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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Fury as British Gas workers force their way into a flat with no gas


supply. The owner had told them there was no supply and she cannot


believe they still broken. It was a violation of my puberty. How can


they just enter the home. A cracker dries in the cases of head and neck


cancers. You have heard of strawberry picking, now a novel new


way to shop for chilies. Good evening and welcome to


Thursday's programme. First tonight, A woman says she feels violated and


vulnerable after her flat was broken into by British Gas. Stephanie


MacDonald—Walker says the energy company entered her Leicester home


while she was out at work. The company claims it was because they


believed she owed them money. But, there is no gas supply at the flat.


Helen Astle reports. Stefanie moved into her flat in Leicester four


months ago. It is the first time she has lived alone and she says her


flat is her pride and joy. She was stunned to discover British Gas had


entered the flat while she was at work over an unpaid bill that was


not hers. When I saw the note, I did not know what was going on. It was


just total violation of my puberty. Who are these people that they can


just enter someone's home? She received a letter from British Gas


about the unpaid bill. She phoned them and said it was not hers. She


thought the matter had been resolved. I felt I had been burgled.


But nothing had gone. Who has been in my apartment? Is there anything


missing? My instinct was to ring the police that the police said there


was nothing they could do because it was a dispute between myself,


British Gas and by landlord. Who can do that? Who can come in to your


home when you think you have locked your door, do a days work and then


come back and find someone has done through everything? It is sketchy.


Really scary. I feel violated and vulnerable. British Gas say they


appreciate how distressing this has been. They go on to say they are


investigating the incident as a matter of urgency. She has been


offered £150 in compensation. She has turned it down. She says it is


not about the money but the invasion of privacy.


We checked and British Gas were perfectly within their rights to


enter Stephanie's property under the Rights of Entry Act of 1954. In


fact, British Gas told us that last year it had entered the homes of


23,183 electricity customers and 29,178 gas customers using warrants.


All that is of course no consolation to Stephanie. Tonight British Gas


increased their offer of compensation to her from £150 to


£1000 but Stephanie says it's not about the money and she is unsure


she'll accept. Next tonight, an international


fraudster has been jailed for seven years after one of the most complex


investigations ever carried out by Derbyshire Police. The conman duped


innocent investors into handing over huge sums of money over a period of


years. Detectives say many of his victims lost their houses, their


businesses and even their life savings because of the scam. Sarah


Teale reports. This is one of the major players behind an


international fraud which conned millions of pounds from dozens of


investors. Graham Mills arrived at Nottingham Crown Court with his


backpack this morning ready to be sent to prison. The 48—year—old and


fellow conspirators set up fake companies and duped victims into


investing in them. The scam netted a total of £9 million. The fraud only


came to light when one of the victims, in investor, became


suspicious and went to the police. He handed over tens of thousands of


pounds including his life savings to the conmen. Derbyshire police


discovered he was one of many who would never see his money again.


Some have been left completely penniless. They have lost life


savings. Males who run the fraud from Thailand pleaded guilty to


three charges including conspiracy to fraud. The judge said he did not


believe the testimony from males that he had only received some


£130,000 from the £9 million fraud. I do believe he has more knowledge


of where the money as and he has sown —— showed no sign of trying to


repatriate the money back to the victims. He was sentenced to a total


of seven years in prison. Still to come. Advice on what


Leicester can expect if it becomes UK City of Culture from the man


behind Liverpool's cultural success. It is the spirit of cooperation and


optimism and aspiration within the city. Whoever gets it will


experience the same thing. Police say a man from Leicester who


was murdered at a club night in Birmingham has been deserted by his


closest friends. It's more than five weeks since Sylvester Koroma was


killed and officers say their investigation is being frustrated by


a wall of silence. Eleanor Garnier reports. Killed by a single bullet.


