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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight a local vicar urges parents to wake up to the threat of


internet bullying. His comments came as a book of


condolences was opened for trawling the victim Hannah Smith. Even here


the internet has an effect and it comes right into our homes and into


our children's bedrooms and people said all the things to our children.


The moment a man commits two of the so called Fatal Four of driving


offences. He is texting as he drives. I saw the phone in his hand.


Plus the furniture recycling project that is helping Mansfield's


military veterans. And in a bit of a spin, the


launderette worker who has cleaned Good evening and welcome to


Wednesday's programme. First tonight:


Special prayers are being said and a condolence book has been opened


in memory of a Leicestershire teenager who, according to her


father, took her own life after being bullied online. 14-year-old


Hannah Smith was found dead at her home in Lutterworth last Friday.


Now the local vicar is warning that no community, not even market towns


like his, is safe. Eleanor Garnier reports.


Candles in memory of a daughter, sister, friend and neighbour. All


lit for fourteen-year-old Hannah Smith who took her own life last


Friday. Her body was found by her 16-year-old sister and her father


said that Hanna had become a victim of online bullies, getting


anonymous messages telling her to take her own life. Her death has


left Lutterworth in shock. Everybody will be talking about it


and someone on the checkout will have a two-year rolling down her


face so it has been a very big deal. The shock is a big part of that and


obviously it is just really sad, it is tragic. As more flowers are laid


at the family home here in Lutterworth, there is increasing


concern about the scale of online bullying, with parents being warned


about the signs they need to look out for. Young people might be more


secretive about their online behaviour, perhaps hiding the use


of their phone or perhaps becoming withdrawn. Very similar symptoms to


other types of bullying so any changes in your child's behaviour,


perhaps start thinking and looking at the information that is


available online and in leaflets. The focus now is to support


Hannah's family and also a message of caution about the powers of the


Web. It teaches us and challenges us and it acts as a warning to was


about the power of the internet that even in someone like


Lutterworth where it is comfortable and relatively prosperous that


actually the internet can have an effect. It comes right into our


homes, right into our children's homes -- bedrooms and p+horrible


things to our children. Friends and family have been coming to the


church all day as the book of condolence fills up. The community


here is trying to hold on to every memory it has of a young life taken


too soon. A military charity's helping young


veterans return to civvy street by setting up a furniture recycling


scheme. They've filled a warehouse in Mansfield with donations that'll


help the former soldiers make a new start. And the project's also


planning to train them up for new careers. Our Social Affairs


Correspondent Jeremy Ball reports. Maureen is clearing out the house


where she was born after losing her father three months ago. Derek


Palmer was a soldier who fought in the second world war and took part


in the D-Day landings. Now all his belongings have been handed over to


a military charity. My dad would have liked this so much. He talked


a lot about his Army days and he would have thought this was really


good, rather than just throwing things away, helping others, he


would have liked it. They have been lovely while we have been clearing


and they have been respectful and look at that things. They have just


been really like its -- they have just been really nice for my dad


would have liked that more than anything. They are going to bring


Derry's furniture here to this huge warehouse. Look at how much they


have already collected. It has come from homes and businesses and the


local council as well and it is all going to be used to help


Mansfield's military veterans. someone we come across military


veterans through the charity we can refurbish them and when they


improve they can come and get involved here in repairing


furniture and delivering and suchlike. They can look good on a


CV or for a potential employee in the future but hopefully as it


grows it will provide employment as well. Ricky has found a full time


driving job after this charity helped him to turn things around.


He had been so traumatised by his experience in Afghanistan that he


made four separate suicide attempts and he eventually admitted himself


to a psychiatric hospital. I just couldn't cope with it any more.


Dreams, nightmares, sleeplessness, flashbacks. You fall down a well


and you are at the lowest point in the well and you see there is no


way to climb out. Gradually through time and help I have started to


climb and I am getting higher and higher every day. Every day is a


big jump for me. This charity has already helped dozens of homeless


veterans get back on their feet and to allow civilians in need are


being offered help as well. What a brilliant scheme.


Still to come: Is playing outside childs play? Apparently not. We've


been to an event that teaches youngsters about the joys of the


great outdoors. A man's in hospital with serious


injuries after a shooting in Nottingham. Police cordoned off the


scene on Woodborough Road in St Anns as they investigated the


incident which happened around 10:00pm last night. The van in


which the injured man is thought to have travelled is being


forensically examined. The victim's in a stable condition at the


Queen's Medical Centre. Labour has selected Nick Palmer to


try to win back the Nottinghamshire constituency he lost in one of the


closest results of the last general election. The former MP had held


the suburban seat of Broxtowe for 13 years. It's among the most


politically marginal constituencies in the country. His decision to


stand again means a rematch against the Conservatives' Anna Soubry.


