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Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies. Stroke Tonight ,the Government tells


councils to get tough on travellers. A costly clean-up after the


travellers move on but what can be done to stop illegal camps? Peep


hole will not be able to play football on it for a long while.


Also tonight: A former beauty queen goes on type -- trial for illegally


selling gun parts. And the builder who created theme


park for kids. It was a lank piece of ground and nobody had been here


since the war. And brightening up the bridges, a


new sponsorship appeal to give Trent Bridge a spectacular new night-time


programme. Tonight, a massive clean-up operation has been going on


all day after a group of travellers camped on a local recreation ground


for almost two weeks. Almost a dozen caravans were parked on land in


Gedling, near Nottingham. Councillors say it'll cost thousands


of pounds to tidy up. This comes on the day that the Government urged


local authorities to get tough in tackling illegal travellers' sites.


They say they're simply reminding councils of their existing powers


such as: using temporary stop notices to stop and remove


unauthorised caravans. Pre-emptive injunctions that protect vulnerable


land. And possession orders to remove trespassers.


They can take immediate action if somebody is developing something


which is illegal in the first place. The police also have powers to move


people on and we want people to understand that those powers exist


and they can be used so there is no long-term damage. The council does


not then get caught up in a protracted legal at all. I do not


think it is as much of a problem as the government is making out. A lot


of people get on well with the gypsy community. They are not outside


people's boundaries. They are people they know. There needs to be more


site provision and less of an end is on the negative. In the East


Midlands there are a number of legal, authorised sites for


travellers, run by a mix of private operators and local councils. There


are just over 100 of them. The vast majority are in just two counties,


Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. The number of illegal sites is much


smaller, just ten. But councils admit that this figure can be very


fluid, and that the sites are difficult to monitor. Well this


morning, our Chief News Reporter Quentin Rayner joined council


workers as they began clearing one of these illegal sites, on Lambley


Lane in Gedling. Last night, the evicted travellers


moved a few miles down the road to another illegal site, having left


their mark on where they have just been. A small army moved on to


Lambley Lane recreation ground in Gedling to clear up their mess. The


open space is popular with footballers and dog walkers. Ten


days of illegal occupation left 14 tonnes of garden waste for the


council to remove, dumped after tree cutting jobs in the area. A large


amount of human excrement was also left behind. The area behind the


tape is littered with toilet paper. There is a strong smell in the area.


The council says it will take until October 's to fully decontaminate


this land. It is the excrement that is left everywhere, needles. There


are no words to describe it. It is terrible. They break in, cut the


bolt off and then run their business of Lambley Lane car park.


council leader is facing a bill of �30,000 to clear both sites in the


borough. I cannot believe the amount of rubbish that has been left ear


and illegally dumped. It is very frustrating. I have to deal with the


cost of clearing this up, the public pay for it and it is making me


really angry. For the second year in a row, the travellers are back on


Teal close, another recreation area in Gedling. The council has served a


48-hour eviction notice but they know it will be at least a week


until anyone is moved. The leader says councils need stronger powers


than those granted by the government. We need one day and we


will clear them. We will bring bailiffs in and get them off very


quickly. Give us the power from government to a local level and we


will implement that. The clean-up team will return on Monday to finish


the job. Next tonight, a former Miss


Nottingham finalist has appeared in court accused of selling gun parts


illegally. 27-year-old Rebecca Draper runs a shop that sells air


weapons. Our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports.


This is Draper 's airgun Centre, a well-established field sport


supplier. A family business has been here in Radford for nearly 40 years.


But now the managing director has been accused of selling weapons


parts illegally. Rebecca Draper appeared at Nottingham Crown Court


to face for firearms charges, charges she denied. The charges


involve components for prohibited handguns which cannot be owned


without a licence. She is accused of selling or transferring four firing


pins without lawful authority. The charges relate to components for


Luca handguns and Glock pistols, weapons which are commonly used by


police forces. The allegations against Rebecca Draper will not be


set out in detail until she goes on trial. The judge said that case will


take place in December. Still to come: Britain's most wanted


tax fugitives. Two of the latest to join the list are from this region.


Here they are. And we'll tell you more about them, later.


A gang which used children to courier drugs between the East


Midlands and London have been jailed for a total of more than 30 years.


