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This is East Midlands Today with Jo Healey and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, the cash—strapped county council that could be forced to sell


its own HQ. They can't rule out a sell—off era Derbyshire county


council and they are also warning of losses and 1600 jobs. Also screams


and silence. The last moments of a mother and her toddler stabbed to


death at their home. Pass from Japan to Alaska, after 150 days, it is a


hot bath for rugs will and —— rubber roller.


Now it is Leicester City versus Derby County tonight in the league


cup. Good evening. First tonight, the


council warning of devastating cuts to services and jobs. Derbyshire


County Council can't even rule out selling off its own headquarters.


It's got to slash the budget by £157 million over five years. Front line


services will be hit and 1,600 people could lose their jobs. Mike


O'Sullivan is at county hall in Matlock.


Mike, what has the council been saying today?


The Labour leadership here have been saying they had been placed in an


impossible situation by the government, the government would say


there is a lot less money around for local government these days, get on


with it, deliver value. This is where some of those tough decisions


need to be made. The council chamber starting with a meeting next


Wednesday and at the moment, everything seems to be up on the


year. Nothing is off limits. County Hall is magnificent but expensive


and the county council hasn't ruled out selling it off. Dan at the


library in Matlock, users are passionate about their service. They


don't want to see more service cuts. If would and be a shame to see


things being lost. ) this is a centre for people with learning


disabilities in Long Eaton. Adult care services is the biggest budget


of the county council. Now at risk of being slashed. This is what we


spend on services this year. The council leaders showed me a bar


chart which sums up the council was my predicament. £157 million of cuts


in five years. Nearly a third of spending. When you're talking about


a third of the budget, I think front line cuts are almost inevitable.


That really causes me a huge amount of personal pain because this is not


what I or the 64 other councillors came into politics to do. 1600 jobs,


the equivalent of 844 full—time post could go. The Conservatives made


cuts and £70 million while they were here. Shedding 1200 jobs. Now they


say the actors got to fall again. Is important that we do not forget why


they this happen. There is no way which borrowing money to sustain


economic growth and employment in this country was ever going to be


sustainable long—term. The county council could tear up with local


authorities to share services and save money. Working with other


councils and other public sector partners on health and social care


is one way that they could save money, the council has also asked


for a meeting with Eric Pickles, the community secretary, he is a busy


guy, he has so far refused to meet them. He will say to them, lots of


other councils are in the same boat. An inquest has heard details of the


horrific moments before three people were found fatally stabbed at a


Derbyshire cottage. A pregnant woman, her young son, and her former


partner were all found in Holbrook three years ago. A neighbour says


she heard screaming coming from Rachael Slack's cottage, seconds


after Rachael had begged her to ring the police. James Roberson reports.


