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This is East Midlands Today with Sarah Teale and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight a Leicester man loses four relatives in the Nairobi terror


attack. There were young people who are


taking part in a protest in the centre. They have all passed away.


Also tonight, questions about police protection after the stabbing to


death of a pregnant woman and her toddler. New allegations against a


controversial cult —— Darby School. Officials say the claims are


worrying. And journeys and at land 's end. Paralympic and Richard


Whitehead completes 38 marathons in 40 days. Good evening. Welcome to


Monday's programme. First tonight, it's a terror attack which happened


thousands of miles away but the siege in Kenya has caused


devastation for some families in the East Midlands. One man told us he


lost four members of his family in the attack on the shopping centre in


Nairobi when gunmen opened fire. Another has described how his


teenage brother and sister saw their friends shot dead. Jo Healey has


this report. Text sent from a mother in Nairobi to her son in Leicester.


She said things become worse, she will die. She had just left the


shopping centre. His 18—year—old brother and sister were still


inside. She just saw gunmen wandering around everywhere and


shooting people, she saw her best friend being shot in the head. Last


I heard from my mum and dad they were in hospital and my brother saw


his best friend was like dead body outside. They were taking dead


bodies and putting them on trolleys and winning in the hospital. Another


businessman from Mercer said for young members of his family were


killed. He told BBC radio Leicester they had been shopping on Saturday.


Young people were taking part in a contest in the centre and they have


unfortunately all passed away. It is difficult because in trying to find


out if other people are still inside because we don't know where they


are. Both men want to remain anonymous, they fear reprisals for


their families in tenure or Leicester where many of people have


been affected. Obviously people from tenure, everyone is grieving the


same thing. We are all shaken. With what is happening. My mother's best


friend is still stuck in there. An inquest's heard about the final


hours of a man at the centre of a knifing which claimed the lives of


his former partner and young son. The hearing, at Derby, has been told


that three years ago Rachael Slack died in the stabbing attack along


with her son Auden. It happened in Holbrook at the cottage where


Rachael and Auden lived. Also dead in the house was Andrew Cairns, the


boy's father. The inquest's heard today about a visit he paid to the


doctors hours before the deaths. Our reporter James Roberson has been at


the hearing today. James, what happened at this visit to the


surgery? Believing.


The jury here at Derby Coroner's court heard how — at about 8.40am on


the morning of June second, 2010, Andrew Cairns turned up for a


doctor's appointment at the Ivy grove surgery in Ripley. The


receptionist, Enid Shelton, described how he was in a highly


agitated state, virtually hyper ventilating, and kept pacing in and


out of the reception area. After 45 minutes Cairns went in to see Dr


Michael Small one of the GPs. Dr Small described how an anxious


Cairns was clutching a photograph of his little son Auden. Dr Small said


at one point Cairns told him, "These are going to be the most important


days of your life." But the GP who had dealt with Cairns over his


mental health problems before — thought that was just a remark to


ensure the doctor dealt with his care prporly, otherwise Cairns would


complain to the media. The inquest also heard from a motorist who gave


Andrew Cairns had to hold work that morning. Yes, the inquest has also


heard from Tom Swift who was driving to Holbrook later that morning. He


described how a calm, tidy, well dressed man flagged him down, and he


gave the man a lift a mile into the village. Mr Swift said they


exchanged pleasantries, including how the man, his friend Rachael and


their son often walked this route. As they parted, the man asked Tom


swift his name, said "My name's Andrew" and shook his hand. "He


seemed a gentleman," Mr Swift told the jury. Less than an hour later,


Cairns, Rachel and Auden were all dead. The inquest continues.


An inspection of a controversial school has been brought forward


after concerns were raised about how it's being run. The latest


allegations levelled against the Al Madinah School in Derby have been


described by officials as "very worrying." Earlier this month we


revealed how the school was already being investigated over alleged


financial irregularities. Simon Hare reports.


Another day, and news of another government probe into how the


controversial Al Medinah School in Derby is run. It opened last year,


promising a strong Muslim ethos. As a free school, it is outside local


authority control, it is funded by public money. Last month we revealed


how the awarding of contracts to the school was being investigated by the


Department of education. We understand that a number of other


concerns have now been raised including the treatment of staff and


the suggestion that an over emphasis on Islamic studies to the detriment


of core subjects. That has prompted the government to act again. The


Department for education says that the allegations levelled against Al


Medinah are a very worrying. Inspectors were due to pay a visit


here at some point during the term. Now, following discussions, the date


for the inspection has been brought forward. A statement continued...


