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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight — a man's charged with murdering four people in Leicester's


Spinney Hill house fire. The blaze claimed the lives of our


mother and three teenage children. An 18—year—old is due in court


tomorrow. Also tonight, support squads are


sent into two hospital trusts to improve standards of care.


Plus, grass from the London Olympics. The school but now has an


Olympic playing field. And one of the biggest collections


of theatrical costumes to ever go under the hammer. Is this a greedy


gold? —— is this a really gold? Good evening. First tonight, a man's


been charged with murder following a fatal house fire in Leicester. A


mother and her three teenage children died in the blaze last


Friday morning. An 18—year—old will appear in court


tomorrow when inquests into their deaths are expected to be opened.


Our reporter Helen Astle is at the scene of the fire now. Helen, what


else can you tell us? The 18—year—old man was arrested on


Sunday night. He had been questioned for the maximum amount of time, and


a few hours ago he was charged with murder.


The fire broke out here last Friday. The emergency services received the


call just after half past midnight. It was too late, a mother and her


three teenage children died. Shehnila Taufiq, her 19—year—old


daughter Zainab, and her two sons, 17—year—old Bilal, and Jamal who was


15, all perished. The funerals of the families are yet to take place.


The fire happened after a fatal assault on Kent Street in the city,


where 20—year—old football coach Antoin Akpom died. Yesterday


19—year—old Abdul Hakim of Wood Hill appeared before Leicester


Magistrates charged with his murder. Wood Hill has been under the glare


of the media spotlight for the last week, and for the community the


morning continues. A special prayer vigil will be held tomorrow night.


Joining me is the Bishop of Leicester. A very distressing week


for the community. A sad time for all the people of Leicester. But


Leicester has a proud tradition of people coming together in times of


difficulty, and that is what you have seen here. Tell me about this


tomorrow night. This will be a ritual of prayer at the church at St


Peter's, it will be attended by representatives of the family, also


by representatives of all the major faiths in this part of the city. And


also the city mayor and the Chief Constable. We shall pray for those


who died, for all who mourn, and we will pray for this community, for


courage, and for peace and for strength at a very testing time. It


is very important that all the communities come together. I think


we have seen that. People came together in the mosque a few days


ago, people have been contacting each other up, laying flowers. If


you walk the streets talk —— and talk to people, you find that


sense, strong sense of community and determination that these tragic


events will not divide people from one another. The 18—year—old who has


been charged is due to appear before Leicester magistrates tomorrow


morning. Also tomorrow, inquests are expected to be opened into the


family. Ciaran More action was announced today to


improve care at two hospital trusts in the East Midlands.


It's after both trusts were found to have higher than expected death


rates. Now other trusts seen as more


successful by the Government are to offer support and advice to help


sort out problems. Rob Sissons reports. The chairman of the


criticised Sherwood Forest hospitals trust is now looking to the future.


Higher death rates he says have come down, and the failings uncovered by


the team sent in to investigate the hospitals he says are now being


addressed. They found a number of things we needed to do. There were


13 focus areas that needed to be dealt with quickly. We are largely


through those urgent points. The other troubled trust runs Grantham,


Boston and Lincoln hospitals. Both trusts will be partnered with what


is seen —— what I seen as more successful hospitals in South


Yorkshire. It is an opportunity for the more successful trusts to learn


as well as the other trusts. The two trusts are among 11 across England


still under special measures. With change directors being sent in to


make sure that our improvements. Does this amount to a culture change


within the NHS? The Government hopes this. They say problems should not


be sat on, there should be more openness in the health service, and


problems tackled. Labour says what is needed is more nurses. What are


these problems? The investigation team in Sherwood Forest found


problems with a backlog of complaints, found that there needed


to be better communication. Patients were moved between wards too much.


All of this triggered by higher death rates.