In June the 2nd 2010, Rachael Slack and her son were all found dead with


the cottage in Holbrook. The neighbours gave evidence today. This


is —— she said that she heard her neighbour calling to call the


police. She glimpsed a man behind Rachel, Mrs Wade dialled 909 and


started speaking and she heard screaming. If you minutes later, a


policeman arrived in the neighbours help him to break through a window


at the house. Mrs Wade told the inquest that she sent to the


officer, can you see how? He said, she is lying on top of the child and


there is a man lying on top of her. Adrian Ward with the glasses was the


first paramedic to arrive at the cottage. He climbed in through the


window and saw the stout bodies. He could see they were lifeless but in


the living room he found a release of a site giving mouth to mouth ——


he found a police officer giving mouth—to—mouth to the child. He was


convinced the child was dead because the circulation was broken but in


the heat of the battle he must act as if there is a chance and do what


is possible. Police office on the Sadler carried the child to hospital


and was pronounced dead. Still to come, more new houses, a


freeze on fuel bills and a better Britain. New Pledges from Ed


Miliband in Brighton today. We'll have local reaction to what Ed said,


later. It was nice to see sunshine today, albeit briefly. If you are


having to do anything outdoors, the warmer temperatures will stay with


us until Friday, low pressure is waiting in the wings for the


weekend. Police have confirmed that two


bodies found off the coast of Jersey are that of 56—year—old Derbyshire


businessman Carl Whitely and his wife Kathryn. The couple lived near


Ilkeston. They were returning from France, when their twin—engine


Cessna ditched about five miles from land earlier this month. Jersey


Police are still investigating the crash, along with the Air Accidents


Investigation Branch. Detailed plans have been unveiled


for the replacement of the house in Derby where six children died. Work


started to demolish the former Philpott family home on Victory Road


earlier this month. Mick and Mairaid Philpott were both jailed for the


manslaughter of their children. Now Derby city council says it hopes to


replace the property and the one next door with two new houses and


three flats. A freeze on on rising energy bills, votes for 16—year—olds


and the creation of new "green" jobs. Some of the new policies


outlined by Ed Miliband today. But one of the biggest impacts for the


East Midlands is likely to be the Labour leader's announcement of a


massive new house building programme: one million new homes


nationally over the lifetime of a Labour government. He even talked of


creating new towns to meet the country's housing shortage. Over to


Brighton and our Political Editor John Hess. So, what's the reaction


this evening to his big plan and what could it mean for our region?


There was certainly able lot in the speech. I will touch on housing in a


minute. There was a big cheer for when the Labour leader pledged to


reverse the controversial policy he took the son of the millionaires.


Here is an easier way to remember it. David Cameron was a prime


minister who introduced the bedroom tax. I will be the prime minister


who repeals the bedroom tax. Lets get reaction. If you were writing


headlines for Ed Miliband's speed, how would you reported? Your gas and


electricity will be frozen for two years. Instead of a government that


has stood idly by while profits go up. There will be many communities


in the East Midlands thinking tonight that there was the last


government housing target, we will not have to go through that again?


Planning is important, we have the little green spaces, I am renting at


the moment, I would love to buy my own house. That is so important to


people. It is important to enable people to get on. You have got to


big mark Spencer. Let's bring in Leonie Mathers, who hopes to be the


next MP for Sherwood, if Labour can unseat Mark Spencer. What pledges


scorcher it today? I know to speaking to people on high Street


that times are tough. I think they cut to small business rate and


keeping a low the year after will be important. We need a shot in the


arm. Votes at 16, does it matter? There are a lot of young people


looking at the government and they think that they do not get it. I


would have voted at 16. I think it is fantastic, you can get married,


go to work pay your taxes, you can join the army, I think you are


entitled. Do the speeches make any difference? They set the tone and it


has certainly set the tone today. After 150 days at sea, an adventurer


from Rutland has completed her latest epic journey rowing solo from


Japan to Alaska. Sarah Outen capsized fives time during her


journey across the North Pacific. And it almost ended in disaster when


she narrowly missed being hit by a cargo ship as Eleanor Garnier


reports. Battered by high winds and brutal weather, but finally on dry


land, after 150 days at sea, crossing the North Pacific, the


Rutland adventurer, Sarah Outen reached a lack the —— Alaska. Has


been monumental, the highs and lows have been extreme. It has really


been the most demanding expedition. I wondered if the boat and I had


enough to finish. This was her second attempt at the expedition.


She most died when a tropical storm force to abandon it last year. She


has capped stylist —— capsize five times and narrowly missed being hit


by a cargo ship. There is relief at home. She is so determined, I am


proud of what she has done, it has been a long haul, very difficult in


the middle, with adverse winds and currents pushing her backwards and


forwards and North and South, I am relieved that she is on them. Sarah


Belushi is the first person to have road from to Alaska on more than


4000 300 miles and all part of her mission to complete a continuous


loop of the world by cycling, kayaking and rowing.


Have a rest! The team hoping to win the title of UK City of Culture for


Leicester next year have just six days left to finish the final bid.


Competing against Hull, Dundee and Swansea Bay, they have to produce


ten ideas that will tantalise the judges and clinch the title. Well,


in the first of our series examining what it could mean for Leicester,


our arts reporter Geeta Pendse was given exclusive access behind the


scenes. I don't believe in! We are through!


The joy of making it to the final four, that was the beginning. Since


then, a group of volunteers from Leicester's art scene and


universities and business community have worked with the city council to


promote and write the bid. We have disabled the activity is. The top of


activity. A key activity for a tender signing the carnival events.


With six weeks ago and hundreds of ideas, it is not an easy task. It


needs to be an accessible destination. To me, King Richard III


outdoor spectacular is one of the things that makes this distinct.


