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details throughout the evening. Thank you very much.


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: A public apology from Derby's Al`Madinah free school.


Are special event for the young Leicester man stabbed to death in


the street. Why is the rise in house prices


bigger here than anywhere else apart from London?


Forging a future in the Far East. The engineering giant old in a new


factory in China. Welcome to Wednesday's programme. A


controversial free school has publicly apologised to its staff for


making female teachers cover their hair in the classroom. Parents have


also been told that wearing head scarves is a matter of choice for


pupils. The Government had threatened to withdraw funding for


the Al`Madinah school in Derby unless the policy was reversed. But


it still needs to comply with a number of other demands or risk


closure. Simon Hare reports. Yesterday was the deadline for the


macro one school to comply with the first series of demands issued by


the government last week. Including reversing its policy and all`female


staff having to wear a headscarf in the classroom. Letters appeared on


the school 's website clarifying the issue. In a letter to staff, the


chair of the trust said: The trust and the governing body realise how


this practice could be interpreted and proceed as treating female


members of staff less favourably. This was never the intention and we


would like to apologise for any situation where staff felt


discriminated against. In a separate letter to parents, we would like to


take this opportunity to remind you that children are not required by


the school to cover their hair and is that this is a matter of choice.


We are committed to eliminating discrimination and advancing the


equality of opportunity. Concerns about the policy and the quality of


education at the school had been raised by the National union of


teachers, whose president was at a function in Derby last night. There


are concerns about education standards in the school and we need


to bring qualified teachers back into the classroom. There is still a


list of 12 demands that the school must meet by the end of this month


or lose its government funding. A highly critical report is due to be


released any day now. Let's get some political reaction to


today's developments. Our Political Editor, John Hess, is at


Westminster. John, did the school's Education Trust, its governors, have


any option in the end? Politically, no. Free Schools are a flagship


policy of the Education Secretary, Michael Gove. Al Madinah is only one


of five so`called Free Schools in the East Midlands. These are schools


set`up by parents where there's thought to be a need locally and


directly funded by the Government. That's why Michael Gove's Schools


Minister, Lord Nash, a Conservative peer seen here speaking in the House


of Lords, threatened to pull the school's funding unless it met 17


specific concerns over unacceptable teaching standards. The deadline was


last night. But is that going to satisfy the Labour Party? Labour has


a new Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt. In the wake of the Al


Madinah controversy, he's already written to Michael Gove demanding


new assurances over the level of scrutiny and accountability of free


schools. In particular with faith schools, whether equality


legislation affecting women staff and pupils is being ignored, as the


Shadow Schools Minister, Kevin Brennan, told me.


I think in the case of macro one, the idea that in this day and age


women teachers should be asked the sort of questions about were asked


that interview, that female people should be treated differently, these


things are big concerns. We need to know that all taxpayer funded


schools in this country are adhering to the basic British values of


tolerance, fairness and respect, equality. In this case there are


serious questions. The East Midlands is noticeably behind other regions


in setting up free schools. Our region may not have the appetite for


free schools, but the events in Derby over the last week will ensure


that all future applications for free schools will face far more


rigour from the Government before any funding is approved.


Thank you very much. A football coach from Leicester who


was stabbed to death in the street is being remembered at a special


event in the city this evening. 20`year`old Antoin Akpom died last


month. Two 19`year`old men have been charged with his murder. Money


raised at the Y Theatre tonight will go towards funeral costs. Our


reporter Eleanor Garnier is there. Eleanor, what kind of event are they


putting on? Organisers say they are trying to promote peace and raise


money for the funeral of macro one. Tonight 's event is about the


celebration of his life. The event hasn't started yet. It kicks off in


about 30 minutes here at the macro three. His family are here and we


are expecting the Leicester Nirvana the bulk club to be sure, the team


he used to coach. This science like it was a group effort. Definitely.


We have children, school, to perform. We have dancers, rappers,


poet 's, keynote speakers. Even people that didn't know him have


come so they can join together as a community to help. Why did you


decide to help this evening? I knew him for a number of years, and this


is just my way of paying respect. Thank you both for joining us this


evening. It is exactly five weeks since macro one died. Two men have


been charged with his murder. Police have said they are working on the


presumption that his death could be linked to you suspect did arson


attack in which a mother and her three teenage children died. Tonight


organisers are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help pay


for his funeral, which is being held next week.


