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extraordinary row over council regalia. I will be reporting from


the town where the mayor has been banned from wearing his chains of


office after being accused of parading in bling. Also tonight,


anger as personal tributes to a young woman killed in a cliff woman


why Britain's store cupboard is bare. And Ghost crosses the great


divide. One of film's steamiest programme. First tonight, a


political row as a mayor's official regalia is described as "bling". The


bust-up has erupted in the Nottinghamshire town of Mansfield


over who is entitled to wear the civic chains of office. Its


directly-elected Mayor Tony Egginton has been banned from wearing them.


Instead, the Labour Party says the council's chairman should have the


honour. Over to Mansfield now and our political editor, John Hess.


It was Karl Marx who famously said that the workers of the world had


nothing to lose but their chains. This evening, inside Mansfield Civic


Centre, there is a worker far from happy at losing his chains, the


mayor. Independently elected 11 years ago,


proudly wearing his chains of office on a day of enormous pride for


Mansfield, the Olympic homecoming of Rebecca Adlington. But the opening


of the new bus station this spring could turn out to be the last big


event in which he could wear his chains. The main issue for me is,


for the people to enjoy seeing their elected first citizen with the chain


of office on, particularly the children. Today, in Mansfield Civic


Centre, he showed me the gallery of past council chairman. Labour, now


the majority party, says that the chairman should wear the chains, not


the elected mayor. He should really be concentrating on running


Mansfield District Council, as a medium sized business, and driving


the district forward. This is not 20th-century politics. This is


parading around in bling. They would normally be here, in a display of


civic regalia. But this has become such a sensitive issue that they are


locked in a safe and not even the mayor can put them on. What is your


reaction? I am disgusted, frankly. He is our first citizen...


governorate ombudsman has been asked to intervene. The constitution


clearly says that he has the right to carry out ceremonial duties.


you are inviting the mayor to an event, you expect to turn up with


ceremonial chains. Does it matter? As long as he does a good job for


what he has been paid to do, I don't know if it matters if he wears them


or not. Mansfield was one of the leaders in having a town mayor, so I


think it gives a little bit of a difference. Sadly, rather than doing


the work they should be doing for the people that elected them, they


are concentrating on trying to undermine me all of the time. I find


that sad. Until it is sorted, this Olympic photograph could be the


nearest that he gets to the chains. This is a row over politics, rather


than bling. There is no sign of it being resolved. In the meantime, I


am advised that they are packed safely away inside the Civic


The family of a woman killed by a cliff fall on the Dorset coast have


been asked to stop leaving tributes near the spot where she died. A


holiday camp had agreed to a bench being placed on its land in


Charlotte Blackman's memory. But it says items left there for the recent


first anniversary of her death make it resemble a "shrine." Charlotte's


family say they're shocked and Blackman's death, her family


returned to the Dorset coastline where she died. The 22-year-old, was


caught in the path of a devastating landslide. Her family had already


placed a memorial bench in the grounds of the holiday camp where


they had been staying at the time of the tragedy. This time, they left a


view floral tributes and a couple of small mementos chosen by her younger


siblings. After your recent visit, a number of items were left on the


memorial bench... Now her mum has received a letter from a holiday


camp, asking them not to leave anything else there. We do not feel


it appropriate for the area around the bench to be treated as a shrine.


I was in shock, quite disappointed and angry. Very angry. I just


couldn't believe it, really. They don't want to, sort of, remember


Charlotte, that she was a girl that was killed there. They are trying to


push it away and forget that part of it. We went to walk on the beach,


five of us went down and only four of us came back. The holiday Park at


Dorset declined to comment to the BBC. Charlotte's dad says she now


wants to bring the memorial bench back to Derbyshire. I would like it


to be there, as a reminder, for families to sit on and enjoy the


view of Fresh water. To sit and contemplate a little while, and also


to remind people that these cliffs are dangerous. Charlotte's family


visit her grave every day. They say that is, unashamedly, a shrine to


their much loved daughter and sister.


Still to come - the young man who woke up and smelt the coffee. A


jobless 19-year-old takes matters into his own hands and sets up a


In a first for the UK, scientists at the University of Leicester have


created a database of cat DNA that has already helped to convict a


killer. The feline research was used to link the body of dead man with


the main suspect in a police investigation on the south coast.


