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Tonight, tears and fun and the funeral of a cross channel swimmer.


A purple coffin for the charity fundraiser. It was her favourite


colour. It was just a wonderful service and full of on which you


would expect for someone like her. Now the family of a soldier killed


in Iraq sue the MOD. The TiVo being played by an East Midlands MP to


prevent this city sliding back into violence. And chimps stage as


stand-off at Twycross zoo. Good evening and welcome to Thursday's


programme. First, hundreds of people paid their final respects at moving


thanksgiving service to young swimmer Susan Taylor. The


34-year-old had been trying to cross the English Channel for charity. She


collapsed less than a mile from the French coast. The congregation was


told she had been an accomplished swimmer who was always prepared to


try new and exciting things. Sarah Teale was there. She was wrought to


church in a horse-drawn carriage, a poignant gesture to symbolise the


same way she had arrived at Saint Mary's church eight years ago for


her wedding. This time her family and friends had come to pay the


final respects at her thanks giving service in Leicestershire. Her


coffin was purple, her favourite colour. Her family asked all


mourners to Wear clothes in the same colour. The service taking place


inside right now is very much a celebration of her life. Her special


songs are being played and her family have asked the congregation


to join in, dancing and clapping, to reflect her personality. The usual


EJ speaks of a kind and caring woman who was determined. -- the eulogy.


She collapsed and died 14 hours into an attempt to swim the English


Channel. She had trained with this long-distance swimmer. I have lots


of photographs and videos. She was always smiling and a joy to be


around. She was raising money for charity. As the servers drew to a


close and the coffin was auto ear was applause from the entire


congregation. The church itself was absolutely ruled -- fool, now


standing room at all. We had so many magnificent stories of things she


had done since she was five, she had slammed the Miles said she was five


and she has an odd to do many other things, she scorched and supported


the Rainbows. -- she scorched. -- call should. Her family say the


charity money which is now standing at �66,000 was a fitting tribute.


Coming up: A group of bikers thunder through our so-called Thankful


Villages. They were called Thankful Villages because all their men


returned home from the First World War. Now plaques are being presented


to mark their good fortune. The family of an East Midlands soldier


murdered in Iraq ten years ago is suing the Ministry Of Defence for


negligence. Corporal Russell Aston from South Derbyshire was one of six


Military Police officers killed by a 400-strong mob. For the past decade


his father has sought an explanation as to how his death was allowed to


happen. Now, as Carolyn Moses reports, the fight for answers is


passing to a whole new generation. Russell Aston, a father, brother and


soldier. In 2003 in an armed patrol in Iraq key and five others were


attacked by a mob. He had been sent into this town and were cornered and


killed in the police station. His father has campaigned ever since to


find out why. Now a new Supreme Court ruling last month means the


MOD can be sued for negligence over alleged breaches of human rights


during operations abroad. It is played his sisters have taken on.