Geoffroy runs the comedy Festival. I think the expectation, there are a


lot of people expecting a lot from this, there is a lot of people who


want the idea is to be considered and a lot of what we do is set the


framework for how things can be delivered and how the whole thing


could be successful. What is on the drawing board? And outdoor


performance of Richard III over several days, a series of events


over the theme of elimination on the valley. The county market towns. In


a programme for children and young people. It will look very much like


this. September nine and it is two weeks until deadline. The bid is


starting to take shape. It has been a phenomenal task to get all the


work in the right place. I think the ideas we have about the story of


Richard III will blow people away. I think the way that we using light


and elimination and pyrotechnics and fire and flame will blow people


away. As Leicester put the finishing touches, so too will the teams in


Dundee, Hull and Swansea. All are hoping their ideas will deliver a


year a year of —— a year of ideas to impress the judges. What about the


competition? I had been watching them closely and they all have a


different offer, Hull has been incredibly proactive over the


summer. In fact, they have committed to 1500 cultural events should they


win. They invited over the woman in charge, Londonderry's city of


culture this year. Dundee, one of the other competitors, they have a


huge plan to revamp the waterfront in the city, it has been announced


recently that the Victoria and Albert Museum plans to build a


museum in Dundee, the first outside of London. There is Swansea, Swansea


Bay, Swansea and the Bay region. They were the bookies favourites at


the short list. They have some high—profile backers including


Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Sheen. Thank you.


Still to come in Sport, it's a League Cup night. What's more, it's


Derby vs Leicester. Plus I have come to get some gardening tips from this


young fellow, he is the young school gardener of the year. Is that all


right? They say travel broadens the mind.


Well, academics at Leicester's De Montfort University are certainly


taking that to heart. They're now offering half of their students the


chance to study overseas. And that's a bit of a first. At the moment,


only around 6% of UK undergraduates spend time abroad as part of their


courses. Simon Ward reports. Freshers and current students are


arriving for the term. They are arriving at De Montfort University


the study as others have fun. Now was there the of more. They could go


to Brazil, they could work in Sao Paulo during the World Cup. They


have also got the opportunity to go to north—east China to go to the


only university. There are a mass of exciting things they could do.


Students will have to pay something themselves but it is subsidised by


the University with the income generated from a high number of


international students paying the study. I know people who live in


Latin America. I will try to jump on it and get out. We will be able to


see how they study overseas. I would be interested. To travel and see the


world is what most students dream of. This'll make a massive


difference. De Montfort University things at other universities will


follow in its footsteps in offering other places overseas. He went


abroad for your degree? Yes, I was in Spain.


It's League Cup tonight and the stand out game is an all East


Midlands affair. Derby are visiting Leicester. The Foxes' proud history


in the competition, three—time winners, set against Derby's memory


of a 2009 semifinal. Off to Leicester in a moment, but first


we've caught up with Rams' boss Nigel Clough.


In one week, two local derbies for the Rams and the first against


Leicester, the knowledge that the foxes have had the upper hand


lately. We look at the next batch of seven matches that we have got and


it is a tougher one than the start. With the cup draw up we have


Leicester away and Forest away on Saturday. It makes the hard couple


of weeks. However big the game, no mind games. Nigel Clough speaks with


once. And Pearson has passion and the attitude to whether the


speculation about his job security. You get to the stage where you don't


worry about certain things and you can say to hell with everything. If


it happens, it happens. If you lose your job, you lose your job. When


you get to that stage it is much easier to do with things. Darby


remembered in 2009 what Leicester well know. The glory days there were


four the taking. The way the boys treat the company —— politician. It


is the first time we have got through a few rounds for a few


seasons. The semifinal against Manchester United is the highlight.


To get any further means beating the three—time winners tired. ——


tonight. So, let's talk about those


three—time winners, shall we? Leicester City have lost just once


this season and won six of the last seven games against Derby. They're


third in the Championship table. So, the King Power a happy place for


Mark Shardlow to visit. Derby are unbeaten away from home


this season, Leicester are beaten at the King —— unbeaten at the King


Power Stadium. With me is Alan Young. Leicester are third in the


lead. They have been some great performances, especially against


Wigan. Not so great a Blackpool but in the second half we won the game.


In theory it was a late one. Tonight I think both clubs could do without


this one. Is the league cup, it is seven games in three weeks. If you


were a manager, would you make changes to your team tonight?


Absolutely, I have got ten changes. I don't think he will do that. You


have got to keep all of your players in these quad —— the squad. They


need to come into the first—team at some stage and come to perform. You


need to them fit. With so many games coming up, you don't want extra


time. You don't want extra time and penalties. Alan Young there.


