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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: Closing within week ` a care home for people with severe


dementia. More than 30 patients will have to move out by November. Five


weeks from Christmas and they are putting those people through total


misery. Also, please step up their hunt for two toddlers taken from


their mother. Plus, a terror trial at the Old Bailey is told about guns


found at a teenager's home. And find out why I am at the home of


summarising Newton to discover more about his family tree. `` Sir Isaac


Newton. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight, inspectors have ordered the closure of a care


home in East Midlands because of big worries about failing standards.


In a damming report, the Care Quality Commission found many of the


residents who had dementia were not having their needs met adequately.


At least 33 people are currently at the home and now face being moved.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has the latest.


The owners of this home in Nottingham say they had been


struggling to bring me home up to scratch. The inspectors found a


catalogue of problems. Residents were not being safeguarded from the


risk of abuse, staff not always responding to basic care needs,


residents at risk of neglect. Elizabeth is one of at least 33


residents who now face the people of moving. Her son visits every day but


tonight said he simply could not break the news to her. I have not


told my mother because I do not want to upset her. At 103, there is a big


chance that a move from here would be her last move. The inspectors


said, we saw that some people did not have access to an emergency call


alarm in their bedroom. There was a lack of staff in communal areas. We


saw one person supported to beat two breakfasts when another person did


not get any food or assistance. The inspection report makes for


depressing reading but the picture painted is not one David recognises.


It is absolutely fantastic. I have no complaints. I have not seen


anything untoward. I trust the staff 100%. Methodist homes, a charity,


took over the facility in 2011, after the collapse of Southern


Cross. They say they have struggled to improve it. They have refurbished


the centre but there was concern is about care which led to the closure


decision, supported by Nottingham social services. The city council


would not put anyone up for interview but they told us these


decisions for closure are only made in very rare and exceptional


circumstances. They have said they want to reassure relatives that they


will do all they can to ensure the smooth transition of residence to


alternative homes. Worrying times for residents and


their families. What is going to happen? Tomorrow there are going to


be meetings at the hospital for families and relatives of the


residents at the care home. They will be told what arrangements will


be made. It is likely that a lot of the residents will be offered


alternative homes. But as we heard from David in the report, how


traumatic will that be for some of these people? A lot of them have


dementia and change is extremely unsettling for them and their


families. I have heard from David, but it would be interesting to hear


what other relatives think. He says he does not recognise what the


inspectors... He is happy? He thinks the staff are doing a good job. He


is happy? He thinks the staff are doing a good job. Here's their two


and half hours a day, not all I think there are a lot more


developments to come but the 9th of November is the date they are


looking towards closing the home. For now, thank you.


A terrorism trial has been told that police found several lethal guns


when they searched the home of a Leicestershire teenager.


The jury's heard that he was planning a Columbine`style massacre


at his former school in Loughborough. Our social affairs


correspondent Jeremy Ball is at the Old Bailey in London. Who's been


giving evidence this afternoon? The jury heard from the police firearms


expert who examined the weapons and ammunition found that the


teenager's home. He showed us ten different guns, all of them have


guns, `` all of them bear guns and other things, but powerful enough to


kill people. The police found a downloaded document on the boy's


computer which gave instructions to make real pistols. The boy had


started making modifications consistent with the instructions. We


cannot identify the 17 `year`old on trial for legal reasons, but today


he was accompanied in the dock by an intermediary. His Asperger's


syndrome makes it difficult for him to concentrate. The jury has been


told about plans he made to attack Muslims and his own school in


Loughborough. They heard he had admitted possessing petrol bombs and


pipe bombs. What they have got to decide is whether those weapons


really were being stockpiled for an act of terrorism.


Still to come on the programme tonight: A surprise appearance at


the City ground on Saturday. The Forest chairman's wife witnessed


her first ever game and saw her husband as she's never quite seen


him before. We have seen some of these before.


Typical autumnal weather today. Have we seen the back of the rain? All of


the details coming up later. Two young children who were taken


from their mother's care by their father are still missing tonight.


Saleem Tahir from Nottingham took the brother and sister from a hotel


near Stoke on Friday. Both children are under the age of three. Here's


our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner.


