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by Islamist extremists. That's all from the BBC News at Six. So it's


goodbye from me, This is East Midlands Today.


Tonight, MPs demand action to reduce the risk of fatal hospital blunders.


Why have people got two died to bring things in? It seems Matt. Also


tonight, facing the axe. This fire station.


Plus the school sports award set up in memory of a young teenager


stabbed to death. And I find out how robots are being


used more in education. Join us later in the programme!


Welcome to Friday's programme. First tonight, the chairman of an


influential group of MPs is worried that not enough is being done to


prevent a repeat of a hospital blunder which killed a


Nottinghamshire teenager. Wayne Jowett, who was 18, died at


Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre 12 years ago. Tragically, an


anti`cancer drug was mistakenly put into his spine instead of a vein.


Stephen Dorrell who heads the Commons Health Select Committee will


raise the issue in Parliament next week. Here's our health


correspondent to tell us more. Wayne Jowett was in remission from


leukaemia when the fatal blunder happened at Notitngham's Queen's


Medical Centre. That hospital now uses fail safe syringe connectors to


prevent a repeat. Most others aren't. It's thought 90 out of the


160 acute trusts in England still don't use them. Now there are


growing calls for answers. Wayne was not the first. His family


hope he will be the last to die from this. Tonight, his mother is pleased


the Health Select Committee will probe by these devices are not in


use in all NHS hospitals. It seems forever. It just seems to be taking


far too long. To get these things moving. Why have people got to die?


To bring things in? It just seems mad. This MP has been persuaded to


raise this issue by the man who led the enquiry into Wayne's death.


Clinicians have the right to use the equipment they want to use. I agree


with that. Ever clinicians doesn't use a device or has not tried it,


how can you possibly know whether it is safe or not? My view is


clinicians should engage with this immediately.


Wayne's family have campaigned tirelessly to prevent a repeat. We


have been told that the government are aware of the concerns and they


are working with the NHS to come up with proposals.


Next tonight, opposition is growing to plans that would see a number of


fire stations in Derbyshire close. The county's Fire Service says it


needs to make dramatic changes due to a 40% cut in its budget. Our


reporter has been to one community fighting to save its fire station.


The children's TV classic, trumpet and. But is it a quaint and outdated


concept for every town to have its own fire station? Pugh, Pugh, Barney


McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub. This fire station is under threat of


closure. This man wrote about the story in the village newspaper.


Costs ?81,000 every year to keep this fire station running. That


doesn't seem to be a tremendous amount of money. There are plans to


reduce the number of fire stations by a third and cut full`time posts


by a quarter. The chief promises it will may have a minimal impact on


response times. This woman was grateful for a fast response to a


chimney fire at her home. They arrived in less than five minutes.


If that was a fire brigade from Derby, it would take them at least


half an hour to come here. Residents here and another communities have


launched campaigns against closures. I think is disgusting. There are


lots of places nearby that need protecting. We are proud of the fire


station. 0 protecting. We are proud of the fire


station. Pride earned by the role it played in 1989. They were first on


the scene at this year disaster. But this station could soon receive its


final call out. Still to come, a warning of more


traffic problems in Nottingham. Could it be a Black Monday for back


to work commuters? Plus, why are more of our taking up


Mandarin? A nine`year`old pupil in Leicester


has been given an award for sporting excellence in memory of his former


teacher who was killed last month. 20``year`old Antoin Akpom died after


being stabbed in the street. Teachers at the school where he


taught hope this new sportsmanship award will inspire pupils. Our


reporter has this exclusive report. It gives me great pleasure to give


this award to Jade and Patel in primary for. Nine`year`old Jaden


became the first pupil to win this award. Popular teacher, Antoin


Akpom, died last month after being stabbed. It made me feel happy


because I was representing the family. Because Antoin Akpom has


lost his life, a would like to think he still remembers me. Antoin Akpom


lived for sport. With his best friend, a fellow PE teacher, they


set up a sports business. The motto was changing children's lives


through sport. I am sure he would be smiling down, full of joy. This is a


great way for his legacy to live on. Best friends, business partners,


they love each other as brothers. Jewel was by Antoin Akpom's side


moments after he was stabbed. To see a man like this bleeding and dying,


basically, that is something that will never leave my memory because


it is something that should never be seen from such a great man. Pupils,


teachers and Antoin Akpom's family hope this award will help inspire


others and keep Antoin Akpom in their memory.


Three men have appeared before magistrates charged with the murder


of a man in Nottingham. The body of Simon Hay, who was 47, was


discovered in a flat on Villa Street in Beeston on Sunday afternoon. Two


men from Beeston and another man from Cotgrave were charged last


night. They have been remanded in custody to appear at Crown Court on


Monday. The BBC has learned that dozens of


parents have asked Derby City Council about moving their children


away from the Al`Madinah free school. 67 enquiries have been made


to the council by parents interested in taking their children out of the


school. 33 have made formal applications to put their children


elsewhere. The figures pre`date yesterday's Ofsted report which said


the school was failing in all areas and was dysfunctional.