Also in Cup action are Forest, they're off to Burnley tonight with


big changes expected for the Forest team. Both games are on your BBC


Local Radio station and we'll have results here later and goals


tomorrow. In cricket, Derbyshire and


Nottinghamshire have begun their final County Championship games of


the season both trying to avoid relegation. It's Derbyshire who are


most at risk, stepping out against Warwickshire needing a good win to


give themselves a chance of survival. They started pretty well,


too, taking regular wickets early on but then stalling, eventually


leaving Warwickshire on 285 for eight at the close — two bowling


points so far. Chris Woakes the man frustrating Derbyshire.


They'll be watching events at Trent Bridge carefully. For Derbyshire to


survive, one of Somerset or Nottinghamshire will have to go


down. Bridge carefully. For Derbyshire to


survive, one of Somerset or Notts definitely on top after day one.


Some great batting from Lumb and Hussey.


One of Leicester Tigers' star players could be out for several


months. players could be out for several


Manu Tuilagi is waiting the results of an examination to an injured


chest. He's certain to miss England's Autumn internationals and


a number of key games for Leicester. Towards the end of the game on


Saturday he made a tackle and hurt his arm and he has had a partial


tear of the pectoral muscle of his chest. He sees better today to see


the extent of that. At this point we don't know how serious or how Long


term that will be, it will certainly be a few weeks.


Meanwhile the Tigers are launching a wheelchair rugby team. They're going


to play in the UK league from next month. The team will also join up


with the existing Marauders club to play as Leicester Tigers in European


competition. The venture's supported by the Matt Hampson foundation and


follows a boost in the sport following London 2012.


For most seven—year—olds, a garden is simply a place to kick a ball or


climb a tree. But for young Ben Rockley from Nottinghamshire a


garden opens up a host of other even more exciting possibilities. Ben's


just been crowned Young School Gardener of the Year by the Royal


Horticultural Society. Carol Hinds went to meet him.


Ben Rockley is a boy with a passion for gardening. September is a busy


month for the seven—year—old from the school in Kimberley. It is a


good time to play Gaelic —— plans garlic and rocket. His school


entered him into the Royal horticultural Society search for


young school gardeners. He knew what he was doing, we toured and some


again he remembered it, he remembered plant names and he was


absolutely taken with that. He'd beat three other finalists in the


five to seven—year—old category to scoop the title for Key stage one.


Today at a special assembly he received prizes and a gardening


session with one of the competition judges. Is is important for a child


to learn the basics —— the place a seed has. He also met the Duchess of


Cornwall and one £500 in vouchers for the school. We have bought some


new raised bed so we can grow more vegetables and we are thinking about


getting a greenhouse. Bennett hopes to make a career out of gardening,


in fact, he has got his eye on a plum job. I would like to be the


next blue Peter Gardner. I am sure he would get the job! From green


fingered to green dress. It is quoting different satellite


picture to show you this evening whether clearer skies have been


through the day, there are brighter skies. We were quite close to 22 or


23 Celsius this afternoon. Although it has turned hazy now, there we


have clear stats, we will see mist and fog developing into the early


hours and also it is going to be another humid night tonight, staying


mild, even for the next couple of nights in fact, there are still a


bit more cloud across the north—east of the region and that is going to


remain there for the time into the early hours, whether rates remain


across the South, that is where mist and fog is more likely. Tonight, the


matches will only dropped to 14 of 15 Celsius. It is a murky start


first thing tomorrow morning, the mist and fog will come from the


early part of the morning, we will start to see the skies brightening


up from the south of the region more. From the north, we start with


a patchy light rain and drizzle and it will go into the afternoon when


it comes to sunshine again. That averages are around 20 Celsius. A


gentle wind and variable tomorrow certainly right. We will see a


change in the weather as we approach the weekend. Not so much for


Thursday. Thursday, again, start with the mist and fog around, and


easterly breeze picking up as well on Thursday. The skies will start to


brighten gradually into the afternoon. Temperatures will drop by


a degree or two. 70 Celsius will be the maximum. Low—pressure waiting to


comment. —— 17 Celsius will be maximum. It will start to push this


area of rain as well. At the moment we will see the low pressure on the


evening on Saturday. Call the conditions are coming back. It has


been very warm for this time of the year. It has been amazing. I will be


here for the late news that 10:35pm. All of the football results. I can't


wait! Goodbye.


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