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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and Dominic Heale.


Tonight: a third of Derbyshire's fire stations could close to save


money. Dozens of firefighters' jobs could also go. Bosses say the


service has to change. We have had a reduction of 62% in fires, therefore


we have got to change our delivery service. Also tonight, Steve


McClaren is the new man at Pride Park. Hopefully Things Will Work


Out. Plus, As A Giant New Landmark Is Moved Into Position, There Is


Talk Of Another Tramline For Nottingham. And the grand design


with big ideas. Good evening and welcome to Monday's


programme. First tonight, a third of Derbyshire's fire stations could


close under major changes planned for the county's fire service.


Budget cuts of around 40% could also lead to the loss of around a quarter


of full—time firefighters' posts. Tonight the government has said the


fire service may need to share its resources in order to save the


money. Well, our reporter Simon Hare is at


one of the stations under threat. Simon, what more do we know about


these proposals? This fire station in Derby was only redeveloped in


March last year. Under these proposals, all three fire stations


in Derby could close and be replaced with one single, central station. It


is because of a predicted 40% cut in the fire service budget over the


next few years. These changes have been described to me today as the


biggest shake—up in fire service cover in Derbyshire since 1947.


Derbyshire firefighters at a house that was struck by lightning in


July. Under the proposals announced today, the nearest fire station to


this incident in the future will be at Ripley and Ilkeston. Other


closures would see all three fire stations in Derby merged into one


new Central Station. There are currently 31 fire stations across


Derbyshire. Under the proposed closures and mergers, that would go


down to 20. 78 full—time firefighter posts would also be lost. That is


around a quarter of the current total. Over the last ten years the


service has seen a reduction of 50% in its call ratio, but we haven't


made any significant change to how we deliver service. We have had a


reduction of 62% in fires. We have got to change how we deliver the


service. When people pick up the phone and dial 999, is a vehicle


going to turn up? That will happen and it is a guarantee. The


government's minister has said savings could be made in other ways.


We should be looking at whether it shares across boundaries. And how it


shares with other parts of the blue light service. The local authority


is well could make sure there is not this duplication of rising costs.


And that the money is funnelled into the front line service that we love,


protect and want to keep. Tonight, there is a branch meeting of the


Fire Brigades Union taking place. Earlier, I spoke to the chairman of


the fur brigade union for his reaction to these proposals —— Fire


Brigades Union. The implications of this, the resilience within the


organisation, is very worrying. Could be life—threatening? I would


hate to sensationalise this but potentially it could. Talking about


the response times of up to 75% of households will receive a fire


service within ten minutes, that will be reduced. That talk of lives


being put at risk has been dismissed as alarmist by the government


tonight. The finer details of all the closures will be put on the fire


service website from tomorrow. The public will then have 12 weeks in


which they can have their say. Thank you. Other news, the house in Derby


were six children were killed by their parents has been demolished.


Workmen have been taking 18 Victory Road, where the children of Mick and


Mairead Philpott died in May last year apart. The house next door has


already been knocked down. The work is expected to last another week.


New housing will then be built on the site.


A man's been 20—year—old Antoin Akpom died after


an attack on Kent Street in the city earlier this month. A 19—year—old


was arrested in Cardiff last night. Another 19—year—old has already been


charged with Mr Akpom's murder and will appear at Leicester Crown Court


at a later date. Still to come: A tricky manoeuvre in


the middle of the night. A tram bridge is moved into position over


Nottingham's ring road. And today there's talk of another


line being added to the tram network.


seven people have now been charged with murdering four members of the


same family in a house fire in Leicester. The bodies of Shehnila


Taufiq and her three teenage children were found at their home on


Wood Hill earlier this month. Our reporter Eleanor Garnier was at


Leicester Magistrates Court this morning and she joins us now.


Eleanor, can you bring us up to date? Two men appeared in court this


morning. A 19—year—old from Leicester and a 21—year—old who


lives in Leeds. They both face four counts of murder. The hearings


lasted just a couple of minutes each, and the men spoke only to


confirm their names, addresses and that they understood the charges.


They have both been remanded into custody and will appear at Leicester


Crown Court on Wednesday for a bail hearing. Take us back to when this


house fire happened. It was in the early hours of Friday the 13th of


September. For members of the family all died after flames engulfed their


home. Shehnila Taufiq, her 19—year—old daughter and her two


sons, they all died. Today's court appearances are in addition to some


earlier charges. Four people, to our both 19, as well as a 16—year—old


who cannot be named for legal reasons. They all appeared at the


magistrates on Saturday. They each face four counts of murder. Another


man, Kemo Porter, who's 18 and facing the same charges, was


remanded into custody earlier this month. That is seven people now in


total all accused of murdering four members of the same family. Thanks


for that. You're watching East Midlands Today.


