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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, the stabbing horror in a


Derbyshire village that left three people dead.


An inquest hears how Rachael Slack suffered fatal stab wounds along


with her son. Her former partner was found dead at the scene. Also


tonight, the predatory and sadistic paedophile who almost killed a


toddler. Plus, the National Trust local treasure which is causing a


stir with villagers. And a new world record for the collector who hoovers


up old vacuum cleaners. The official count stopped at 322. I've probably


got more than that. I don't exactly know.


Good evening. First tonight — an inquest has heard that a pregnant


woman screamed for her neighbour to call the police before she, her


young son and her former partner were found fatally wounded in a


Derbyshire village three years ago. Rachael Slack and her two—year—old


son Auden were stabbed in June 2010 at her home in Holbrook. Andrew


Cairns, Auden's father was also found with stab wounds. James


Roberson is at the coroner's court in Derby. Can you give us a little


bit more about the background? Good evening. Around 11am on June two,


2010, a resident in Holbrooke just north of Derby, heard shouting in


the cottage next door. Through one of the cottage's Windows, she saw


her neighbour screaming to get the police. Behind the woman was a


man's shadowy figure. In the police broke and they found the bodies of


38—year—old Rachael Slack, and slumped over her, her former partner


Andrew Cairns. Both had multiple stud wounds. Next to them was their


23—month—old son Alden, also severely wounded. He was flown to


the Royal Derby Hospital but pronounced dead on arrival. What has


the jury been told about the lead up to the depths? They've been told


that Andrew Cairns had long—term mental health problems. Rachael had


separated from Mr Cairns and had told him that she now had a new


partner, Robert Barlow, and that she was pregnant by Mr Barlow. The jury


heard that when Mr Cairns was told about Mr Barlow, he had sworn at


Rachael and said, I've given up everything to be with you, you have


no idea what I'm capable of. I will kill you and him with me. Mr Cairns


was arrested and released. But a police risk assessment at the time


placed Miss Slack as being at high placed Miss Slack as being at high


risk of homicide. What has been said about the terrible events inside the


cottage? An expert forensics identities she believes all the


stabbings happened quickly, one after another, in a small annex


inside. A Home Office pathologist, Professor Guy Rutty, examined the


scene and all of the bodies. He told the inquest that he believed Andrew


Cairns' wounds were self—inflicted. He added, from pathological point of


view, it would not be any surprise for the other two. On a balance of


probabilities, I would favour that scenario, but ultimately that is a


decision for the court. Thank you. Nottinghamshire man has


been jailed for 17 and a half years for seriously sexually assaulting a


toddler. 32—year—old Christopher Atkins was described as a predatory


and sadistic paedophile. An investigation is now taking place


into how social workers failed to carry out background checks on


Atkins which would have raised concerns.


Nottingham Crown Court. This is the face of a predatory and


sadistic paedophile. Christopher Atkins from Nottinghamshire


seriously sexually assaulted a toddler. Today the court heard how


the little girl was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre with


life—threatening injuries. She would have died without medical


intervention. The abuse she had been subjected to came to light when


staff owned 18 separate injuries, including bruises, a bite mark and a


burn on her back. The court heard that the girl was known to social


services, but the social workers had failed to carry out background


checks on Atkins. Had they done so, they would have discovered he had


social services in Manchester over social services in Manchester over


allegations of child abuse they are. No charges were ever brought, but


the girl's father, who cannot be identified, told me


down. Social services have been down. Social services


disgusting. They have not listened to a word I have said all the way


through this. I asked social services to check—in and they didn't


bother. After the sentencing it was announced an independent serious


case review would be carried out by the Nottinghamshire safeguarding


children board. One of the issues we will look at is the responsibility


of agencies to make sure their staff act appropriately and properly


exercise responsibility is to keep children safe. They haven't done


that, we will comment upon it and make sure action is taken. Woman


from Farnborough who was living in Nottingham at the time, was given a


suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to child cruelty.