She's now a health minister and one of the best known political names


in the East Midlands. At the last election Nick Palmer lost by only


389 votes. Campaigners fighting to save


children's heart surgery at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital were


due to meet health bosses in London today, who are leading another


review of the service. A previous decision to stop children's heart


surgery in Leicester was overturned. The aim is to provide a better


service with fewer, larger centres across the country. Campaigners


were meeting officials from NHS England to put forward the case for


keeping surgery in the city. Next tonight:


It's been a chastening day for dozens of drivers in Leicestershire.


This morning police carried out a blitz on those committing one or


more of the Fatal Four offences. If you're unfamiliar with the


phrase, it's actually the term used by the emergency services to


summarise the four most likely causes of fatal road traffic


collisions. And they are drink driving, speeding, driving while on


a mobile phone and driving without a seatbelt. Jonathan Cecil reports.


This driver is committing two offences. He is not wearing a


seatbelt and he is using a mobile phone. He may get three points and


a �60 fine for losing his own -- using his own and another �60 for


not wearing his seatbelt but he may not that they either. Instead of


being prosecuted here we are issuing a fixed penalty ticket and


he may be eligible for an awareness course to educate him not to do it


again. Over 300 people are being killed or seriously injured on


these roads every year because of Fatal Four. This morning's Clinic


saw 24 vehicles stopped, 19 for having a seat belt and three using


a mobile phone and three vehicles were seized for having no insurance.


There is nothing worse for a legitimate driver to be struck by a


driver driving a car with no insurance and we are doing our


level best to take these drivers off the road and, as you have seen


this morning, we took the car into the car-park and within half an


hour back of was recovered to a vehicle recovery so that is one of


the road. Leicestershire police will continue to operate these


teams throughout the country until they see a dramatic improvement of


its motorists. The Home Office has rejected


recommendations for greater scrutiny of the new Police and


Crime Commissioners, following the controversial suspension of an East


Midlands chief constable. Now a senior Nottinghamshire politician


says the Home Office's decision calls into question the role of the


panel set up by the government, as a check on the power of the


Commissioners. This report from our Political Editor John Hess.


This hall will soon be the new headquarters for Nottinghamshire's


police commissioner but it is not just about bricks and mortar. My


mum's into power of the police commissioners are making a real


impact according to the Home Office. Lincolnshire's commissioner


certainly made an impact. He suspended his chief Constable


within weeks of taking office over a suspected conflict of interest.


The jeep was later reinstated but the court costs involved prompted


MPs to investigate. A judge has described the decision that you


took as perverse and irrational. accept entirely the High Court


judge's criticism. We think that the best way in which you can


scrutinise it is for the police and crime panels to be doing their job


as effectively as possible. Home Affairs Committee recommended


greater scrutiny of the commissioners, their budget and


their financial interest. Today the policy at -- today the politician


in charge of scrutinising Nottinghamshire's commissioner


learn the government had rejected the calls for greater


accountability. I think is a great mistake. This is a cross-party


committee back came up with sensible recommendations and


concerns. They should have paid notice, not just throw it away,


they should have paid notice to what was put before them and come


back with their comments instead of rubbishing it. The Government says


the final quarter of a cow will be in the ballot box when


commissioners what the voters to give them a second term in office.


Our Political Editor John Hess joins us in the studio.The Police


Commissioners must be rather relieved tonight. Certainly Alan


Hardwick has been in a get to know you session with the local public


today. That would in Stamford and despite the grille he had at the


hands of Keith Vaz, he is actually quite easy about greater scrutiny


and says he gets on with his chief constable and he welcomes the call


for a greater declaration of financial interests. The committee


had wanted a central register of financial interests but the


government says it is not its job. It is up to each commissioner. Home


Office ministers have been fairly dismissive of the calls for at


greater accountability from Keith Vaz's Committee. The Government is


saying that the existing legislation is robust enough.


that the end of the matter for Keith Vaz? Keith Vaz does not give


up easily. I suspect he and his committee suspect there is an issue


here and you can guarantee there will be a further report from his


committee by the time they celebrate their first anniversary.


Thank you very much. In other News tonight:


Mallory Park race track near Hinckley in Leicestershire has


agreed to change its racing hours. It follows complaints from local


residents over increased noise and disturbance from the circuit. The


track's managers met with the borough council and residents, and


will now submit a revised calendar by the end of the month.