Three men have been arrested on suspicion of murder following the


discovery of a body in a Nottinghamshire flat. Police are yet


to formally identify the victim, thought to be in his 20s, who was


found in the property on Villa Street in Beeston on Sunday. Two men


aged 23 and one aged 32 were arrested yesterday and remain in


police custody. Detectives have released a picture


of a man who was found dead after a fire in Derby last Tuesday.


26`year`old Jaroslaw Wieczorek was originally from Poland. He was found


inside a former warehouse on Great Northern Road in Derby. A


39`year`old man who was arrested in connection with the fire remains on


police bail. Officers are appealing for more information.


Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann


have received another 150 calls after a fresh appeal for information


was aired on Dutch television. The team is trying to identify a number


of fair`haired men, possibly Dutch or German nationals, who were seen


lurking around the Portuguese apartment complex where the


three`year`old from Rothley was last seen in 2007.


Coming up: A ?40 million move to the Far East ` we visit an East Midlands


engineering firm that's planning to build a new factory in China.


An inquest has been hearing how a 22`year`old woman was crushed when


the horse she was riding slipped and fell on top of her. Aimee Woodward,


from Draycott in Derbyshire, was airlifted to hospital, but died in


intensive care just over a month later. Jo Healey has this report


from the inquest in Loughborough. On the 20th of September last year in


me was at a cross`country circuit. It was 0


me was at a cross`country circuit. It was a misty day. She was there


with her friend, in the middle, and is the woman who ran the stables,


seen here at the front. As the route down the slope, she said she heard a


thud and saw macro to lying on the ground, the shoulder of the horse on


her chest. The paramedic who treated her said the call for a doctor, but


no doctor was available. Macro to'sfather said it seemed like a


long time before she went to hospital. My daughter was in agony,


he said. Macro to was flown to hospital and was in intensive care


for a month. She died on the 1st of November last year from brain injury


from lack of oxygen and multiple trauma. One issue here is whether


macro to was employed by Laura Newman and should you have been


wearing a body or back detector which could have saved her life?


This afternoon Laura Newman told the inquest that back in 2,000 in a


jihad a bad accident when a horse fell on her head and she had


suffered serious injuries. She said you didn't run a business, she


simply enjoyed working with friends like macro to and helping people


with their horses. The inquest heard that at the time of the accident


macro to was wearing a hard hat but not back protector. Laura Newman


said jihad back protector with her and could have warned that, but it


wouldn't offer protection of a horse fell on you. The inquest continues.


Leicester City Council has confirmed all eight of its elderly people's


homes will be closed or sold off within three years. The Council says


Budget cuts and a fall in demand will see four homes close and four


sold`off by the end of 2016. But the city's Age UK charity says the near


two`year consultation will have caused added distress for the


residents who will be forced to move. Tom Brown reports. They are


home to more than 160 of Leicester's elderly residents. Today


there was confirmation that the council is getting rid of all of


that care homes. All will be sold to the, but at the other ones the doors


will be shut for good. Those people will have to find alternative


accommodation. The shape of care that we are providing in Leicester


has to change. We have to respond to emerging needs. We can carry on


doing what we have always done just because we have always done it. This


is not about implementing this decision overnight. We will make


sure people get the support they need. Leicester City Council is the


first authority in the East Midlands to give it a bit scared homes. It


will save it up to ?3.5 million a year and will reinvest some of that


into more home care. At the local macro one charity they said the


understand the decision by the council, but that it should have


been reached much quicker. The consultation went on for a long


time. It was done with the best of intentions, but it has created a lot


of concern. Residents that will happen to find new homes were told


yesterday. I am told many were disappointed and upset. Despite


getting rid of its remaining homes, the city council intends it will not


turn its back on the elderly of Leicester.