Those rules include delivering a broad and balanced correctly on ——


critically. Teaching unions say the ideas of free schools are flawed.


This is indicative of why we are scared about free schools because of


the lack of local accountability. The school did not return our calls.


In a statement to parents on its website it said we simply ask for


time to get going, and to grow into an excellent school.


You're watching East Midlands Today. Still to come on tonight's programme


— jubilation for the Outlaws who win their first cup for 24 years.


Bowling hero Samit Patel will be with us in the studio. No prizes for


the weather today. Despite the high pressure, it is also keeping us very


cloudy. We're hoping we'll see more sunshine tomorrow.


A man's been arrested in connection with a fire at a house earlier


today. Fire crews were called to the house at Kimberley in


Nottinghamshire early this morning. A 25—year—old woman and her


two—year—old daughter have had to be rehoused, because their home is so


badly damaged. Nottinghamshire Police are urging a


missing 14—year—old to return home. Ciaran Sweeny was reported missing


from his home on the Oak Tree estate in Mansfield on Saturday 14


September. Although there have been numerous sightings of him in the


local area he is yet to return home. The last sighting was at about 2pm


yesterday in Longshaw Road, Mansfield.


A new experimental treatment to bring down high blood pressure is


being tested at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital. A tiny metal


implant resembling a paperclip is placed in the groin. It then links a


major artery and vein so blood flows through more easily. The University


of Leicester which is carrying out the research says it's designed for


patients for whom medication hasn't worked.


A case of mistaken identity. It is not a person we're talking about. It


is a cricket ball. It was apparently one of three balls when Gary Sobers


hit a historic six sixes in 1968 was playing for Nottinghamshire against


Glamorgan. The reason that it matters is that it sold for a world


record price of £26,000. The investigation into the sale has been


featured on the night was my inside out. It is arguably the most famous


over in cricket history. Nobody hits six sixes before Gary Sobers. The


ball smashed around was to sporting memorabilia 40 years later. The


problem is that after an 18 month investigation the ball was sold that


was not used in the match. It is the most famous ball in cricket and the


most famous over in cricket. All of this doubt remains, was at the


ball? Was not the ball? I can tell you that was not. The ball that


Christie sold was all due concern, only another double ball was used in


the match. Glamorgan's Malcolm now should know, he was the ball at that


day. I had got a few wickets, it was for 460, in five minutes it was 21


overs, and four for 100. It ruined the day. The footage of the


cricketing first confirms that only one ball was using the over.


Christie 's said it was one of three balls and in insist it was genuine.


I only use one ball. Gary Sobers did not profit from the sale. He said he


was an innocent bystander. The money from the auction went to pay medical


bills who thought she had sold the real ball. It has left us with


another mystery of where the real ball is.


Intriguing stuff. Inside out is on at 7:30pm later this evening. Still


to come, journeys and four and in exhausted Richard Whitehead. The


final mile was run at Land's this afternoon. We will hear from Richard


later. The Labour Party says 37,000


pre—school children in the East Midlands would benefit from its


pledge to increase free child care, if it wins the next General


Election. It was one of the policy promises revealed today by Ed Balls,


the politician who hopes to be the next Chancellor of the Exchequer. He


was addressing the Labour conference in Brighton, from where our


Political Editor John Hess sent this report.


It is through those double doors that the Labour faithful are walking


in in order to hear the message from the leadership of some of the


policies they hope will bring a Labour general election victory. Let


us be proud. Policies on childcare, the cost of the high—speed rail


link. Part of the economic message is being shaped by Nottingham East,


Chris Leslie, the shadow finance minister. There is a lot of news


from Nottingham that I think is important that gets on the political


agenda and one of those has to be about the bedroom tax and the effect


that has been having on the anxieties that people are facing.


Being able to say that we will scrap the bedroom tax and know that we can


pay for that is a big, big step forward. Flavour are to win, it will


depend on parliamentary hopefuls like Catherine Atkinson, a barrister


that has been selected to win back Labour hopes in the seat that it


lost to Jessica Lee. We are getting out doing some canvassing today.


