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dual fuel customers will go up by more than 9%. That is all from


Welcome to East Midlands Today, with Maurice Flynn, and me, Sarah Teale.


The headlines: The Prime Minister says the


Al`Madinah free school should close if it doesn't take immediate


corrective action. 0 corrective action.


Ofsted labels the Derby school dysfunctional but buses say they are


determined it will stay open. I'd think the school will still be here


in six months, 12 months time. We will do everything possible to try


to ensure it does better. How scientists hope to save lives


and red hospitals of superbugs using bacteria`eating viruses.


Also why the sky rise flats are coming down to deal with today's


housing crisis. `` high`rise flats. And this Leicestershire rehab centre


sending addicts to sail this ship. Hello, welcome to Thursday's


programme. First tonight, a controversial free school at the


centre of a storm over teaching practices and standards has been


branded as dysfunctional and in chaos by government inspectors. Now


the Prime Minister has even got involved, saying the Al`Madinah


school in Derby should close unless it immediately improves. It's


sparked a wider row about schools outside local authority control. But


despite it all, some parents appear to remain supportive. The man in


charge of Al`Madinah has said he believes it will stay open. Eleanor


Garnier is in Derby now. Eleanor, another day another damning report


for this school? Yes, that is right. We should remember that the


school has only been open since last September. That is when it


officially opened. Now labelled as dysfunctional and in chaos by


Ofsted, who have given it an inadequate rating in every category.


That is the lowest possible inspectors can give. So, what


started as a problem at one local school has now sparked a national


debate, as my colleague reports. Pupils arrive at the secondary


school campus at the Al`Madinah free school in Derby this morning. Even


staff learned from the media the school had been described as


government inspectors as dysfunctional. Significant and


serious problems in the school but we are already beginning to address


them... The man in charge for the time being says the issues can be


resolved. The children need to be educated somewhere and this is a


good place for them to be educated. I think the school will still be


here in six months time, 12 months time. I will do everything to try to


win sure that. Ofsted found the school inadequate in all areas and


said it needed to be placed in special measures. The school's


opening body is condemned as ineffective and that they have


failed to make sure children stay safe. They also say the school's


finances are not properly managed to make sure the money is properly


spent. A school Governor gave this reaction to the report. We are aware


of the areas we need to improve and we are making every effort to make


sure we continue to develop in line with the findings of Ofsted


recommendations and external supporting agencies. Many staff and


parents remain supportive of the school. There aren't many schools


around here and for me it suits my lifestyle because it is a Muslim


school. The Ofsted report says you have to give every school a chance


and it is open now, so what is the point in closing it down? We're


taking the right actions and are not allowed to lead Bob prepared to


allow a school to fail its parents and pupils.


Eleanor, a huge reaction from all quarters today and even the Prime


Minister's got involved now? That is right. David Cameron was speaking on


BBC radio Derby earlier today and he stood by and defended this


Government's flagship free school policy, but he did send out a clear


warning to the school. If they don't take immediate action to improve


these things then action will be taken. But let's not use this as a


stick with which to beat the whole free school movement because


actually there are now hundreds of schools around the country set up as


free schools, and on average, they more have outstanding and good


ratings than established schools, so they are good things. But when it


goes wrong, you have to get in there and sort it out or close it down,


just as with a state school. I am joined with `` by the MP for Derby


North. How are you going to sort this out? First of all, I am


astonished the Prime Minister is continuing to defend an ideological


experiment which has failed. It is putting political dogma ahead of the


learning of the children. You are blaming the Government and David


Cameron and the Education Secretary, but what about the governors of this


school? Don't they have a significant amount of


responsibility? Should not they be held to account? The only one who


should be held to account is the Secretary of State for education,


and that is Michael Gove. He has made these free schools possible and


stood by... So you stand by all of these? No, but he must take


responsibility for creating a system which has clearly failed the


children in Derby. And my fear is this will be repeated up and down


the country. Do you think it is right to have girls sitting on one


side of the classroom and boys on another? Of course not. I have


written to the Secretary of State asking him to, at the very minimum,


ensure that all schools in every part of the country are subject to


scrutiny by the local education authority. Thank you. That is Chris


William, the Labour MP for Derby North. This school could now be in


special measures for up to two years and will have regular inspections,


and some of those could be without warning. The interim head teacher


says he believes the school does have a future and that it has


already begun tackling some of those major areas of concern. Thank you.


