man has been cycling since he was living. He lets


and breeze the sport he wrecked his shop. Last week, whilst out


training, a car pulled up beside him. Someone pushed me from the car.


He pushed me onto grass. I was going at quite some speed, 30 mph. I don't


think they realised how serious what it is, what could happen. I could


have had a broken neck. My good script -- my kids could have awaken


up with no dad. They need to be found and stopped. The wheels go


over the handlebars. Martin was left with bad bruises and graces. It


seems he is not the only one. One week ago, Colin was cycling. He was


also approached by a car and pushed from his bike. On Thursday, the


incident with Martin happened and on Saturday, and the, about to cycle to


the Tour de France, was forced on his bike -- of his bike. He was left


with a broken collarbone. Shocked that somebody could maliciously run


me off the road. Why? If I hadn't been wearing the helmet, I would


have hit the road headfirst. Dead. A broken leg, broken back. I have


severe bruising on my ribs. I have quite a nastily scratch down my arm


and left side. I can't believe somebody would do that. You know?


They could have killed somebody. three men say the car was an old


silver BMW. They will kill somebody very soon. They need to get caught.


It is going to happen. Well, it's been a fantastic weekend


for sport with Andy Murray's amazing win at Wimbledon and the Lions Test


Victory. The question is, will it continue?


Well, tens of thousands of cricket fans from all over the world will


descend on Nottingham, from this week, to watch the opening Ashes


test match at Trent Bridge. It's a multi-million pound boost for


tourism. And thanks to a global TV audience


of hundreds of millions, the city will enjoy a priceless marketing


campaign. This from Sarah Teale - the first of a series of special


reports on the Ashes 2013. The Ashes has always attracted a


mass audience. Back in 1926, even torrential rain did not put off


these 20,000 fans from packing into Trent Bridge. Almost 90 years later,


the appetite for the most tantalising of test matches remains


a huge. Such is the excitement for the Ashes, this Test match sold out


in just a matter of hours. Trent Bridge holds some 17,000 people. The


fans will be coming from far and wide. In fact, over half of them


will come from outside of the region. The Australian is, they will


be here in full force also. They have bagged over 7000 tickets. Like


the Grant family from Melbourne. They are getting a cracking views


from the dressing room! The streams will come up here and come down


here. The family or enjoying a tour of the ground. They planned their


trip around this Test match. talked about coming this time, last


year, but thought we might as well come for the Ashes. Absolutely!


excited are Australians for the Ashes? It is huge. It is all


everybody is talking about. grants will be talking about --


making up the huge contingent of Australians coming here. This man's


business is booming because of the Ashes. Everybody tunes in to watch


the Ashes series. To have it in Nottingham, and Trent Bridge on the


map, the local hotels will be full and the bars and restaurants.


Everyone is going to benefit from that, locally, which is great news.


It is not just about the number of tourists. It is about the priceless


TV marketing also. We have visitors from all over the world. When you


put that with the global TV coverage, it is a fantastic chance


to showcase our county. It will be shown all over the world. In terms


of global audience, how valuable is that? You could not buy it. We had


500 million people watch the semi-final here in 2009. If you can


imagine, you could not buy that sort of coverage, if you were trying to!


Fantastic. For the whole five days of test, Nottingham is going to be


on show to the outside world. To the best of my knowledge, every hotel in


the city is full for each day of the Ashes. How important is that?


Hugely. We know that people are staying here in the area and will


spend over �200. That compares with ED visitor who will spend around


�30. The impact and economic benefit of people staying over is amazing.


The Ashes delivers a winning formula for tourism. Now, we just need to


hope for a similar result on the pitch.


Later in the programme, we'll be meeting some of the volunteers who


will help direct the thousands of cricket fans expected in Nottingham


this week. And we'll find out what the weather has in store for them


and us. It's the start of the Ashes this


week and that is normally be key for the rain but I think that is the


only water we will see this week! Another week of drive weather. --


dry weather. The Leicester City captain, Wes


Morgan, has been found guilty of careless driving. He was fined


�2,000 and narrowly missed an automatic driving ban.