That is fantastic. Catherine was meeting some of the youngest party


members. She will need that to turn over a 2500 Conservative majority.


We have got 20 months until the next election. I am looking to talk to


everyone that I can. We are talking about the offer that we have in


getting people back to work, reduce the ridiculous cost of living that


people are trying to live on and I think that I have got 20 months to


do that and that is my job. Also at Brighton, one of the youngest Labour


delegates. It is overwhelming, there is not enough time to do everything.


You need to begin Jews, there is a wealth of opportunity. Today we


heard Labour's economic vision and tomorrow Ed Miliband will tell us


his vision. Now, though, time for sport and this is a very special


piece of silverware. It's the first cup won by Nottinghamshire Cricket


Club in 24 years. And while we look after this, let's pass you over to


Colin. It was a fantastic game. Something


really special for Nottinghamshire Cricket, crowned the One Day


champions in their first Lords final since 1989. And to celebrate the man


of the moment, Samit Patel, is here. Notts went into the match with


Glamorgan as red—hot favourites and showed why with a comprehensive


87—run victory. They were propelled to a big runs total by a fantastic


stand from captain Chris Read and Nottinghamshire's favourite


Australian David Hussey. And then, just when Glamorgan's batsmen seemed


to be putting down roots, in came our man Samit. Three overs, three


wickets and the game all but won. The celebrations when all was done


comprehensive and joyous. Samit, how good a day was that?


. An amazing day from start to finish.


The actual day was phenomenal, a credit to all of the guys in the


backroom staff in the county and the fans that came to watch. It was a


great day. We won't get too technical, but I think even


non—cricket fans can spot why your bowling was so effective. These the


slow motion replays — how do you produce unplayable balls like that?


I am not sure, really. I just tried to spin the ball as hard as I could


and that is about it. It certainly worked. The Ministry knock them


over. —— you manage to knock them over. You had to, I suppose, you


suggested in an interview a few days ago, you were way too good for


Glamorgan. I think a lot of credit goes to the boys. We prepared in the


backroom staff, like the physio, a credit to the guys who turn up on


the day. Let's talk about the fans a little bit. Thousand of them


travelled down. They sang, they danced, they got the players dancing


and when they saw me afterwards with my camera they celebrated some more.


Mr Patel, stunning. He was outstanding. We have done it. A


brilliant result today, well deserved. And we are champions. How


important have those fans been to all the Notts boys? They have turned


out in numbers all year. We did not quite make it last year. They were


like a 12th man to us on Saturday. They turned up, it was brilliant, is


good for the county. There is still a lot of work to do. Your not clear


of relegation. We can't let you go about talking about the England


squad. Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann fly the Notts flag in Australia. But


you're not in the squad. Did you still have England ambitions? I will


still play in all formats of the game for England. Hopefully I will


do that soon. A lot of work to do, obviously, I do feel for titch, he


has produced time and time again and I feel he is unlucky. A pretty good


advert for you on Saturday. Now, onto the football. Our visit to


Meadow Lane coming up, but the Championship first. Plenty of drama


and good goals — but no wins to report for Mark Shardlow.


Lester's derby by the sea saw them go behind at Blackpool. They won all


of their games a season without conceding a goal. That changed early


in the second half when Jamie Varney was brought down. The penalty broke


the deadlock. A second followed a couple of minutes later. Andy


King's volley could not have been better. Leicester one and went to


second place. After a rush of blood from Kasper Schmeichel conceded a


penalty. Nottingham Forest in the grey came up against Fred Arrigo


Trader, a permission player now online at Doncaster. He showed why


he was online. Matt Taylor was then the second half


to restore's Doncaster lead. How about this from Andy Reid? As for


Derby County, it was about sloppy defending. They can't win at home.


It was Reding who took their chances and took the points will stop


incredibly, Derby have now lost three and drawn one at pride Park.


Derby gave himself a chance but as they pressed for the equaliser, gaps


developed and Reading wrapped things up with a third.


Now, Notts County, who admit their first win of the season probably


saved the management team from the sack. That's how much it meant to a


club which has been under pressure after a dreadful start to the


season. Angela spent match day at Meadow Lane.


As the fans filed in for the match anyone hoping for a vote of


confidence would have been badly disappointed. We are a football


club, we need to win games of football. It affects our business


model by losing games. How long is a piece of string? 90 minutes at


least. It has been the worst start of the season in the 150 years


history. Little wonder everyone is feeling the pressure at Meadow Lane.


