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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: 600 jobs under threat as a Leicester firm goes into


administration. Funding problems have left W R Refrigeration Ltd


facing imminent closure. Also the killing of Rachael Slack


and Auden. A call for an inquiry into domestic violence. And people


see red at Derby's brain bank levy. And a lifeline for food specialists


like this. Good evening and welcome to


Wednesday's East Midlands Today. First, 600 jobs are under threat as


a fridge repair firm goes into administration.


W R Refrigeration Ltd based in Leicester has cash`flow problems


and, earlier this month, the taxman issued a winding`up order.


Administrators say the level of losses is so great that there is a


real risk of imminent closure. For the latest, we can go live to the


company's head office and Rebecca Sheeran. Rebecca, what does this


firm actually do? Behind me is W R Refrigeration Ltd. This is their


head office. They have depots all over the UK. Now, they install and


service air conditioning and refrigeration unit is to major


retail outlets and employ around 600 staff. This news may come as a huge


surprise to many because just weeks ago this firm won two awards. What


else are they saying? Today, PricewaterhouseCoopers have been


brought in. They are the administrators. Despite huge


investment, the company was not able to turn itself around. It is


PricewaterhouseCoopers's job now to see if there is a way forward for


this company. Has the company said anything about the job losses? I


have tried to contact them but they have not commented. In a statement,


PricewaterhouseCoopers said they would continue to pay wages until


further notice but they say the company faces a risk of imminent


closure. They say they could lose those jobs if they cannot find a way


forward. A man from Nottingham is due to


appear before Stafford Crown Court in November charged with two


offences of kidnap. 40`year`old Saleem Taheer is alleged to have


taken two children from a hotel room in Stoke`on`Trent last Friday. The


children were found safe and well in a guest house near Derby on Monday


evening. Mr Taheer has been remanded in custody.


A woman from Leicester accused of causing the deaths of two toddlers


in a car crash has appeared in court. 41`year`old Sharmila Mistry


from Bushby was bailed after pleading not guilty to two counts of


causing death by dangerous driving. The pushchairs of one`year`old


Oliwer Bazak and two`year`old Zofia Tabaka were hit in the accident


involving two cars. It happened at the junction of Braunstone Gate and


Narborough Road in the city last August. The trial will start in


March. Workers at a crisp factory in


Leicester had to be moved out in the early hours of this morning because


of a fire. It happened at Walkers at Beaumont Leys. It's believed the


fire started in a fryer. No`one was injured in the blaze and a nearby


road that had to be closed has now reopened.


Still to come: Could Derby's new levy on brown bin collections


backfire? Some are predicting that people


won't pay the ?40 fee, and more garden waste could end up in


landfills. Details later. ?NEWLINE The Leicestershire teenager


on trial for terrorism offences, has admitted trying to build improvised


explosive devices. The Old Bailey's been told that he was preparing a


Columbine`style massacre at his old school in Loughborough.


Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball has been following the


case and joins us from the newsroom. What's the latest? This new guilty


plea means the 17`year`old's now admitted three separate explosives


offences. The jury's already heard that he accepted possessing petrol


bombs and pipe bombs. But this latest admission involves component


parts for improvised explosive devices. The police found several


partially`constructed home`made bombs. The trial heard that some


were loaded with ball`bearings and other types of shrapnel. And a


forensics expert said they were capable of injuring people and


damaging property. And the jury's also heard about notes written by


the teenager on trial. One section is headed "Plans. How to make a


bomb". Then he describes adding "bolts, nails, screws, pins and


metal ball`bearings" to a can of fuel. And he's added "possibly add


napalm" at the bottom of the page. Now the teenager denies preparing to


use those explosives and other weapons for an act of terrorism. And


the jury's been told that he identified several potential targets


in Loughborough and that he was motivated by a combination of


far`right extremist politics and personal grudges at school.


The family of a woman murdered by her ex`partner are demanding an


inquiry. The calls have come in the wake of the inquest into the murders


of Rachael Slack and her little son by her former partner three years


ago in Derbyshire. James Roberson reports.


