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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Anne Davies.


Tonight, new evidence and a new impetus in the hunt for Madeleine


Mccann. Police say it is vital they chase this man but in Rothley, there


are fears that any breakthrough may have come through too late. I hope


it is not but in my heart of hearts, it is a long time since the poor


girl was snatched. Also tonight, police link the


disappearance of a couple with the human remains found at this house.


Plus, made in face two, why the Chinese love these ?35,000 so thes.


`` plus made in Long Eaton. Many people have gone to China and taken


the brand values with them. And the city that wants more of its


schools to become the `` dyslexia friendly. I can now talk to people


and help them. Good evening and welcome to Monday's


programme. First tonight, police say they've made huge progress in


establishing what happened to Madeleine McCann. It's six years


since she disappeared while on a family holiday in Portugal. A


special Crimewatch programme tonight will show new images of a man


detectives want to interview. Quentin Rayner is in Madeleine's


home village of Rothley in Leicestershire. Good evening. Good


evening. This village remains the home of the McCann family. It


clearly has a close affinity with the case than anywhere else. A flame


is permanently lit at the Village warm up Oriel as you can see in


memory of Madeleine and in the hope that she will be found. This village


like everywhere else has been waiting for six years for any news


about mother Lynne. Many people will be watching Crimewatch tonight in


the hope it brings fresh clues. Beckon passionately follow any


developments here in Rothley but opinions have been hardened. I think


it is too late. I hope it is not but in my heart of hearts, it is a long


time since the poor girl was snatched. If it was an English


investigation at the beginning, it would have been resolved by now and


it will be sorted out. It happened in May, we were out in August and my


impression was that nothing were happening `` nothing happen. You


would have expected something to happen and develop all the time. I


think it is late in the day. Crimewatch will focus on two new


e`fits of a man carrying a child towards the beach. Two different


witnesses saw him described as white and aged between 20`40. Police it is


vital that they speak to him. The e`fits a very clear and I would ask


people to look at them and if they know who that person is, please come


forward. Crimewatch will also show a reconstruction of the minutes


leading up to Maddy's disappearance with actors playing the McCanns and


then the Met Police says the accepted version of events had


significantly changed. We are not the people who have done something


wrong here, it is the person who has gone into that apartment and taken


the little girl away from a family. When it is a special occasion when


you should be your happiest, and Madeleine is not there, that is when


it hits home. Hope still burns in Rothley. Delight's programme may


help it keep burning brighter. `` tonight's programme.


Appeals will also be made in the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany but


did not transmit prominently in Portugal which has surprised some


people. The programme will also featured pictures of people that the


police are anxious to talk to and it is understood that both Kate and


Gerry McCann will make a live appeal from the Crimewatch studio tonight.


And that programme is here on BBC One at nine o'clock.


Thank you. Tonight, the BBC's Richard Bilton is


in Praia da Luz on the Algarve. We spoke to him a short time ago and I


asked him what, now, was the feeling in the resort about this case. On


the one hand, there is a little more hope because once again, there are


media people here, attention drawn to the case. It was 6.5 years ago


since she disappeared from this apartment and that is a sense that


this is a long time. I spoke to people here today and their general


view was that it might help, there was no concern that it was a British


police investigation, they just thought if this helps, this takes us


in the right direction. The British police are saying that this is not


something that will end imminently, they are saying this is part of a


long haul but they believe that this e`fit is potentially very important.


In those 6.5 years, only one fact remains and that is the fat that


Madeleine McCann disappeared. We do not know much more than that. But


for 2.5 years, the operation run by the Metropolitan Police have taken


information from private detectives, Leicestershire Police,


the police here in Portugal and they have combed for clues and this is


the first chance they have two ask the public for help. People are


seeing this as it is. There is a chance here but they are not getting


too excited because it is a long time. Thank you very much.


We're joined now by a former police chief superintendent and now senior


lecturer in criminology at the University of Derby, Nick Howe.


