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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, on track. The work that's left a city without trains. Our


first look at the massive track and signals upgrade that has shot down


Nottingham station. Also tonight, a victim of fraud, just one of the


many elderly people targeted by a window farm. Plus the summer boost


for the region's economy, but will it continue, the Winter? And in the


sport, it might be early August but they are itching to get under way.


The first weekend of the football league season.


Good evening and welcome to Friday's programme. First tonight, 14 days


into the engineering work that's closed Nottingham railway station,


the pledge passengers want to hear. Network Rail says it is scheduled to


finish on time. But passengers still face another three weeks of


disruption along with longer journey times on replacement buses. One


commuter's been telling us why she's switched to the car for part of her


journey. Mike O'Sullivan reports. They've ripped up the railway. Our


top �100 million worth of engineering and signalling work that


is closing Nottingham station for 37 days. Here, working day and night in


blistering heat and torrential downpours, to put down new track.


We've worked in difficult conditions, it was really hot, then


we had a downpour, and now it's just OK. But it affects the install.


is Mansfield Junction, a mile from Nottingham station where some of the


most complex work is being carried out. Network Rail is changing the


railway point here so trains can use any of four tracks. Delays going


into Nottingham station were abolished. The old 30 miles an hour


speed limit will be scrapped. Trains will go at 50. The end of the work


can't come quick enough of this commuter. Paying �1600 for an annual


rail ticket and facing a disruptive to our 40 minute journey home. Karen


is now driving to Leicester to fit in with replacement bus services at


East Midlands Parkway to take her to and from Nottingham. Yes, the work


has got be done, but seven o'clock I'm managing to get home, providing


everything's OK. If the train goes without the bus having arrived, it


is just miserable. The work is on course to finish on time, says


Network Rail and will result in improvements to passengers.


consciously took the decision to close the railway to 37 days. This


was the best thing for passengers. We have got replacement bus services


in place throughout, and if everything goes to plan, we will


reopen the railway. East Midlands trains admitted there will be


individual challenges but said the replacement bus services were


working well. On schedule but the work will not finish early. This


being a railway, Network Rail has a strict timetable for the engineering


trains and vehicles. And they are sticking to it.


Three members of a home improvement firm have admitted conning elderly


and vulnerable customers out of thousands of pounds. Leicester Crown


Court said the trio carefully targeted their victims after


stealing their confidential details from their previous employer.


Carolyn Moses reports. HTH a role Douglas was living on his


own after his wife was moved to a care home. -- 88 years old. His


daughter Margaret says he was visited in 2009 by representatives


of a Leicester -based improvement company which convinced him to hand


over money for work that was never carried out. They definitely took


advantage because the first time they went, he paid them cash. The


second time, it was a cheque. It was cash very swiftly. And the same with


the third one. I phoned the bank on the last occasion but it was too


late. It had already gone through. It was run by this man, who had


brought with him his girlfriend, and fellow salesman, too. They'd worked


together at window firms and left together taking with them


confidential details of more than two and a half thousand customers.


They highlighted the elderly and vulnerable. They pretended they were


associated with the company. When they got him, they would persuade


them to sign contracts and are paid deposit. What they didn't tell


customers was they were entitled to cancel so when people tried to


cancel, they refused to refund deposits. These kinds of things have


long-lasting effects on people. They feel distraught and it affects their


lives. From these offices, the three secured �25,000 in this way. Today,


there was some remorse. Why did you not give their deposits back?


different person than I was. three have suspended jail sentences


of 12, nine and seven months. The judge said that what they done was


distasteful, especially because so many other victims were elderly.


They will to pay compensation later, but 2-mac of them have been


re-employed by their former company. The company wouldn't comment.


Still to come. An upbeat assessment of the economy. A business leader


says things are on the up. And, revealing the human stories between


Nottinghamshire's great warm Orioles. -- great War memorials.


The Chief Executive of the East Midlands Ambulance Service is


leaving the organisation. Phil Milligan is stepping down after


nearly two years in the role. He says he's proud to leave the service


in a much stronger position. Mr Milligan has overseen a big shake-up


which has seen the majority of ambulance stations being sold-off.