Two and a half `year`old and her brother have not been seen for three


days. They were taken at 5pm on Friday from a room at this hotel


near Stoke`on`Trent where they were staying with their mother. Her


father 40 `year`old Saleem Tahir forced is way past their maternal


grandmother and took the children. Detectives believe they are with him


and his mother, a 67 `year`old, who is also the children's grandmother.


Having previously discovered the easiest route out, he went via a


fire exit with the two children. Some minutes later, the grandmother


came down to reception in hysterics and told reception what had


occurred. Obviously, at that point, the police were alerted. Our


priority is around the safe return of these children. We are anxious


for the father to make contact with us using the 101 number because we


want to bring this matter to a resolution as quickly as possible.


It is a stressful situation for children. It needs to be resolved


and the sooner we do that, the better for all concerned. The


children were last seen at around 8pm on Friday evening with their


father near a tanning salon on the Bristol Road in South Birmingham.


The police have been focusing their search in this part of the city.


CCTV footage is also being analysed. The detectives are urging


anyone to call 101 immediately if they see the group and not to


approach their father in case it distresses the children.


Three men appeared at Nottingham Crown Court today charged with the


murder of a man in Beeston. The body of Simon Hay who was 47 was


discovered by police in a flat on Villa Street on Sunday, 13th


October. Callum Dickinson and Karl Raynor from Beeston and Christopher


Royton from Cotgrave have been remanded in custody. Their next


court appearance will be in February.


Detectives are investigating a suspected arson attack on a firework


shop in Derby. Fire crews were called to Big Boy Fireworks last


night, with police closing Ashbourne Road at Markeaton Island as a


precaution because of the contents of the shop. Shutters protect the


shop but the owner believes the attackers poured something through


the letter box. The head of UK Coal production says


some of Britain's mines, like Harworth Colliery in North


Nottinghamshire, could be reopened. That's if the Government diverts


some of the subsidies it's using for renewable energy. Some power


companies claim that green policies are the reason behind spiralling


bills and there are fears that overlooking coal could result in


blackouts. The jury at an inquest into the


deaths of a pregnant Derbyshire woman, her son and her former


partner three years ago has been sent home for the night, after


starting to consider its verdicts. The jury is also considering whether


there were failings by Derbyshire Police in the week before the


deaths. James Roberson is at Derby coroner's court now. James, remind


us of the background to this case. Yes, the events go back to the


second June, 2010. At around 11am, the bodies of 38`year`old Rachael


Slack and her two`year`old son Auden were found, along with the body of


Auden's father, Andrew Cairns aged 44. They were all discovered with


multiple stab wounds at Rachael's cottage at Holbrook in Derbyshire.


Cairns had been arrested by Derbyshire Police a week before the


deaths for making threats to kill, but was released on bail without


charge. The jury's been asked to return


verdicts on all three of them and there are also questions about


Derbyshire Police they may have to consider, aren't there? Yes, the


jury's been asked to consider whether Rachael and Auden were


unlawfully killed and if so, whether their deaths were intentional and


therefore murder. Or whether they were victims of voluntary


manslaughter. In other words, the person that killed them was of


unsound mind. However, if they wish to return longer, narrative


verdicts, then the coroner has also asked them to consider seven


questions about Derbyshire Police's conduct in the week before the


stabbings. The jury's also been asked if there


was a failure by Derbyshire Police to update their risk assessments on


Rachael and Auden. The jury deliberated for four hours today and


then were sent home. They'll resume their discussions at 10am tomorow.


A campaign's begun in Nottingham to try to reduce the impact of the


norovirus this winter. Community health workers will be putting up


posters in GPs' surgeries, nursing homes and health centres across the


city. Nationally, around a million people catch the vomiting bug every


year. The campaign's aiming to minimise the spread by reminding


people to stay at home for an extra two days even after their symptoms


have stopped. Some of our region's Highways Agency


workers are to wear cameras to help with a crackdown on motorists


driving through roadworks. Earlier this year, two staff narrowly


escaped serious injury when a drunk driver careered through cones at


roadworks on the M1 near Nottingham. The cameras are small enough to be


attached to the worker's jacket and is flipped down to capture the


action. The biggest Diwali celebrations


outside India are under way in Leicester. 6,500 lights were


switched on along Belgrave Road last night. More than ?100,000 is being


spent on this year's celebrations, with 80,000 coming from the city


council. The event which marks the beginning of the religious festival


of light has become an annual party for all Leicester's communities.