When sentencing Christopher Atkins, the judge described what he had done


as an act of unspeakable cruelty. He set out any human being could do


this to a little girl is beyond comprehension. He jailed him for 16


years for sexual assault and a further 18 months for child cruelty.


That was a terrible case, but something positive was heard in


court today. The toddler who is now in care will fully recover from her


injuries and is described now as a happy, friendly child. You're


watching East Midlands Today. Coming up, good news for the National Trust


in Leicestershire. Also tonight, Stamford says saving its


from closure is better than being voted Best town in Britain. And I am


treading where only trains have gone before. Join me for two of the


Glenfield railway tunnel. —— a tour. A doctor has been


pretending a lost wallet containing pretending a lost wallet containing


two and a half thousand pounds was his. Nottingham Crown Court heard


the wallet was handed in at the Starbucks cafe on the city's Old


Market Square. The court was told that Doctor Abdul Choudhuri also


contacted the manager of Starbucks telling her she no longer needed to


be a witness in the trial. The doctor, who runs a cosmetic surgery


clinic, was convicted of fraud and perverting the course of justice. 21


people have been arrested as part of a police investigation into an


alleged drugs ring in Derby. It is part of Operation Redshank, a police


team set up to tackle drugs crime in the city. Those arrested include six


women. 15 properties in Derby and Leicester were also searched. 14


people remain in custody on suspicion of conspiracy to supply


class a drugs. The mother of Madeline McCann was in Portugal


today for the start of the family's libel action against a former police


chief. Kate McCann is not expected to give evidence in Lisbon. The


action is being taken against the man who led the initial police


investigation into Madeline's disobedience in 2007. In a book, he


made a number of allegations about the McCanns. There was an audible


sigh of relief in a South Lincolnshire town after it was told


its much—loved hospital has been saved from closure. Stamford feared


it would be axed as part of to reduce a huge deficit faced by


the rest of the trust. In a moment we will hear from the town's MP, but


first our chief news reporter has been assessing the reaction.


Stamford Hospital has been open for 185 years. Its future has been in


serious doubt, but today that threat was lifted. Quite honestly, I think


this is actually better news than being named the Best Town In


England. It has lifted and uncertainty on the hospital, so they


can get on with the job. Deficits of £40 million every year for the next


five years are faced, the biggest in the country. The hospital's problems


are tied up in Peterborough's problems. Not only has it been saved


by the health regulator, but the redevelopment plan will also go


ahead to help ease pressure at Peterborough. It will give them more


bed space, probably the key thing. And also it cuts down people, if


they are in hospital, would rather be somewhere closer. The Mayor's


delight is matched by the feeling in the town. We need our hospital. The


town has got 20,000 inhabitants or thereabouts and it needs a hospital.


It is ridiculous going all the way to Peterborough. I am not sure about


the NHS and their finances, and whether it would be better to have


everything in one place, but for the local community that is going to be


a very good thing. 1828 was the year the hospital opened, 2013


year it was given a future. year it was given a future.


Earlier I spoke to the MP for Stamford, and I asked him for his


reaction to the decision to keep the hospital open. It is very good news.


What Monitor has confirmed it is that despite all of the serious


challenges that face the trust, the plans for Stamford Hospital were


worked out by the trust with local GPs argued and should be implemented


—— are good. It is good news for Stamford residents. This


redevelopment will go ahead, won't it? Yes. I was worried that the


scale of the problems in the Peterborough trust would be so great


that the future of Stamford would be lost. I was very keen to have


reassurance that that plan would go ahead, almost whatever happened.


That is what we received today in this report, and we need to make


sure it actually happens. I will be keeping vigilant to make sure it is


actually delivered. Would happier to see the hospital taken


out of the trust? No. Now that it is clear that the plan for Stamford is


good for the Peterborough trust, I think it is better but the


Peterborough trust the liver trust to leverage this plan. They know


Stamford Hospital, and I think that is what is best for the hospital.