One of the region's leading opponents of the proposed high speed


rail link through the East Midlands has been invited for talks with the


Prime Minister. The invitation to Andrew Bridgen, the North West


Leicestershire MP, came on the day that the Conservative Party


conference heard powerful arguments for HS2, despite concerns over


escalating costs. This report from Manchester is by our Political


Editor John Hess. The anti—HS2 elephant that greeted


conservative activists for their conference was deflated today. Could


it sense that the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin have


the political wind in his sales on backing HS2? In Manchester, I am


proud to support HS2, just as I am proud to support it in cities like


Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby, Glasgow and Birmingham. All the


great cities of this country. But outside the conference all, mixed


views for the party's rank—and—file. I don't think it will benefit the


expenditure. There are probably better ways of achieving the same


aims. I think it is actually good, if it brings jobs, and it also gets


investment outside London. I think that is a good thing. The North West


Leicestershire Tory MP is shown the latest campaign video by anti—HS2


campaigners. It may be rattling a few cages in Downing Street. It has


already won him his first HS2 one—to—one with David Cameron. I am


grateful to express to the Prime Minister migrate concerns, and I


believe the concerns of the majority of people in the country that this


whole project is spiralling out of control. Patrick McLoughlin the


Chancellor remain upbeat about HS2. The reality is that the image of the


white elephant is not going to go away soon.


20 shotguns and a stun gun are among weapons handed in as part of a


firearms amnesty in Leicestershire. It's been running for ten days. The


haul so far also includes 11 pistols, a revolver and nearly 100


bullets. Police say they started the county's first amnesty for a decade


to remove unwanted and unlicensed firearms from the streets. It


finishes on Sunday. The company which leases Mallory


Park race track in Leicestershire has been put into administration.


Mallory Park Motorsport Limited says it has suffered significant losses


after it was forced to limit the use of the track to two days a week.


This followed a breach of a noise order. Testing and racing has been


cancelled this week. The administrator hopes racing can be


enjoyed for years to come. Nearly £50,000 in legal fees has


been spent by governors at a troubled Leicester primary school.


The headteacher at Uplands Junior in Highfields was suspended by the city


council earlier this month and the governors' powers were removed. The


school's defended its spending between April and September, saying


it was partially for staff matters. The council's investigating.


Leicester's bid to become the next UK City of Culture was given a


colourful send—off this morning. The final document was brought into the


city on a vintage wagon accompanied by the Leicester rock band Kasabian.


The bid will go to Manchester, to be considered along with entries from


Dundee, Hull and Swansea Bay. Whilst the government is expected to make


its decision in November there was only one winner in Leicester today.


I think it is important for Leicester to move on as a city.


Especially with the arts now, pushing them forward. It should be


great for the city. Our kids live here now, our children, the king is


buried here as well. Next tonight, it's on the market for


more than a million pounds. But a big selling point is it will save


you money. That's because a new property at


Great Glen in Leicestershire is one of the country's first 'zero carbon'


homes. In three years' time, the government


wants all new homes to be zero carbon. So could the new home built


by a father and son team be the way forward? Jo Healey went to find out.


I have always wanted my Kevin Maguire to moment, and this is it.


And this is the grand design, and what makes this place so important


to you as it could mean no more fuel bills. That is because it has taken


technologies that are already around and combined them. So what is so


unique about the way this works? It is unique because we take the warm


from the sun during the summer when it is abundantly available, and we


push it into the ground, underneath the building, which is warmed, and


we take it back in the winter to heat the house. So it is the storing


of the energy from the sun that matters. Not that bills would


probably bother you too much if you could afford this, but there is a


lot of interest, and not just from buyers. For the next year, a team of


experts will be keeping a close eye on its efficiency. It is a really


exciting project. We want to see how the house is really performing in


winter. And then to see how it can be rolled out across a much wider


market, across the UK and maybe across Europe. How excited are you


buy all this? We are thrilled. We are looking forward to building more


houses like it. With no energy bills? The houses will be completely


self—sufficient for energy. That's an incentive for those of us who may


be afford —— able to afford a much smaller version.


