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Tonight, hundreds of jobs are to go as a dairy closers.


Moving the business to the Home Counties.


In other news, the drugs like this that people are calling the new


thalidomide. The figures are 40% of babies exposed in the womb have a


birth defect. I will be finding out how Nottingham is benefiting from


its German twin town. And why this World War II landing


craft is being used on the River First, a huge dairy and distribution


plant is to be closed down in Leicestershire with the loss of 370


jobs. Britain's biggest dairy company, Arla, told its workforce


that production was being switched to Buckinghamshire.


Union says staff are shocked but a local says the economy is resilient


and new jobs are being created to reduce -- replace those being lost.


What is the company saying? company is saying that shutting down


this plant is part of a business goal to move things to a


state-of-the-art plant near London. The security guards are here because


the dairy is regularly targeted by farmers protesting over the price


paid the milk. Now the workers inside seem resigned to losing their


jobs despite the company saying a consultation process is underway.


The tankers continue to roll into the dairy. Arla wants to close it


down by next April with the loss of 370 jobs. This is the third time I


have been made redundant. Apart from it being bleak out there to get a


job, you have to move on. Arla is the biggest dairy company. Now it


wants to switch production of milk the customers like supermarkets from


Ashby to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Staff in Ashby were


told today. The staff are shocked. The announcement wasn't a surprise


but it is still a huge shock for the individual is likely to be affected


and will create insecurity for them, particularly in the current economic


climate. They are moving production to a more productive plant. I will


continue to fight for the future opportunities so these skilled


workers can be back in to our economy as soon as possible. There


is a 3% unemployment rate in this area according to the council.


a disappointing day. We have had a couple of large industries that have


closed in the past few years. To add another one to it, it is not very


good. There is a lot of people here that have known nothing else. They


are at that age now where they may not get anything again. Arla says


the production in Buckinghamshire could start as soon as October. The


company next door supplies the plastic containers for the milk


supplied by the dairy here. Some workers over there could be losing


their jobs as well. The company hasn't returned my call but it seems


the days of the dairy numbered. That is the situation in Ashby


tonight but what about the farmers in the region who are supplying the


company. --? One says it is a serious blow


for dairy farmers. A normal lunchtime here. Note is


collected by Arla but today farmers were given the news that their milk


could be going to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. The thing for me is


is there going to be an extra cost of transporting this milk to


Aylesbury? I believe there might be an extra cost and I presume the


farmer will have to stand it. It costs 33p to produce each litre of


milk. Here, Richard is paid 31p and he is making a loss and has been


doing so for the last 18 months. We are struggling to pay people that


supply us with food for the cow was, everything from the family to going


shopping. I can't afford a holiday this year and we work 84 hours a


week. Not being able to pay your bills is embarrassed. I am


embarrassed that I run a business that loses money. Here, there is


another form with more concerns. Rory is the siting of the new dairy


is close to the links to the constant and we are worried about


milk being imported from Eastern Europe. For Andrey and Michelle,


unless prices improve sooner, they will be forced out of farming.


could be the final straw. It is another nail for us all. It is a


kick in the teeth. Richard is teaching his son is about farming.


He is a fourth generation but will both be -- will there be a fifth?


The future couldn't be more uncertain.


A spokesman for Arla said the company was a co-operative owned by


farmers and it wanted to get the highest price possible for its


farmers. They say farmers should not be concerned about increased


transport costs. The move was about removing costs rather than


increasing them. Coming up - taxing times for taxi


drivers in a Nottinghamshire borough.


Too many taxes and not enough ranks. They say what they taking fares they


are paying out again in parking fines.


And we will be flagging down some drier weather tomorrow but its


Five people have been arrested and are being questioned after a man was


stabbed last night. Police were called to a disturbance opposite the


Rosehill Business Centre on Normanton Road in Derby just after


11 o'clock. A man thought to be in his 20s had a stab wound to his


stomach. He's in a critical condition in the Royal Derby


Hospital. A man in his 30s, three women and a teenaged girl are in


custody on suspicion of wounding. The High Court has thrown out an


application by East Midlands Trains for an injunction against the RMT


union which is taking industrial action. The union banned overtime a


week ago. That led to cancellations at the weekend. The RMT says there's


been a breakdown in industrial relations over a number issues


including the scheduling of work at Nottingham Station. A spokesman for


East Midlands Trains said its passengers would be disappointed


with the court's decision. Critics claim it's the new


thalidomide, a drug for treating epilepsy which they say can damage


unborn babies. There are indeed warnings for women on the packets of


Epilim. But one mother from Leicester now


wants tougher regulation to controls Andy is 14 but has the mental age of


the six-year-old. Her mother believes she knows why. She is


convinced the anti-epilepsy tablet that she'd talk whilst pregnant had


known effects. I was reassured that there was a small chance of a birth


defect and that I should not be concerned. I continued taking the


medication. So did others. Homes of 160 children tried to sue for


compensation only to see their legal aid withdrawn but Emma is continuing


her fight. She is urging medicine regulators to act. Emma talk a drug


which is effective in treating epilepsy but it isn't recommended


for women of child-bearing age. Its manufacturer says there are warnings


on the packets but Emma and others want doctors to be told to spell out


the risks in the consulting room with more up-to-date information.