Dell macro I have seen my dad over the years fighting to find out the


truth of what happened to my brother. He should not even have


been in that town. This has given me the last final attempt to get the


truth. The claim is that he was left to down vulnerable. He did not have


the right to mind of ammunition. The satellite phones were denied. The


vehicles were not roadworthy to go on operations. It is errors which


led to his death. This is why I want the truth to come out. It is thought


the families of the five other soldiers will follow suit. Meanwhile


the MOD says it would be difficult to comment but its thoughts are with


the families involved. If it was me who had in killed in those


circumstances he would have fought to the bitter end to get justice for


me. He would not have let anything go for a member of his family and I


feel I should do the same for him. Next tonight: Three men from


Leicester are facing prison sentences after pleading guilty to


paying for sex with a child. The sixteen-year-old had been due to


give evidence today at their trial at Leicester Crown Court. Jurors had


heard that the girl told the men she was a prostitute. She said she


needed to make money because her parents had threatened to throw her


out. Helen Astle reports. This has been a difficult and distressing


case. Over the last few days the court heard how the men met up with


the 16-year-old child from Leicester. It was a chance meeting


between the girl and one of the men at a festival last year that led to


her being paid for sex. The three men, shown here, had denied 22


counts of sexual offences against a child. At the trial this morning, a


change in plea. The key admitted five counts of paying for sex with a


child. Two of them also admitted counts of child prostitution. The


court was told how the men would drive the girl to BDS locations


around Leicester, including parks, flats and Bed & Breakfasts. There


she would be given alcohol and cannabis before being paid �20 for


sex. It only came to light when a group attack this restaurant earlier


this year where the 16-year-old had sex with some of the men in an


adjacent flat. The teenager said she had been told she was not the other


girl, there are other seat girl. That is the thing that worries her


most comic she after the trial the police said they would try to find


other Vic is. We will try to identify if there are any other Vic


Timms. Those we are concerned about we have personally visited but now


one has made any disclosure to us to see they have to do. The family have


in very supported, the community is being supported. God willing that


everything falls into place and a few years down the line she will be


able to understand what she has in food and call with it and have a


normal and perfect life. The girl who has been described as very


damaged and very vulnerable is recovering. The three men will be


sentenced at the end of the month. A paranoid schizophrenic who stabbed


his father to death after an argument has been detained in a


secure hospital. 68-year-old Giuseppe Difina was stabbed at a


house in Carlton in Nottinghamshire last year. His son, 40-year-old Vito


Difina was convicted of manslaughter. A restriction means he


could only leave hospital with permission from the Ministry of


Justice. Several hundred soldiers from Leicestershire's two local


regiments will be deployed to Afghanistan this Autumn. The Royal


Anglians' Second Battalion are preparing to begin their first tour


of duty in Helmand province. They'll be joined by troops from the


9th/12th Royal Lancers, who also recruit in Derbyshire. Both


regiments will spend at least six months in Afghanistan, as Britain


hands over control to local security forces. The chief constable of


Northern Ireland has expressed his personal thanks to the police of the


East Midlands for sending reinforcements during last month's


disturbances in Belfast and the G8 economic summit. Matt Baggott went


public with his gratitude during a visit to Belfast by the Gedling MP


Vernon Coaker, who's also the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern


Ireland. From Belfast, here's our Political Editor John Hess. One year


since its opening the Titanic Centre has just notched up its 1,000,000th


visitor. The new Museum celebrates Belfast's industrial heritage. The


city has another heritage that can give it a very different reputation.


The annual 12th of July parades barked disturbances surprising many


who thought the old conflicts had been resolved. That's why the


Gedling MP is in Belfast. He needs to find out if the process is really


secure. He is being shown the walls that still divides loyalist and


nationalist communities in North Belfast. His tour guides are former


loyalist paramilitaries. Both communities access through this gate


is a sign of progress. The old suspicions remain. You have to


understand the anger. We asked young people and in any of the areas they


will tell you that Sinn Fein are getting it all there own way. The


travel through the city to a Sinn Fein stronghold. It is important


people here know that we need about what is happening, we understand


what is happening and we want to learn more about it and we are part


in getting over the issues. This Sinn Fein man points to the root of


recent loyalist march. Gerry Kelly is a convicted that I had a former


but now as a junior minister in Northern Ireland. As a city


representative I am seeing let's go back, turn the page over, let's sit


down and talk. In Northern Ireland you are dealing with the people who


represent different communities. These people are alike that, the


community representatives. The whole point of the Good Friday agreement


was to move on from the violence and difficulties of the past. The former


chief constable of Leicestershire now runs the police in Northern


Ireland and has needed to call in a few favours. We had good support


from the East Midlands, my old colleagues from Leicestershire came


over and have been training with us. We deploy them on the streets here.


It is not something we want to do all the time. It was great demand on


the 12th of July, they did a great job and were hugely dependable. Some


say the answer has to be further dialogue between the two


communities. You have to know your history and the context in which


these things are happening. Some are anxious it is a lesson we hear and


do not forget. An NHS Trust which was put into special measures by the


government two weeks ago, says it's already completed some of the urgent


action required. Sherwood Forest Hospitals was one of 14 Trusts


identified by the Keogh report as having unusually high death rates.