Scientists in Leicester have discovered bacteria`eating viruses


that can be used to fight superbugs. Phage therapy, as it's called, could


be the breakthrough that helps prevent patients dying and hospitals


being closed due to infectious outbreaks. In a moment we'll find


out more about the scale of hospital infections in the East Midlands, but


first, Simon Ward has been speaking to the team behind the project.


Hospitals work hard to prevent the spread of highly infectious


superbugs that are becoming more resistant to antibiotics. Bugs like


this. They can be killers. Now scientists believe they may have the


answer. Phage there appears being developed here at the University of


Leicester. We have been isolating viruses that kill bacteria and the


idea is to use them as an alternative to antibiotics to treat


this organism in patients. The University has signed a deal with


American backing and it could be a major victory against infections in


hospitals. Many thousands of deaths could be prevented around the world


in future if it works and the enormous cost of closing wards and


hospitals could be avoided. The team is already working out how people


could take the virus which could save them. We are thinking it could


be a capsule that passes through the stomach and then moves into the


colon when the virus is replicating the bacteria there. Possibly it


could be a drink as well. More studies will now be conducted in


collaboration with the University of Glasgow to develop a commercially


available treatment available within five to ten years time.


Our health correspondent, Rob Sissons, is here. Interesting


developments in Leicester, so where does research go from here? Simon


mentioned there was still a way to go. Clinical trials will be next.


There is huge interest in this. And when it comes to the superbug


clostridium difficile, how big a problem is it these days in our


hospitals? Not as bad as it once was. Let's take a look at the


figures for the East Midlands. These are from Public Health England. They


show what a difference three years makes.


It has now nearly halved and I suppose the big question is why? I


have been to Kingsmill hospital. They have got an advantage.


Purpose`built, brand`new hospital with lots of single rooms, which


makes it easier to isolate patients and stop the spread of infection,


and I spoke to one of their micro boiler just. `` microbiologists.


This hospital has had a huge impact on the infection rate. And the


biggest impact is hand hygiene and isolation of patients and also


antibiotic prescribing. But one of the problems is, there are so many


initiatives to bring down the figures that it is hard to know


precisely what has worked and what hasn't, but collectively, they


appear to have worked. Still to come, we join the


recovering addicts on a special voyage of self`discovery of open sea


and blue skies. It has been lovely to see the sunshine again today, and


if you have enjoyed the warmer temperatures, they will be staying


for the weekend, but it won't all be plain sailing.


A woman is in hospital after being attacked in Loughborough. It


happened at around 9:30am this morning on a path that runs


alongside a brook between Braddon Road and the A6. Officers were


called to the scene following reports of an assault, where they


found a 46`year`old woman with stomach and face injuries. Her


condition tonight isn't yet known. Police have named a man found dead


in a Nottinghamshire flat at the weekend. The body of Simon Hay, who


was 47, was discovered in the property on Villa Street in Beeston


on Sunday. Officers say he was beaten to death. Two men aged 23 and


32 are still being questioned on suspicion of murder.


Police say studies of human remains found in the garden of a Mansfield


home suggest they are those of a missing elderly couple. Detectives,


who've begun a murder enquiry, say tests show the bones are from an


older man and a slightly younger woman. Previous owners of the house


William Wycherly would now be 100 and his wife Patricia, 79. Tests


show that some of the remains point to them being Mrs Wycherly. Officers


want to hear from anyone who knew her by her maiden name, Moore.


The era of high`rise living for some tenants in one of our cities is


coming to an end. Within months, eight of Nottingham's eye`catching


blocks of flats will be demolished to make way for the first new


council houses since the 1960s. The council's Labour leadership is


pressing the Government to allow it to build more homes for rent. Here's


our political editor, John Hess. 40 years ago, high`rise living was


thought to be a solution to a city's housing crisis, but not any


more. From the 13th floor, a birds eye view. Demolition work started


here in Nottingham. Soon, all five blocks will be gone and Eileen and


Allen, tenants here for 37 years, will miss them. It is going to be a


bit of a wrench, isn't it? Yes, it will be an upheaval. I'll have to


get rid of a lot of stuff. Vary warm. Apparently they are all


crumbling, though, so it is just one of those things. Most of the rubble


will end up under pinning another project, dualling the A453 to


another local road. But was this project necessary? The views of


tenants meant it was a much more sensible option to redevelop


completely. This is one of 13 sites in Nottingham being cleared to


develop new homes. It is the biggest council housing project in many,


many years. The latest figures for England reveal that one in five


families are now renting from a private landlord. That is 1.2


million households. That has doubled since 2001. The city wants to build


more council houses to meet that demand. It is pressing for extra


government cash help, but is the coalition receptive? We will


certainly see more housing coming up and the Government is keen to


incentivise more house`building and keep the cash in council is that it


generates. High`rise block is demolished and, with it, a


20th`century dream that these would solve the housing crisis.