The regularly quota -- regularly quoted figures are 40% of babies in


the womb have a birth defect. All of us want when we are ill to take


medication to make us better. We do not want that medication to cause us


more harm or cause our children more that work outside their headquarters


on Friday. Cab drivers in Nottinghamshire claim


they're being unfairly hammered with parking fines because there simply


aren't enough taxi ranks. They say much of the money they make from


fares is now going on penalty charges.


At the moment across Gedling, there are hundreds of licensed taxi


drivers but just 15 spaces to accommodate all of them to pick up


their affairs. One of the most popular ranks is here in Arnold


where there is space for just three taxes. Gedling Borough Council gives


out the licenses and currently there are more than 700 taxis but three


ranks. We need more ranks on Mapperley top and Carlton Road at


Tesco. We need a rank in Sainsbury's. We need lots of them.


They claim taxi -- traffic wardens are heavy-handed in giving them


fines when they are waiting to get into the taxi ranks. We are not


common criminals. Why is this happening? Why don't they give us


more space? We go around the block all the time and we are not earning


much money. What we earn, it goes on fines. If somebody isn't parking in


the right place, whoever you are, if you are parked inappropriately and


on double yellow lines and contravening law, we need to action.


They are also taking action on taxi ranks and are working with the


county council on a feasibility study to see if they can create more


Next, the final part in our special series on twinning. So far this week


we've found out about Derby's envoys in Osnabruck and Leicester's


football playing firemen. Today Tom Brown looks at how the German city


of Karlsruhe is helping business in Nottingham. From in the city centre


to above the station. The tram networks are used by millions of


passengers every year and its inspiration came from here in


Nottingham's German twin town, Karlsruhe. Trams have been running


here for more than 100 years. They dominate the inner city. The high


street is more than a -- more like a highway. This tram network is


extensive. Seven lines compared to Nottingham's one and the people make


100 million journeys on it every year. Back in the 1990s, news of the


system had spread to Nottingham. Tram experts from here travel to


their English twin to give advice. Thomas says the second line will


continue to improve the centre of Nottingham. This city as a whole it


is effective and attractive to live. In the city centre it is also


attractive the business. Nottingham's gratitude is shown by


the name of the station's neutron bridge. It goes further than the


network and assigned. Businesses are cashing in on their twin. This is a


man keeping a close eye on the link. John is using the twinning


relationship to export his acrylic prosthetic eyes to a German market.


Do you think you have fired a warm welcome from Karlsruhe because of


the links? Absolutely and they are very aware of it. I never thought


about twinning and why we did it. It is really good and it is a good idea


and great commerce. In this old slaughterhouse back in Karlsruhe, 63


shipping containers are being turned into offices. They are using it to


encourage young creative entrepreneurs from Nottingham to


expand abroad. They are leading the pack. I am not aware of anything


that has been done in other places quite so in-depth and seriously.


There is a will on both sides to put a commercial level onto an existing


relationship. In doing that, you can get a real benefit the business.


With most of Nottingham City Council's twinning costs covered by


private companies or the government, this isn't just a close


to win but a relatively cheap one. It is the 44-year-old friendship


that is developing into one of the city 's most important business


links. -- city's. It looks lovely place. We have seen


everything from football playing fireman until the impact on the tram


system. We have seen all the signs saying a


places twinned with another place. I have been amazed at not only the


diversity of our twinning links but the strength of them. You mentioned


that 40 year friendship between a firemen in Leicester that we saw


last night. Add to that school exchanges, theatre tours, work


placement, they have gone from having a twin town. A lot of these


links were set up after the world wars.


They are as relevant as they have ever been. This idea of turning is a


sting twinning links into commercial links is a really interesting


trend, especially because so many of these links are costing our council


so much money. This is going to be an increasingly important aspect.


Many would say twin towns shouldn't be about making money and they


should be about making friends and seeing new cultures, experiencing a


new angle on life. I have to say, my favourite aspect comes from a tiny


village. Whitwell in Rutland, which claims to be twinned with none other


than Paris. Think big! If you missed any of the


series, you can find it all on your local BBC news website.


People in Leicester are being invited to give their views on its


bid to become the next UK City of Culture.


The bid team are competing against three other cities and have only two


months to submit a detailed report Joy and jubilation as Leicester made


the government short list but that was the starting block. Now those


behind the bid have to prove why Leicester has the edge over the


competition. The programme is really important. This is a public meeting


being held to galvanise support. It is not just about a big party, it is


about transforming the city and making a long-term difference.