Thank you for joining us. What are the chances of Madeleine actually


being found after all this time? I think as investigators, the team


will remain optimistic but as you have already identified, six years


on and with significant complexity to the investigation, nonetheless


police think they have got positive lines of enquiry. Until they


bottlenose one way or another, they will be optimism by the team. In


terms of the approach, is there anything that stands out as being


significant in the way they are meticulously handling this? The


challenge is that they have got to start from a blank piece of paper


again. They must 0 start from a blank piece of paper


again. They must ignore all previous perceptions, all analytical


conclusions that the previous investigation has come to and that


is a challenge. I have got some degree of confidence would these


fresh lines of enquiry. There will be a proper investigation. White


actor in your experience, do these e`fit images and photographs, do


they actually work? They do and thank goodness that


people like yourselves and the media are promulgating these images. They


can trigger. They are not identification in their own right


but they serve a purpose and they can add confirmatory evidence to


investigations going on in the background. We will keep our fingers


crossed. Thank you for joining us. You're watching East Midlands


Today. Next tonight, police say the


disappearance of an elderly couple at a house where human remains were


found is now central to their investigation. Detectives say it's


not a "great leap" to imagine that the bodies dug up last week are


those of William and Patricia Wycherley. They lived there during


the '90s before disappearing without trace.


The forensic tent has been removed, the patio area filled in. There are


now few signs to show this is where the remains of two bodies were


buried for more than a decade. Police confirmed the elderly couple


who used to live that this house on Glenn close are central to their


investigation `` blending close. William and Patricia Wycherley moved


into this house in 1987. Neighbours say they kept to themselves and


when, in 1998, they vanished, it was believed that they had emigrated.


Last week, detectives received a tip`off about an incident in the


late 1990s and they discovered the remains in the back garden. Finding


out what happened to the couple after they disappeared is key to


this enquiry. Williams would now be 100 and Patricia, 79. Earlier today,


I spoke to Mr Wycherley's niece who lives in Staffordshire. She added to


the mystery by telling local newspapers that up until four years


ago, her family had continued to receive business cards from the


couple. Detectives have spoken to her and other members of the family


in a bid to find out more information. Postmortem examinations


of the remains took face on Friday. Anthropological assessments take


place tomorrow. That is a study of the bones which usually help to


identify the victims and discover any evidence of trauma which may


have led to their deaths. Because of that, police cannot say with 100%


certainty who they have found here but they say it is not a great leap


to imagine that the remains which have lain undiscovered in this back


garden for around 15 years are those of the Wycherleys.


Governors at the Al Madinah School in Derby say that they've received


death threats because of the publicity surrounding the school.


There have been allegations that the school has discriminated against


female staff and pupils, delivered poor standards of education, and


failed to ensure children's safety. The Department for Education has


given the school and its governors until tomorrow to address five


urgent concerns or lose its funding. A new film's been released, based on


the experiences of Nottingham climate change activists, whose


group was infiltrated by an undercover policeman. Mark Kennedy


spied on the group for seven years, and had intimate relations with at


least one of its members. The campaigners have helped to make an


internet film about the case, which is still under investigation.


A Derbyshire council says that dyeing the water in a disused quarry


black has helped keep people away. The site at Harpur Hill, near


Buxton, often attracted swimmers because of its bright blue


appearance. However the water is highly alkaline and can cause skin


complaints. High Peak Borough Council says the number of visitors


fell this year despite the warm summer weather.


A hospital trust, criticised for higher`than`expected mortality


rates, say they're committed to making sure the number of deaths


keeps falling. Three months ago, the Government dispatched inspectors to


Sherwood Forest Hospitals. The resulting Keogh Report said there


was a culture which focused on money, not patient care. Today,


hospital managers told us many changes have been made. Here's our


health correspondent, Rob Sissons. The Keogh Report took some of the


shine off Kingsmill's gleaming new facilities. Some may feel like a


distant memory but bosses cannot forget the 13 areas the report


focused on for improvement. Patient safety has been central to this so


crucially, straightaway, we increased the number of nurses we


have an hour the range of medical cover that we have. Following the


Keogh Report, they have brought in longer handovers between nursing


staff, fewer transfers of patients between wards which was happening


too much and clearer whistle`blowing policies. The hospitals hope to come


out special measures next year. They have been listening to patients more


they say, and checking on them more frequently on the wards. We go in


between every one and two hours. Nicky sure they are not in pain,


changing position, things like that `` making sure. And making sure that


we mark things to make sure we mark what time we are expected in again.


We found it has cut down on the number of us is that I used. The


trust admits that staff have been pushed at times to the limits in the


past. Understaffing is a key area to be sorted out. There is talk of more


nurses and getting the balance right between trained and untrained staff.


Be more qualified staff on a unit, the better for the patients to be


able to cooperate `` spend time on the wards. `` the more qualified.


The trust can now focus more on patient care.


Exports from the East Midlands to China are on the up again, and it's


now become our third largest market. The Chancellor George Osbourne is


out there to encourage trade with the UK. Our success stories include


a firm of architects who've won their biggest ever order. A company


selling beer to the Chinese. And the furniture`maker taking orders for


luxury sofas at ?35,000 a time. This week we're looking at our


growing links with China and here's Mike O'Sullivan's first report.


