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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A teenager on trial, accused of plotting bomb attacks on


his home town. His targets included a mosque and a


cinema. Also, the community in shock as


police hunting a missing teenager find a body. Dumbstruck. We are


waiting to see what happens and what the police say. , plus, the


controversial Muslim free school is closed by Ofsted.


These schoolchildren are getting up close and personal with a


masterpiece. Good evening. Welcome to the


programme. First tonight, a Leicestershire teenager has gone on


trial accused of preparing a terrorist attack. The court heard


that his targets included a mosque and two colleges in Loughborough.


He'd made a plan based on the mass shooting at Columbine High School in


America. The jury was shown videos of him testing home—made bombs and


threatening to kill Muslims. Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy


Ball is live at the Old Bailey. Jeremy, what more can you tell us?


We heard the teenager suffers from Asperger's syndrome. We cannot


identify him because he is 17. He is facing two very serious terrorism


charges. When the police went to his home, they found weapons including


pipe bombs, a poisons Handbook and a list of targets. The targets


included a mosque. We heard he had made notes about fighting what he


called the Islamic invasion of Europe. Also on his list, the


Council, the university, a local cinema and two local colleges. What


is he accused of planning to do? We heard he had written plans for an


operation referencing the shooting spree at Columbine high school in


the US where a teacher and 12 pupils were shot dead in 1999. Here at the


Old Bailey, the prosecution said this boy had made notes talking


about attacking a secondary school, eliminating pupils and teachers by


chaining up the exits and attacking classrooms with bombs and a machete


and guns. In the notebook, he had drawn swastikas and written English


Defence League slogans. What about his motivation? We had quite a lot


about his far right views but the prosecution also talked about


personal grudges. A very telling recording that he had recorded on


his dictaphone. This is the voice of an actor. How could anyone treat a


fellow person like anyone has treated me? That is what drives


people to do this. Look at all of the things in the past, Columbine,


others. All because of William. —— bullying. We saw home—made videos of


the boy with friends where des Alpes wearing balaclavas and they identify


themselves as the urban revolutionary army —— they are


wearing balaclavas. The jury has been told to decide if the teenager


on trial was simply a misfit or whether he really was a would—be


terrorist. A second man has appeared in court


charged with the murder of a football coach from Leicester.


Antoin Akpom who was 20 died from a single stab wound following an


attack on Kent Street in the city last month. Earlier today,


19—year—old Hussain Hussain was remanded in custody to appear at


Leicester Crown Court on Friday. Another 19—year—old, Abdul Hakim,


has already been charged with murder.


Managers at the Leicester Royal Infirmary have admitted failures in


care. It's after an elderly dementia patient was allowed to walk out of


its accident and emergency unit in his pyjamas. The 86—year old had


walked more than four miles before he was found early in the morning


last November, after falling near a police station. The hospital trust


has apologised and says new training procedures are being introduced.


Still to come: Trying new treatment for a cancer that has no cure.


Mesothelioma is often the legacy of a lifetime's exposure to asbestos.


Now patients who have it are helping test a new drug.


People living on the housing estate where a teenage boy went missing


have told us they're devastated to hear a body has been found.


Ciaran Sweeney who's 14 left his home on the Oaktree Lane Estate in


Mansfield two—and—a—half weeks ago. His family had appealed for him to


come home. But yesterday police told them they've found a body. Jo Healey


reports. It is a close community so when the


police started searching for Ciaran Sweeney people helped too, putting


up posters, combing the heath land near his home. Hole I came to check


the hiding I know. With my volunteers, we go out twice a week


—— I came to check the hiding places I know. Now I feel sick and very


sad. Feelings mirrored by others on the estate. People have come


together over this. But you can see and feel the sadness and heartache.


My daughter went to school with him. She has found it upsetting. She was


close to him and close to his sister as well. People are dumbstruck. They


are waiting to see what happens and what the police are going to say. We


are waiting for answers. My thoughts and love go to the family and


friends. A police underwater search team recovered the body of a teenage


boy yesterday at a quarry. The body will not be formally identified


until the end of this week. Here is what the chief inspector said. We


appreciate it is an emotional and trying time for the local


community. Until we can make a formal identification, we ask for


patients and sensitivity to all those involved.


A Muslim faith school remains closed tonight, 24 hours after Ofsted


inspectors moved in and shut it down. At the end of one day of


inspection, the Al—Madinah School in Derby was ordered to close


immediately on health and safety grounds.


In the past, the school has been accused of imposing strict Islamic


practice on staff and pupils and there have been allegations of


financial irregularities. More now from our reporter James Roberson.