Sylvester, a father from Leicester, shot and fatally injured at a


Birmingham club night in August. More than five weeks since his death


and police say the closest friends are holding their investigation


back. If you look at some of the witnesses who have not given


statements, they say if his best friends have not given statements


why should they. It appears that he was popular when alive but now he is


dead, all his close friends appear to have deserted him. Eight people


have been arrested and bailed in connection with the murder. Officers


are certain the answers to what happened lies in Leicester. They


emphasise you can call the police anonymously. We will take statements


of them. We would give evidence behind a screen in court. The family


say Sylvester lit up the room with his smile. They cannot hold the


funeral until that is further progress in the police


investigation. They still do not know the motive for this murder.


Detectives here say they are determined to solve this crime. They


say the pressure is now on the friends of the victim who wait to


Sylvester and his grieving family to break their silence.


The family of a Nottinghamshire man who was shot and his wife killed in


the attack on a Kenyan shopping centre have spoken of their


devastation. Niall Saville from Newark was working in Nairobi. He


and his wife Moon Hee Kang were caught up in Saturday's attack. His


parents, from Farndon, have flown out to be at their son's hospital


bedside. In a statement from both families, Moon Hee Kang was


described as a bright, loving, kind and genuine person who'll be greatly


missed. A report into the death of a


13—year—old girl who was killed by a tram has recommended improvements to


the horns on the vehicles. Lyndsey Inger was killed ten months ago at


the crossing at Bestwood in Nottingham. The Rail Accident


Investigation Report says trams should install a more urgent audible


warning system. It also suggests better lighting at the pedestrian


crossing. The Leicestershire fire service says


solar panels started a primary school blaze during yesterday's


firefighters' strike. It started on the roof of Mercenfield Primary in


Markfield when many firefighters across the East Midlands had walked


out in a row over pensions. The school will be closed again


tomorrow, but hopes to reopen next week.


Record numbers of head and neck cancers are being diagnosed in the


East Midlands. It's the sixth most common cancer and cases have been


increasing. Doctors are concerned that many cases are being picked up


too late. Now they're urging people to be on the lookout for some of the


classic symptoms and get help soomer. Our health correspondent Rob


Sissons reports. —— sooner. Life is busy for Nicole with her favourite


old twins and the 44—year—old feels lucky to have gotten over cancer of


her tonsils. I had severe sore throat but I put that down to life,


working, children and stress. I never thought anything of it. It was


when an abscess developed on her neck that she went for a scan and it


revealed the cancer. The lump appeared on my neck. Within a few


hours it looked as if I had swallowed an orange. Innovative


laser treatment got rid of the tumour. Classic symptoms include a


sore throat, bloody nasal discharge, changing voice. You must


get in touch for medical help if you have three of these symptoms. The


cancer can turn up in any other city places in the head and neck. Smoking


and alcohol are the biggest risk factors. The outcome for late stage


cancers are not very good. They have performed amazing work was up from


where she was the is like today, it is fabulous. I just have to think of


the future because I am still here. I have to try and make the most of


it. The Care Quality Commission has told


Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust it must make improvements to comply


with national standards. It follows a review at Kings Mill Hospital


earlier this year. Inspectors assessed eight of the national


standards of quality and safety, and found just three were being met.


They'll be returning to check whether the issues raised have been


addressed. Police have stepped up their search


for a missing teenager from Mansfield. 14—year—old Ciaran Sweeny


ran away from his home on the town's Oak Tree Lane Estate 12 days ago and


has not been seen by his family since. Officers visited Ciaran's


school friends today. They believe someone's giving him food and


shelter and are urging them to come forward.


More than two thousand people have signed a petition to try to save


Snibston Discovery Museum in Leicestershire from closure. The


future of the visitor attraction in Coalville is in doubt after the


County Council announced plans to cut 110 million pounds from its own


budget over the next five years. The council has said it will struggle to


keep giving the museum £740,000 a year.