A trial heard the former Nottingham Forest player had dozed off at the


wheel after not sleeping for almost 24 hours. Our chief news reporter,


Quentin Rayner, was in court. He arrived an hour late for his trial,


having got the date mixed up. His barrister told the district judge


that his client made an apology to the court. In May last year, the


player was driving back from an awards function in Leicester. At


around 5am, he dozed off while driving on a flyover. He crashed his


BMW into a roadside barrier on the bridge over the A52. He had not


slept for more than 24-hour 's. The footballer said he briefly nodded


off and swerved. No other vehicles were involved. Despite admitting


that he had drunk throughout the evening, and officer reporting --


and officers reporting a slight smell of alcohol on his breath, the


court ruled that he had no reason to answer another charge. He was fined


and given five penalty points. He already has six points.


An extra 10,000 people have joined the NHS organ Donor Register since


Nottingham's hospitals started a campaign, six months ago. And at the


start of National Transport Week, they're urging even more people to


talk about signing up. The Be a Hero campaign has been


particularly supported by people whose lives have been saved by


transplants, both young and old. With more details, here's our health


correspondent, Rob Sissons. In the East Midlands, many people


carry one of these, a donor card, or have signed up online - expressing


their wish to give someone a new lease of life, in the event of their


death. 1.3 million people are now on the Donor Register from our part of


the Donor Register from our part of the world. That number isn't enough.


Why? Well, only a very small number of people die in circumstances where


they are able to donate their organs.


It means 850 people in the east midlands are waiting for a


transplant - be it kidney, lung or liver. And the number of people who


die while waiting has reached six, so far this year. The Be a Hero


so far this year. The Be a Hero campaign is all about changing that.


An independent review is to be On dialysis for years, he never


thought he would get one. Three years ago, when the call came, he


was the oldest recipient in Nottingham, at 75. It was a dead


donor and he gave two. There was a young man in the morning and I was


done and afternoon. Inspiring stories like Jeff's have helped the


campaign. They began spreading the message in January, getting more


people to sign the online register or carry a donor card -- donor card.


They are hoping more people will still join full stop it is something


that people support. They know that they believe in organ donation but


haven't got round to joining the register. We do ask people to join


the register if that is their wish and talk to their families. Young


and old back the campaign. Nicole, 15, was one of the youngest people


to have received in organ, back in 2001. When I was three, I had a


transplant. Someone donated their kidney to me. I think it has really


changed my life for the better. More people should be in courage to do it


because it does change people 's' lives. I think it is vital. As


families, you need to get together and talk about these things. Get it


out in the open. Might think it, but if you have not make wishes known,


and we know first hand what a difference this has made. The family


is helping spread the word in this National Transport Week.


An independent review is to be carried out into death rates among


patients in a large part of Nottinghamshire. The clinical


commissioning groups which organise services in Newark and Sherwood, and


Mansfield and Ashfield have ordered the inquiry. There's been public


concern about death rates following the downgrading of Newark's Accident


and Emergency unit. NHS managers say they want to sort out confusion. A


separate inquiry is ongoing into death rates at Sherwood Forest


Hospitals. Police in Nottinghamshire are still


questioning a man on suspicion of murder. It follows the death of


Denise Williamson, who was found with stab wounds at a house in


Hazelwood, at Hucknull, on Friday night. She died shortly afterwards,


in hospital. Detectives want to hear from anyone who may have had contact


with her in the last few weeks. Police are appealing for further


witnesses to come forward after the body of a man was found in a


burnt-out car in a Leicestershire village. Emergency services were


called to Frisby on the Wreake, in the early hours of yesterday


morning, where the body was discovered. Officers believe those


who attended Fristock, a local festival nearby, may have


information that could help the inquiry. They are continuing to


question three teenagers in connection with the incident.


While the Ashes test takes place at Trent Bridge, tens of thousands of


spectators will be coming to the city, many for the first time, and


many from all over the world. So, to help promote Nottingham and


give the best impression possible, a band of volunteers has been


recruited - very much like the hugely successful scheme that took


place in London during the Olympic games.


With the next of her special reports on the Ashes, here's Sarah Teale.


During the Olympics, an 8000 strong band of volunteers were the


welcoming face of the games and helped visitors navigate their way


around. The idea was such a success that similar ambassadors have been


recruited for the Ashes, to meet and greet and get tourists and


spectators any help they need. June last month's one-day international


at Trent Bridge, the team were given their first test run. -- during.