Today at the primary part of the school in Derby, there was a sign


saying there was an ongoing Ofsted inspection but nothing about school


closure will stop North could the staff enlighten us. Do you know what


is happening? I cannot comment. On the school's website, the interim


principal has put this statement for the parents. Owing to a health and


safety issue, I have taken the decision to close the school until I


am confident all children are safe. Ofsted themselves issued this


statement. We agreed to bring forward our planned inspection of


the school. As a result, we understand the principle has written


to the parents informing them the school will be closed to children


today. Half a mile away at the secondary school site of the


Al—Madinah School, parents were coming to the school to try to find


out for themselves why it had closed. They are happy with the


school. We do not know what is going on. Obviously, with the teaching


side, we are really happy. Really happy. We do not want it to


shutdown. Not without any specific reason. We are really happy and I


would definitely send my child to the school. Principal says he hopes


the school will reopen in the very near future.


Joining us in the studio now is Nick Raine, the regional officer for the


National Union of Teachers. Thank you for coming in. We have heard


claims that teachers have been told what to wear, that girls have been


told to sit at the back of the class and claims of financial


irregularities. Are you hearing this? We have had members contacting


us with concerns about contracts and practices in the school, to the


governments of the school. They have raised serious concerns. Hence the


ongoing inspection. What do you think is the possible health and


safety aspect? I do not know. It could be one of a number of things.


It is virtually unprecedented for a school to be closed the day after an


Ofsted inspection. The nature of free schools is that no one is


accountable. Have you tried to contact the people behind the


school? I have had many journalists asking me who is in charge. This is


inherent with free schools. You have a situation where schools are not


accountable. The some of the parents seem very happy. They want the


school to reopen. We all want the school to reopen but we also need to


think about the future of schools up and down the country. This could


well be replicated in other places. We will leave it there. Thank you.


Cuts have been voted through at Nottinghamshire County Council. It


has to save £157 million. In Matlock, the big picture is


emerging. Five years of cuts voted through today at Derbyshire county


council. Labour blame lack of funding from the government. The


Conservatives Shepp 1200 jobs when they were in power. Now they say


labour has slowed down the pace of the cuts. The greatest concern today


in the report is the failure to maintain the momentum of making


savings in this authority. It is something that has been going on now


for the four years of our administration. This is the scale.


£157 million over five years. Up to 1600 jobs at risk. These are some of


the budgets being targeted this year alone. Nonsense to suggest they are


not being tough enough says the Labour Party. We do not have sofas,


we are cutting money on the civic budget, —— chauffeurs. We are


finding money in all kinds of ways. The union is worried. From what we


know, it is going to be the most abominable people within Derbyshire,


particularly adult care. Those services are going to be affected


directly by this. Much of the detail of the cuts has yet to emerge.


We hear there has been another development this evening. That is


right. Councillors have voted not to accept a 1% increase in their


allowances. They say it will say something like £7,500 a year. In


2012—2013, the allowances totalled around £1 million. Not a huge saving


but the councillors say they are showing solidarity. They also voted


through a new package of increased allowances for a slimmed down


cabinet. Other councillors will get a reduction. There will be less paid


out over all and it is claimed it will save the authority around £3600


overall. Looking for savings everywhere. Thank you.


Two new treatments for an aggressive form of cancer are being tested in


the East Midlands. At the moment, mesothelioma, mainly caused by


exposure to asbestos, can't be cured.


More and more cases are being diagnosed each year and doctors at


Leicester's Glenfield Hospital are predicting numbers could peak in the


next six or seven years. Here's our health correspondent Rob Sissons.


It is the past that is destroying this man's future. He is convinced


he developed me Cecilio in the working as an engineer 40 years ago


—— developed cancer. He was exposed to asbestos. We were going down into


a stone storm —— snowstorm. A very dusty room. There were no masks or


anything. The jagged edge around his long, cancer. Note you but there is


hope. At this hospital he is the first to test a new drug —— there is


no cure. We have had not had any treatments. What we plan to do is


get the scan. You have the combination on the first day... The


drug he is trying out is designed to prevent the growth of tumours. The


university is leading an international trial into another


drug to reduce reliance on chemotherapy. Even if it does not do


me good, it is going to help other people in the long run. It can take


15 to 16 years —— 15 to 60 years to develop cancer after exposure to


asbestos. 2500 cases a year are diagnosed in the UK. We have seen in


other cancers where survival is improved is that the more treatments


you have got, the longer people live.


Still to come, schools get a masterclass in art. Works by leading


painters are being taken into classrooms across Nottingham, giving


children a chance to see their work up close.


It is sport time now. What a night at Derby County. They will take


their time to make the right appointment when it comes to wait


technical director to work alongside new head coach Steve McClaren. And


what an introduction to his team for him last night. McClaren was in the


stands as he saw the Rams go 4—1 down by half time against Ipswich.