Rail bosses have been accused of negligence and putting commercial


interests before safety at the level crossing in Nottingham where three


people died. The allegations were made today at a hearing of the


Transport Select Committee of Mps. The level crossing has since been


replaced with a footbridge at a cost of around ?1.6 million. Mike


O'Sullivan has this report. Three lives were lost at this


railway crossing in four years. In November, 2008, this grandmother and


her grandson aged seven were hit by a train. Last November, 13 `year`old


Lindsay died after being hit by a tram. Today one of the victims


relatives gave evidence at a select committee. My wife and grandson


would be still with me. The negligence, that has caused the


accident. The level crossing today looks totally different with a ?1.6


million footbridge in place. This footbridge has replaced the level


crossing. Both families campaign for it and Network Rail agreed after


Lindsay's death. The level crossing was closed in February and this


footbridge was opened on Friday. Critical comments about the level


crossing were made by a retired British rail manager who has worked


as a safety consultant. In my view, the level crossing was wrong and I


suspect, I don't suspect, it is my belief that commercial


considerations influenced safety. No one from Network Rail has been


available for comment. They are due to give evidence before the


committee in November. Still to come: Relativity meets


gravity. A worldwide hunt's under way for


relatives of Sir Isaac Newton, the man who did for apples what


Archimedes did for bath water. It will be a Eureka moment, I


promise! It will be a Eureka moment in sport tonight.


Natalie never disappoints. Coming up, the Nottingham Forest


chairman as you have never seen him before, but first, Derby County have


brought in a new player on loan. Liverpool defender Andre Wisdom.


He's 20 and has played in the Premier League and for the England


Under`21s. The Rams pulled off one of the results of Championship at


the weekend, as Kirsty Edwards reports.


The game was action packed from the off. Derby ahead after just eight


minutes. It is there! Four minutes later and Watford were back in it.


The manager Steve McClaren not happy. Just before the break, the


Rounds were back in front. Ward has scored! Which? Derby found


themselves pegged back again, a spectacular shot . One last role of


the dice for Steve McClaren. He brought on a striker and the gamble


paid off. I think both teams can be satisfied with the football they


played but disappointed with the goals. Character in the end.


Leicester City remain our best placed teams in the Championship.


They are third in the table after a win over Huddersfield. Jessica


Creighton reports. No Place like home for Leicester


City. Unbeaten here at the King Power Stadium after picking up


another three points at the weekend. The goalkeeper made a


howler in the last game but he was back to his best on Saturday,


keeping Huddersfield at bay early on. At the other end, David Nugent


linked up well with another player, putting Leicester had with his third


goal of the season. The opening goal opened the game up. `` the early


goal. The foxes doubled their lead before the break. Anthony Gerard


powered a header into his own net. Huddersfield pulled a consolation


goal back, another own goal. Not the way he would have wanted to mark his


100th appearance for the club. Foxes are back to winning ways and state


third in the championship. Onto Nottingham Forest and an


exclusive interview with chairman and owner Fawaz Al Hasawi who says


as long as he is at Forest, manager Billy Davies will be there. Fawaz


gave Davies a new four`year contract last week, but Saturday was a big


day for the Kuwaiti chairman for another very important reason, as I


found out. He has ploughed millions into


Nottingham Forest. I just want the fans to be happy. He has faced


scrutiny from the media and the fans. I believe what I see, not what


I hear. This weekend he was judged by his guest critic, his wife. On


Saturday, she came to her first`ever Nottingham Forest match. If you


lose, will she be allowed back? I doubt it. Now, no. He wasn't joking.


When he watches a game, he goes through a whole range of emotions.