These are our volunteers. Don't let us enter up to! Obviously, we have


trained volunteers. Today, they are having a trial run. There are nicely


dressed. They are getting a briefing so that they are able to do exactly


what they want to. The volunteers will be at the train


station, the streets and around the ground, making sure everyone who


comes to Nottingham gets the best impression of the city. Seven


seconds as a rule. Seven seconds will make an impression. We never


underestimate the power of volunteering. To be involved in the


Ashes, in Nottingham, is just marvellous. I volunteered at the


Paralympics and thought it was very worthwhile and enjoyable. As I live


in Nottingham, it would be nice to give something back to the


community. It is already public coming in, having a great time and I


want to be part of that and making sure they enjoy themselves. -- all


about the public. Community projects help Trent Bridge secure Ashes


matches, not just this year but, in 2015 also.


More to come in sport. And, a blast from the past!


This brew contains a heady dose of nostalgia.


Our sports team have been limbering up for the big clash for weeks now.


And finally, the teams have arrived. Colin's been at Trent Bridge with


England and Australia. This is wonderful. Its been a wait


of nearly eight years but at last Trent Bridge can welcome another


Ashes test and everything that goes with it. Surely the most beautiful


test ground in England. Don't you think? The England boys will all


think that if they can come up with a big first day on Wednesday and


then take the first test here in what promises to be glorious


weather. They arrive at this game with Britain riding a wave of


sporting glory. Nottinghamshire and England's Graeme Swann in a positive


mood today. The rugby was followed, you know, intently by all of us. And


then Andy Murray yesterday winning it for England, not just for


Scotland, but for the whole of the British Isles! It is fantastic and


we hope to do the same. There is a feel-good factor that comes from a


nation's sporting team doing well. We hope to tap into that and


hopefully, in six weeks' time, we can be beside those guys as


victorious English teams. Nottinghamshire's other hero will be


walking down these steps later. A man who has cricket in his blood.


His Dad played for England, his sister is an analyst for them. Not


only are they the country's most famous cricketing family, they also


run a charity very close to their Hearts. Kirsty Edwards reports.


The past few years have seen Stewart become a household name. The poster


boy of English cricket. It is a far cry from the days of playing in his


garden. I always had this big wall, my sister's -- outside my sister's


bedroom all. I used to throw a ball against it and hit it. Over the


years, it got a huge cracks in the middle so my mum banned me from


doing it. He was out there for hours. It was one of those things,


it was better to have him out of the house in the garden so he was not


disturbingly! On the field, Stewart has been living the dream. Three


years ago, the family was hit by tragedy with the death of their


stepmum. My wife was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2009, none


of us knew anything about it at that time. Following her death, they


launched an appeal, raising money for research and awareness of the


disease. When she was diagnosed, it is one of those diseases that really


affects you and want to have seen it, you don't ever want to stop


helping people with that. appeal's a huge part of the


family's life, as is cricket. What a summer for them with the Ashes.


Stewart's already had Ashes success, just like his dad before him.


Ashes memories are... A video he used to play me. It was him scoring


his runs! He says I forced into Watchet. There was none of it. He


was the one who wanted to watch it, more often than not. You can see the


pride when the Ashes come up. You can see him, the things you remember


for your whole life. The Ashes is always in my family. It has always


been huge. It's been built up, now, for


everyone. More Ashes talk in a moment but the first test here means


that Nottinghamshire must play away for quite a while. They started


their County Championship game at Surrey today needing points to keep


close to the leaders. Meanwhile, Derbyshire are at Durham,


also desperate for first division points - in their case, to try and


lift themselves off the bottom of also desperate for first division


points Behind does Windows, or where the sports Rod Kassar 's work,


including the Test match special legends. -- the sports broadcasters.


Including BBC Test match special's legendary commentator, Jonathan


Agnew, will be here. The broadcasting favourite lives in


Leicestershire and on the morning of the first test, how does he prepare


to broadcast to millions across the world? With a walk with his dogs.


Natalie and her greyhound Rosie went to join in.


How are you doing? I hope you have your walking Boots on. Kind of!Here


is my dog. Here is the other one. Dutiful here. They can here you go.


On the morning of the first Ashes test at Trent Bridge, this is where


you will find Jonathan Agnew. Is this what you do to relax and take


your mind off it? Yes. An hour today, come up here. There are some


lovely walks. It is a bit of fun and the dogs run and swim and we throw


sticks. Yes, this and mowing! It is a bit soggy. It is a question of


perspective, isn't it? Cricket is nonstop, these days. I am not too


thrilled about back-to-back Ashes. You can have too much of a good


thing. What are you doing in there? I am happy for Trent Bridge that


they have got this. This will put them on the map. Everyone is talking


about this match. We have had all the preamble in New Zealand. That is


all very interesting but is done and dusted. Now the real stuff is


coming. While England win?I think they're expecting them to do well.