There are now hopes it'll help lead to more criminal convictions, as


University of Leicester where scientists have collected DNA from


152 cup from around the country. -- cats. It is that feline research


that helped convict David Hilde of manslaughter. Scientist linked his


cat's further with eight feline hairs found on the curtain, wrapped


around a dismembered torso of David Guy from Hampshire. We were able to


say that the suspect's Carter shared its profile with around 2% of the UK


population. -- the suspect's cat. That provided good evidence able to


link it to the hairs on the curtain. That provided a direct link between


David Hilde and the deposition of David Guy's body. This is the first


time cat DNA has been used in a criminal trial in the UK. But


scientists is hoped that once they have published their database it


will help solve many more criminal investigations. I think it could be


quite significant. The transfer of fibres has been a long established


method. We are adding in that cat hair can be linked to individuals,


places or other individuals. It is through the transfer of this animal


DNA trace evidence. As any cat owner will know, it is difficult to avoid


feline fur. An irritation for many, but one that is welcomed by criminal


investigators. Six people arrested as part of an


investigation into the death of a resident at a Nottingham care home


have been bailed. 86-year-old Ivy Atkin died shortly after the closure


of Autumn Grange in Sherwood Rise last year. The Care Quality


Commission had raised concerns about standards of care there. Yesterday,


11 people, five men and six women were arrested. Two of the men and


three women were released onn bail last night.


A group of houses in Nottingham has won a prestigious national award for


their eco-friendly development. 38 new town houses on Green Street in


the Meadows, were named as one of the Best Residential Developments in


the UK Property Awards. The Nottingham developer, Blueprint


could now go on to compete in the Production at the historic Denby


Pottery in Derbyshire has been affected by a dispute over pay.


Members of the ceramics workers' union Unity set up a picket line


outside the factory this morning. Managers say it's regrettable that


they can't offer the staff a salary increase this year. But union


officials say it's just the latest pay freeze. These people are not


greedy. They are saying, come on, six years? We have had two pay rises


in six years. People are working overtime and taking on temporary


labour. Those are not the signs that we sometimes come across with a


company that has got problems. are hoping if we can have a better


year this year, when we get to this time next year, hopefully normal


wage negotiations resumed and we can offer a cost of living increase.


That is dependent on this year's results.


Next tonight, it may surprise you to learn that in Britain we produce


less than two thirds of the food we consume. The National Farmers' Union


has calculated that if all the food produced in the UK in a year were


stored and eaten from January the first, the cupboard would be bare by


today. The NFU in the East Midlands claims that Britain is becoming more


and more reliant on imports and more needs to be done to support the


region's farmers. Helen Astle busiest time of the year at his farm


in Caldicot, in Rutland. In the next fortnight, the wheat will be


harvested. It will then be used to make biscuits. But Andrew is worried


about the future. My concern is that if we do not get behind British


farmers today, we will not be here to produce the food for tomorrow


because the population of the UK is increasing and we need to increase


production. We need to back British farmers today so that we are there,


ready to produce food, for future generations. Britain used to produce


75% of its own food. That has dropped to 60%. The idea behind the


NFU campaign is to encourage others to buy British. And also, to reverse


the trend. The organisation wants the farming community to be given


the confidence to invest in the future. It is in everybody's


interest to produce more food. If we put all of the food that we produce


in the UK in a pile on the 1st of January, the 14th of August is the


date at which that pile would be exhausted, we run out of food and we


must go abroad to import more. Every year, we produce a little less. We


are just trying to draw attention to that. As well as tended to his crops


and sheep, Andrew helped look after the countryside. At times, he says


he is overwhelmed by paperwork. amount of red tape means that I am


almost farming with one hand tied behind my back. There are


restrictions on the amount of fertiliser, the amount of crop


protection products that we can use. Other countries do not have the


same restrictions, meaning they are free to use these things and produce


cheaper. It is a sunny day in Caldicot, but Andrew paints a bleak


picture for the future. If we cannot afford to grow the crops, we could


see the scenario where there are food riots in cities and shortages


in shops. As Andrew prepares to harvest his crop, he is urging


others to back his efforts and I British. -- buy British.