Officers from the Special Operations Unit have told this programme they


exploited teenagers to avoid the police as they bought and sold crack


cocaine worth around half a million pounds. Eleanor Garnier reports.


Behind bars for their parts in a criminal conspiracy worth hundreds


of thousands of pounds, bringing crack cocaine from London to the


East Midlands, to sell on the streets of our towns and cities.


Officers say the drugs run from Leicestershire to the capital


happened at least 18 times. To keep a low profile and try and avoid the


police, the drugs gang used children as young as 14 to career the crack


cocaine. These type of people will exploit anyone and they have


demonstrated that on this occasion by exploiting children to fetch the


drugs so they can stay out of the handling and the transportation of


the drugs. The four men have all been sentenced at Leicester Crown


Court. The gang leader Ruben Crawshaw was given 13 years after


being found guilty of conspiracy to supply cocaine. The three others or


from Leicester will serve between seven and 5.5 years.


There's been a massive surge in the number of private ambulances used


for 999 callouts in the East Midlands. Three years ago just 12


emergency journeys were handled by private vehicles, but this jumped to


246 last year. The cost to East Midlands Ambulance Service also rose


from �638,000 to 3.5 million. EMAS has blamed increasing demand, but


says it's now investing more than �4 million in its own vehicles and


extra staff. The driver of a digger who backed


his vehicle into a lorry, crushing and killing its driver, has been


given a suspended prison sentence. Mark Nayland who was 24 and from


Sutton-in-Ashfield died from multiple injuries at a landfill site


in Cambridgeshire last year. Kenneth Miller from Linton admitted


breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.


Today, the government added two more names to a list of wanted tax


evaders. Several of them are on the run owing millions of pounds.


The Treasury's most wanted. These are the men and women who are


getting away with millions of pounds they should have been paying in tax.


New to the list, two from the East Midlands. He is alleged to have cost


the taxpayer �3 million but he failed to appear in court.


In 2002, this woman failed to turn up to Leicester Crown Court where


she was accused of her part in a tax fraud. She is thought to be on the


run in Pakistan. They join Wayne Hardy from Nottinghamshire who was


on last year's list. He is wanted for his part in a major counterfeit


plot. Today, the Chancellor was visiting tax investigators training


in arrest techniques. He says the evaders must pay up. We are


publishing the names of ten of our most wanted tax evaders who are


costing the country millions of pounds and this comes on top of the


support and investment we are giving to the men and women here who go out


there on the street on our behalf to raise the money that is due to pay


for our public services. The message to people who evade their taxes is


very clear, we are coming to get you and we will catch you. It is the


second time the government has tried this naming and shaming. HMRC


insists the idea works but so far, only one of the top 20 most wanted


has been caught. It is hoping to increase that arrest rate here in


the East Midlands. One of the country's best known


bridges, Trent Bridge in Nottingham, is to get a light show


transformation. The idea is to make it as iconic at night as Brooklyn


Bridge in New York or London's Tower Bridge. Nottingham City Council


believes the new night-time look will be popular, so it's looking for


sponsors to help meet the costs. Let's find out more from our


Political Editor John Hess, who's where you'd expect him to be on this


story. Good evening, John. Good evening. Two figures to conjure


with: 920.That's the date the first bridge was built here over the River


Trent. The second figure: 38,500. That's the total of vehicles each


day that go into and out of Nottingham over this bridge. But I


wonder how many of those drivers have ever thought about what the


bridge looks underneath the arches, especially at night.


Cricket fans crossing Trent Bridge last night after the 2020 match,


with the ground's eye-catching flood lights blazing in the dark. What


fails to catch the eye at night of the historic bridge itself. At


night, Trent Bridge is almost lost in the dark. Today, and I idea to


illuminate Trent Bridge and make it one of the most eye-catching bridges


in Britain. The council's deputy leader and the senior lighting


engineer were looking at lighting designs which could lift the bridge


out of the gloom at night. It will cost �150,000 but with finances


squeezed, it is looking to the business and public for sponsorship.


We are looking for somebody to sponsor the under lighting which


will look amazing and we are also looking at somebody to sponsor the


columns. Some of the bridge's lights are suffering wear and tear. Forest


are playing one evening, we could change it to read if we wish, or


leave it white for County. nearby suspension bridge owned by


Severn Trent Water had its own lighting make over a couple of years


ago. As for Lady Bay Bridge, its owners, Nottinghamshire county


council, are being urged to consider something similar. When you consider


the number of people who come over this bridge for football matches and


cricket, international cricket, you will get many many people and it


will be impressive. It is an iconic symbol and need some special


treatment. There will be some test lighting in the autumn to try it out


and if that and the sponsorship goes well, Trent Bridge could have a


whole new spectacular night-time look.