Luxury from Long Eaton in Derbyshire, this is an upmarket


furniture maker which employs 200 people. Exports to China account for


10% of the business. I got to sit on the most expensive item here. Built


to order, this sofa sells for ?35,000 in China. Who is buying? A


combination between the emerging middle classes and the super`rich


but what they all are are well educated in brand across the world.


Export to China and Hong Kong went up again last year. And in the first


half of this year, they have reached ?788 million, despite China's


economic slowdown. The contracts keep coming in for this firm of


architects in new work which has completed 200 projects in China. ``


in Newark. A combination of financial districts with 20 towers,


hotels, residential towers, retail, conference centres, you name it, it


will be there. Starting out, a marketing company in Nottingham


aiming to sell East Midlands ales to China. The first shipment has been


delivered. There is this increasing market for premium beers from


Britain, Germany, Belgium and we think that is midlands beers could


go down very well. At Duresta, the company has employed a graduate in


Mandarin to boost sales. Eight orders came in for the sofas with


?35,000 ` in one day! Chinese customers love the glamour, the


luxury and the wealth and Crossman ship `` craftsmanship. Once are to


expand the company in the area. Tomorrow Mike will be looking at how


universities are trying to boost their income from China. A little


bird told me you bought one of those. No, I bought another server!


`` sofa. From luxury sofas to lucky pants. Coming up, the football


manager who's more superstitious than most. We are clinging to any


superstition for the weather, red sky at night, will it be Shepherd's


daylight? I will have the details later.


More delight now, because here is Colin with the sport.


First, several big names have lost out on funding from UK Athletics


ahead of the Olympics in Rio in 2016. Among them, Hucknall hurdler


Andy Turner and middle`distance runner Lisa Dobriskey. Lisa, who


lives in Loughborough, says she's really hurt by the move. A host of


well`known athletes got an email telling them they have been axed


from lottery support following a tightening of the rules by UK Sport.


Lisa misses out after making an Olympic final in London and with big


hopes for Rio. We'll be looking at the whole issue tomorrow of funding


for athletes and how the news effects track stars like Lisa.


Onto football, and the Mansfield Town boss Paul Cox has been linked


with the vacant job at Sheffield United. Cox is a bright, young


manager and his stock is high after taking the Stags into the football


league last season. His side have also had a great start to life in


League Two. They are seventh and in a play`off spot after this draw over


Bristol Rovers at the weekend. Earlier, Cox popped into the studio


and I asked him if there was any truth in the rumours about the


Sheffield job. I have not heard anything from any


football club. I think the chairman would let me know if there was. But


it is nice to be linked with such a big club with such a great


tradition. It means that people are obviously thinking I am doing a good


job. Your heart must be at Mansfield, you must want to stay's I


have really enjoyed my time there and I enjoy the support I get from


the supporters and my staff. But at this minute, it is just rumours. You


have got this fantastic win percentage, three quarters of your


games, you have one. We will try to keep it going. It is a tough figure


to carry on when you look at some of the great managers in the game and


their ratios but the players deserve a great of the credit and respect


and a pat on the back for what they have done. We are working hard as a


club to try to raise the bar and to push ourselves forward. Your


chairman wants you even further forward, in the championship, can


you do that? There are some clubs who have done that and we have got a


very proactive chairman who wants to push the club all the way. If we


keep working hard and keep our feet on the ground, you never know. I


have to ask you about superstitions, you may be the most superstitious I


have heard of! Tell us about your routines. Everything, the kit


eyewear, the pants eyewear, the food I eat. I didn't think I was the only


one out there! People will tell me different now but I am really


superstitious about winning. I take it very seriously and maybe I take


it a bit too far but we are what we are and they are harmless,


superstitions. I will continue in that vein. Until you have worn the


same pants too long! Thank you for joining us.


In rugby, Leicester Tigers started their European campaign with defeat


at Ulster. But they did come back from Belfast with what could be a


crucial losing bonus point from a lively encounter. I went along for


Tigers' latest European adventure. Friday night European rugby is


always a bit special, especially in Belfast where Leicester have


suffered to Heineken Cup humiliations in the past. All of you


here on the weighty Ravenhill, Tiger said the job was to keep the fans


quiet. Not that they lack support, the family of their Irish full`back


as well. Friday night in Ravenhill is always a big night but the Tigers


will do it. It looked like their ambitions would be realised, a high


octane opening and unlocking the Ulster defence. But Ulster came


roaring back and the younger Morris was unfortunate to have the best


view in the house as a devastatingly good crossfield kick found its mark


just inches from his head. Still, in a cauldron`like Ravenhill, it all


looked promising until this chic twist of fate and a deserted card.