An inquest has recorded a verdict of accidental death on a woman who died


after being crushed by her horse. 22`year`old Aimee Edwards, from


Draycott in Derbyshire, was an experienced rider. She was on a


cross`country course in Leicestershire with friends at the


time of the accident in September last year. The inquest heard her


horse slipped and fell on her chest. She died a month later in hospital.


More people in the East Midlands say they've been targeted by thieves. In


the latest figures, for last year, the region's police forces recorded


a 10% increase in personal thefts. Many victims had smartphones stolen.


The police also recorded a 9% rise in sexual offences. But the region's


overall crime figure continued to fall, down by 10% last year.


Governors of Leicester junior school have won the first step in their


battle against City Council. The school was stripped of its powers


and the headteacher was suspended after strikes over plans to


restructure. Now the High Court has approved a judicial review in a move


saying this was unlawful. Next tonight, helping addicts tackle


their demons and stay off drink and drugs can be a challenge but is one


which a Leicestershire rehab centre thinks it may have cracked. They've


adopted an unusual approach. It involves sending a group out to sea


to crew a sailing ship. And for some, it's been a life`changing


experience. Our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, joined


them on board for this special report.


The beginning of a voyage of self`discovery on the Morning Star


of Revelation. This isn't just about sailing a ship, it is about tackling


the debt is of addiction. Eye was on cocaine every day, probably getting


two or three hours of sleep before work. `` I was. I'd then lost my job


and got put in prison. Drugs will readily available in prison and from


that I'd just lost everything. They had nothing. Did you ever expect to


pick up again? No. Which it is learning to crew this ship as part


of a team from Loughborough, where all the sailors are on a tough detox


programme at a Christian rehab centre called the Carpenters Arms.


Ryan is desperate to turn away from a life which began when he joined a


children's home. He went on a downward spiral after taking drugs


which ended up behind bars. It is just pure darkness when you are


sailing. I was in a mess. But how does a week learning to sail


steer lives back on course? It is all about proving themselves.


Building confidence and working as a team. Below deck, it is Daniel's


turned to do the cooking. He is a reformed heroin addict from Hinckley


and he has done so well that the organisation has employed him


permanently as a chef on board. We have two chefs alternating. Four


hours on, four hours off. So you are up on deck, the rain hitting you,


the wind hitting you, three and a half hours sleep. People recovering


from addiction, getting that mentality, it is so important. 12


hours later, they are back for breakfast and ready for a pep talk


from the captain. Mike Ling is a volunteer and he is from Nuneaton in


Derbyshire. I believe it can make all the difference in the world and


they are on a programme where they are working off their addictions and


back into normal life. And it gives them confidence in themselves,


confidence in being able to relate to other people. They almost a month


course won't be easy, but by the end of this week, they will have the


skills to set their lives on an even keel, and Richard wants to succeed.


`` after almost a month's course. Really excited about the future now


and really enjoying this boat trip, so it is cracking. Out on the ocean,


it is brilliant. It looks amazing. Really positive comments from the


people involved. You're watching East Midlands Today


with Sarah and Maurice tonight. The sport is coming up shortly.


And any excuse to shop. I'll be nosing around the historic arcade


which has re`opened after years of standing empty. As promised, Colin


is here and ready to go! Some football news to start, and


Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson says he's expected speculation about


moves in and out of the club but nothing's arranged yet. Recently,


Sean St Ledger's been suggested as lining up a loan out, while


Manchester City youngster Kieran Kennedy is being watched by


Leicester. Already on loan is Martyn Waghorn and current club Millwall


are keen to keep him. But Pearson says he's not even spoken to Waghorn


about it. It will be one of the things that will be resolved over


the next two or three months but there's no hurry for us to do


anything yet. The plan was with him to go away and get some games and


then we will assess it as we go along, so enough said on that one, I


think! Derby striker Chris Martin has


praised new manager Steve McClaren for how little he's done. Martin


says there's been plenty of work on the training ground and a new shape


for the team but that McClaren has been careful not to undo good work


done by former boss Nigel Clough. I think he was a bit wary of the fact


that he had quite a successful club and quite a good squad he inherited


and he didn't want to change too much. I'd think the fact that he has


thought about that and taken us into consideration is also a positive


thing for the players. Leicester Tigers chief executive


Simon Cohen has given his support for the idea of a new arena next to


the club's Welford Road ground. The old Granby Halls site is one of


several possible homes for the Leicester Riders basketball team.


