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This is East Midlands Today live from the scene of a fire that in the


early hours of this morning took the lives of four people — a mother and


her three children. I could see people screaming and people


shouting. Cooed the murder of the family be


linked to the death of a man just hours earlier?


Also the way of saving money on waste disposal.


And a fond farewell to hundreds of soldiers deploying to Afghanistan.


Good evening. Just behind me is the house that was set on fire last


night claiming the lives of our mother and her three children. ——


the lives of a mother. Add a man was fatally attacked in the street.


Police say the incidents may be linked.


A quiet, studious and devote family. They were killed when their home was


engulfed in flames last night. The door was open. The staircase was on


fire. They have been named locally. The husband and father of the house


is understood to have been working in Ireland as a neurosurgeon.


If life is lost as a result of an accident one can come to terms with


it over time, but when it is deliberate, that pain is


unbearable. People who knew the family well approached the media to


say there was no reason why anyone would wish them harm. They were very


nice lads and they do not know why anybody would do that to them. She


was very calm. She was very understanding. If you had a problem


and went to her she was a stress buster.


This lunchtime prayers were said. The father and husband is understood


to have taken part. Nearby police carry on searching for


any clues. Many believe this could be a horrific case of mistaken


identity. So, let's look at what happened.


Leicestershire police were called to Kent Street, around a mile from


here, at round 5.30 yesterday evening, where a man in his 20s was


found who had been fatally wounded. Seven hours later at just after half


past midnight this morning fire fighters were called here to Wood


Hill where a family home was ablaze. The bodies of a mother and her three


teenage children were found in the upstairs rooms. At midday today, the


police held a news conference where they confirmed they were


investigating the link between the murders.


All day long flowers have been left at Kent Street, just half a mile


from where I'm standing, and the scene where a young man was


attacked. Mike O'Sullivan has spoken to a witnesses who saw the incident.


The aftermath of the street attack in Leicester last night. It happened


at 5:30pm. We understand that the 20—year—old man who died in hospital


full stop —— who died in hospital was a football coach. One person


said, he has been taken away too soon.


At first I thought it was a road traffic accident. It was only when I


spoke to some people around me that they said it was a stabbing and it


was quite serious. At that stage the man was alive. He was drifting in


and out of consciousness. The police officer was very concerned. From the


expression on his boys I realised that this was a serious stabbing.


The police have been at their seen all day. —— expression on his face I


realised that this was a serious stabbing.


Workers at a nearby funeral home gave their reaction. It is shocking


to find out is an near here. —— to find out there is an murder. It is


generally quiet. It is a surprise. If there is anyone who may have


witnessed the assault, saw anything suspicious, or may have heard


something of interest, please get in touch with the police.


The police say the timing of the assault and the fire .2 links


between the two occurrences. # —— suggested there are links between


the two occurrences. This community is in shock. The


father has lost his daughter, his two sons, and his wife. To have gone


away and to do his work as a Dr and come back to find his family burned


to death, is a terrible shock. It is a very close—knit community. They


have one question. Why? Nobody knows the facts. The police are dealing


with this superbly. People want to let them get on and do their job.


People are saying could this be a revenge attack? Do you have any


idea? I do not. This family went to bed. There was a terrible fire. They


are now dead. Let us stick together as a community and support what the


police are doing. A terribly sad day for everybody in


Leicester. You will be joining us again at the end of the programme.


Thanks, Anne. You're watching East Midlands Today. Still to come — a


farewell parade for the families of hundreds of departing soldiers.


These soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment's second Battalion


will deploy to Afghanistan within weeks. A full report, later.


An inquest's heard that a Derbyshire woman was fearful of her former


partner in the week before she died. Rachel Slack, her ex—partner and


their young son were all found with fatal stab—wounds at a cottage in


Holbrook three years ago. At today's inquest Rachel's mother described


how Andrew Cairns had spiralled downwards into mental collapse.


James Roberson reports. It was at this cottage in June 2010


that Rachel Slack and her former partner were both found dead with


multiple stab wounds. Also found dead was her son.


In 2008. Rachel Slack told —— the inquest also heard from the sister


of Andrew Cairns. She said he has lived all over the


world. When he moved to Derbyshire he became increasingly mentally ill.