This would have eased those nerves, Notts County going ahead seven


minutes in. There were chapters galore as the team looked determined


to prevent out as long —— prove the doubters wrong. That will do for me.


They know that they can do it. They will not stay at the bottom for


long. If we would have asked we would have got the sack. —— lost.


Maybe this performance and result has enticed people.


In League Two Mansfield Town are up into the play—off positions after a


comfortable win over Northampton. A wonderful own—goal coming up but


first a well taken free kick by Ben Hutchinson that gave Mansfield the


lead, soon followed by this from Sam Clucas to make it 2—0. And then this


classic moment from Northampton's Mathias Kouo—Doumbe.


Wow. In rugby union, the Leicester Tigers


legend Dean Richards returned to Welford Road at the weekend with his


Newcastle side. But they were given a sound beating by a rampant Tigers


who got off the mark when Jordan Crane crossed over. Manu Tuilagi put


his Downing Street episode behind him with a powerful display, setting


up Graham Kitchener for try number two. And then doing the work before


freeing the Californian Blaine Sculley who scored the third of five


tries in the Tigers 31—6 victory. Nottingham took a bit of a hammering


in their first home game of the season. They were playing the


Championship favourites London Welsh. The forward power from the


Exiles was too much. And after a very even first half Nottingham were


crushed 19—46. Nottingham Panthers had a big


weekend in the Challenge Cup — 5—3 winners in Cardiff last night and


rolling over old rivals Sheffield at home on Saturday. It stayed nip and


tuck for much of the game — but Panthers accelerated away in the


third period to win 7—3 and consolidate an excellent start to


the season. Great to have another trophy in


here. Now it was a pretty epic challenge.


To run 38 marathons in just 40 days across the length of Britain from


John O'Groats to Land's End. Paralympian Richard Whitehead set


out on his charity run back in August. The 37—year—old made a brief


stop in Nottingham earlier this month. And today we're delighted to


tell you he made it. He arrived in Land's End to a rapturous welcome as


David George reports. The 38th and final finish in the marathon of


marathons. You would think a Paralympic gold medal in the 200


metres in London 2012 and record single marathon times would be


enough but Richard Whitehead says all that was simply training for


this. He started in the middle of August and has been running for


almost every day since all stop he has had just four days off and


covered almost 1000 miles. I just wanted to prove that I am not just a


one trick pony with the 200 metres, it is a lot up here and battling


hills and the conditions. Ultimately, it is rigid against


Richard and hopefully I got to the finish. His mother says Brown is not


a big enough word. She reckons that her son's determination came from


how the boy with no legs was treated at school. We had to overcome a lot


of barriers and when they say that I can't do it, they will show that


they will. Everything that he tried, he did his best in and succeeded.


Along the way, Richard has been joined by other marathon runners and


they struggle to keep up today as Richard Whitehead sped towards the


How wonderful is that! Amazing. Time million for charity.


How wonderful is that! Amazing. Time now for the weather. The Sunshine


State away. The club was too thick for the


sunshine. —— cloud. We did not see lovely, warm temperatures today. In


a stunningly clear now. It is happening a bit too late, where it


does start to clear across the southern part of the region, we will


start to see some mist fog two. This is how it looks at the moment, we


are still sitting under a blanket of cloud, part of Leicestershire and


Rutland and also Notts as well will start to see some mist fog


developing. Some fairly dense fog patches. A fairly mild night


tonight, at temperatures falling no lower than 13 Celsius. A multisite


start the day tomorrow. When we start is in the mist an fog, it will


take time to lift, into the afternoon we are hoping to see a bit


more brightness at times for Tuesday. That should warmly


temperatures up a little bit. They will probably exceed 20 Celsius when


the sun starts to break through. In the region of 21 or 22 Celsius. A


gentle southeasterly breeze. We have the warmer weather staying to the


next few days. There is a weather front on Wednesday working its way


down from the north—east are in the country. The cloud announced on


Wednesday will be affected by that. We will start off well after the


mist an fog clears. The high pressure will move, it will move


towards the end of the week to move towards the North Sea. The low


pressure is waiting to come in. If you shout was on Thursday and it


will change again by Friday. I will cling to the Sunday for the rest of


the week.


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