Planning permission is likely to be granted to night for a new King


Richard III visitors' centre in Leicester. The multi million pound


exhibition is expected to attract about 100,000 people a year. Helen


Astle reports. But if plans are approved the


visitors' centre will be fit for a king. It will be fitted out with


interactive displays to tell how we found Richard III in the last year


or so. An interesting thing about it is if you look at the window you


can see where King Richard III's body was found in the monastery


side. The former school in the City is going to be transformed so that


visitors can learn about the life, death and discovery of King Richard


III. What is really exciting is what it will bring for the people


of the city as well as the people who visit and we will create a


world-class visitors' centre that people from all over the place will


be able to enjoy. It is in Leicester, and that to me but,


because I grew up in Leicester, is the most exciting thing. On the


outside this is what it could look like, with plans for a new


courtyard garden, Cafe, entrance hall and viewing balcony. If


planning permission is granted the work is set to start in earnest at


the end of the month. It will cost �4 million addition be finished by


next spring to coincide with the retirement of Richard III's remains


at Leicester Cathedral. Something to look forward to.


Playing outside during the long summer holidays used to be


something that all children did, but not any more. So a group of


youngsters from Nottingham were part of a special scheme today to


re-introduce kids to the delights of the great outdoors. Youngsters


in Bulwell were involved in the 26th national Playday event,


sampling all sorts of activities like baseball, face-painting and


zip-wires. Paul Bradshaw reports. Fun in the sun. These children are


making new friends at this park. It is all part of a national play day


campaign that is encouraging children to literally get out more.


It highlights the importance of play in their lives. This is about


saying that you need children -- places for children to play and


adults must give them more opportunities to play because that


is what children do. They play and they learn and they develop and it


is how they grow physically and in every way. A survey released today


found that more than 50% of adults said they played at every day when


they were growing out. -- growing up, compared to less than a quarter


of children today. 40% of today's children say they want to play out


more. There are lots of children and you start to get to know them


and you start to play with them every day after school. It brings


all the community together and it is really nice for the kids to play


outside. If you can get an open space to play then you get more fun


out of it. It is nice to have this sort of thing so you can supervise


and they can still explore. There are lots of activities like face


painting and everyone is really friendly. Parents can come and


socialise. Quite a lot of parents and brought picnics and it is great


to see all the parents and children in the community having a great


time. There will be plenty more opportunities to have a good time


with more events taking place across the East Midlands throughout


the summer. I used to stay out until I got


hungry! Still to come, the laundrette


worker who's in a bit of a lather. Sue's cleaned up on the


Euromillions, now her head's in a spin as she plans how to spend it.


Before that it is Natalie with that the sport:


First football because there were wins for Leicester, Forest and


Derby last night in the first round of the League Cup. Three goals for


Forest. Derby in the hat for second round for the first time in five


years and another good away win for Leicester.


The manager was full of praise for the 1140 City fans who travelled to


Wycombe. They did not have to wait long to see a goal. Andy Keogh


tripped and David Nugent scored the penalty. Wycombe were a nuisance at


times, showing flashes of real quality. It was one-one. With this


game fetched two the extra time there was a last-gasp winner that


put the foxes in the second round. At the City Ground 10,000 saw


Nottingham Forest get up and running in style. Their precise


Polish playmaker picked out the man of the match to make it 2-0. Matt


Derbyshire was out of form and out of the team last season but his


goals pre-season and his looping third last night shows he is


growing in confidence and despite conceding a soft goal, Forest were


efficient and too good for our people. Derby's first-round victory


was at Oldham and it was the quality of the goal that pleased


the manager the most. It was worked well right from Richard Kiel in the


back. There were seven passes down the field. The thing that made the


fans smile the most was this ironic cheeky celebration towards the


empty stand. Mansfield were our only team to be knocked out of the


Capital One Cup last night at the Tranmere but as the old cliche goes,


it gives them a chance to concentrate on the leader, after


all this is their first first season back in six long years.


And Notts County play tonight in the League Cup 1st round. They're


at home to Fleetwood Town but will without Gary Liddle.


They have completed a signing of the Celtic midfielder. He was


signed in time to be eligible to play this evening.


Onto cricket and Notts say they're hoping for a record Twenty20 crowd


ahead of their quarter final match against Essex tomorrow. 13 thousand


people are expected at Trent Bridge for the evening game. Today the


players trained there, including James Taylor who's back from


England duty. Notts have been knocked out in the last eight of


the T20 for the past two seasons. This year they want to go one


better. We obviously played some good


cricket and we are a good team and we believe that. There is a lot of


confidence going through the group at the moment in all forms of


cricket. If we turn up and play I don't think Essex will come near us.


The crowds this year have been as good as I can remember since I have


been in the club in the last five years and we have been spoiled and


the last few years because the Test matches have had excellent weather


of fantastic crowds so hopefully we will see that again.