A man diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic has admitted stabbing


a Nottingham chef to death. 23—year—old Marcin Cwiakalo from


Radford pleaded guilty to manslaughter due to diminished


responsibility at Nottingham Crown Court. He was sentenced to 20 years


for the murder of Mark Blades in June last year, outside a restaurant


in the city centre. Police described the attack as a "shocking, random


act of violence". The number of burglaries in


Nottinghamshire over the summer rose by almost a quarter compared to last


year. A report by Nottinghamshire Police revealed that break—ins were


up 24% in the five months between April and August compared with the


same period last year. The force said this was down to a combination


of people leaving doors and windows unlocked due to the hot weather, and


unusually low burglary figures for last year.


This is East Midlands Today here on the BBC, and still to come: A final


curtain call for one of the biggest collections of theatrical costumes


and props. Yes, the end of an era as 25 years


of stitching and sticking is put up for sale. This is the largest


theatrical costume sale we have ever had. It is quite unbelievable.


A mother whose son has been missing for five days has made a desperate


plea for him to come home. 14—year—old Ciaran Sweeney left his


home on Saturday. His mother told Sarah Teale that the family is


heartbroken and needs him back. The posters say it all. A plea for


missing Ciaran Sweeney to come home. His mother has bought up 200 posters


around the estate in Mansfield since the 14—year—old went missing on


Saturday morning. He was in trouble for having a mobile phone that did


not belong to him, and he was going to be arrested. He is not going to


be arrested. And he is not in trouble. We just want him home. Safe


and well. Everybody at home is worried. Everybody in the community


and the school is worried. Has he ever done anything like this before?


He has never run off like this before. I pray somebody out there is


helping him, but now is the time to encourage him to come home. Police


say they are growing increasingly concerned for Ciaran's welfare. The


last time he was seen he was wearing a black coat, hooded top and


tracksuit bottoms. We have officers they could take —— dedicated to


trying to find Ciaran. We have sightings of him on the estate, but


we have just got to find him. What would your message to Ciaran be? We


just love you so much. And we just miss you dearly. Please come home,


get in touch. And if anybody has seen him, it is breaking all of our


hearts. The head teacher of a troubled


school in Leicester has been suspended by the City Council.


The governors at Uplands Junior School have also lost their power.


The council says it stepped in to suspend Tim Luckcock to ensure that


standards didn't slip any further and to ensure that pupils at the


school get the best education. We would always want to be working with


our Government bodies and headteacher. —— governing bodies. So


to issue a warning notice was very unusual, but a result of the


seriousness of the situation. We have to think of the best interests


of the children. The Derby—based aero engine maker


Rolls Royce has announced a new deal worth almost a billion pounds.


It's to provide new Trent XWB engines for a fleet of 25 Airbus


aircraft for the German airline Lufthansa. The airline also has an


option to buy a further 30 aircraft. The Trent XWB had its maiden test


flight in June this year. Rolls—Royce says it's become its


fastest selling Trent engine. And the announcement of that deal


with Lufthansa rather proves the point of our next story. Because,


today, the new head of British trade and investment in Germany told us he


wants to see more East Midlands companies breaking into this


thriving market. British companies actually export


twice as much to Germany as to Brazil, Russia, India and China put


together. Dan Rutstein's based in Berlin, but today he was visiting


firms in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. James Roberson


reports. It may be modest looking, but this


Leicestershire company is doing big things in Germany. Today it was


visited by the new head of the UK trade and industry mission based in


Berlin. He came to see the firm that has developed these devices using a


screw action to move mechanisms from aircraft landing gear to meet


slices. The firm has received an exclusive deal. The customers to not


only demand in terms of quality and delivery, but also they want us to


be continuous in development. A German colleague has enabled the


winning of sales from Germany. As soon as we make something, we speak


with the customer and show what we have. 45 miles away, Dan Rutstein


has come to visit. This firm, which also employs German colleagues,


makes birthing devices to stop the sparks which can cause catastrophic


fires in fuel depots. We launched our German division in April 2011,


and since that time sales have increased by approximately 30%, and


they are on an upward trend. Whether you have never tested international


waters or you are already exporting, our job is to help these


customers —— companies. We could help build networks and even use


ambassadors and embassies and residences to launch products. Both


companies see Germany as the market to grow into.