A footbridge has been officially opened at a Nottinghamshire level


crossing where three people have been killed in recent years. Network


Rail has spent ?1.5 million installing the new structure,


following calls to improve safety at Moor Bridge. Last November,


13`year`old Lindsey Inger died after being hit by a tram on the crossing


which links Bestwood and Hucknall. I feel this is a good thing.


Hopefully it will save other peoples lives. If it had been done in the


first place, she would still be here. We have mixed emotions.


Hopefully tragedies will never happen again here.


A grieving father has appealed to the parents of horse riders to


ensure that their children wear protective clothing, including


inflatable air jackets. Robin Woodward was speaking after his


daughter Aimee was fatally injured when the horse she was riding rolled


on top of her. She was not wearing modern, body protection.


Memories are no all this family have left. Aimee's home in Derbyshire


contains treasured photographs of the 22`year`old who died falling


from her horse. Her father says he was shocked to learn that there is


no legislation for a riding schools to wear protection. You need to get


the best protective gear you can possibly by. Nobody else will do it


for you. You 0 possibly by. Nobody else will do it


for you. You are on your own. Inflatable `` inflatable jackets


that deploy like airbags cost ?400. But this family think they are worth


that. They are attached to the saddle. When riders fall, the airbag


inflates. They have definitely saved lives. It is something that you


don't think can happen to you. But it can. It has happened to me. I


don't want it to happen to another child, another parent. Don't want


them to be in my position. `` I don't want.


Three men have appeared before magistrates charged with the murder


of a man in Nottingham. The body of Simon Hay, who was 47, was


discovered in a flat on Villa Street in Beeston on Sunday afternoon. Two


men from Beeston and another man from Cotgrave were charged last


night. They have been remanded in custody to appear at Crown Court on


Monday. Legionella has been found at parts


of one of our hospitals. No patients have been put at risk. Hospital


administrators say they are dealing with the situation.


Drivers are being warned to prepare for more disruption in the coming


weeks, especially commuters who travel between Nottingham and Derby.


From Sunday, there'll be works on the A52 at Bardills roundabout in


Nottingham which will last two weeks.


Rush hour this morning at this roundabout. There are warnings that


traffic here could get worse over the next two week, as work to move


cables begins, in preparation for a new transport hub. All approaches to


the roundabout will be reduced to one lane. There will be no access


onto the A52 carriageway for junction five of the M1. Three other


major transport projects are happening in Nottingham. The tram


extension will extend the existing network. Also the improvements to


the ring road. This will affect journey times. We are getting the


work done as quickly as we can. We hope to get it done within two


weeks. Please plan ahead and try to think of different routes or


different times you could do your journey. ?750 million is being spent


to improve the transport network in Nottingham. With the results are


unlikely to be felt for some time, drivers must prepare for disruption


for now. Our reporter is at one of the


Nottingham's busiest junctions for us. Why is this work happening now?


Well, the council has tried to minimise the impact 0


Well, the council has tried to minimise the impact of this latest


disruption by coinciding with the half term holiday. It is advising


travelling `` it is advising drivers travelling to use different routes.


We have seen plenty of traffic this evening, which is only likely to get


worse in the weeks to come. The work on that roundabout games on Sunday.


You have been warned! Still to come: In sport, a lovely


mover. The Forest midfielder who is as famous for his celebrations as he


is for his goal`scoring. Is it time for our children to learn


Mandarin? Some are calling for changes in the classroom as China


continues its transformation into a global economic powerhouse.


Currently it is thought only a small number of schools in our region


teach Mandarin to GCSE level. All this week, our reporter has been


looking at this region's links with China. Here's his last report.


Mandarin lessons at this academy in Nottinghamshire. The GCSE course


started in January. More people should study Mandarin because they


say it is the language of the future. With China being such a big


economic powerhouse, it would be good to use it. It is one of only a


small number of schools in our region to teach Mandarin. 600 fewer


people studied GCSE Mandarin this year than in 2010. In China, English


is a compulsory class. Children start to learn the language in


kindergarten. It is depressing that so few people are studying this, but


things are changing. Forward`thinking schools are


introducing Mandarin. We are sure that others will follow. We want to


make sure that children are equipped for the world of work. Next year,


they are to strengthen Mandarin teaching with a trip to China.


I believe you can speak some Mandarin?


One of my favourite words means thank you.


Now it is time for the sport. First big news from Nottingham


Forest. The club have confirmed in the last few hours that manager


Billy Davies has signed a new contract keeping him at the city


Ground until 2017. It means a four year extension to his current deal


and is significant because it's rare for managers to get lengthy deals


nowadays. Chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi said tonight he is looking forward


to working with Billy for many years to come and made clear when he first


became chairman that Davies was part of his long term plans.


