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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight: It's been a day of


disruption as teachers went on strike. Teachers say in others


enough overpay, wages and workloads. The government insists its reforms


will drive up standards. Also tonight, a racetrack criticised


for being too noisy goes into administration. Plus, at Pride


Park, Steve McClaren watches his new Derby County team for the first


time. And how Leicester and Leicestershire left their mark on a


broadcasting legend. I had a very lucky and full childhood.


Welcome to Tuesday's programme. First tonight, hundreds of schools


across the East Midlands suffered disruption today after two of the


biggest teaching unions went on strike. Members of the NUT and


NASUWT say it was a protest about changes to their pay, pensions and


workload. Well, as a result almost seven


hundred schools in the region were either closed completely or


partially shut. That's two thirds of schools in Nottinghamshire, almost


half in Derbyshire and just over half in Leicestershire and Rutland.


The strike has been condemned by the Education Secretary Michael Gove,


who earlier delivered a strong message to the unions. Children lose


a day of education, parents have to scrabble to pay more for expensive


childcare, and the prestige of the teaching profession, which we all


wanted to see reinforced and built up, takes a knock. So I have a


simple message for the leaders of the militant teaching unions.


Please, please, please, don't put your ideology before our


children's' interests. Tough talk from the government — so why exactly


were teachers striking? Here's our chief news reporter, Quentin Rayner,


to explain. The teaching unions justify their


action as a fight for education's soul. In Nottingham, the estimated


up to 800 marched for a protest rally against pension changes and


what they say is creeping privatisation. Smaller but equally


vocal marches and rallies were staged in other cities. In Derby, up


to 300 took to the streets. A similar number gathered at


Leicester's town square, the focus of the protesters' Bewley was


clearly displayed. The government says this strike will damage the


reputation of teachers. It says its reforms will drive up standards in


schools. It is about dividing teacher against each, school against


school. What is worse, paying teachers who are not qualified, we


think a good profession is a qualified profession. A spoof report


was brought along on the Education Secretary, describing him as a poor


and disruptive student. He wants to break down union support in schools,


he wants to bring in more qualified teachers, at attack us through our


pay and conditions. The unions claim the majority of parents support


their strike. Disgraceful. We are talking about one days' action. In


Leicester, this man had no choice but to take his six—year—old son


painting and decorating with them. I don't agree with them being on


strike because it makes everyone's life more difficult. It makes my


life more difficult, it —— there is not a great deal of sympathy for


them. I'm very excited and looking forward to being with my dad. We


will win if we stand together. Thank you very much. The unions are now


planning for a national strike before Christmas.


In other news, police searching for a missing Mansfield schoolboy have


found a body. The 14—year—old went missing more than two weeks ago. A


boy's body was discovered this morning. Formal identification and a


postmortem are yet to take place. His family have been informed.


A pensioner's had a lucky escape in Derbyshire after a bus crashed into


the side of his house. The bus collided with a car before smashing


into the property on Beresford Road in Long Eaton. Both drivers suffered


cuts and bruises but neither had to go to hospital. The bus can't be


removed until structural engineers assess the damage to the house. I


was in Sheffield Blitz during award, so I am quite used to houses coming


down and that sort of thing. I suppose it was a lucky escape but I


was probably about ten foot away from the impact anyway. Very


stoical, isn't he? There's a warning this evening that


if Mallory Park racetrack in Leicestershire closes it will be a


severe blow for the local economy. It's after the company operating the


circuit went into administration. Mallory Park Motorsport says it had


no other option after a loss in earnings following a legal dispute.


Eleanor Garnier explains. They have been racing here for more


than half a century, but now after a row over noise, the company which


operates the track has gone into administration. Mallory Park


Motorsport ended up being taken to court by the local council, accused


of breaching noise levels. The company was found guilty and says it


has suffered significant losses, having been forced to reduce track


days to just two a week. And it is not


Police have made a fresh appeal for information about a violent sex


attack in Mansfield at the weekend. Racecourse Park in the town was


cordoned off for most of Sunday. A woman was punched in the face and


then attacked on Saturday evening as she walked her dog. A 32—year—old


man was released without charge. The preconception in people 's mind will


not fit our young image. But that is what we are looking for. Lots of


local dog walkers use here, this is a really unusual attack.


Two of the region's leading women Conservative MPs say old fashioned


you certainly need plenty of stamina to keep ahead in the political race


and during the party conference. This Loughborough MP believes many


women have the dry and determination to become MPs but are being put off.