The service has also failed to meet response targets for three years in


a row and been fined �11 million. One of this region's for most


business leaders has given one of his most up beat assessments of East


Midlands economy. George Cowcher from the Derbyshire and


Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce says local businesses in all sectors


are seeing a revival and taking on more staff. He was speaking at a


regional business and trade fair. Here's our Political Editor John


Hess. The summer heatwave's has boosted


the regional economy. Ice cream manufacturers have been supplying


from Europe because sales here have gone red hot. Fashion retailers are


enjoying a mini boom, too, as shoppers back summer clothing but


when the summer's over, will the region's economy still be smiling?


We are seeing more companies clearly doing more business, which is what


we have wanted to see for a while. We are seeing more people taking on


more staff. We are seeing more companies ambitious and terms of new


contracts, new areas of work. focus here is on the region's


economy, but wherever you look, East Midlands businesses at this trade


fair in Nottingham are talking up revival. The recession has made it


tough. We had it severely. We're down to 26 employees from 50.


last month, the Chancellor was in the Midlands claiming the UK economy


was finally turning the corner. economy is on the mend but we've got


a long way to go as we move from rescue to recovery. So, George, what


is the mood? It is up each. We've been really surprised at the


strength of business wanting to come out, wanting to engage, wanting to


get involved. And we are seeing a record number of people attending.


Part of that recovery includes new Internet businesses starting up,


like this one from South Normanton in Derbyshire. We are taking on more


staff as well. We've got ten staff at the moment, and we are buying


another office. And we expect to double in size, up to 20, in the


next six months. The heatwave may come to an end, but the economic


forecast looks set to become rather brighter.


Fingers crossed! The water company Severn Trent has


apologised to a man who's house flooded with raw sewage for the


seventh time after heavy rainfall at the weekend. Sundeep Patel from


Leicester found his cellar had flooded on Sunday. That's despite


the installation several years ago of a water storage tank designed to


prevent flooding to nearby properties. Navtej Johal reports.


For Sundeep Patel, his/her Mrs Temple, but on Monday morning, he


opened his cellar door to find that once again it had flooded with raw


sewage. I was devastated, I was in shock, it is traumatic that it has


happened again. Sunday was the third time it has happened to Sundeep's


home since seven trend installed a water tank under this road a few


feet from his house to prevent any more flooding. Clearly, this has not


solved the problem. Well, I am very angry at Severn Trent, disappointed,


and not only that, I am frustrated because the managers know about


this. And this is an ongoing problem. They still have not


rectified it. Sundeep and his family have had to move to temporary


accommodation. Severn Trent have apologised to him and admit the


situation is not acceptable. We will try to understand why the measures


we put in place didn't work in this instance, carry out any further


remedial works we find necessary to ensure that Mr Patel is safe in a


future. Once again, I have too stress there will always be some


offence against which we cannot protect. That is unlikely to provide


much solace for Sundeep. I would never have bought this house if this


was going to be a problem. I cannot sell this property to anybody else


because I don't want anybody else to face the same problem. In the


meantime, Sundeep hopes it isn't too long before he can move back again.


Yes, let's hope so. A permanent tribute to Nottinghamshire's men and


women who died during the First World War was unveiled today. It is


not made of stone and you can visit it wherever you are. The


Nottinghamshire Great War Roll of Honour is a website detailing the


county's war dead. It's taken months to research, and volunteers have


been turning up long-lost memorials in some unusual places. Paul


Bradshaw reports Coming up later, exciting times for Rutland


adventurer Sarah Outen. The cost of the Ward end all Wars is


still being counted. Nottinghamshire lost 11,000 lives and many of their


stories and names have been forgotten. But nearly a century


later, fresh light on World War I is being shared by the World Wide Web.


A new resource, Nottinghamshire Great War Roll of Honour, went live


today. It is an online archive of all the county's fallen, funded by


Nottinghamshire County Council as an active, narration. My team of


volunteers who have beans barring Nottinghamshire and the city of


Nottingham collecting data from War memorials to offer and create a


unique archive, a database for future historians and researchers,


and members of the general public who are interested. It has taken 24


and his 18 months to scour the county. They were looking for


memorials to gather names. In this church in Clifton, they found a


memorial plaque last seen in a church in the city centre in the


1950s. And long thought lost. The new research has revealed that some


5% of Nottinghamshire's casualties were under 30. Almost all of them


were soldiers and nearly three quarters of those were killed on the


Western front. One in six of the male population of all ages in


Nottinghamshire died or were wounded in the great War. I'd be very


surprised if there was any county who could match that scale of


sacrifice. The second phase of the project will add photos, letters and


narratives to the archive later in the year. Nottingham's motto is


virtue outlives death. Through this archive, their memories will live


up later, exciting times for Rutland adventurer, Sarah Outen. Sunday will


be her 100th day rowing solo across the North Pacific. And although


she's solo, she's revealed she's no Time now for sport and tonight


heralds the start of the new football season so today Colin and


Natalie have been out to all about to our clubs starting at Leicester.


