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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A deaf couple survive a devastating gas explosion at their


home. It is thought they owed their lives


to a special alarm system installed by the fire service. We fitted the


alarms to the premises not that long ago when we realised we had people


here with hearing impairments. type, a new twist in the Hannah


Smith bullying case. And the tale of two harvests.


And it is all aboard at the sailing club as they secure �15,000 from the


Welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight, a couple from


Leicestershire have had a remarkable escape after a gas explosion


destroyed most of their home. The blast happened in the village of


Burbage at around 3am and caused a fire that engulfed the bungalow. The


couple are deaf and were only saved by a special fire alarm.


We can go live now to our reporter Tom Brown. He is at the scene. Good


evening. Good evening. I am standing directly


in front of the bungalow. You can see some of the damage caused by


what was thought to be a gas explosion and fire. Round the back,


much of the roof has also been damaged. As this was going on, the


couple who are deaf were fast asleep. It could have had a tragic


end to the night. Thanks to the special smoke alarm system involving


a vibrating pad under the bed and a strobe light in the bedroom, the


couple woke up and escaped. They were very fortunate. The police


were reasonably fast in attendance and the occupants could not get out


of the bedroom because of the fire. I understand they tried to throw


some chairs at the window but failed to break it. I understand it was the


police officers that broke the window. What do you know about the


state of the couple now? I spoke to them this morning through a sign


language interpreter. They are fine. It was a horrific position at


that time of the morning but they have no ill effects from the smoke


and very happy to be the way they are. You must be delighted.We are


always delighted. We fitted the death alarms to this premise is not


that long ago when we realised that we had people here with hearing


impairments. To know that it works and I have spoken to the person who


fitted it and they are very pleased as well. The police have not named


the couple officially yet. Let us have a quick chat with their


neighbour. What did you see? I heard banging. Within minutes, the police


work back and said that we had to evacuate because of an explosion we


were really concerned about the couple because we did not know


whether they were out of the property -- the police came back.


What has been the feeling among the community? This is not the sort of


thing you expect to happen, and explosion. It is surreal. Thank you.


The couple ran a sign language class out of their home here so not only


have they lost where they live but where they work. Today the feeling


in the community is one of relief that the deaf couple were able to


walk away from the burning house. A teenage girl and a woman have been


arrested after allegedly making more than 400 hoax calls to the police in


the space of just six days - the same number received for the whole


of last year. The pair, aged 16 and 20 and both from the Osmaston area


of Derby, were arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance after


making the calls in June. Both have been released pending further


enquiries. Derbyshire Police say nearly 800 hours were spent dealing


with hoax calls last year. It would result in delaying emergency


responses and somebody's life could be lost.


It's understood the Derby-based train maker Bombardier has submitted


its bid for the �1 billion Crossrail contract. Today is the deadline for


firms competing for the project - an order for 60 trains for a new route


across London. Bombardier missed out on the lucrative Thameslink deal


which was given to Siemens. But the German company's already withdrawn


from the running for Crossrail. Still to come: The Government


announces tough new measures to control TB in cattle.


Affected farmers say it'll be pointless without tackling the


disease in badgers first. There's a new twist in the tragic


death of Hannah Smith, the Leicestershire teenager found dead


at her home ten days ago. Her father has always said the 14-year-old


killed herself after being bullied online.


But now it's being reported that Hannah may have written the majority


of the abusive messages herself from anonymous accounts on the social


networking site Ask.fm. Eleanor Garnier reports.