Unfortunately there is still a glass ceiling, women need to be better


about setting out where they want to go, their goals and having faith in


themselves. Speaking at the Conservative party, Theresa May is


now the Tories' most prominent women's since Margaret Thatcher. But


she remains one of only 49 women Conservative MPs. At a fringe


meeting, Nicky Morgan was backed by Health Minister, who have been


promoted by David Cameron and praise his rejection of some old—fashioned


attitudes often found when candidates are selected. I think we


need to start breaking some of those moulds. We need to do that to


encourage everybody to get more involved in politics and more


involved in our party. This woman hopes to become the next MP for


Derby South. She also heads up the party's women's organisation. I'm a


great believer that it should always be about who is best for the role,


be that a public appointment or an MP. That I do believe that women


have an off a lot to offer Parliament. Nicky Morgan is setting


pace for getting more women in Parliament. Getting more women


around the Cabinet table may require more effort. Last day of the


conference tomorrow. A new vision for the future of


Newark Hospital has been revealed. The proposals include extra day


surgery, and more outpatients are likely to be seen there. But


campaigners say the changes simply don't go far enough. There's still


resentment in the town over the loss of the hospital's Accident and


Emergency department. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


There is a new direction, that no one said it was ever going to be


easy. You are depriving the people of Newark their loved ones! Now the


ideas include seeing more outpatients there and a GP out of


hours service. We are bringing GPs together with the doctors and nurses


in minor injuries units. In future Newark could look after more


patients like this man, on the mend after two heart attacks. I live in a


flat and I got a duck —— I got a visit from a doctor. Protesters say


many emergencies are going to far away in the first place and it can


take too long to get there. It doesn't look like we're going to get


20 47 admissions. This man is undergoing treatment for bladder


cancer. He backs the idea for more day surgery here. For things that


can be done locally and not need all the enterprise of a huge hospital.


Operations involving an overnight stay are likely to be sent


elsewhere. There was an argument coming through that was


demonstrating that some of the more complex work we were doing should


not have been done at new cost little. —— Newark Hospital. Final


decisions are expected later this year.


Same with health, more than three people every day are dying in


Nottinghamshire alone because they smoke. Yet still one in five of us


carries on smoking. And in Mansfield that number's a lot higher — at


nearly one in three. Today marks the start of Stoptober, a campaign to


get people to quit the habit. Jo Healey reports.


Mansfield, Nottinghamshire's biggest hotspot for smoking. But can


Stoptober stop them? If I could pack up, I would do. Why can't you? It's


an addictive habit. I keep trying. Do you think you'd ever stop? No.


Across the country, 20% of the country smoke. In Mansfield, that


figure is much higher. This is the number of people who die in


Nottinghamshire each year because they smoke. That is more than three


people every day. How can Stoptober help? John used to be a 20 day man.


Last October, he quit. With the help of friends, family and the new


service, I was really focused, got that support, used nicotine


replacement therapy and I have done really well and I'm feeling better,


healthier and wealthier because of it. People can go along to the


service, go to their GP, community pharmacy. There are lots of


programmes out there that can help you provide friendly support for you


to help you stop smoking. And they are hoping Mansfield will listen.


Health workers will be at Mansfield town football club, their goal to


persuade some of the fans there to kick the habit.


Sports now, it has been a pretty mad few days in the East Midlands. The


big local game, a manager sacked, and a familiar face returning.


All centred on Derby County. So Colin and the team are at Pride Park


tonight. Yes, that is because there is


actually a football match, believe it or not, in the middle of all the


craziness surrounding the arrival of Steve McClaren, as the new head


coach. That is his title here. Caretaker boss Darren Wassall has


prepared the team, but today the squad are meeting their new boss for


the very first time. But not until after he had spoken to me about the


past and the future here. It was the swiftest of arrivals, Steve


McClaren, approached at the weekend, had his coaches lined up. But he is


a familiar face year, he was a coach when Derby were being promoted in


the mid—1990s. He feels like a Derby man, and in person he is amenable,


ambitious and very enthusiastic. We know what they want. We want to put


players out there who get them off their seats, they are excited about,


and they want to come and play, they want to watch them play. And


hopefully, success will follow. That's what happened when I was here


with Jim Smith. When this town gets rocking I know what it can do.


Football people say Steve really stands out. He has had success and


failure as a manager. The failure that stands out locally, his ill


starred ten games at Nottingham Forest. Instead of building


something, why can't we win tomorrow? I was too anxious, too


ambitious. I made mistakes. The man who will live or die by this


appointment is Derby's chief executive. You going to be


challenging Sam to be backing and supporting you in your ambitious ——


ambitions? Every day. That's my job. I think the fans expect that. He has


money available, we spent in the summer £4 million on transfer fees.


So Steve will have the money available and I am looking forward


to seeing how he does. Helping Steve will be hugely experienced coaches,


both ex—Derby men. Neither needed any persuading. It literally will


take a lick of polish on the boots and I will be there. As soon as I


can do that I will be in the car. Fantastic stuff. You cannot buy


desire like that. It is worth pointing out that every one of the


coaching staff year has gone out of their way to praise the former


manager Nigel Clough. Nigel Clough has put himself on record, thanking


the fans for their support through this period. But it has been a crazy


few days. Time to take a bit of a breath and assess things a little.