We heard there from Dan Rutstein who represents UK Trade and Industry in


Germany. Well, the UKTI's regional head for the East Midlands is the


soon to be retiring Peter Hogarth. I spoke to him earlier, and I asked


him why the Germans seem to like doing business with us. There is a


very long history of dealing with Germany. We have done business with


them for many years, and quite simply Germans like doing business


with the British. I remember one captain of industry saying his


advice was to learn Mandarin, because China was the next big


export market. China is a growing market, but we should not forget the


very big markets that already exist, and that we are very strong in. We


have spoken to your man in Germany. He is crucial to linking East


Midlands firms with German firms. That is working well. Yes, we have


40 people in Germany and three offices across the country, and it


reflects how important Germany is to the UK economy. 10% of the exports


from the East Midlands go to Germany. That is a couple of billion


pounds per year. It is not just for the big boys like Rolls—Royce, is


it? In a macro know, if anybody here has a product they want to launch in


Germany, they can use our premises. Anybody can get access to them.


Finally, and briefly, which is going to be the next big country in terms


of an emerging market for us? Probably Indonesia.


A toy shop in Leicester which has been trading for 30 years will


finally close next week after attempts to find a new owner failed.


Dominoes toy shop in the city centre was placed into administration


earlier this month. Two years ago it was named best independent toy store


in Britain, but has recently struggled to compete against online


retailers and supermarkets. A closing down sale starts tomorrow


morning. A new design for Richard III's tomb


has been revealed by Leicester Cathedral.


Plans for the raised tomb, with a deeply carved cross on a floor


inlaid with a large Yorkist white rose, will now be submitted to


planning officials. Set within the cathedral's chancel, the £1.3


million project will also see changes to the cathedral's internal


layout, windows and lighting. It's not often you bump into Queen


Elizabeth I, a '20s flapper, AND Henry VIII all in one room, but I


did today. The auction rooms in Nottingham are


holding what you could say is the sale of the century — as a


lifetime's collection of theatrical costumes and props go under the


hammer. I joined an interesting cast of


potential purchasers at today's viewing.


There's no business quite like a theatrical costume year. This is one


in a million, 20,000 outfits from every musical, Opera production you


could think of. This is made for my fair Lady. Did you realise you had


this many costumes? No. It is the end of an era. We have been going 25


years, and we are all sad that it is finished, but it is nice to see the


collection here and for people to appreciate it. I find it quite sad


that the business we have been dealing with for 20 odd years is


going. This is by far the largest of these theatrical sales we have ever


had, and it is quite mild blowing. —— mind blowing. These are from the


Wizard of oars, and this, there are incredible headdresses. Over there,


some lush staff. All of this is from Carmen. I think I am going to be


here for hours. One item I would like to keep is that. How much it


will make is anybody's guess. You were obviously impressed, you


came back with a new outfit! If you want to go, the auction


starts on Saturday. Still to come: Rolling out the


Olympic legacy. Plastic grass used at the 2012 Games is re—laid on a


school playing field in Grantham. Sport now.


First tonight, we can exclusively reveal that Nottingham Forest are


close to signing Chelsea youngster Nathaniel Chalobah on loan. The


England under 21 international, who can play in midfield or defence


spent much of last season on loan at Watford where he scored five goals.


Several Championship clubs have been after his services. But tonight he


was finalising a loan deal at Forest subject to a medical.


On to Leicester City, and what a start to the season they are


enjoying — five wins in seven Games means they are sitting pretty near


the top of the table. After the heartbreaking end to last season —


just missing out in the play—off semifinals — this campaign is


getting across that line. And for one man in particular it's about


putting the past firmly behind him. Angela has more.


It was one moment that cost less to the dreams of promotion last season,


and the man who missed that penalty is desperate to make amends. His


devastation was painful to see, and today he spoke about that


faithfulness. It was a very bad moment. I forgot in this moment. In


the new season we need to be focused. He found himself on the


bench, but the manager knew it was just a matter of time. He is a huge


talent, and he is a matchwinner, so I am pleased he has been able to


deal with the disappointments of the end of last season. And move on, and


I think that is good for us. It is important to be back in the team


now, and I am happy to be back. And to do my best for the team.