We like that. Nottingham's tram network could be


extended with another new line and a link to the proposed new HS2 station


on the edge of the City. Talks are being held about taking


the tram out to the Eastwood area and to the high—speed hub at Toton


towards Derby. The news came as a new landmark tram


bridge was edged into place across one of Nottingham's busiest roads.


Mike O'Sullivan reports. Moved by special transporters and


lowered with incredible accuracy, this 1000 tonne tram Bridge has


become a new landmark in Nottingham. On Saturday night, waste across the


A52 dual carriageway. It was euphoria for the team that were


here. Many hours of preparation over the last few days have culminated in


a fantastic achievement for the team. The bridge is part of a £570


million extension of the tram network, building two new lines out


to Clifton and Chilwell with work due to finish next year. This bridge


is hugely impressive, but the scale of ambition for the tram network


does not end here. There is no talk of building a new line out to


Kimberley. Looking at Toton makes sense as the HS2 project develops.


We are having conversations, we have not got a definitive plan yet but


conversation continues and we need to work out what is realistic,


affordable and how we can achieve it. There will be a tram stop as the


elevated line goes past the hospital. Secondary glazing has been


put in place to stop the noise affecting patients. The next big


project is a bridge at Clifton, heart of the bridge there collapsed


earlier this month. The builders blame engineering design problems,


but say that beams are being remanufactured and the job will be


completed in November. One of ten bridges and supports being built for


the tram extension. A lot of digging going on in


Nottingham these days. Exciting stuff in sport. New manager, Colin?


Indeed. In just the last hour, Derby County have officially appointed


Steve McClaren as their new head coach. The former England,


Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest boss replaces Nigel Clough. Our


sports editor Natalie Jackson has been following the story and is life


for us. It has been a remarkable 48 hours.


Tonight, Steve McClaren is back in English management with his old club


Derby County. He was all smiles as he arrived for talks at Mallory


Park. —— Pride Park. It is great to come back. Hopefully things will


work out. Banks very much. The former England boss has been caught


at QPR since July. This is his third spell at Derby. He served as a


player, then assistant manager in the 90s, helping the club to the


Premier League. We have to be challenging for the play—offs.


Challenging to get into the top two and the Premier League. He replaces


Nigel Clough, who was sacked on Saturday just hours after defeat in


the local derby with Nottingham Forest. We have got to assess what


we have here. Excellent new players, a great style of football,


Nigel has done a great job. We have to develop that and make that


better. That is our job. We have two and a half years to do it. He posed


for photographs with fans and said he was aware he would have to work


within a budget. Ultimately you have to get the balance between the


ambitions of what you want, what the owners want, and there is ambitions


there. It has stabilised over the last three or four years and now


they want to push on. We are all in it together, we cannot wait to get


started. Steve McClaren will meet the media is the new Derby manager


at a press conference tomorrow. Natalie Jackson is at pride Park for


us. What today it been. What a day and what a 48 hours. Nigel Clarke,


sacked on Saturday night. Steve McClaren appointed as manager today.


A move which has divided fans. After Saturday, there was a slight


backlash. Some feeling that idle Clough has been harshly treated. He


has had to have the wage bill. Others felt that it was time for a


change. The club they want to get to the Premier League, they want to be


in the top six. They felt that they needed to bring in a new man. Steve


McClaren is that man. He will be in the stands here for the game with


Ipswich tomorrow. He will see his new team. Darren wassail will be the


caretaker coach. He will get a first look at his new side. Eric Steele,


also a former reader there —— former Derby player, will also be part of


the stuff. This story will rumble on. We will have more on our late


bulletin. Thank you very much indeed. Derby


were involved in a huge game on Saturday. The Nottingham Forest fans


certainly won't forget as it was the Reds who came out on top in the East


Midlands Derby. Kirsty Edwards looks back.


This is not just a game. It is the only one that matters doing the


season, the biggest game. I would love Derby to win. For these fans,


this is the big one. We were so nervous, I couldn't sleep last


night. Whoever wins will be walking a bit taller. Bragging rights and


the Brian Clough Trophy at stake. Pressure high on both sides. It was


forested started brighter, I great chance. Derby got themselves into it


and had their chances as well. But the decisive moment came just before


half—time. The Forest defender left in acres of space to head in his


first for the club. There is no feeling like it. I felt like I was


going to implode in euphoria. Forest's manager says his club could


have won by more. Missed chances like this he was talking about. Then


of course, there was the penalty. Up stepped Henderson, only to be


thwarted by the impressive league rant. It led to an intense final few


minutes. —— Lee Grant. I am delighted for our fans. We have


enjoyed the bragging rights. That is what this game is all about.