And Dominic and Anne, if you were wondering about the daily running


costs of powering up all that light, I was told today it will be


equivalent of switching on three electrical kettles. That does not


seem very much. Is that like switching them on and they go for


keeping them on all might? We do not know!


Now it's one of the most successful, family-run visitor attractions in


the region, and this year it's celebrating its 35th birthday. We're


talking about Gulliver's Kingdom, the children's theme park at Matlock


Bath. But when Ray Phillips bought the site in the '70s, a theme park


was not what he had in mind at all. James Roberson explains.


Screaming, music to the ears of theme park owners. It means


customers are in and enjoying the rides. Ray Phillips and his son,


Nick, also like to hear it at Gulliver 's kingdom. The steep site


was owned to aid -- home to a dance hall in the 19th century. When Ray


bought it, it was a dense woodland. It was soon home to a model village.


We soon saw that the children wanted to do something. The first terrorist


had a little train which went from one end to the other and that was


the first mobile typewriter that we had. And then we have grown from


there. 35 years on and Ray's children have taken on the


business. It spread from Matlock Bath to Warrington and Milton Keynes


which include superior camping facilities which the staff make in


Derbyshire. We are creating other attractions inside the park and


outside so we are extending our season. A lot of attractions like


the spy school here at Matlock are in Dorset they can operate all year


round. -- they operate in doors. original site is popular, including


with those who came when they were children. You go back to where you


went as a kid. It is close and it is a nice day out. We come every year.


The kids enjoyed it. It is a good family day out. Mum and dad are


there in the background. They are ready to step in and give advice but


we are taking the business forward. A third generation is coming but Ray


recalls his kids growing up as the Park did as well. They said why


don't other kids have theme parks they can go and play in


after-school? They had a lot of friends coming to play in it and now


it is their children coming. , here never return. They said he was not


for sale. But tonight Kelvin Wilson is back home and a Nottingham Forest


player. We broke the story three weeks ago that he was coming to


Nottingham. And we were there today as Kelvin completed a three year


deal from Celtic to Forest, for a fee of �2.5million.


The hero returns, welcome back to Forest. In a real statement of


intent, Forest have paid �2.5 million for defender Kelvin Wilson


on a three-year deal. You walked away from champions league football


to come here, so why? You are playing with international players


week in, week out, playing Champions League football. But I am coming to


Nottingham Forest. This is not a small club. It is a massive club


with massive ambition and great players. You said when you went to


Scotland it was hard for you to leave your family and child behind,


has that been a deciding factor for you? It was one of the main


reasons, my daughter, but it was not the case of me just coming back and


signing for anyone close to Nottingham. It had to be the right


club. He had a medical last night, trained today and admitted Celtic


did not want to let him go. They did not want to let me go but they


respected my decision. Forest is perfect for me. His time at Celtic


was a very good time for him and very educational for him. He had the


pressure of playing European games involved with Celtic. I think we are


getting a player who is at a very good agent we are very fortunate to


have him here. Kelvin, who is 27, left Forest for Scotland 2.5 years


ago. They said he he left after a dispute with Davis. Did you fall out


with him? This is the first time I have played with Preston and I have


never fallen out with him once. Billy Davies and his coaching staff


now have their back five. They are still looking for some in midfield


and upfront. Forest say they expect three more new faces before the end


of the transfer window. A new face too at Leicester City,


they've signed Spanish starlet Ignasi Miquel. The 20-year-old


defender has agreed a year long loan deal from Arsenal and as Angela


found out he has quite a footballing pedigree.


He signed up to the season, brought up the Barcelona way, but now Ignasi


Miquel is set to prove his worth for the Foxes. I know the competition at


Leicester is hard. I think I can get in the team. I fight for it and that


is it. That is why I am here. teenager in Spain's youth squad,


both Manchester United and Arsenal were after his services. The gunners


won that battle. But his desire for first-team football says he -- means


he is happy to call this the stadium home for now. I think Leicester has


given me a big chance so that is why I am here. He is a welcome new


edition on what has been a quiet transfer summer for the Foxes.


was very enthusiastic and looking forward to being here. That is a big


part of players having a successful loan spell. He may have to wait to


make his debut but make no mistake, he is a man eager to make his mark.