The jobless figures released today show a slight increase in the East


Midlands. There are now 177,000 out of work in the East Midlands,


according to the latest quarterly figures from the Office for National


Statistics. That's an increase of 1,000 over the previous quarter and


represents an unemployment rate of 7.7%. That is just above the


national average. Derby City Council says it can't put


any more money into saving the former Hippodrome theatre. The


council blames the decision on Government cuts. The authority has


already spent ?150,000 attempting to stop the city centre building


deteriorating further, but now it says it can no longer offer any


financial help. The last of seven energy efficient


concept homes has been completed at the University of Nottingham. The


steel frame houses use a range of power`generating technologies, but


they're also designed to save energy because they are highly insulated.


The eco`homes will be used in research and for teaching about


energy saving methods. Talking of property, there is more


evidence tonight that a strong recovery is taking place in the East


Midlands housing market. A fortnight ago we reported that construction of


new private homes in our region was running second only to London. Now,


the surge in the property sector is being confirmed in the region's


house prices. Again, the East Midlands is leading the way.


Angelina Socci reports. 3.8% is actually a very big number.


Outside London, the annual increase in house prices here is bigger than


any region in the UK. Outside London the averages just 2.2%. So, is this


a housing boom? The latest construction figures a couple of


weeks ago showed that in this region in the second quarter of this year


the main builders one ?432 million worth of orders for new private


homes. That is four times the level they took at the same time last


year. In 0 they took at the same time last


year. In the East Midlands there is more availability of product line. A


lot of builders are building. Help to buy, the incentive scheme, is


helping people to buy. Quite a big surge in the private operatives


sector in a region? Are we playing catch up? It is good news for the


industry, not so good if you are buying. What we need is an influx of


properties to market. People lots are in two minds I would urge them


to put their property on the market now. There will be a levelling out


of supply and demand which will keep things where we need them to be. The


average house price in the East Midlands is now ?178,000, happy at


thousand pounds in one year. It is also a record high for the region.


The housing slump has no mean a realist. Is there a hidden danger?


The average price for a first`time buyer is now ?130,000. I would say


it is a mini housing boom, rather than a revenue boom. I don't think


you would see dramatic increases in revenue is that people are talking


about. As long as we keep the supply going and offering houses to the


market, there should be a steady increase. A surge in house prices


three years ago in the region was wiped out by a slump in the market,


but this time around experts are more confident that the recovery is


here to stay. One of our biggest engineering names


is to build a new factory in China at a cost of ?40 million, but it is


assuring staff it won't lead to jobs being exported there. The Brush


Group, based in Loughborough, says a huge market is opening up for them.


Mike O'Sullivan has the third in his series of reports on our region's


growing links with China. Macro one factory employees about a thousand


people in life are per. They send their products around the world. The


chief executive told me about their plan to build their third overseas


factory in China. Reassuring staff you're about job security was


important. Inevitably there is a natural assumption that any


investment in China is about exporting jobs. Clearly, it is the


opposite in this case. We were very keen to point that I dreaded the


offset. The new factory will be built in the city near Shanghai. It


is a ?40 million investment by macro one. There will be about 200 jobs


there. It'll be located on the technology Park. The UK government


agency working to promote trade and investment says that this deal is


part of a bigger picture. The Chinese government is encouraging


more investments. Indeed we have seen a trend in terms of the


UK'sinvestment into China has doubled since 2009. It has gone up


to ?12 billion. Our brand is strong. The Chinese want our brand


to be over there. It was explained that to get into the Chinese market


we had to open a factory in China, which will bring work here,


surprisingly enough. The power generating companies and China are


typically state`owned, so you need to make sure there is a certain


portion of your output that is made in China. The company has claimed


that its new links in China will mean security for jobs here.


First, he's not any old Joe, but those who know cricket best say Root


is destined for greatness in Australia. At just 22, Joe Root was


the young cricketing star of the victorious Ashes team. Next week, he


and England head out to Oz for the winter series, but he couldn't go


without final key preparations in the East Midlands and a visit from


Kirsty Edwards. June route may be a Yorkshireman,


but he actually went to college in Worksop. When he is hitting sixes


against Australia this winter, he will be using this very bat, made


here in Nottingham. Jill was at the factory this week to pick up his new


bats to take the Australia and to see exactly how they were made. He


will meet up with his England team`mates on Friday for a gruelling


training camp less than two months after their Ashes win on home soil.