People really understand that and think it is a really good thing to


be going for. Whilst they have been short listed, the next eight weeks


are about pinning down the final details to funding and crucially to


legacy. The panel who will make the final decision say they are looking


for a bid that has its own unique vision of what the UK City of


Culture means and a bid that will provide a step change for the local


area. What do those attending make of the plans so far? Rather than


highlighting the great things about the city and making them greater,


look at the problems and the things that need help. It will only be a


good thing and it will put Leicester on the map. This Saturday will see


the city streets flooded with performers as Leicester's 28th


Caribbean carnival takes place. team will be hoping a summer of


cultural events will fuel public support for the city's bid.


The art of football now. We're going to start with our


special guest and the next in our previews of the football season.


This is Sam Rush about seven months into his job as Chief Executive at


Derby County. He leads a club that's been seen as stable and carefully


run. Let us talk about this coming season. Nigel club -- Nigel Clough


is talking top six. How strong are you? Really strong. We have some


really good purchases and Nigel has been very clever. We have kept our


young players and they are coming forward. Six new signings and four


new contract negotiations. Really excited. Derby have adopted a


particular policy. You've valued your youth. Do you see that paying


off? I really do. If we are to go out and replace our young players,


there would be eight figure signings. That quality interspersed


with the signings we have made will bode very well. Let us talk about


Nigel Clough. He is the longest serving manager of the


championship. What we have to do to keep you happy? He carries on. Derby


County are very lucky to have Nigel Clough as their manager. He is a


fantastic manager and a driven man and hugely knowledgeable. I am


looking forward to working with him. He has prepared the squad really


well. You are enjoying life and football? Really enjoying it. Derby


is a fantastic club and a fantastic city. The fans have expectations. It


is a tough league but people are proud and pleased that Derby are


being talked about as genuine promotion candidates. How tough is


this league? It is really tough and there are no guarantees. We are in a


decent place and store B have a real chance this year. -- Derby.


Nottingham Forest have announced a new sponsorship deal. It is with an


air conditioning company. What exactly is going on the shirt has


not been announced. The glamour of Premier League


football came to Ilkeston FC last night. The club has only been


established for three years after Ilkeston Town was wound up back in


2010 over an unpaid tax bill. But last night they had their sights


firmly set on the future as they took on a Chelsea 11 in a pre-season


friendly. Paul Bradshaw was at a sold-out New Manor Ground for us.


It was a special night for Ilkeston. West London came to visit them on


their home turf and the whole turn -- a whole town came out to greet


them. Go on. Come on Ilkeston. Chelsea sit six divisions above


Ilkeston. There was plenty of youthful quality. This side were


anything but Chelsea pensioners. In the brunt of their biggest ever gate


of 2700 fans, Ilkeston were dominated by the visitors in the


early stages. John Swift given Chelsea a six minute lead. They


doubled their advantage with a penalty before half-time. They added


a third for Chelsea after the break with a superb long-range effort


between dead before Jason Stokes finished off a flowing move and gave


the home fans something to cheer about. Chelsea got another fourth


before a cheeky lob. I think they played very well. We put it down to


an education. We are delighted and it is a great attack -- occasion for


the football club. A proud occasion and a battling performance on a


night when they lost heavily but when plenty of new friends.


Whatever level you support, can't believe the season is here. Thank


A World War Two landing craft, which appeared in the film Saving Private


Ryan, is being used in a special project on the River Trent. The Army


is using the boat to transport materials to construct buildings for


scouts in Nottinghamshire. Simon Ward went along for the ride.


At deleting the -- after leaving the marina, it is the only landing craft


of its type in the UK and the first time it has been used by the Army


since its military service and is. This is the actual boat that Tom


Hanks was on board one he was filming Saving Private Ryan. We


landed in the middle of the Trent in an area used by the Sea Scouts. They


are constructing a new building here. As reservists, we don't get


much opportunity to carry out military task as Max. The Scouts


have been victims of theft here. have had a few break-ins and


valuable equipment has been stolen. We have had nowhere secure to keep


it. Now we can get some security and get the boats on the island where


they belong. I would like to go out on the boat again and not waste time


getting them out of the galley and having a good boat shed and being


able to get out on the water quicker. The kayaks will be safer


and less likely to be stolen. The project is called exercise me duck.


They hope to have it running in the next few days.


I have been on that. Have you? While it has been wet and great


today, tomorrow is going to be very warm indeed with plenty of sunshine


around. Things cool down again by Friday and things become unsettled


again. The rain has been quite persistent at times. We were never


too far away from the next downpour and some of those were heavy. It is


now gradually starting to clear northwards. We are left with quite a


lot of cloud around and it could be producing some drizzle from time to


time. It will be very murky overnight and we are feeling the


effects of the humid air. We have seen temperatures tonight of 18


Celsius and overnight we are looking at 17 Celsius so a very warm night


on the clouds. The cloud should gradually clear away by the morning


and we will be basking in some very warm sunshine. It will be the


temperatures that would be the main talk point -- will be the main


talking point. We cut our temperatures up to 31 Celsius.


Things cool down again on Friday and we have more by the the wings --


wings. It will be a fairly and sack -- it will be a fairly unsettled day


on Saturday with a few showers dotted around here and there.


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