That came after relentless pressure and with the extra man, Ulster made


it pay, nine points in the lead. A gap of less than seven means a


losing bonus point and they add up. Hugh Owen Williams, who first


smacked the upright and then kicked Leicester close enough to take some


reward. That is the kind of game that European rugby is all about,


bodies left, right and centre, all on the line. Not what Tigers wanted


but not many teams will come to Ravenhill and run Ulster quite that


close. That was my take, but not every fan agreed. We turned up and


as usual, the team did not. But this was a Leicester side that arrived


with just ten fit backs. Hard to win anywhere in those circumstances. We


are stripped back to our bare`bones and with the resolve of the guys


have shown this evening, they were the hallmarks of the real champions.


Treviso at home next. Time for Leicester fans to turn up the


atmosphere. Another excellent weekend for


Notthingham Panthers. Two Challenge Cup wins ` one in Hull last night


and the other at home to Coventry on Saturday night. Panthers went into


the third period level, but raced away with three third period goals,


including this from a goalkeeping howler. It finished 5`3 to Panthers


who have lost just once all season. Going well in action there in Europe


with the Continental cup in Nottingham.


Thank you, Colin. A school in Leicester has been given


a top award for the way it teaches children with dyslexia. Glebelands


Primary has officially achieved "dyslexia`friendly" status. There


are also several other schools in the city which are working towards


this award. Austin and Jade have been having


extra lessons for the past year. Let's give the game a name. Their


school, Glebelands Primary, is one of several in the city which has


been recognised for helping children with dyslexia. We use a multisensory


approach to learning. As well as seeing and hearing, they are doing


lots of physical activity as well. Making things, using their hands.


They also record things in different ways so that we are not always


asking them to write because that is a strain for them. We have had


children who struggle with accessing their learning. Through our


interventions, they have successfully managed to sit their


tests in year six, something we never thought they would do. Quite


accurate it is estimated that 10% of adults have dyslexia. `` It is


estimated that 10% of adults have dyslexia but these interventions are


here to help parents. You want to read a bedtime story with them and


she climbs up and find it difficult to stop it is difficult and sad to


see him struggling and to feel that he is thick, as he was described as,


or he cannot do things. For these two, the lessons have made a


difference. When I was in class, sometimes I would be scared to put


my hand up and speak. But now I can talk to people and help them. I used


to not be able to read books at all, I had to guess it and my mum used to


read them to me. I used to try to read them with her but I couldn't.


But now, I can read them by myself, I read them to her. Teachers hope


the lessons learned here will set the pupils up for life.


Great initiative. What lovely kids as well. It is that time again when


we find out just how cold and wet we will be. Stuck under this horrible


area of low pressure. It has been dreadful, cold, wet and


windy thanks to this area of low pressure which has been pretty much


slap bang over us giving us some heavy outbreaks of rain and some


gusty winds. If we run the clock forward, you see things slowly


improving. The low pressure is pushing east, taking the rain with


it and behind that we are left with a bit of a lull for tomorrow. Things


are improving. It will be drier and perhaps a bit writer but it will be


much, as well. `` a bit writer. The satellite picture shows a pretty


spectacular swirl of cloud around the area of low pressure but it has


not been pretty is being stuck under that. The showers are easing as the


low pulls away but eventually we will dry out. Missed and fog forming


by the morning but at least we are keeping fairly mild tonight.


Tomorrow morning, quite misty and murky, a bit of fog but that should


lift quite quickly and the cloud is a bit more stubborn so it stays


quite great through the morning and later on into the afternoon, we are


hoping the cloud will break up `` quite great through the morning. ``


grey. Feeling a bit warmer although temperatures of 13 Celsius are


pretty dismal. Into Tuesday and into Wednesday, another area of low


pressure quite close by giving us this weather front which will bring


us more rain on Wednesday. As we start of dry, we will see thickening


cloud with heavy rain throughout the middle part of Wednesday and again


it feels cool with highs of 12 Celsius. Once this clears out of the


way, we should be pulling in something a little bit warmer so


drier and brighter on Thursday and highs of 16 Celsius by then.


Ending on a positive! We do try! We are back at 10:30pm. Goodbye.


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