Billy will be with us like Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. I


mean that. His team are in action against


Bournemouth tomorrow. This week midfielder Henri Lansbury went back


to school to teach the pupils at Saint Edmund Campion about his life


as a footballer and a bit about his dance moves too.


Here's the midfield maestro that is the fans favourite. Instead of


answering my questions, some pint`size pundits put him on the


spot. I think we have a chance of going to the Premier League. It is a


hard championship. We can only do our best each week. He knows what it


takes to get there. Twice promoted from the championship, he believes


this Nottingham Forest side can do it as well. You can't drop


concentration for two minutes in the game or the other team will score.


Consistency is the main thing. So far, life is sweet. They have a


great team spirit. I think that helps in the championship. We have a


good team spirit and we all gel. He has scored for Mac goals so far. His


target is ten. He has a new goal celebration. I am just trying some


new celebrations. We try to copy music videos. My friend has quite a


few up his sleeve. Years teaching me some. Is a promise of some dance


moves in future two possibly! In future? Possibly!


At Derby County Steve McClaren has made his first new signing. Striker


Simon Dawkins has joined on a three month loan from Spurs. He's been


training with the Rams and a deal was agreed to keep him at Pride Park


as cover for injured players. Now, onto Leicester City where


20`year`old defender Liam Moore has just been given the Football


League's Young Player of the Month award. It is just the latest stage


in a remarkable rise for Moore who is Leicester through and through. I


went to see him to talk about the past and the future.


I have been lucky here. I have always enjoyed my football here.


Many young footballers don't get to travel such a long road. It is


frightening how many people I have made friends with here and then you


don't hear from them. There are good players who I thought would go far.


It shows you how tough it is to make it in the English league. I am very


fortunate. What makes you stand out? I don't know, really. I have always


worked hard at my game. With hard work comes some luck. I have had


some nice breaks. When you get them, it is down to you to take them.


Starting every game this season, scoring his first Leicester goal and


now this. Does this award matter to you? It is very nice. It is


something I can keep forever. It is an achievement. If it is personal


success or team success, I will always choose team success. Football


is an individual and team sport? Definitely. If the team is playing


well, it makes your job as an individual easier. Recognition can


sometimes bring pressure. You are quite laid back about everything? If


you can't handle pressure, what is the point in playing football? That


could be 70,000 people at Wembley watching you. You need to take


everything in your stride and go from there.


Other football, Notts County are in League One action tonight. They are


off to Swindon. While Mansfield Town have a more conventional Saturday


kick off, but a long trip. Away at Torquay.


Leicester Tigers are at home tonight in the Heineken Cup to Italian side


Treviso, not the pushovers they once were.


Nottingham Panthers host the Continental cup this weekend. First


game in 40 minutes. Loads going on this weekend!


Next tonight, robots. We may not quite be at the stage where they


make the tea and clean our cars. But East Midlands researchers say


interaction between humans and robots is proving very effective in


education. Both of Nottingham's universities are carrying out


studies into how people with learning disabilities can benefit


from a bit of automated encouragement.


Michael is using symbols and voice commands to instruct these robots.


They can even dance. MUSIC the universities in Nottingham, along


with some school pupils, have been discovering that communication


skills can improve when they are used as educational tools. Using


robots for communication skills is far greater than the kind of


engagement you get in normal classroom activity. That is


incredibly important because there is no deep learning in the students


through that engagement. They can think, they can walk, they can talk


and they can dance. These two cost between 8000 and ?9,000 each. It is


novel and motivating enough for the students that have to put in a lot


of effort to even press a switch. Technology is becoming more and more


a part of everyday life. No doubt robot and human interaction is


something to be developed further. ROBOT: Simon Ward, BBC East Midlands


today. I was going to say that! Quite surprising temperatures this


weekend. Even night`time temperatures across the south of the


country are not falling lower than 11 degrees. My old for the next few


days. We have blustery showers. We have some rain on the way tonight.


We have some showers earlier. It is quite patchy, but it will still keep


us very wet into the early hours of tomorrow. Night`time temperatures


falling now lower than 11 or 12. A mild and windy night. We are going


to also see a damp start to the day. Gradually, some like this ``


brightness will start to appear. Temperatures tomorrow reaching 17


degrees. The wind will be a big feature. Strong and gusty southerly


wind. On Sunday, the wind comes from the South. Still quite a few showers


around. Some of those will be quite heavy. There is a chance of thunder


on Saturday. On Monday, low`pressure controls the weather. On Monday,


some rain across the South. Although it will be mild, it will also be wet


at times. Now, before we go, we would just


like to blow our trumpet a little bit because, last night East


Midlands Today won an award, this award, for the second year running.


Very handsome it is too. So, what is it for? Well, you may remember this


little chap from earlier in the programme. Darth here is going to


explain what it is. ROBOT: congratulations for winning the


award! That is right. It is the award for Best News Programme from


the Royal Television Society in the Midlands. And we are all dead


chuffed. On that self`congratulatory note, we will say goodbye. Have a


great weekend. ROBOT: goodbye, everyone!


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