The dangers of a notorious accident blackspot, where several people have


died, have been filmed by villagers and posted online to try to force


improvements. The stretch of the A614 near its junction with


Bilsthorpe has seen numerous serious accidents. Now local people are


demanding action. Quentin Rayner. A group says it set up five cameras at


the junction and posted the video online. Every few hours they capture


the dangerous place where motorists tried to join the Lord. The examples


of dangerous overtaking. An officer assessed the dangerous for them. The


tractor driver felt the only way he could cross the road was to pull


out. Many people have told me they feel terrified on this stretch of


road. Nothing should —— Nottinghamshire county council said


they had been looking at the feasibility of installing traffic


light. We need to do something about this before anybody else's injured


or killed. That does have some traffic light and sort the problem


out once and for all. Those who made the video say it is a choice between


spending money or further deaths. The council says any claim that


funding has been withdrawn is not true because it has not been part of


a programme. He's known for cult shows like


Grange Hill and Brookside but Phil Redmond is also the man behind the


idea of a UK City of Culture. It came about after the success of


Liverpool's year as a European Capital of Culture. So in the last


of our series on Leicester's bid, our Arts reporter Geeta Pendse went


to meet the Merseyside producer to find out if the cultural year has


left a legacy in Liverpool. Liverpool! From one of their most


famous exports to a giant spider, Liverpool was capital of culture in


2008. 10 million visitors were attracted and £800 million was


generated into the economy. The financial investments in European


capital of culture is much greater than the UK version. In Liverpool,


the City Council spent millions of pounds on cultural events. It also


coincided with the opening of this £500 million shopping centre and the


music arena. Can the UK version make a difference to Leicester? The man


behind cult shows like Grange Hill and Brookside certainly thinks so.


Phil Redmond was part of Liverpool 's year and the UK version was his


brainchild. The investment and infrastructure was welcome. It was


not a great number of jobs that were created. The issue was we had


forgotten who we were. We had forgotten about the plate tradition


and culture. A study by the universities in Liverpool said the


perception of liveable changed during the year. If that's still the


case five years on? We got a lot out of it. It brought a lot of jobs to


the city but everything is gone now. It was a great atmosphere. It is


noticeable that the city is now full of tourists. People have taken a


title and used it as a badge of falsity to go out and enjoy


themselves and come together and work in cooperation. They realise


they can achieve things if they simply decide to do it. Most


financial investment was key, one of the biggest changes is a change of


image and a renewed sense of identity. It is up to Leicester to


prove it has the potential to do the same.


And if you missed any of our series on Leicester's City of Culture bid


you can see them all by logging on to bbc.co.uk/eastmidlandstoday Just


scroll down and click on the city of culture link.


Listeners to BBC Radio Derby shared a very personal moment with one of


the station's best—known presenters this morning. Colin Bloomfield, who


presents the Breakfast show, decided to tell his audience that he's been


diagnosed with cancer and it could be serious. Colin, who's 31, hopes


that talking openly about the challenges he faces may help others


in a similar position. James Roberson reports. I am hoping for


good news on the lung biopsy. This biopsy. Full stop. Colin told


listeners about his diagnosis. He originally had an aggressive skin


cancer kept out of his leg a few years ago. It seems it has returned.


I found a lump under my groin. I got it checked out. The CT scan was


done. It showed there were lesions on my liver and nodules on my lungs.