I cannot believe it! The football season is hours away.


All three of our championship clubs have yet another huge season ahead


of them. Leicester City, the spending may have stopped but the


expectations are as high as they ever were.


At Nottingham Forest, they talk about unfinished business for


manager Billy Davies. At Derby, it has been rough for


Clough but they are building him up this term. They are saying it might


be his time to shine. Our question is, why is this season so important


in the championship? The stakes this season could not be


higher. 24 championship clubs tonight ready to chase the huge


riches of the Premier League. Only three can scoop the jackpot. All our


big sides, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest and Derby County,


start this season with that in mind. All believe that if they can hold


their nerve, they could skip the biggest prize in domestic football.


This season, promotion offers an unparalleled opportunity financially


and a one-off chance to secure a cup's future. The Premier League


dream this time around could be worth as much as �150 million.


In-depth on all three of our championship clubs. We start at


Nottingham Forest, the busiest of our clubs. This is the manager.


Billy Davies, thank you for agreeing to talk to us. Are you happy with


your transfers and acquisitions? We've got to thank the chairman and


family for what has been great support. No doubt about it.


Tremendous support from the chairman, delighted to have that


support. And we thank the family very much. Sounds like your


relationship is pretty good. It has been excellent. We've got a great


understanding, a great working relationship. We know what we are


trying to do and what it takes to get there. We are on the same page,


which is always very useful. And it is a pleasure working for this man.


It could be a double-edged sword because you've made some pretty good


signings. Does that pile the pressure on to you? There was no


excuse the last time. We were one of the favourites for promotion last


time. In the second season, same thing. This is a club, this is the


badge, this is what this club carries, a big expectation from fans


from the and everybody else. So, we know what we are dealing with, we're


not surprised by it, we welcome it and we are delighted with the


challenge. We do live up to the expectations? Are you thinking.


Two? The expectation is top six. We have to compete in the top six.


There are plenty of other teams in this boat. Wigan, Derby County,


every single day -- game, home and away will be difficult, no matter


what the spending, the history, the badge, the tradition, the


championship is very tough. Thank you very much indeed. Forest have


got Huddersfield. Down the road, Leicester City are away at


Middlesbrough. Pressure on the manager, Nigel Pearson as well.


Everyone is well aware that a good start is crucial for him. I've been


talking to them about the new season It was a very difficult experience.


But I think what you have to try to do is draw on that. And make sure


that you use those sorts of experiences to get you through the


and want to far-away, it was us, and I will try to keep the group


season I didn't have to answer a question about who was going to be


my replacement, so, I suppose, in football management you tend to get


battle hardened to speculation. But I always do my job in a way I think


it needs to be done. And I am very pleased to be here. And I will be


working very hard to have a everybody would like it to happen.


But I still think we have made progress as a club. But it is making


that next step. Well, if he is going to lead Leicester City next is -- to


the next step, it's going to be from the seats. What about Derby's


prospects? This morning, Nat was inside the training ground.


The manager Nigel Clough starts this season as the longest serving


manager in the championship. And with his strongest team, he says,


since he has been here. Behind the badge, these are some of the new


faces. Six in total, the most talked about, striker Johnny Russell, 23


and has joined from Dundee United for several hundred thousand pounds.


He scored several goals preseason but wants to deliver in the brutal


championship. I want to prove I can play here. A lot of people have said


I can't as well. I will use that to my advantage, hopefully. I just want


to prove I can play at this level. Derby have a number of coveted


players. Notably 18-year-old will Hughes who is regularly scouted by


Arsenal, Manchester city and Liverpool, with a cool price tag of


several million. There is real expectation this year. We've got to


shake some depth. Is it strange on days like today when you're in the


closed shop and there are kids your age desperate for your autograph?