This bench, by Rachael Slack's former partner and placed here only


a few yards from where she and her son were tragically killed is not


only meant more real to them at a reminder to all others of the


domestic violence in the UK. One charity says the statistics are


startling. In the year 2011/12 800 thousands `` 800,000 incidents were


recorded. There has been a 65% increase in prosecutions. Outside


Derby coroner 's court the family were joined by another leading


charity which supports victims of domestic violence. Women are being


let down by the police and other state agencies. Refuge supports 3000


women and children on any given day. That's why we are calling on the


government to open a public inquiry into the police and state response


to domestic violence. I would welcome a public inquiry. I think


the more that is looked at and spoken about domestic violence then


it is not hidden away and it can only be a good thing. There are two


women per week being killed. It is atrocious that these figures are so


high. Today, the Home Office minister Norman Baker said,


high. Today, the Home Office Police have released pictures of two


men they want to question about a stabbing in Nottingham city centre.


A 26`year`old man was knifed in the stomach outside a takeaway in


Hockley in the middle of the day on Saturday the 5th of October. He's


since left hospital. Detectives also want to find the driver of a white


van who was approached by the victim on Lower Parliament Street.


The Department for Food and Rural Affairs has decided a pub in


Cambridgeshire won't be allowed to make Stilton cheese and compete with


East Midlands producers. The Bell Inn in the village of Stilton in


Cambridgeshire challenged an EU law on the geographical protection given


to the cheese. DEFRA rejected the application. Only producers in


Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are allowed to make


it. Next ` an over`hyped white elephant


or a huge economic boost to the region? The arguments for and


against the controversial ?50 billion high`speed rail project have


been hammered out at a conference in Nottingham today.


Transport experts had plenty to say, with one supporter claiming the


region needs a Michael Heseltine`type figure to lead the


campaign for HS2. Mike O'Sullivan can tell us more. Yes, no`one put


themselves forward for that job, but it's an idea from the conference


that Patrick McLoughlin, the Secretary of State for transport and


West Derbyshire MP could perhaps have a think about. The conference


also talked about the economic ups and downs. In a recent report for


the government it was said that: Nottingham would benefit by ?430


million a year. Derby, ?97 million. Leicester, ?90 million. But Rutland


could lose more than ?5 million. Now those figures were described as a


joke by one businessman at the conference, who claimed they were


overstated. But a former transport adviser to the Government said the


figures were spot`on. HS2 is 20 years away but there is a lot of


talking to come. HS2 plan was announced in January


and arguments have raged ever since. Today at the Nottingham business


school, a chance to thrash out the pros and cons of the ?50 billion


project and its station between Derby and Nottingham. One delegate


told me it could become a magnet for development, competing with Derby,


Nottingham and Leicester. He questioned the origins of HS2. It


has been oversold and overhyped. There has been a lot of publicity


and lobbying to raise the profile to get the short attention spans of


politicians to raise the whole thing up there and then `` up the agenda.


It was said that leadership was needed. I worry that there is more


fragmentation in the East Midlands. Unless there is a figurehead, the


benefits will not be maximised. 1300 businesses were invited to the


conference but only a handful turned up. The business community is not


engaging with HS2. 20 years is a long time in the future for them


what they need to be talking about what they want from it. No answers


today. But one thing is for sure down the line, more controversy.


Residents are being reminded that their free garden waste collections


are being binned from the end of this month. Derby City Council says


it's had to introduce a charge for the service due to budget cuts.


Many other councils have already introduced a charge. But some argue


it could backfire ` costing much more in other ways. Simon Hare


reports. One of the last rounds of free brown


bin collections underway in Derby this morning. When they return in


April, people will have to pay. Derby City Council says it has had


to rethink garden waste recycling because of government budget cuts.


If you want to have it collected from next year, it will cost ?40. It


is estimated this should save around ?1 million per year. This man has a


big garden and says he is left with no choice but to pay the new charge.