Some people are expecting them to win 10-0! I don't think that'll


happen. It rarely happens. Australia are not great but they are not that


bad! You have covered getting on for 60 Ashes test series, do you ever


get bored? Never. In the first test of any series, it is a the best.


Listening on the radio as a kid, I remember jumping out of bed and


leaping into a taxi. I said to him, the gamma! And he recognised me. He


said I was less handsome than I found of the radio! -- sound on the


radio. If this dog was like a cricketer, who would she be? I'm not


sure. She moves well. Legs like that, it would have to be Stuart


Hall. The place is bubbling with excitement. Trent Bridge has enjoyed


welcoming the two teams for the practice sessions today. There is


lots more to come tomorrow. We have a special from here at Trent Bridge.


You won't want to miss it. We will be giving you the best seat in the


house. Excellent, can't wait. Next, I'll have a Shippo's. Say that


to anyone of a certain age in Nottingham and chances are they'll


get a little bit misty-eyed. A Shippo was a Shipstone's, a


locally made beer which was the pint of choice for generations of


drinkers. The ale was axed in 1990. But now, it's back.


All of which seemed the perfect excuse, not that I needed one, to


visit a brewery. The Star Brewery in Nottingham was


once the biggest in the East Midlands. If a all was well known


throughout the city and beyond. It made its Victorian founder very


wealthy. Now, after a hiatus of 20 years, the beer is back. The


trademark and recipe acquired by this man. Richard Nieuwenhuizen


worked with the biggest brewers in the business but now, is going back


to his roots. -- Richard Newell. Everybody I talk to, has got a


story. It is about their first being Shippo's. Whether as themselves,


their parents, brothers, somebody has a story about it. The new


Shippo's is being made here, in Leicestershire. Colin Brown used to


work for the company at the old Brewery and some of the equipment he


is using came from there. The ingredients have not changed much


either. Have done our research, digging through the archives. I have


a good knowledge of what we were doing when the brewery closed. We


have combined those things and come up with something that we believe is


genuinely as close as we can get. Speciality ales like this are


catching on. It is a crowded marketplace now but Richard and


Colin wrecking that is a good thing. Then people are discovering locally


made there and the older generation are rediscovering a forgotten


flavour. If there is a bigger variety to choose from, all well and


good. So, the sun is over the yard and it is time to put this new there


to the test. I am going to hand it to the cameraman because I am told


he has a far more discerning palate than me. They are you are. Have a


little sick of that. A little drive. Thank you. -- a little sick. That


good? Uden tasty drop? No. Cameramen are


always very thirsty. Let's have a will it has been a bit more bearable


for those who do not like the heat. The high pressure is in charge so


still dry but there is a little bit more moisture and cloud of the North


Sea. That small change can make a big difference to the look and feel


of the weather. That is how it has been in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire


and eastern parts of Nottinghamshire. We have had a lot


of crowd and temperatures have struggled to stop just 17 degrees in


Lincoln. Further west, were the best of that country and has been, again


we have peaked at 25 degrees. I think we are both going to be in the


same boat for tomorrow. We are going to see a lot of cloud in the first


throes of the morning but that should thin and break and get a blue


sky for the afternoon. It is not a bad evening. That cloud is starting


to thin and break. It is dry and clear for the first half of the


night but we will see that low crowd drifting back into words the end of


the night. A lot of cloud around to the end of the night. Temperatures


not much more than 13 or 14 degrees. A disappointing start for most of


us. A lot of low cloud around. I am quite hopeful that will break up,


quite quickly, throughout the morning. We should have that lush


blue sky back into the afternoon. Wall-to-wall sunshine. That will


last into the evening. As a result, temperatures climbing up. There is a


small blip for Wednesday. We have a very weak weather front that will


drift its base southwards. It will introduce a lot of cloud. Not many


interruptions for the first day Trent Bridge. It will be cooler and


a lot cloudier. That forms will be back with a vengeance by the end of


the week. The sunshine returns, plenty of other through Thursday and


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