Two years ago, I would not have believed this to be true, especially


this quickly. It's been crazy. I hope to keep my feet on the ground.


I think the fact we've got a settled side, we've got to keep them fit,


and it gives us a chance. At Derby, the hit is ready and their first


game is on Sunday, at Hyde Park. None of the championship clubs can


make the claim that they are opening the season deserted because they are


at Sheffield United kick off very shortly indeed. And skilled town


have the privilege as well because they are back in the football the.


Paul Cox is leading his troops up to Scunthorpe United. Our best wishes


go with them. As always, you will find the best coverage of live


events, which of your club, on your BBC local radio station. And we will


have reports from the two handguns, Derby County and Nottingham Forest.


We will keep in touch with everything over the weekend. And


there will be a full and comprehensive round-up on Monday.


I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens.


Here we go, as they say. She's set three world records,


battled tropical storms and almost died at sea but this weekend Rutland


rower Sarah Outen is preparing to reach a major milestone. The


adventurer, who is rowing solo across the north Pacific Ocean, will


mark her 100th day at sea on Sunday. She's one of only four women ever to


have spent so long at sea alone. To celebrate the occasion she's


announcing another, more personal, achievement as Sarah Teale reports.


Sarah Outen's first attempt to row solo from Japan to Canada last year


was full of danger and drama. After 26 days at sea, a powerful tropical


storm hit, and Sarah had no choice but to call for coastguards to


rescue her. After recuperating back home in Rutland, she decided to try


again and set off this May. This time around, it has been much less


traumatic than last year. Equally, it has been full of the most


wonderful moments. It is everything I hoped it would be, and more, I


suppose. Sarah has already rode 1400 miles across the North Pacific Ocean


and will be celebrating 100 days at sea this Sunday. It vary -- it feels


very cool to be a today 100. Every moment, every milestone, just feels


huge. The 28-year-old adventurer has marked the momentous achievement by


announcing her engagement to her girlfriend, Lucy. I asked her to


marry me for weeks ago. So I am super excited by that. The thought


of seeing her again in Canada excites me. So says she's feeling


strong physically and mentally and, hopeful, of not just reaching


Vancouver but finishing a mission to complete a continuous sleep of the


world by cycling, kayaking and rowing. I store have that cautious


optimism for the chance of successfully landing in Canada, but


I know that it is outside contingencies that will determine


the outcome. If she successfully crosses the North Pacific Ocean, she


will still have to cycle across Canada and America, and then row the


Atlantic Ocean to get back to England, a feat she is determined to


achieve. Wow. We were wondering, does she


ever get any spare moments? And what does she do them?


I know what she does in her long I know what she does in her long


hours. Have a look at this. And Sarah had a special message for


us at East Midlands Today from the middle of the ocean.


She's extraordinary, how on earth does she have the time?


She is multitalented. A lot of people have been asking me whether


the heatwave is back for this weekend. Fortunately or


unfortunately, it looks as the heatwave was a one-hit wonder.


Yesterday, we reached 31.3 Celsius across the East Midlands. It has


been cooler for us today and we are staying in the cooler air mass


through the weekend. We are talking of highs in the low 20s. A little


bit more comfortable and bearable for sleeping. That cooler air mass


is also much more unstable and showery, so there will be some


showers lurking about through the weekend, some of those heavy. They


will be moving through quickly on a brisk wind, and there will be some


sunshine in between. It is a usable weekend of weather with some dry and


brighter bits. We've seen a lot of dry and bright weather today. We've


escaped the showers but there have been some heavy ones developing.


These ones are quite stubborn so they will continue the night, on and


off. Temperatures, much cooler and fresher than last night. 13 or 14 is


the lowest. Tomorrow morning, we start off with showers from the word


go. As the day progresses, they will line themselves up into bands so


some places might get shower after shower being blown through on those


brisk winds, and some places may escape them altogether. Northern


areas will be the best place to see the sunshine. The showers eventually


fade out into the evenings at if you've got a barbecue planned


tomorrow, there should be a lot of dry and bright weather around.


Sunday, it looks as though we've got this weather system moving its


weight in on Sunday. It'll take all day long to take to us, so the cloud


increases during the day and we see some of the showery rain into the


evening and through the night. Sunday night into Monday, the rain


will turn heavy. It looks as though there is heavy rain to start next


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