By 2010 he was living in squalid conditions refusing anybody entry.


The witness spoke to Andrew. The hearing continues next week.


An 85—year—old priest who's accused of 27 sexual offences against boys


will go on trial in Derby next year. Francis Paul Cullen was extradited


from the Spanish island of Tenerife last month. Today he appeared at


Derby Crown Court via video link from Nottingham prison. He spoke


only to confirm his name. He was remanded in custody and is to go on


trial next March. Mr Cullen served at parishes throughout the region,


including Christ the King at Mackworth in Derby.


The first of 22 new trams built in Barcelona is now in Nottingham.


There was a red carpet arrival for the new tram today. The Alstom


Citadis vehicles will make their first appearance on Line One of the


network in June next year. That's ahead of the major expansion of two


new routes on the Nottingham tram network.


Next tonight: People who illegally dump rubbish are costing the East


Midlands hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Councils say fly


tipping is a huge problem. Nottingham City Council told us it


cost them more than £600,000 in the last year. Leicester City Council


say they dealt with more than 7,000 incidents at a cost of over


£250,000. Moving around other parts of the region, Mansfield spent


£43,000 dealing with fly tipping whereas Rutland had one of the


lowest clean—up bills at around £7,000. In Newark the council says


they've cleaned up over 1,100 incidents of dumping last year —


forking out £56,000 to do so. I spent the morning out with their


teams to see what they have to deal with.


This is a routine call out. They are collecting furniture from our house


in the town. It has cost the household £20 to have it collected.


Their next callout is much more common. The job next is fly tipping.


This is what they find. A fridge and other rubbish dumped on the side of


the road. We will take this away now. Then onto the next one.


This team is called to clear rubbish that has been dumped. We hope to


catch these people. We need residents who see any people to let


us know. Charges that is not used to exist.


We were still fetching tonnes of fly tipping. It is ironic that people


will spend more on petrol finding a quiet country lane than it would for


Alice to collect debts. —— for the council to collect it.


It is not good for the environment. It looks awful. We are available to


take these items. There is no need for anybody to fly tip anything.


Councils say fly tipping is devastating for the environment and


they will prosecute anyone who is not doing it. Pars. Bat—macro cot.


Supporters of a Zimbabwean grandmother who's lived in Leicester


for more than a decade say they fear she's about to be deported. They say


Evenia Mawongera was detained today when she reported to the UK Border


Agency's Centre in Loughborough. Since July she's reported there,


asking to stay with her two daughters. She fears for her safety


if she returns to her home country, but she's had asylum applications


turned down. The Home Office won't comment on her individual case.


A charity attempt by a Derbyshire water rescue team to circumnavigate


Britain has ended in failure. The Watersafe UK team wanted to raise


£20,000 for themselves and the RNLI in the 999 Challenge, going round


Britain in nine hours and nine minutes. But they've had to abandon


this attempt after their boat was damaged beyond repair. They already


have plans to do it all again next summer.


In just a few weeks time hundreds of soldiers from across the East


Midlands will be deploying to Afghanistan. It's likely to be our


region's last major deployment before all our troops are withdrawn


from the country. The Royal Anglian Regiment's second Battalion recruits


from across Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire. And today at their


base, Kendrew Barracks, near Oakham they were given a special send off.


Eleanor Garnier was there. They have been training for their


two to Afghanistan for months. They leave in just a few weeks. Before


they go, a special sendoff for the Royal Anglian Regiment 2nd


Battalion. Whites, partners, parents came into the regimental celebration


and parade. It is a happy feeling to watch them, that you are sad that


they are going. The Royal Anglian Regiment 2nd Battalion has been


training to shut down the front—line British bases. This is a two and


like any that has gone before. —— this is a two. Our job is to pack up


any British presence that is left. The mission in Afghanistan is


drawing to a close that pulling out is complex and dangerous. If you


were not scared you would be a liar. What happens happens. We have had


enough time now to prepare ourselves. These troops will be away


from their families for up to eight months. They have not even left yet


that everybody is looking foreword to the safe return.