Kirsty can do that for us. There hasn't been a moment to breathe, has


there? Joining me as the former Derby midfielder. It has been a


dramatic few days, hasn't it? It's been absolutely mad. It's been


buzzing all over the place. The phone has not stopped. Sad to see


Nigel go? Yes, could I take the opportunity on behalf of the fans to


thank Nigel. He was sacked after that defeat at Forest at the


weekend. But Steve has come out and praised the work he has done here.


The squad he has assembled. What do Steve need to do now to improve


things? He has inherited a young side, a very talented side. He needs


to use his experience and coaching skills to get the best out of these


lads and take them to the next level. He will be watching from the


stands. The players will want to make a good first impression, would


they? Yes. You start from scratch when a new manager comes in. It is a


bit of excitement for everyone. The players will give an extra 10%


tonight. There has been one addition to the squad since Nigel's


departure. The club Broughton a player on loan from Leicester


yesterday. He has already trained with the side and he says he had no


hesitation in joining the club. It was a bit rushed over the weekend.


But it was good to come down and join the lads. It is a great


opportunity, a massive club. The club is doing well, a decent start.


A great opportunity for me to play. I was delighted. The defender goes


straight into the squad for tonight's game. If you're not here,


you can get Coventry —— commentary. There are other games going on


tonight, back to Colin to tell you all about them.


It is easy to get lost in everything that has been going on tonight.


Leicester City are in action are we at Yeovil, Nottingham Forest are


way, going off to the valley to play Charlton. Both games those two sides


will expect to win. Mansfield town manager Paul Cox has been managed ——


has been nominated for Manager Of The Month. I'm sure Steve McClaren


will be hoping for a few nominations. We will watch his rain


with interest. He is not looking after the team tonight but he will


be looking to see exactly what he can do with this Derby County team.


Thank you very much. I guess we will have the result on the late—night


news. He's a broadcaster who's known


around the globe — but Sir David Attenborough says his upbringing in


Leicester provided a launch pad for his love of natural history and


music. Tonight — In the first of our new series entitled 'Made in


Leicester' — Sir David explains to our Arts reporter Geeta Pendse how


the city's culture shaped his future.


In 50 years of programme making, I have been lucky enough to explore


the living world in all its splendour and complexity. For


decades, Sir David Attenborough has been the face of natural history. In


many ways, it was his childhood in Leicester in the 1930s and 40s, that


formed the building blocks for his love of wildlife and music. I grew


up, it was easy to get into the countryside. I knew quite a bit


about birds and foxes and badgers and hedgehogs and newts. I also knew


about the fossils. That was important. I also knew about music.


I also knew about theatre. David's father was the principal at


University College Leicester. Wandering through the nearby former


lunatic asylum was a constant source of adventure. My brother Richard


shut the door on me once. It is very alarming because there is no handle


to adore. Nobody could hear you. Whilst Richard Attenborough is famed


for his work as a director and actor, Sir David was also deeply


influenced musically after spending time here. I belong to a Boy Scout


troop there. I handed out programmes. It meant that you heard


all of this orchestral work. There were visiting orchestras as well. At


the age of 12, I knew all of the Beethoven symphonies. I knew the


standard programme very well. There is no denying Sir David's greatest


passion is the natural world. Yet Leicester's cultural landscape has


also left an indelible mark. And you can see that interview again


by visiting our website — then click on Made in Leicester.


The site also has an array of other interviews exploring Leicester's


cultural scene and we'll have plenty more in the coming weeks.


Lots to see on there. Shall we have a look at the weather? After quite a


period of dry weather over the last few days, if not weeks, we will now


start to see a change in the weather. A couple of bands of rain


are working their way in. Tonight, still a lot of cloud and also quite


windy night as well. Quite a strong southeasterly wind with us for next


couple of days. The rain is coming in across the South West, which is


kept as quite cloudy through the day. Quite mild tonight, a breezy


one at that. Temperatures falling lower than 12 Celsius. The first


area of rain moves on in the early hours of the morning, working its


way across towards the north—east. This will produce heavy bursts as it


works its way towards the Lincolnshire coast line. The skies


try to Brighton for a time, but there will be quite a few showers,


the odd sharp shower is well likely into the afternoon. A daytime


temperature of 16 Celsius. An early weather warning in force, regarding


the rain that is likely to come through on Thursday. This is causing


a little bit of a headache because it is slowing down the moment. At


present, it is likely to arrive in the evening across the East


Midlands. We will certainly know when it arrives, because it will


come heavy and thundery and produce quite a bit of rainfall in a short


period of time. We will gradually see the back of it by Friday. This


is what is looking as if it's going to start happening for the weekend.


At the moment, it is high pressure pushing up from the south—west,


working its way across, and we should hopefully see a more settled


picture for and even Sunday. I'm off to the farmers market


tomorrow morning. You need to buy a brolly if they sell them. See you on


the late news.


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