It is very exciting to go back and have a chance to beat them on their


soil so quickly, that is something we are looking forward to doing and


hopefully we can get the result we want. The company has been making


cricket bats in Nottingham for over 125 years. The Australian camp are


talking up their chances this time around. We try to look after our own


game and just concentrate on what we are doing. If we play to our


strength and we do well, we are a very hard site to beat. We will


concentrate on all that stuff. What would it mean to you to go out and


get another big tree against the Australians in their own backyard?


It would be pretty special. It would mean everything. We have worked so


hard this summer and to back it up again we know we will be working


really hard in the next month or so to get ready for the first match.


Watch out for June and his nocturne amid that this winter and perhaps


even one made by me! Do you fancy having this is your reserve that,


Jill? I might leave this one at home! I think I will 0


Jill? I might leave this one at home! I think I will stick to the


day job! On to rugby and five Leicester


Tigers have been included in Stuart Lancaster's England squad for the


forthcoming autumn internationals. In the forwards, Dan Cole, Geoff


Parling and Tom Youngs, along with the half`back pairing of Toby Flood


and Ben Youngs. In equestrian, the horse which won


this year's Burghley Horse Trials has failed a drugs test. Burghley


winner Jonathan Padget has been provisionally suspended for two


months after his New Zealand horse Clifton Promise tested positive for


the tranquiliser Reserpine. Finally from me, two special


football mentions. A number of our internationals have performed well


in this week, but a there was a standout performance by Derby


County's young star Mason Bennett. He is 17, a local lad and last night


scored the decisive goal in England's U19s' crucial Euro 2014


qualifying victory against Switzerland. His third goal in as


many games. And what about this from Ilkeston's


Laurie Wilson? A rare wonder`goal, scored from near


the half`way line. Now, David Beckham has scored a few of these,


but this one is a beauty. A spectacular volley. One of the


finest strikes you will see. Ilkeston actually lost the game 3`2


to Blyth Spartans, but, who cares?! It's so good we are showing it


twice! Look at that ` fantastic! It is not all the Premier League


stars that have all the skills in their locker!


Finally, he was part of one of the most extraordinary events of the


World War II. A Derbyshire veteran, one of the few remaining survivors


of the prisoner of war camp immortalised in the film The Great


Escape, has died. Frank Stone helped dig the three tunnels, codenamed


Tom, Dick and Harry, which allowed Allied airmen to take their chance


at freedom. Carolyn Moses has more. He returned to the place of his


incarceration and 65 years on. This was macro one in 2009 travelling


back, his identity disc in hand, to the site of stalag Luft three, where


he helped take the tunnel Harry in heart 104. It was all very tense.


The whole knew what was happening, even those not involved. The


permanent residents of heart 144 were moved out to other parts to


live the 200 to go in. 76 pushed through, but not all would finish


their escape. 50 were shot and only three managed to get away


completely. The guards discovered the tunnel before Frank could pass


through. His escape finally came at the end of the war. That would be


exactly what I was. When was the last time you stood here? January


the 1945. Like many of his former comrades, he may be gone but he


certainly won't be forgotten. Remembering macro one who has passed


away. `` remembering Frank Stone, he has passed away.


Two things will act in favour through tonight, a ridge of high


pressure moving image will settle things down. Things will be getting


a little bit milder, as well. You can see the error is coming in from


the south`west, and much milder direction. Tomorrow will be drier,


brighter and there will be more sunshine and it will feel warmer at


last. The rain pushed through fairly quick leak. Some decent sunshine


across southern areas this afternoon. Not a lot changing


through tonight. We will stay dry with clear spells, the winds will be


strong tonight, which will move the fog. Temperature wise we are


starting to see the warmer air moving in. It will not equal despite


the blue skies. Tomorrow morning a completely different started the.


Lots of sunshine from the off tomorrow with a small chance of


light showers. Most of us will be clinging onto the sunshine. The


winds will be easing, as well. It will feel much better tomorrow. Our


ice will be focused out towards the West again. This low`pressure is


still there and it is bringing in weather France on Friday. The rain


will sweep its way in towards the end of the day, so enjoy that


sunshine tomorrow! We always say make the most of


tomorrow! See you later. Goodbye! You ask us to get behind you


and why should we? You're punching above


your weight, aren't you? He wouldn't do that to me because


he wasn't that sort of a man.


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