Cohen says the spot would have significant merit for the Tigers.


Onto ice hockey, and 0 significant merit for the Tigers.


Onto ice hockey, and a big, big weekend for Nottingham Panthers


fans. The Panthers host a round of Europe's top competition, the


Continental Cup, right here in Nottingham. So can the Panthers add


a European Crown to last year's record breaking season? Jessica


Creighton reports. Last year, the Nottingham Panthers


just couldn't stop winning. The league... The Challenge Cup and the


play`offs. This season, they want to raise the bar again and at the


Continental cup to their trophy cabinet. I don't see why we can't


continue to progress to the later stages so we will be looking to do


that this weekend and move onto the next phase. It will be the biggest


ice hockey event Britain has ever hosted and a chance for the sport to


increase its fan base. This is a huge tournament for us and a


prestigious event. It is good for the club and the arena to be hosting


it and fabulous for the city, but it is important for the sport in the UK


as well. Even after such a prolific season last year, the Nottingham


Panthers are still fine tuning. They know the teams involved will have a


different playing style to what they are used to, though. It is going to


be down to skills but we have a lot of skilled guys out there. You can


see them in the background. If you have skilled guys, they can adapt to


the European style. Even in our league, our sport, you can get away


with a bit more and be a bit more physical. The boys will have to be a


bit less physical than usual and take it out on the pub rather than


the opposition! They move on to the Latvians after the Dutch. It might


be their first outing in Europe since 2006 to win here would put


them through to the next round and show they can compete with the


continent 's best. Semifinals has been the limit for


British ice hockey, so any further would be cracking. Let's hope they


can achieve more this year! After years of standing empty and


neglected, a historic shopping arcade in Leicester has re`opened.


It's being hailed as an important part of the regeneration of the city


centre. And it was a real ordeal but I've been out talking to the


shopkeepers and sampling some of their wares.


Once a landmark feature in Leicester, this historic Victorian


building has stood empty for over a decade. But today, after a ?3


million refurbishment, the Silver arcade has reopened. How important


is it for this area of the city that this arcade is up and running again


as a shopping centre? We very much see it as being the Gateway to the


lanes, which is a unique part of Leicester which most cities don't


have. If people actually got off their backsides and walked around


the city, they would see so much more with regards to the variety of


the eclectic shops Leicester has to offer. Up to 75 of the units have


been let out to a range of different businesses. Including a


hairdressers... A ladies boutique... A lingerie shop, and my personal


favourite, a yummy chocolate shop. And the entire third`floor will be


taken up by an Italian restaurant. The local community, assess


shopkeepers and the local area, it is great to have stores providing


something different on the high street. There are a lot of original


features here. You have really merged the old with the new, haven't


you? That was very much the intention. The building is very old


but the type of retailers we have attracted to date and those we are


still speaking to going forwards, I think it will bring a modern twist


to a historic building. That is great but Mike the cameraman has had


several attempts trying to either chocolate. How many did you have?


Not that many but the chocolate was nice! Perfect for shopping this


weekend, isn't it? Yes, because it will be blustery and


showery this weekend. But warned today. The downside tonight with the


clear skies and the moisture means we will start to see things turning


very misty, with fairly dense fog patches into the early part of


tomorrow morning. We still have clearer slots at the moment. Any


showers have died away so we will start to see the mist and fog


developing. More so across the eastern side of the region with more


cloud around across Derbyshire, but into the early hours, we could still


see the odd dense fog patch developing and a night`time


temperatures of nine degrees, so a mainly mild night due to the wind


direction coming from the South. Tomorrow morning, a very foggy


start, but the wind will pick up, which will make the fog lift. At the


moment, the heavy rain is pushing further West, so what we are seeing


is showery outbreaks of rain into the afternoon, so a damp day with


slightly drier conditions across Leicestershire and Rutland and


across Lincolnshire as well, with temperatures very similar to today.


There is rain around over the weekend. This is what is happening


on Saturday. These are lines of showers emerging for a time. Quite a


blustery day but temperatures not too disappointing and any brighter


moments could bring 16 degrees. The showers could move quite quickly due


to the winds. The low pressure is certainly controlling the weather


this weekend but the wind becomes lighter on Sunday but the downside


to that is that showers are slow`moving.


Still quite warm for the time of year. We will be back later.




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