Well, with Notts' push for silverware and England and


Australia playing in the Ashes, there's been a lot of attention on


top level cricket this summer. But for one team in Nottinghamshire,


just having the opportunity to play the game is an achievement in


itself. The county's blind cricket team is going from strength to


strength, as Tom Brown reports. Rarely does a sport get so little


coverage but mean so much to its players. This is blind cricket.


Here in Nottinghamshire it is a sport on the up. Our team is about


everyone having an equal opportunity and creating


independent than getting people to have a new social structure and


friends but, as well we have a lot of players who want to win and they


want to be competitive and play at the next level. The rules of the


game a very similar to its fully sighted counterpart but the ball is


the size of a small football and contains ball-bearings to help the


minimum of four players per team who are totally blind. I lost my


fight two years ago and being involved in cricket and having


support from my team mates really did help me through what was and


still is at times a very difficult period. What is the sport like to


play? It is tremendous. It is great to be back into sport. It is


competitive. When you lose your site those sort of things go out of


the window. This team was set up in 2009. They play in blind cricket's


national development lake, one below the country's top division.


Am I right in thinking you have even beaten some fully sighted


teams? We have indeed! Some people think it will be easy but once they


give it a go they realise it is not easy. The cricket club really --


the cricket club recently did the Three Peaks Challenge to raise


money and they have lofty ambitions and a desire to be judged on not


they -- not what they can see but what they can do. The National


League awaits? I does. I think they will get a surprise because we are


new and people really do not know how good we are. Yet.Yet, exactly


And because they are going well at the top of their league, the


national league should not be too far away.


Well done dies. That is fantastic.


So impressive. Now, you know when someone has a


big win we often say that they've cleaned up? Well, here's the story


of someone who really has! Yes, a launderette worker from


Nottinghamshire is celebrating after becoming one of the latest


EuroMillions millionaires. James Roberson has more.


It is a working life in the launderette and dry-cleaner in


Balderton in Inuit that she had had for 15 years. Now pursue call it's


life outside work has changed for ever. -- Sioux Cawley's life. Now


she can enjoy something of a champagne lifestyle. She is


toasting something where she has won a million pounds. I was


checking it and checking it and then I got my husband to check and


then he asked what it meant because he does not do the lottery it is me


that does it. I told him we had won �1 million. She says it will give


her, her husband and her family security. We will be all right for


retirement now. That has covered that, hasn't it? We do not have to


worry about that. My son and my grandson will be all right. As for


her win getting her life in has been, absolutely not. She may have


taken the lottery to the cleaners but she fully intends to keep


working at the launderette. What a lucky Lady X might well done.


Well, it's that time of year again when thousands of people flock to a


picturesque Derbyshire village for the Bakewell show. The annual two-


day event is still going strong after 183 years. Despite the rain,


the attractions went ahead, including a horseback display,


animal contests, cooking demonstrations and classic cars.


Numbers are really dying out now but it is still very important to


get out there and get known. At the moment, particularly with of the


milk price, it is important to get the public on your side to hope


everyone supports us during that time. A really nice show. It is


excellent with the stalls and the agricultural content and it is all


really interesting for the public. We have been two other shows as


well but of course they have been cancelled. It is OK, we have not


been here that long but it is quite a big show. I remember when we were


there and it poured with rain. Yes, it has been better this year.


Yes, it has been better this year. We had you to fact.


Thank you very much. The yes, it is quieter now. We do


not have the he told the thunderstorms but we have pleasant,


warm sunshine. It is down to flabby high pressure which is keeping the


weather fronts away from a fat the moment but this little feller is


lined up for as later in the week. For the time being it is fairly


quiet. There will be some shout was popping up through the day tomorrow


but most of us will have the warm sunshine again and it will be


warmer tomorrow with the temperatures creeping into the


twenties. We have seen a few heavy showers across the south-east. They


have not really affected us but they did throw us a bit more cloud


in the afternoon. The cloud is already starting to fade away so it


is a dry night Again and the cloud will continue to melt away during


the night. It is going to be quite chilly for the time of year. These


are the temperatures in the towns and city centres but in a more


rural spot by the morning we could be as low a six degrees. It will be


an epi starred first thing tomorrow morning but we will be compensated


with the sunshine. A lot of it around in the morning. The cloud


will build into the afternoon and there will be quite a few showers


popping up but they will be light and isolated with decent amounts of


sunshine in between that. It will feel much warm up with the


temperature reaching May the 23 degrees. It will go downhill


tomorrow evening as the weather fronts moved in. We will have some


rain but it will fizzle out as it reaches us and it will just be


spits at the box by the morning. The rain should clear away on


Friday and it will be dry and bright on Saturday but more rain on


Sunday. It sounds like a flappy high to me!


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