Earlier I spoke to the Agriculture Minister David Heath. He told me he


agrees with much of what the NFU is calling for. The fact is, we produce


extremely good food in this country. I want British people to have the


opportunity to eat that food. I think that there are still many


incidences where we see things on supermarket shelves that could be


produced in Britain, where they are imported from abroad. At the same


time, there are things that we do not produce, which we will always


have to import. We are not going to suddenly start producing coffee


beans or lemons. So, let's recognise the fact we are a trading nation. We


do need to import some things, but let's recognise the quality of good


British produce. What can you do as a government without sparking a


trade war to prevent unnecessary imports of food that we can produce


perfectly well here? We are keen to ensure that people understand the


very high production and welfare conditions under which, for


instance, meat is produced in this country, which is not always the


case overseas. At the end of the day, the consumer has to make a


choice. When they go into a supermarket, they have to decide


what they pick off the shelves, or perhaps they may prefer to go to a


local butcher and ask exactly where the Filatov meat came from. Does the


NFU have a point when it says that made decisions made in Europe have


seen farmers worrying more about the protection of the environment than


producing food? I don't think that is true at all. I think the two


things are entirely compatible. We need sustainable agriculture. That


means a sustainable in terms of viable in economic terms, but also


in terms of the environment. I see no reason at all why we should not


continue to produce top quality food in sufficient quantities and protect


the environment at the same time. Thank you very much.


Unemployment in the UK has fallen slightly - but gone up in the East


Midlands for the second quarter in a row.


Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that in the


three months to June, the jobless total in the East Midlands was


181,000. That's an increase of 4,000 on the previous quarter. The


unemployment rate here is now 7.9%. Nationally the jobless total fell by


4,000, leaving 2.51 million out of work. Well, one teenager has found


an ideal way of avoiding unemployment. He's started his own


business. 19-year-old Lee Vernon from Mansfield admits he's struggled


to find a permanent job because of a lack of experience. But he recently


decided to take matters into his own hands, as Rebecca Brice has been


would not look twice at a ruined art deco cinema. But Lee Vernon saw it


as an opportunity. Is this your work? It is their work, they are


teaching me the recipes. The theme and food is inspired by his Russian


stepmother. But he is inspired by a very un-Soviet spirit of free


enterprise. I don't want to work somewhere, with the hope of being


promoted, and then say I am never going anywhere. I don't want a


dead-end job. I like a challenge and I like to learn something myself.


That's cool, I never really learned anything because somebody was


telling me. But I make a mistake, I will do it again. It doesn't feel


real yet. I don't think it has quite sunk in. I have always just been


Del-Boy, doing the market stalls. To have something like this, it has not


sunk in yet. It didn't sink in with the banks either, because he says


they were reluctant to lend him money to get him started. The bags


let me down big time. They promised me good things and let me down.


Where did the finance come from? Google there is something called a


start-up loan. I got accepted for a �10,000 loan because I had a good


business plan, which will probably be gone in a couple of weeks in this


place. But I had a lot of family input, doing all the hours that we


can. The whole family put timing, more just handing out leaflets.


Every nail, plasterboard and wire, where we could, we have done it


ourselves. Obviously we had to have an electrician is in for some of it.


But we had such a tight budget we thought, maybe not, but he has done


it. He is 19 now, but steaming straight ahead with a 10-year plan


for his coffee empire. I will have 60 shops in ten years. I might even


have one a year. Ten. -- six shops rising star of the business world to


stars of a more celestial kind. If you did not see these last night,


not much chance of seeing them tonight. The cloud is back and so is


the rain. But I can offer you some link to sport. But I don't think I


can use it, as Colin is presenting. Coming up - the Leicester Riders


basketball players flying the GB Flag. But news first, because Derby


County Manager Nigel Clough says he's confident young talent Will


Hughes will still be at the club when the transfer window closes.


18-year-old Hughes played in England under 21's 6-0 thrashing of Scotland


last night. He didn't score himself but it was a performance that would


have done his growing reputation no harm - a reputation that has seen


Liverpool become the latest club position. He is not for sale unless


somebody really comes in and makes the club a spectacular offer. Even


then, we would hope to retain him for this season. That is for his


good as much as anything. We are building a team around him and we


want him around for as long as we can.


An update on the cricket, because all three counties were in YB40


action last night - but all three lost! The key games were those at


Trent Bridge where Notts Outlaws could have sealed a semifinal place,


but got blown away by Worcestershire Royals. And at Bristol, where


Leicestershire Foxes made it all too easy for Gloucestershire. But in a


very tight group, the Foxes could still make the semis. Derbyshire,


already out of the hunt, were comfortably beaten by Lancashire.


Big congratulations to Mansfield's Paralympic swimmer Ollie Hynd, who


became a world champion last night. Ollie found himself just behind


going in to the final turn of his 200 metres medley final. But he


powered though to win the gold medal and set a new European record. Older


brother Sam Hynd just missed out on a medal though finishing in fourth


place. Basketball now, because Leicester


Riders Captain Drew Sullivan has a mission - to make sure the Great


Britain side fulfil their potential. GB disappointed at the London


Olympics - and then lost their funding. After a big campaign, they


got it back. But only for a year. What happens next all depends on


next month's European Championships. This is a huge few months for


basketball's national side and they are going all-out to make it count.