Derby County can complete a really solid week's work with an away win


at Brighton tomorrow. Last season the Rams form away from Pride Park


failed to match their home record. Manager Nigel Clough says they can,


and should, do better this season. It might balance itself up a bit


more this season. On Tuesday night we will do well, a good clean game.


The Brighton away game last season probably epitomised our away form.


We gave two soft goals away. Also in action, Notts County at home to


Peterborough and Mansfield have their first home Football League


match in some while when they host Exeter. You can follow all the


action on your BBC Local Radio station.


For the third time running, a very disappointing night for Cricket's


Notts Outlaws in the quarter finals of the T20 Cup. And for three overs


the Outlaws looked up to the job with some big hitting of their own.


But the wickets just would not stop falling and Notts lost by 47 runs.


There are lots of things which have not gone our way and that is the


bottom line. Apart from David Hussey and Alex Hales, we have not played


well enough. We have not been good enough.


Staying with Cricket, the men may have already retained the Ashes, but


the women's campaign is only just about to get underway. The squad


includes two Notts players, Jenny Gunn and Danielle Wyatt, plus a


whole group with Loughborough connections including the likes of


Lauren Winfield and Anya Shrubsole. They play a combination of T20s,


one-dayers and a single test which starts on Sunday.


Good luck to them, and all our best wishes to Loughborough Sprinter


James Dasaolu. Earlier this year he went under ten seconds for the 100


metres. This weekend he faces Usain Bolt at the World Athletics


Championships. Every hope of a medal.


Now, a special weekend of wildlife's getting underway at one of our


longest established nature reserves. The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust


hopes the event, at Attenborough near Nottingham ,will help identify


dozens of new species, both insect and mammalian. It comes as the Trust


celebrates its 50th anniversary, this year. I popped along this


morning to see how they're getting To celebrate their birthday, the


trust has organised what they are calling the big 50, that is 50 hours


where they will try and find 50 new species at the Attenborough nature


reserve. One of the activities on offer is adult pond dipping. Nothing


to do with budgie smugglers or bath towels, but a lot to do with finding


new species of bugs. The technique is simple, scoop up a net full of


water, weed and silks, tipped everything into a bowl and then look


through one of these magnifiers. People use pond life as a


disparaging term but resume ugly you find it interesting? It is


fascinating. The smaller species are eaten by the bigger ones and they


are eaten by bigger things still and eventually by the fish. It all began


50 years ago so entirely appropriate that there are these big


celebrations this weekend? This started because of a fight to save


the wildlife that Attenborough. We want to save the hidden wildlife


that people do not see from the far corners of the reserve. Yes, because


90% of the reserve is not accessible to the public and I know you have


your eye on another reserve. Absolutely. We want to create a


wonderful new wetland reserve, 50 years on, wonderful parallel.


big 50 started this morning and continues until Sunday at noon. Pop


down and have a look. And bring your wellies and a jam jar.


And if you want to get involved then the BBC has a special website with


loads of wildlife tips. Just go to bbc.co.uk/summer of wildlife.


You were well protected from the sun with your big sun hat. Yes, I can


take no chances at my age. Less coverage than they used to be!


we need hats and factor 20 at the that moved through last night. It


gave a sprinkling to the gardens. We have a little ridge of high pressure


building for the weekend. It is not looking too bad at all. It will be


dried tomorrow. Just the small chance of a shower. The winds will


be a lot lighter for us. It should feel warmer. Here is today's


satellite picture. We did see a lot of clout today. That is starting to


melt away. The winds are starting to ease down. Lots of lovely sunshine


for the next couple of hours or so. The cloud will start to increase


from the West. It will be nippy once again. Tomorrow morning, NEP start


to the weekend. Some sunshine to start off with. That cloud will


build up. Cloudy at times but some decent spells of sunshine between


the clouds. A small chance of showers which will fade away later


in the day. Not a bad day tomorrow, the winds are a lot lighter. For


Saturday night into Sunday, we have these weather fronts converging


across us. It looks as if there is a greater chance of us catching a


shower on Sunday, particularly on Sunday morning. These should be


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