Regardless of the drama at Forest and Derby, it's Leicester City who


remain top dogs in the East Midlands. A 2—1 win over Barnsley


saw to that. They fully deserved it as well. Well


on top, even at the point where Barnsley had a goal disallowed for


offside. After the break the goals came for Leicester. The deadlock was


broken in 50 minutes. It was his first goal of the season. This


penalty meant the job was done, despite Barnsley producing a


consolation goal. Look at some of the Leicester chances generated by


their enormous share of possession. Definitely a team in form.


Elsewhere Notts County suffered their seventh defeat of the season


in League One. They got off to a good start at Carlisle with


midfielder Callum McGregor giving them the lead. But they wasted a


host of chances and were punished by two goals from the homeside. Notts


are now second from bottom of the league.


Mansfield Town are flying in League Two though and will have


particularly enjoyed this win over big rivals Chesterfield. Calvin


Andrew scored his first goal for the club. They're now unbeaten in their


last eight matches and are third in the table. In rugby, Leicester


Tigers took full advantage of what must have been Exeter's worst 40


minutes for years to take a lead that they would never surrender. Not


a bad warm up for the big home game with Saints on Saturday.


Nottingham Panthers had a cracking weekend. League leaders Dundee


slipped up last night and that meant Panthers' 3—2 win over Belfast was


as crucial as it was dramatic. This is Belfast's late goal to make it


2—2. But once the face—off is taken, the response from Panthers is


unbelievably swift. They are pushed back for a while, but then


Nottingham break at high speed and the end result is delivered with


real and ash, as you will see. —— with real pan ash. 16 seconds of


playing time from puck drop to game winner. You'll take that all day,


every day. That is a very nice finish to the day.


Indeed. It has certainly been very mild


autumn, but Leicester charity is thinking ahead to the time when


mercury plummets. It is asking people to donate winter coats to


help the homeless and some of the county's most vulnerable families.


Leicestershire Cares' Coat Drive will see warm clothing distributed


via 14 different charities as Jonathan Cecil reports.


Illness related to living in a cold home cost the NHS £1.6 billion a


year. Thousands are dying every winter due to the cold. The charity


Leicestershire Cares are urging people to donate winter coats to


help the county's poorest and most vulnerable people of all ages. We


need people to donate their courts because a court is the warmest thing


you can have and it is really going to keep you snug over the winter. We


are looking for people to donate coats, really we are looking for


men's' courts, women's courts and children's courts. They hope to get


2500, which will be distributed to 14 charities and community groups.


We will have a lot of people coming into our sessions needing courts are


clothes, and they can look pretty low actually, because they have got


a lot of worries, they are wondering how they are going to afford things.


It is nice at the end of the session, if you're able to give a


court are clothes, and they go out smiling. One of the solutions, one


of their needs, have been met. You can donate at either Tower Street in


Leicester or St Mary's Road in market Harborough. There is a


particular shortage in children's and small men's courts.


As we were saying, it is very warm at the moment. Here is the weather.


The weather has given September fine sendoff. Warm spells of sunshine


around today. In the next few days we have a battle on our hands. In


one corner we have high pressure that has been with us for a few


days, in the other corner as swirling area of low pressure out in


the Atlantic. The high pressure starts to wander off allowing these


weather fronts to work their way in. But back to today, the cloud was


with us first thing this morning, but it broke up very nicely


particularly through eastern parts. Elsewhere, it did break up very


nicely, we saw highs of 19 Celsius in Nottinghamshire. As we go into


tonight, we will see prolonged, clear spells overnight. Cloud will


start to creep injuring the early hours. It will be breezy, with


overnight lows of 10 degrees in built—up areas. Item the


countryside, they could dip down into single figures. Tomorrow will


be similar, mainly dry, some cloud around, but decent spells of


sunshine as well. Some places will wake up with brightness, clear skies


overnight. It will be breezy and the cloud will come and go throughout


the day. Some good sunshine and highs tomorrow of around 17 degrees.


Things start to change as weather fronts start working during the


middle of the week. It will be breezy at times, we will see some


rain, but temperatures won't do too badly at all. The picture on


Wednesday, the first weather front starting to creep into the East


Midlands. It will have lost its momentum as it reaches us, becoming


more patchy. But on Thursday we could see something a little


heavier, heavy pulses of rain for a time. Ring started quite and don't


last as we head towards the next weekend. —— things start to quiet


down. I will see you with the


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