He has been open about the condition with colleagues and sisters. He


knows there are thousands of other settlers out there. It raises


awareness of skin cancer. It is a fast—growing cancer among young


people. I hope the message goes out. Talking with Sally Pepper, he


explains he will go forward a biopsy tomorrow and maybe off work for some


time. He also revealed his doctors warned him the condition may be very


serious. I want to make sure I am here in 50 years time. I am not


going to be a statistic. Not exactly a run of the mill day at


the office for Colin, but hopefully his positive attitude and all the


support he's getting will help see him through. It is time for the


sport now. Yes the big derby match is this


weekend, as if we needed to remind Forest and Derby fans. The game is


on Saturday at the City Ground. The build up has started already. Derby


manager Nigel Clough admits he doesn't look forward to these games


but knows it's a huge fixture for supporters. I think they have


enjoyed the trips to the ground in the last few seasons. For many years


we did not get anything there at all. It is nice to give them some


happiness in that department. We hope it continues on Saturday for


them. Well, talking of fans, today we met


a very excited and lucky Nottingham Forest one. Imagine if your


favourite player is the captain and imagine if he popped round to your


house, with a unique ticket to the biggest game of the season! Here's


Kirsty Edwards to explain more. We are after the house of a young lad


who is celebrating his eighth birthday today. He is a huge forest


fan and Chris is his favourite player. Chris is asked to give him a


special surprise. I feel like Cilla Black. I'm not saying, do not worry


exhibition make you look disappointed. I you hardly question


Mike Hardy did not expect to see Chris on his doorstep. He will be a


mascot at the derby game on Saturday. A dream come true. I


cannot imagine what was going through his mind when he opened the


door. It is just something to treasure for ever. We will tell


everybody and anyone. Yes, brilliant. It is a lovely thing to


do and a nice thing for us to be able to give back the supporters. I


bet you would have loved one of the football ideals to come and see you


in your house Mr Mark? I would have been in shock. I did not know what


to do. I was nervous as well. He is going to have a fantastic


opportunity to experience the game as close as he possibly can get.


And we'll have more from both Forest and Derby camps tomorrow.


Some sad football news now. Ron Fenton has died at the age of 73. Mr


Fenton, seen here sat next to Brian Clough, was part of the coaching


staff at Nottingham Forest for 16 seasons, six of which were spent as


assistant manager to Brian. He also had a managerial spell across the


Trent with Notts County between 1975 and 1977.


At Leicester City confirmation today that midfielder Neil Danns has gone


out on loan for three months to Bolton.


In cricket, Derbyshire have been relegated from Division One of the


County Championship after being bowled out for 103 against


Warwickshire this morning. They put up a good fight over the season,


winning three championship matches. But their failure in this weeks game


to gain any batting bonus points guaranteed the safety of


Nottinghamshire and Somerset. Rugby and England and Leicester


Tigers centre Manu Tuilagi faces two months out with a torn pectoral


muscle. The good news is he doesn't need surgery. That is a real sport.


—— that is all your support. —— your sport.


Now we have probably all done a bit of strawberry picking at one time or


another but one farmer in Nottinghamshire's come up with a


novel idea to pick—your—own chillis! Bob Price from Rollerston has over


30 varieties and grows one of the hottest chillies in the world. We


sent Rebecca Sheeran to the taste test! The centre is just one of a


handful in the country. It is nice to bring this to the people so that


they can see what is available. What about for people like me who cannot


eat anything hotter than a chicken korma? This is very mild. It has got


a kick to it. Take a little bit of the end. That is a little bit


hotter. That is definitely hot. I could not handle the heat but Bob


has plenty of customers who can. It is nice to see somebody doing


something different. Having somebody being able to tell you this is sweet


and this has a citrus flavour is great. They are unbelievable. These


are ones we have kept back for ourselves. They are Trinidad


scorpions. Can you eat these? Not raw, they are very hot. Bob hopes he


will be going for many years to come. She is still a bit Gatsby and


flushed. They were gorgeous. The weather has not been bad of


late. As far as the night goes, we should just see the odd sunny spell.


The cloud will thicken as we go into the early hours of Friday morning.


The temperatures down to around 12 Celsius. A little bit cooler than


the last couple of nights. Although it will be cloudy early on, plenty


of sunny spells and by the afternoon I see no reason why we should not


see widespread sunshine for a time. Temperatures will be up to 17


Celsius maybe even 18 Celsius. Into the weekend, it is going to be


fairly bright and sunny and a little bit warmer particularly on


Saturday. We have the milder air halving —— holding of the colder


air. Despite all this pressure swirling around, the high pressure


is just sending the low pressure to the south. We can be assured of a


dry weekend and a bright weekend at times. A lot of sport going on this


weekend. It should be dry and plate for the lot of them. It sounds very


nice. I you doing the late news question Mike yes.


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