Derby were so bad he was forced to intervene and inspired a dramatic


comeback. Kirsty Edwards was there. And so the new era began as Steve


McClaren and his coaching team met the players for the first time last


night. Darren was in temporary charge for the game with Steve


McClaren watching in the director's box. With the new boss watching,


these players will be desperate to make a good first impression


tonight. And desperate for their first home win. As first impressions


go, the first half was a masterclass in how not to do it. He has scored


in his own net! Terrible defending. It is four. Oh, dear. Derby were


four — one down. Steve McClaren had enough. He did an unexpected team


talk. Everyone knew that we would be told what they thought of us. He


came down and he changed the shape of it and told us to believe in


ourselves. Whatever he said, it obviously worked. Derby have got


another one back! Into the net! Derby have a third goal. He puts it


in the net! Derby have an equaliser. Down from the director's


box, Steve McClaren watched on. They tried to snatch a late winner but


time just eluded them. That is what you call a game of two halves. What


an amazing comeback. Unbelievable. Great atmosphere. We liked doing it


the hard way. What do you think Steve McClaren will have learnt from


tonight? He will have learnt we need to defend better, from set pieces


particularly. We need to play as we did in the second half.


At Leicester City their excellent form continues. Last night they beat


Yeovil by 2—1. So tonight, this is how the Championship table looks.


The Foxes are third but only goal difference separates them from


Burnley and QPR. Leicester are our best place team in the Midlands.


They have won seven out of their first ten league games. It was a


night for Leicester when their quality shone through. They had the


better chances and could have won by more. They deserved the lead on 54


minutes . Their power and pace was too much for Yeovil Town. David


Nugent has scored six times from the penalty spot this season and again,


he made no mistakes. Yeovil Town got a penalty of their own but Leicester


were dominant and are unbeaten in five games and joint top of the


championship. Onto Nottingham Forest who are still


in talks with Wolves about bringing in winger Bakary Sako to the City


Ground on loan. Discussions have been ongoing for a long time so the


club could be forced to go elsewhere. On the pitch, Forest have


only lost one of their first ten games. Last night, they drew 1—1 at


Charlton. Mark Shardlow reports. Forest in the grey started the night


in style. Andy Reid's free kick gave them the lead after three minutes.


Soon after, he had a half chance for a second. But Charlton gave notice


this would not be an easy night as they gave them a fright. This was


probably the moment when Forest should have racked up the points but


they could not quite finish it. In the second half, Charlton


equalised. As the game neared the end, the home side look for the


winner. First, the woodwork saved Forest. Then it was some scrambled


defending to desperately clear. The ball was staying out of the net to


Forest's relief. Finally, gymnastics. One of our top Olympic


stars is hoping to reach the finals of the World Championships this


evening. Nottingham's Becky Downie competes on the bars and beam. She's


hoping for better fortune than Sam Oldham who's also from Nottingham.


The medal winner from the London Olympics failed to make the finals


in the competition which is being held in Belgium. Hard luck, Sam.


From the gallery to the classroom. Today, hundreds of school children


in Nottingham were given the chance to see a masterpiece up close.


As part of the BBC's Your Painting project, works by leading artists


are being taken into schools in an attempt to introduce children to


art. Geeta Pendse reports. It is not every day you have a


security man at the doors. These children today got the chance to


have a close encounter with an original piece of artwork. Ella


Macri you have the nail varnish. Can you see, is it just on the floor? ——


you have the nail varnish. Owned by Nottingham Castle Gallery, curators


were on hand to chat to the children. The purpose behind it is


making artwork more accessible and it could not be more accessible than


being in your own home for the day. A great opportunity for the children


to look up close at the artwork. Then we find out more about it,


particularly because it is a local artist. It is one of 27 paintings


being taken to schools across the UK. It is not just about


appreciating the artistic merit, but also exploring a moment of history.


We do not get many trips to the gallery to see famous paintings. I


thought it was amazing. Really cool to have a real painting in the


school. It is not like cartoons, it is realistic, like a real person. I


like the painting. The painting will be returned to Nottingham Castle


where it is also hoped these children will venture in the future


to take another look. And you can get more information


about this project by logging onto our website.


I thought that was really lovely. Pretty as a picture, here is the


weather. Such a long time since we have seen


significant rainfall, but we had lots overnight and first thing this


morning. Nottingham sought 17 millimetres of rain over the past 12


hours —— Nottingham saw. The cloud will be with us overnight. The risk


of one or two outbreaks of rain, particularly through western parts,


the Peak District and western parts of Leicestershire. Further east, it


is a dryer picture. Overnight lows of around 14 degrees. Tomorrow, it


will start dry for most places. Quite cloudy. Do not be fooled for


thinking the rain is not with us, it will just take a while. Not too bad


they start to the day. Some brightness. In the sunshine,


temperatures will reach 19 degrees. Breezy. The rain will edge its way


and in the afternoon. It will become more heavy and persistent as we go


into the evening. Gradually, it. To work its weight used. It will be


heavy and persistent for a time —— gradually, it will start to work its


way eastwards. Further showers on Friday. By Saturday, a ridge of high


pressure will build and that will help to settle things down. We will


not see Wall to wall sunshine. It will be quite a cloudy affair. We


will see some sunshine at times. And temperatures will not do too badly


either. After Thursday night, it looks like it will be an improving


picture. I do not think we can remember wall


to wall sunshine. Thinking really hard!


That is it for us. Good night.


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