In other news, the demolition of a In other news, the demolition


house we're six children were killed by their parents in a fire is to


start later this month. Derby City Council says knocking down 18


Victory Rd and the adjoining property will take three weeks to


complete. They will be replaced with alternative housing. Mick and


Mairead Philpott and a family friend were all convicted of the


manslaughter of six children. Speed limits around schools in


Nottinghamshire are set to be reduced. A study revealed that the


area has the worst record for road accidents near schools outside


London. Given the high level of pedestrians around school start and


finish times, the county council is aiming to introduce advisory 20 mile


an hour speed limits wherever possible. The Bishop of South well


in Nottingham —— the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham is to


become the new Bishop of Durham. The appointment of the Right Reverend


Paul Butler season following in the footsteps of Justin Welby. Next


night, an historic cottage in Leicestershire could be the first


National Trust attraction in the county if planners give it the


go—ahead. Stoneywell Cottage in Ulverscroft was bought by the


National Trust earlier this year. They hope that thousands of people


will come and see it. But that is the problem, local people are not


happy. They say the small country lanes won't cope on their privacy


will be invaded. This cottage is causing controversy,


will buy a local architect in 1899. Three generations lived here before


the National Trust bought the property earlier this year. The plan


open it for the public. We are right open it for the public. We are right


next door. This is entrance. We are just next door.


This is our drive which we have to reverse out of. This afternoon


councillors came to the site. The trust wants to create a visitor


attraction in the old stable block. Visitors would be limited to 35,000


a year. Even at 163 visitors a day it is alarming. Our loss of privacy


is going to be extreme. Steve Perry has organised a petition. Over 300


people have signed it. I live just down the road from Stoneywell


Cottage and our concern is the vast number of visitors coming into the


area. And the traffic that comes with that. An estimate is an extra


70% in terms of traffic, which is staggering. We have got stag —— we


have got cyclists, the traffic is bad enough as it is. Councillors are


due to make a decision tonight. In a statement, the National Trust say


informed of their plans. They are informed of their plans. They are


aware of the sensitivity around their application. Their aim is to


allow it limited access to this place. Still to come, they say


nature abhors a vacuum. But one Nottinghamshire man loves them.


James Brown has been told that his collection of vacuum cleaners is


officially the largest in This weekend, dozens of people will


get the chance to tour one of Leicester's most important heritage


sites. When the Glenfield Tunnel was built in 1831, it was the longest


railway tunnel in the world. It was also credited with helping to create


the moderate Leicester we know today. —— the modern Leicester.


The Glenfield Tunnel made history, not just because it was designed by


the famous railway engineer George Stephenson. It was one of the first


railway tunnels. The railway was built to carry coal, to improve the


industrial working. When the local railway line closed in the


the tunnel was bought by Leicester the tunnel was bought by Leicester


City Council for a fiver. By the early to thousands, there were plans


to open part of the tunnel. It has had a major amount of investment,


some half—million pounds to prevent it from collapsing. These are the


remains of the grills. The idea was to prevent people throwing things


down them. When you think about when they built this, how on earth they


navigated underground. It's weird being underground, really


fascinating. It was very cold, but really interesting to see inside. It


will be years before visitors can walk the entire route to just over a


mile. The long—term solution will be to put a small pilot tunnel in. The


tunnel tour is fully booked for the weekend, but the society does plan


to hold more tours later this year. Given the weather we are expecting


this weekend, at tunnel might be a good place to go. Sports time now.


I am going to start with Leicester City's Martyn Waghorn who has made a


loan move to Millwall. It is the first local change in what might be


a busy season for players making temporary moves. Leicester manager


Nigel Pearson says he might look at bringing players in as well. In


Martin's case, you need some pitch time and it has been a frustrating


few months for him. He is determined to do well at Millwall and come back


to us in good shape. The terms of Martyn Waghorn's deal stop him


playing for Millwall when the two clubs meet in November. Derby


manager Nigel Clarke says they are already talking to clubs and players


about loan players coming to Pride Park. He doesn't expect anything


definite until next week. With a loan last thing a maximum of 93 days


timing can be crucial. We have got a good 18 at the moment. If we are all


capable and we will try and leave it works the end of the month, line


things up for them. Onto rugby, Leicester Tigers believe the loss of


one of their players could be a huge blow. Cross —— Croft injured himself


at the weekend. I am really gutted for him. He will be out for the rest


of the season. He is a great player. Losing a player like that is


hard, it is going to be hard to find a replacement. Signing news from ice


hockey. The Finnish player Joonas Haari has signed as injury cover for


the Nottingham Panthers. Onto cricket and the relegation battle


for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. At the County ground, Derbyshire