Galvanised by last season's disappointment, Leicester look


certain to do one better this time round.


When it comes to international cricket it was a fantastic summer


for England. And not just the men. The women's side had their own Ashes


success, and this week Nottinghamshire's Jenny Gunn


returned home to show off the trophy. She says the women's game


has never been stronger. Kirsty Edwards reports.


When she is not performing heroics on the pitch, you will find Jenny


teaching cricket in schools like this one. Some girls lacked the


confidence to do it, and you just saw the how good these girls are.


Jenny works for a scheme that aims to get more youngsters into the


game, and how better to inspire these girls than to show them the


Ashes trophy? To be coached by an England international, you are not


going to get many opportunities like that. Also getting their hands on


the trophy this week, Jenny's club team—mates along with her biggest


fan, her father, who played in the Nottingham Forest European cup


winning side. Very proud of her and all the girls. It is getting better


every year. It is a good game to watch. Jenny was part of the side


that won the Ashes in 2005. She says the game has come on leaps and


bounds. Australia has become professional, and we have proven a


point that we have had the most successful summer in a long time and


hopefully we will get stronger. In cricket, Nottinghamshire bowed to


the inevitable as Durham won the County Championship with a


comfortable victory at the Riverside. Notts not out of


relegation trouble — and need a result at home to Somerset to be


sure of safety. The weather wrecked another day of


cricket at Grace Road, where you imagine Leicestershire are just


desperate for the season to end. Commiserations to Jake Ball, a back


injury rules him out of the final at the weekend.


A small corner of a Grantham school no longer has a wet boggy pitch they


can't use. Instead, artificial turf has been laid — donated from last


year's Olympics. Today the new tougher turf was officially


inaugurated — by an Olympic gold medallist. Jonathan Cecil reports.


It is green, but it is not real. This plastic turf was used in the


Olympics for trap shooting, and Great Britain won a gold on it.


Today it has been installed at this Grantham school. They have their own


gold medal winner, Tim Bailey, to open their pitch. This whole area


was grass before, we could not go on it during the winter. But now it is


easier to clean and maintain, and easier for us instead of being


cramped on one playground. It really brings as out a bit more, because we


have an Olympic gold medallist to our school, and it is good to shake


his hand and hold a gold medal for myself. It is another way to keep


the Olympics legacy alive. I think in this day and age of recycling, it


is nice to see something being up cycled and creating a facility for


all the kids to enjoy. Two schools based in the town cater for pupils


aged between three and 19, many with autism, and some having learning


profound difficulties. This new page will allow the pupils to exercise


all year round. And already, it has been put to good use.


An all—weather playing field is probably a good idea!


We have had our fair share of rain, but things are settling down. We


deserve a bit of quiet weather, and some warmth. That is what is heading


our way. Today's weather front is clearing out. High pressure is


building in, and this has staying power so it will stay with us until


the start of next week. It will steer away these weather fronts. It


is a quiet picture, staying dry into the weekend. I cannot promise clear


blue skies, there will be quite a lot of cloud, but some brightness to


cheer things up. Things are warming up. If we get that brightness and


sunshine, temperatures could rocket back up. Today's latest satellite


and radar picture, you can see the rain has cleared away. We have seen


some gorgeous sunshine this afternoon. The cloud will roll back


in vogue through tonight. That will keep those temperatures up tonight.


Tomorrow morning quite acquired —— cloudy start of the day. In the


afternoon there will be some bright spells, the best across eastern


parts as we head on into the afternoon. But temperatures fairly


respectable, 17, perhaps 18 Celsius. Not a lot in the way of change as we


head on into the weekend. High pressure stays with us into the


weekend. We will start to draw in south winds though. ——


south—westerly winds. But as I say, but Clyde will be chopped up so some


brightness and sunshine around. —— that cloud.


A slow improvement. That is it from us. See you for the


late news. Goodbye.


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