He said, when I win, I start to cry and I feel shame. I said, go ahead


and cried, show them your love. This goal was enough to move anyone, a


breathtaking half`time strike. It was a big week for him after he gave


the manager Billy Davies a new four`year contract. Billy likes


Nottingham and we like him too and if I am going to be around, Billy


will be with me. It was a painful experience watching the game next to


her husband. He was jumping up and down, biting his nails and the team


put him through it, missing chance after easy chance. I have a sore


hand now. He keeps jumping all of the time. The act of times he was


elbowing me and nudging me. `` the amount of times. This was when


Bournemouth scored the equaliser. He takes the lows of football very


hard. He and his family make sacrifices. He has to be here all


the time. When I saw the fans all around him and the love and passion


of football... After the game, they had to go their separate ways. But


both say the sacrifices are worth it in the pursuit to push Nottingham


Forest to the Premier League. In League one, Notts County find


themselves second from bottom of the table. Just as it looked like Notts


had turned a corner, they suffered another defeat on Friday night going


down 2`0 at Swindon. Inconsistencies really costing Chris Kiwomya's side


at the moment. In League Two, it was a frustrating weekend for Mansfield


Town. They're in eighth place after a goalless draw at Torquay.


In ice hockey, the Nottingham Panthers skated into the semifinal


stage of the Continental Cup after a 3`1 win over Dinamo Juniors Riga of


Latvia. Panthers finish top of Group B with three wins from three. They


made it past the Latvians thanks to goals from Matt Francis, David


Clarke and Leigh Salters. It was a fantastic weekend for Nottingham and


means they will travel to Italy next month for the next round.


And finally, big congratulations to Alex Lowes who this weekend become


the youngest ever British Superbikes champion, following victory at


Brands Hatch yesterday. The Derby`based rider took the title by


seven points, despite going into the final weekend trailing the defending


champion Shane Bryne by a point. Lowes' win comes just a week after


his twin brother Sam claimed the World Supersport title. Well done to


both of them. What a family!


Now, a search is under way to find the relatives of one of the greatest


scientists of all time. Yes, a Lincolnshire family with four


generations related to Sir Isaac Newton are supporting a world`wide


project to map more branches of his family tree. Navtej Johal's been to


Newton's home to find out more. They say the Apple does not fall far


from the tree. For the relatives of the man regarded as many as the


father of science, that is something that they are banking on. Meet the


Newtons, Philip, his son, Mark, grandson, David, and finally, great


grandson, to `year`old Sess. They are relatives of Sir Isaac Newton.


This family is helping to start a search for more relatives who


discovered why the Apple dropped and allowed your pet to drop in as the


credited inventor of the cat flap. We think more people should


appreciate the fundamentals of science that he originated from


here. Grantham should be proud of him, not just us. He was born here.


I think Family Reunion is a misnomer because these are people we have


never met but a gathering of Newtons perhaps, apple bobbing or


something equally exciting. The story goes that it was while sat


under this tree at his family home that Sir Isaac Newton came up with


his dairy of gravitation by watching the fall of an apple from its


branches. `` his theory of gravity. We have got a Twitter account so if


you think that you are the Newton who might be related, get in touch.


We will find out for you. The Newtons are hoping to celebrate


their roots next year. Cat flap? Extraordinary.


I had no idea about that. Sir Isaac Newton would be on Twitter


these days. He would have lots of followers! How


is the weather doing? Unfortunately, we have a few more


downs before any of the ups this week. A lot more rain to come thanks


to an area of low pressure. Today's cold weather front has pushed


through now, but behind that, we pulled through much milder air. Not


particularly cold but it has been quite wet today. We have round to


heading our way tomorrow. A repeat performance tomorrow. Outbreaks of


heavy rain, gusty winds. At least it is not cold, wet and windy. It will


stay on the mild side tomorrow. Today's brain, half an inch of rain


this morning. We did get some dry up its `` today's brain. Most of us


will dry out tonight. Showers in more western parts. For most of us,


it is dry and cloudy and very windy. We have winds coming in from


southerly directions. 14 or 15 degrees, this is where we should be


for daytime highs, so an exceptionally mild night to come.


Tomorrow, most of us will start drive. It rapidly goes downhill.


Heavy rain pushing in from the west `` it will start dry. Just like


today, not raining all day, there will be brighter bits, particularly


in the evening. A bit of sunshine before the day is done. The winds


coming in from the south so still relatively mild. Into Wednesday,


lows still very close by so we will see showers on Wednesday. They will


come to an fairly gusty winds as well. A mixture of sunshine and


showers, but staying on the mild side. 15 degrees once again as a top


temperature. Thursday looks like being the Drysdale the week. Fairly


cloudy. By the end of the day, the clouds will increase and more rain


to come `` the driest day of the week.


It does not feel wintry. Milder than it should be. See you on


late news. Goodbye.


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