Just 14 years old when she took her own life. Hannah Smith's father has


always claimed it was cyber bullying that drove his daughter to kill


herself. Now it is being reported that she may have written the


majority of the abusive messages herself from anonymous accounts on


the social networking site Ask.fm. The company has apparently analysed


the addresses of the computer and apparently 95% of the abuse came


from Hannah's IP address. You can view an IP address like a telephone


number for a landline. You do not know what person was using the


connection. It could be anyone in any machine in the house or it could


be Wi-Fi or a hacker. Today Ask.fm told the BBC that claims the


messages had been written by Hannah had come from an undisclosed source


and not from Ask.fm in an official capacity. Officers acting on behalf


of the coroner has secured a computer and mobile phone as part of


the investigation into the settlements at delete macro -- the


circumstances of her death. How easy would it be to work out who exactly


posted the abusive messages? This can be really difficult to find the


user from the IP address. Services can be paid for to change the IP


address. These are services that people use for downloading films and


music illegally. They can change the IP address to make it difficult to


track who you are. Clues but no answers as to what food drove -- as


to what drove Hannah Smith to take her own life as her family prepare


for her funeral. It's being claimed that up to 8,000


jobs could be created as a result of Nottingham's tram extension. Work on


two new lines is due to be completed next summer. The city council says


that already almost half of the construction jobs have gone to local


people. Mike O'Sullivan has this report.


It will stretch out for 17 kilometres across Nottingham. The


city's tram extension has already created around 1000 construction


jobs. I was unemployed for about five or six months. I was laid off


in January. Looking for work was very stressful. It is a big project.


To be part of this project, it is an honour. I was unemployed for a few


months. It was really difficult. They did not seem to be a lot of


work. They put me through a six-week college course to get a guaranteed


interview for the tram work. It is going to cost five and had a �70


million. The city council is asking me contractors to deliver as many


job opportunities as possible to local people -- it is going to cost


570 million jobs. 320 jobs have apparently gone to people in the


city. As well as the construction jobs on-site, there are claims the


tram extension will create 8000 jobs when it is completed. All of those


jobs will not be in construction. They will be as a result of the


economic benefit. That is proven in all sorts of cities all over the


world. Are people here convinced of the benefits of the tram? It is


causing chaos at the moment. We will see. I have not been on one yet but


I cannot wait for it to be up and running. I think it is a waste of


money. We have a perfectly good bus system. Here is a man who can see


both sides. He lives here and now works at the tram contractor's depot


after being out of work for 16 months. A lot of my friends were on


the trams. Without that, they would still be unemployed like I would be.


It is only a good thing in my eyes. But lots of people have different


views. Construction work is due to finish next summer. The first tram


is due to start running in winter, 2014.


And tomorrow Mike's looking at one of the biggest engineering


challenges facing the tram - lifting a massive bridge into place next to


the Queen's Medical Centre. Farmers in the East Midlands say new


plans to control TB in cattle will be pointless without tackling the


disease in wildlife first. Today the Department of Food,


Environment and Rural Affairs announced a raft of new regulations


aimed at farmers in ten counties, including Derbyshire, Leicestershire


and Nottinghamshire. James Roberson reports.


There have been cattle on this farm for decades but for the last nine


years they have been periodically affected by bovine TB. The farmer


says the TB has come from the spread of the disease in badgers which


mixed with cattle in Barnes and leave infected droppings in the


fields. The disease came in the badgers. There is no disputing that.


You know that because of the different kinds of TB that have been


identified. Most of the badgers died a horrible death with TB. Derbyshire


is at the wave of bovine TB spreading across the country.


important that we try to make sure that it does not spread any further.


That is going to impose some disciplines but I hope they will


realise that it is for the good not only of their own cattle but also of


their neighbours' in preventing the further spread. The farmers say it


is little use without tackling the TB infections in wildlife. All of


these measures are only against Catalan nobody has the political


will to tackle it in wildlife. This is a very dangerous disease -- only


against cattle. Nearly 40,000 cattle a year are being killed. Once it is


in the wildlife, you have a major problem to solve. We do not know


where the front edge is. There has been spreading eastwards for the


past few years. DEFRA say that money is available for badger vaccinations


and they say they are assessing TB infection rates in badgers from


those killed by traffic. Staying with rural life and the


harvest is in full swing, as you can hardly have failed to notice.


To quote a well-known harvest hymn, they're bringing in the sheaves. But


will farmers be rejoicing? Well, it depends. If they planted


rapeseed last autumn, probably not. I took a trip out to a 1,700-acre


arable farm south of Nottingham to find out more.