have been batting well. Nottinghamshire have gone even


better down at Lord's as they confirmed their place in division


one next season. Less possible play at Old Trafford where winless


Leicestershire have struggled to take Lancashire wickets. The two men


from Heanor hoping to beat para triathlon champions. The Brownlee 's


worst huge stars of 2012. —— were huge star is.


This week, Team GB have been training at Loughborough for the


World Championships. The sport missed out on the excitement of


London 2012, it wasn't included in the Paralympics. It will be next


time, so they can all look forward to reorder De Niro —— really all.


This is the man looking for medals. We have topped the medal table in


the past four championships. The majority of our athletes here would


compete and probably win against most able—bodied athletes. Amongst


those athletes, Derbyshire's European champion. He will be 46 by


the time of the Paralympics but that won't stop him. In my heart and mind


I am there, I am thinking about it every day, it is the driving force


behind everything I am doing. I need to be there. Simon is not the only


European champion, David Ellis is as well. He races in the visually


impaired category. They raced together on a tandem bike as well.


You spend hours together. You have got to get on well. Apart from when


I threw you off the tandem. Not on purpose, obviously. It does seem


like you have to be pretty hardy for this sport, that's for sure. You've


got to be crazy, for sure. When I am training, we swim in packs and you


get kicked in the face, elbows on the head, goggles ripped off. It is


tough but good fun. Triathlon is an amazing sport.


Interesting, isn't it? I am told that you are now stranger


to a vacuum cleaner. James Brown has so many vacuum


cleaners his collection has been accepted and the Guinness Book of


World Records. He has been interested in Hoovers since the age


of four. He now has working machines dating as far back as the 1920s.


Electrolux, Dyson, Hoover, dirt Devil, you name it, it is in


James's shop in Heanor. Here's the Guinness world record holder for


having the most vacuum cleaner models. I got my first vacuum


cleaner at around seven or eight. Then my second turned into a third.


When I was younger I was only allowed six, seven, eight at a


time. The collection built from there. The team at Guinness world


records contacted James. James has 322 vacuum cleaners. The excitement


of completing a collection, reaching your end goal, it is exciting to a


point. A lot of collectors identify with that. Again, I have got the


latest model, I had to save for that. I was very happy to get hold


of that. His oldest vacuum is this 1920s Hoover, which still works.


James sells, fixes and replaces parts for all manner of vacuums, as


well as showing the older models in his museum.


I could do with borrowing one. Sweeping up the weather for us now.


The weather is keeping a low profile at the moment, but by Sunday it will


be the main topic of conversation. Stormy conditions lie ahead. Cloud


is the main problem today. It did break up to allow spells of


sunshine, helping the temperatures, we saw highs of 20 Celsius in parts


of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. This evening, rain


will push its way down towards the south—east corner. It will be fairly


light but persistent before it breaks up and clear as a wager in


the early hours, leaving behind a lot of cloud stopping those tablet


is from dropping too far. Overnight lows of around 14 degrees. Tomorrow


will be cloudy, with some brightness will be cloudy, with some brightness


again before the rain pushes in later in the afternoon. There may be


drizzle around first thing in the morning, that low cloud will lift


and break to allow some brightness chewing the middle part of the day


before rain works its way in from the west. It looks like that will be


with us chewing rush—hour. Temperatures remain fairly


will be a tale of two halves. Sunday will be a wet and windy affair, with


sunny spells on Saturday. Saturday will have that rain from Friday


night clearing away, behind it the skies will brighten it. Into Sunday,


this autumn low will cause problems. Our first storm of autumn producing


tightly packed is all buyers —— isobar is.


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