So back to work for our Championship teams this weekend and all will be


looking for a return to winning ways. Forest suffered their first


defeat of the season before the break and tomorrow Chris Cohen will


lead them out against Barnsley. He is loving his new role as skipper


and Kirsty Edwards has been finding out just how much the captain's


armband means. It is a massive honour to be a


captain. Having the armband and walking out for the first game is


something I will remember for ever. He says it has not changed him. I


never shout and scream. I am not going to do that now. I will do the


things I have always done. I have to do more jobs off the pitch. More


interviews, things like that. Apart from having to talk to the


likes of me he had to get out and about representing the club and


visiting places like this. He came to this year home to meet a


lifelong fan and other keen supporters.


The foundations of great clubs are based on supporters. The people in


there have been supporting the club for 60 or 70 years. Tomorrow his


focus switches to matters on the pitch as they look to get back to


winning ways. Three Taff home games this month. —— three difficult home


games. We hope to keep the run going at


home. Well, let's get our head round the


other games. Our Championship clubs have all been going well. But Derby


have a tricky trip and Leicester have visitors fresh from the Premier


League. Leicester are preparing to welcome


would gain. There is a mood at Leicester that they can compete with


anyone. We have a lot of experience. Hopefully we can be right up there


this evening. —— this season. Derby are off to Millwall. It is a


guaranteed Winford Derby, surely? Football is not like that. Notts


County have hit the loan markets. Mansfield town welcome your. ——


yacht. Don't forget — all those games are


on your BBC Local Radio station. You won't miss a thing.


Cricket now, and no play for Nottinghamshire at a very wet Lords


in the County Championship. Derbyshire did get some cricket in


at the County Ground — struggling to take Durham wickets though.


And in Division Two, Leicestershire are just struggling.


Ice Hockey's Nottingham Panthers are in action tonight — the first of


three games in three days in Scotland. They go on the road trip


buoyed by a very good first weekend, looking every inch the team that


claimed three trophies last season. Dundee tonight, Fife tomorrow and


Edinburgh on Sunday. And Southwell jockey Hayley Turner


is out of hospital after a her shocker of a fall yesterday at


Doncaster. "Battered and bruised" is the description. Turner was thrown


hard when her mount, Seal of Approval, clipped the heels of


another horse. In rugby, Nottingham get their


season underway this weekend with a tough trip to Leeds.


But for the Leicester Tigers team getting your hands on a piece of


silverware each season has almost become the norm. But often there are


clear signs a player might be something a bit special long before


they pull on a Tigers' shirt. Angela joined one player going back to his


roots. He is a mountain of a man. The


youngest of rugby dynasty that legends of the game.


Back when it all started she was just a schoolboy.


What was he like? Brilliant.He came to the right place. No fewer than


three British Lions have come through the ranks. After a year of


being here he showed he had the power and strength.


He has established themselves as one of the country 's finest. The only


one of six brothers to play internationally for England. I


remember thinking my mum and dad will be very proud. Alliance, this


is latest achievements but he has not forgotten his roots. Late


tackles in those early days. Now I do not get yellow cards as often.


He made tower over his team—mates but it is as talent that truly


inspires. Here is the weather. There is


something for everybody this weekend. There will be lots of


twists and turns over the next few days. If you are looking for dry or


bright weather Saturday is your best bet. Windy weather on Sunday. We


have had some heavy and persistent rain this afternoon. It will be with


as this evening. It will try to clear away in the early hours of the


morning. It will stay on the mild side. Two morrow morning as damp and


justly. A decent looking afternoon on Saturday. Spells of sunshine. It


will feel quite called. Here is Sunday's pressure chart. This ridge


of pressure works South. Add drives start but the clouds will be


increasing. Rain will push end by mid—morning. It will try to clear


away as we head towards the evening. It will stay quite cool as well. We


stay with the blasted heath Dean next week. —— blustery.


Let's return now to our top story: The fire in Leicester which claimed


the lives of a mum and her three children. Let's go back to Anne


who's live at the scene. Anne. This is a very tight—knit community


and all the people have been out on the street is and it is not just


because of the television cameras. The main focus of this community


will be tomorrow when they say prayers for those who died. They


will then say prayers on Sunday also.


Police desperately searching for clues.


Investigations continue into the killing on the street. That was less


than one mile from here. Any updates we will bring you on our bulletin


tonight. Any updates we will have in our


latest news. Goodbye.


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