From afar, it looks like a bumper crop. As ever for farmers it is


about quality not quantity. This field is a perfect example of the


problems faced by some farmers. On the left of the field, the wheat


crop harvested this weekend, excellent quality. On the right,


this should have been rape seed oil but the quality was so patchy in the


spring they dug it up and replanted it with barley. This is the good


news. Quality wheat harvested this weekend at the rate of over three


tonnes per acre helped by the sunshine. We only started on


Saturday and we are about a third of the way through. Depending on the


weather and the rest of the quality, it remains to be seen. At


the moment, the quality is high and it will produce the best quality


flour. For rape seed being harvested today the opposite is the case. The


cold spring delayed growth, pigeons took the seat and weeds fill the


gaps. The end result, a poor crack that is costly to clean and process.


These are weeds and this is the rape. It has got to be cleaned and


served and we will get a small amount. It will cover the cost of


the combine harvester. It is a salvage operation rather than a


farming operation. Farmers like this one need a fortnight of fine weather


to finish the wheat harvest. For those whose rape seed has suffered,


there may not be a lot of profit on the balance sheet went always safely


gathered in. What a lovely colour, the gold.


Still to come, when recycling is music to the ears. We meet a man who


makes instruments out of everything from furniture rails to rusty


umbrellas. Sports clubs across the East


Midlands have won almost �2 million worth of funding.


It's part of a wider �40-million project from Sport England in the


bid to keep the Olympic legacy alive. Rebecca Sheeran reports from


one club in Rutland to benefit where the funding is proving a lifeline.


It might be over the years since the 2012 Olympics, but here at the


sailing club, the idea of sportsmanship is very much alive.


are supporting the two army bases in the area, as we have done with the


RAF. We are giving those families an opportunity to enjoy sport. It is a


sporting club that is their to improve people's lives. Now they


have caught the winds of good fortune, securing �50,000 of


National Lottery funding from Sport England to improve train -- improved


changing rooms. We wanted to be more family friendly. We want adults and


young people to be able to get changed separately. And


schoolteachers, we want them to feel like they are in a safe environment.


3000 people come here to use the club from schoolchildren to the


Army. The management say that the funding is going to be vital to make


sure it continues to thrive. It was all hands on deck today. Let us hope


thousands more will fail here in the future. -- will sail here.


Messing about on the water. I fancy the idea of learning to sail


there. Sport proper.


Lots to come, including Leicester at home and a proud day for Mansfield.


But let's start our round up with two away wins for Derby and Forest.


The Rams' victory at last season's play-off semi-finalists Brighton was


a particularly good performance. Natalie Jackson begins by the


seaside. Derby in their new kit were on top against Brighton who have


been totally out of sorts. When the home team went ahead, it came as a


bit of a shock. We started excellently. I think it was


Brighton's first meaningful attack. It led to a goal. We are


disappointed with that. To come back and win the game, brilliant


performance. This is how they did it. Two goals from Chris Martin. The


first was built on a smart turn, lots of persistent and a little


luck. The second was a goalkeeper's nightmare. Chris Martin arrived at


speed to bury it in the goal. Last season's waveform turned firmly on


its head. -- away form. Forrest worked hard


but left it late at Blackburn Rovers. We had some chances. You get


what you deserve in this business. What they deserved finally arrived


in injury time. They never came up. Open goal! He drives it in from 20


yards. He popped up, wonderful performance, wonderful goal.


Delighted for him and the substitutes who made the huge


difference. Two games and two wins in the championship for Forest.


Speaking of Forest, signs this afternoon of a resolution to the


crisis affecting the Nottingham Forest Ladies side. They had said


they were a week away from going bust. But officials at the men's


side say the ladies who are currently independent would be


welcome as part of one structure at Forest. We'll see how it develops.


At Leicester City, the first home game of the season. For the Foxes


faithful, a chance to see whether the team that came so close last


season can go one better. Angela joined an expectant crowd at the


King Power Stadium. Always a special atmosphere for the


first home game of the season. After the emotional roller-coaster of the


last campaign, what are the fans expecting this time? I think we are


going to do it this season. This is the first game, we want to win and


win well. I would like automatic promotion. Come on, Lester! High


expectations. Can this team fulfil them? They put plenty of pressure on


the defence and there was no lack of effort but no one could break the


the substitute Chris . Denied by the woodwork. It ended in a stalemate.


game of few chances, two disciplined side is out there. It was all is


going to be tough for one of the sides to win. Next up, Derby County.