They are training the England from all teams at the astonishingly well


appointed St George's Park in Burton. Their coach comes straight


from the top league in the world, the NBA. I'm truly enjoying it, it's


a great group of players and a great group of people. What they are


doing, that I appreciate, is that they are going to make it difficult


for me to turn this roster down. started well enough, a comprehensive


defeat of Porto Rico in front of a are going to play, which I think all


of the players here, they are embracing it and it's a matter of


going out and putting it into a game situation. At St George's Park,


everybody knows how key next month's champion chips are. Future


funding depends on a good result in Slovenia. But they can't afford to


start thinking about that. We will be prepared, but we have to focus on


the task at hand or we will be overwhelmed, thinking, we have to


win five games. We don't, we have to win one game at a time. Among the


changes, a willingness to look at new faces. Jamell Anderson played a


full part in the Championship winning year, and this is his


reward. Unbelievable, from start to finish. The staff, facilities, the


feeling of being there. It feels incredible. It's an amazing


opportunity for me. Leicester Riders season is approaching as well. Can


they help the team repeat? This team's year is better than it was


last year. I think we have upgraded every position, to be honest.


going to do what we did last year, focus on winning and play well.


seasons and they can break, for Team GB, this could be one. We will keep


an eye on how they do. They have a load of warm up games before the


European Championships. It's a production on a grand scale.


Just 18 cast members but more than 100 people behind the scenes making


it all happen. This week, Ghost the Musical arrived in the East Midlands


and with it came special effects, illusions and state of the art


technology. Angelina Socci has been technically complex shows to come to


Nottingham. The cast of ghost of the musical are preparing for their


second performance in the city. But it is not just the cast on stage


that have a busy few hours ahead of them. Shows have different


challenges, whether it is a big cast or big orchestra. The real challenge


of Ghost is the technology. It is such a fast-moving show. We have


nearly 40 scenes in the show, so the set is constantly moving. You cannot


move backstage for all of the equipment. It was brought in ten


articulated lorries. The whole production has taken 50 hours to set


up. Where we are now, this is the automation computer, one of the most


important in the show. It controls all of the flying scenery, that goes


on and off stage, the lighting bars and everything is controlled by this


one computer. Quite an important part of the show. What would happen


if this went wrong? We give people a free drink and people sit around for


a while! You have got a few hundred thousand LED lights to maintain?


Yes, we have. They become a really big part of the set. Things like the


subway scene, the cast appear inside the video. The slots between the


LEDs, it achieves a gauze effect, so you can have people within the


video. It is full of special effects and allusions designed by the man


responsible for many of the magic props in the Harry Potter films. For


the cast, there are different challenges to worry about. For the


actor, the hardest thing is backstage. The footprint of the


stage stays exactly the same. Your path when you leave the stage, how


do I get to the other side, where is my quick change, where is my


dressing room, where is the toilet? After his two-year run here, the


team will spend two weeks dismantling the set before starting


all over again in Bristol. It is very easy to get lost in that


theatre. You need to have a ball of string. I ended up in the theatre


next door, by accident. You can go underground, it is weird.


Pyrotechnics in the weather last A roller-coaster of whether in the


next few days. Some rain, sun and warmth. The warmth is coming behind


this warm front. It is bringing us some rain and you can see the


isobars squeezing together. It is going to be fairly windy over the


next 24 hours or so. Damp weather, fairly breezy conditions through


tomorrow. Do not write tomorrow off. There will be some sunshine to


enjoy. In the sunshine, temperatures peaking into the mid-20s. We have


seen a bit of everything today. Lovely sunshine around this morning.


The clouds have been increasing this afternoon and the warm front is


bringing spotty outbreaks of rain. The rain is not particularly heavy


or persistent, but it will be on and off through tonight. It might pay up


through western parts of Derbyshire, but no scarred -- stargazing.


Tonight, we are looking at Lowes of 16 or 17 degrees, very muggy. A


completely different feel to things. The clouds will break up in the


afternoon. Where we get the break we will be seeing some sunshine and the


temperatures will be increasing. 223 or 24 degrees. A few light showers


here and there, but most of us staying dry. Another weather front


moving through tomorrow night. Some heavy and persistent rain to move


through an Thursday night and through tomorrow morning. It might


strike its heels on Friday morning, but it will finally tearaway.


Brighter, drier weather behind that. Lots of Sunday. -- sunshine. Highs


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