The Trust has also decided to open up all of its Board meetings to the


public. Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner. The newly


appointed chairman told the meeting the Trust had nothing to hide. From


today all meetings are open to the public. The Trust wants to be open


and transparent, that is what we are all about and this is a step in the


right direction. In the event only one member of the public attended


the opening. Last month the report identified 13 issues requiring


urgent action. At the top of the list was a three-year backlog of


complaints and understaffing. important thing is that we


understand why we got into that situation and make sure it never


happens again. In terms of the nursing ratio, the Queen trained and


non-trained, I think there is enough staff on the wards. We have to make


sure issues are dealt with appropriately at we will have to


have a review in October. Some more complex operations have been


transferred while the safety of surgery is reviewed. Did always will


be doctor cover 24/7. There have been cases where no shows have given


us a problem for short periods of time but we will never be in the


situation where there is no doctor cover available. The review will


take place on October at it plans to have addressed all the issues


highlighted by the report in the next six months. The chairman says


it is all to play for to make a great future for the Trust. A group


of motorcyclists roared through the East Midlands today, visiting what's


known as the Thankful Villages. They're so-named, because all their


men survived the First World War and returned home. The bikers travelled


through Leicestershire and Rutland yesterday. This morning they set off


from Wysall in Nottinghamshire before making their way to


Derbyshire and back. Paul Bradshaw put on his leathers to meet them. It


is a modern deep Elber image of thanks. 2500 miles around Britain in


nine days, stopping at 51 villages today is �51,000 for charity.


charity is the Royal British Legion ex-forces. We are trying to raise


51,000 for them to return the pocket and to do good with it which I know


they will. In Weisel 12 men went off to war and against the odds all 12


returned to their lives year after the Armistice in 1918. Today a


plaque was presented to the village to mark this great fortune. It gives


me great pleasure to hand over their supply to the community.


children should know about the hoarders that went on and what these


men experienced which they never expressed and kept to themselves.


This is one way of helping to tell the young people about what


happened. The great War two the lives of nearly a million military


personnel, most of them young men. These writers remember the lucky


ones which came back. Might have been a bit hot in those leathers.


Now time for the sport. First, cricket. Nottinghamshire's Trent


Bridge says Ashes Fever has meant they've had their busiest month


ever. Over 125,000 people visited the ground in July, thanks to the


warm weather and the success of England and Notts. Onto football and


at Derby County striker Callum Ball has joined League Two Torquay on a


two-month loan deal. Now, the big kick-off is just one day away and


tomorrow night Notts County start the Football League campaign with


their first game, away at Sheffield United. For Notts manager Chris


Kiwomya it's his first full season in charge, so as part of our preview


of the new season, Colin has been to Meadow Lane. Chatting to Dean, he


described you as a chilled out dude, is that the description you


are happy to embrace? All we can do is prepare the players as well we


can -- as best we can and it is up to them to go out and do what they


can. And Notts signed a 22-year-old striker today, former Chelsea


scholar Adam Coombes. In rugby a total of seven Leicester Tigers


players have been named in the England Senior Elite Player Squad by


head coach Stuart Lancaster. They are: Dan Cole, Tom Croft, Geoff


Parling, Tom Youngs, Toby Flood, Manu Tuilagi and Ben Youngs. And


finally from me good luck to Leon Haslam this weekend in the World


Superbikes at Silverstone. Leon from Derbyshire won the most prestigious


race in Japan at the weekend, the Suzuka eight Hours. It's a huge


achievement, made greater by the fact that he broke his leg at the


end of April. We recorded 31 Celsius today. It has been a hot and humid


day. As we work our way throughout the next few hours it is going to


start to change a little bit. The cold front will come in from the


West which will start to alter the temperatures are time tomorrow


afternoon. It is a change on the Wii. Through the early part of this


evening it is remaining dry with some fair weather quite helping.


Night-time temperatures tonight in the region of 17 Celsius. It is


going to feel very humid and even as the weather front moves in tomorrow


the cloud will increase and there will be some showers during the


early part of the day. Bush hours could be heavy and fund a day at


times. -- those showers could the heavy and under the act times. Some


chimps try to escape from Twycross zoo today. The wearer tempted back


into their cages by ice creams. These eight naughty little chairman


of the guilty ones. We were serving breakfast when they managed to


escape into the keeper corder easier. We did offer them ice cream


and managed to entice five of them through quite quickly. They them


held out for an extra ice cream. They were still contained within the


main building. We did not open the zoo for an extra hour while we made


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