In League One, Notts County had a bit of a shocker at Meadow Lane.


Peterborough, a Championship side last season, were never going to


easy opponents. Notts started really well, taking the lead through Dean


Leacock. But after that, the traffic was almost all one way. The visitors


dominating the match and scoring four times before Yoann Arquin put


the consolation penalty into the back of the net. Notts, a side that


still need to settle. As well as Leicester, we had another


nil-nil draw over the weekend. But the clean sheet could not possibly


have mattered more to Mansfield Town. It gave them their first


football-league point for five This is now the dressing room for


the footballing team again. It means so much to the players, the fans,


the town. It means that even though the manager provided Glory, the


pressure stays on. The nature of the beast, one minute you are a hero and


the next minute everybody hates you. It is important to look forward and


try and keep momentum going and keep winning. That is as simple as that.


In the end, the first home league game in five years was entertaining


but scoreless. Plenty to be optimistic about. They need to


believe in themselves a little bit more. We are not going to be bad.


for the fans, they are just pleased to be back.


In Cricket, the one-day YB40 competition is nearing its climax.


Remember, it all builds up to a big final at Lords. A comprehensive win


for Notts Outlaws over Northants yesterday means a home victory


tomorrow over Worcestershire might well see them safely into the


semi-finals from their group. Also yesterday, Leicestershire beat


Yorkshire with a ball to spare at Grace Road. A result which keeps


them in the semifinal race. Derbyshire on the fringes.


Finally, well done to Long Eaton's Will Sharman. The hurdler did


brilliantly to grab a place in the 110-metre hurdles final at the World


Championships in Moscow. He ran it just a few minutes ago. He finished


fifth. After a few years of injuries, he will be delighted.


What can you make from old furniture rails, rusty umbrellas and biscuit


tins? Well, a guitar it seems. Or a banjo, a violin or a double bass.


That's what David Blanchard makes from items he finds in junk and


antique shops. But as Carolyn Moses reports, there's one thing he admits


he can't yet turn his hand to. In a small loft in a small


Derbyshire village, work is under way creating a small string section.


While these might not suit a large orchestra, they would certainly suit


and unusual one. These are cookie tin instruments. Violins, guitars


and double basses he has made since February. It is an American idea


with a twist. I tried to make them appropriate to the ten, somehow. In


my head, anyway. This one because it is round like a banjo and I thought


the image... I don't know, she just looks like she might play a banjo. I


try to use salvaged things. This has got an old fork, silver-plated


nickel fork. Most of my instruments they have been using copper nails


for the fret not. -- nuts. I have used umbrellas, strimmer cables.


Makes it more interesting. With all of these strings to his bow, what is


next for David? Learning to play them, it seems. The natural thing to


do would be to give you a cheering, but unfortunately, I can't. That is


on my to do list. The music you could hear was done on


one of his instruments but not by him.


and showers again. The blustery westerly wind as well. Things are


coming down nicely now which is perfect timing. The peak of the


Perseids meteor shower is happening tonight. The skies of clearing up


for this. If your eyes to the skies tonight, you could see as many 60


shooting stars in the space of an hour. We have got a few showers to


get through first. They are starting to clear. They are being blown in on


the brisk north-westerly wind. They are fading away now. A dry night


with clear skies. Turning a little bit chilly with temperatures just


about holding into double figures in towns and cities. In the rural


spots, we will be down at seven or eight degrees by the morning.


Tomorrow morning, it starts fairly promising once again. We have rain


heading our way later on. If you are up early, you will get the best of


the sunshine. The clouds will increase and they will start to


thicken later. Like today, quite hit and miss. Northern parts of


Derbyshire may see dry weather all day long. A lot of cloud tomorrow.


Temperatures disappointing. If you get up to 20, you're doing well.


Similar story on Wednesday. Starting dry and bright. The cloud will


increase and patchy rain later on. If we get any breaks in the cloud on


Thursday, temperatures could go up into the mid-20s.


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