He thinks it may prove to be short`sighted. I try to persuade my


friends and family to recycle and now people are just saying they are


going to dump things in the black bean and not pay the cost. This will


just increase landfill. Campaigners have accused the council of wanting


more waste so that they can justify a gasification terminal.


Now, if you're one of the many fans of The Great British Bake Off you


won't need me to tell you that the winner was crowned last night ` and


it's our very own Frances Quinn from Market Harborough in Leicestershire.


Frances impressed the judges with a rainbow`style savoury picnic pie and


her show`stopping three`tier wedding cake, inspired by Shakespeare's A


Midsummer Night's Dream. The result was announced on BBC Two last night.


And the winner of the 2013 The Great British Bake Off is France's. I


think I just wanted to combine my love of designing and baking. I just


want to go in and collaborate then, bringing the style and substance


together. I don't know what the future holds but I have so many


ideas and aspirations so watch this space.


Frances is going to be with us on tomorrow night's programme to give


us the inside story on all that is The Great British Bake Off.


And, keeping with our sweet theme, it's the first in a new series on


fine foods. Foods that are made and sold locally.


Tonight I've been to a Nottinghamshire patisserie. Baking


has been in their blood for generations, but without local


farmers markets they wouldn't be here today.


How long have you been baking? 27 years. Edward has been baking longer


but, here, 27 years. He does everything by hand. He is making


bread now. Baking is in Edward's blood. It is a skill he learned


working with his father. A family business going back to the 1860s.


Not so long ago, the High Street almost destroyed their livelihood.


We could not have survived in a city centre because the rent was so high.


But thank God for farmers markets. Farmers markets are becoming more


popular not only with customers but also with fine foods specialists.


The keyword is provenance. They like to know they can speak to you


direct. It is the best way of promoting your food to the consumer.


Farmers markets, people really want to buy the food. Do you think the


quality of products sold here is better than the High Street? Yes. It


is what each individual stallholder specialises in and everything is


made with love. So, farmers markets have turned out to be the real icing


on the cake. Business should be flourishing for a long time to come.


I'm starving. The sport's coming up, plus the


weather. Kaye's got a special offer on sunshine for one day only. And


are you happy or sad? I'll be finding out what a survey said about


people in the East Midlands. Carol is always happy. Now, the


weather. First football, and Nigel Clough


says he was disappointed and a little angry at the way he left


Derby County. Clough was speaking this afternoon as he became the new


manager at Sheffield United. Nigel was sacked last month after four and


a half years with the Rams. He brought many up`and`coming, young,


talented players into the first team and had to drastically cut the wage


bill. Today, as he became the new boss at Bramall Lane, he admitted he


did feel let down when he was sacked at Derby. I am disappointed and


there was an element of anger in there as well. Now, I have to put


that behind us. I had a great four and a half years in there. I have


left them in a great position. I'll try to do this same thing here.


Staying with football, and the misery continues for Notts County.


They're second from bottom of League One after yet another defeat last


night. It means Notts have only picked up seven points out of a


possible 36 so far this season. Manager Chris Kiwomya said they only


had themselves to blame for the 2`1 defeat at Gillingham. They gave away


two sloppy goals in the first half an hour. One positive for Notts has


been the form of on`loan midfielder Callum McGregor. His second`half


goal a mere consolation though. In League Two, Mansfield had to settle


for a goaless draw at Berry. The Stags were down to ten men for the


last 35 minutes after Captain John Dempster was sent off for a tackle.


They held on for a point though to move them up to seventh in the


table. Cricket and the Nottinghamshire


all`rounder Stuart Broad has signed an extension to his contract at


Trent Bridge. He will be with Notts until the end of the 2016 season. He


played just three times for the county this summer, but took 15


wickets and was part of the team that won the YB40 Trophy at Lord's.


Broad remains centrally contracted with England and flies out to


Australia today for the Ashes tour. And in women's cricket,


Nottinghamshire's Jenny Gunn took five wickets for England's today as


they beat New Zealand by 19 runs in a Twenty20 game in Barbados.


Finally from me, the Derbyshire`based rider who became


the youngest ever winner of British Superbikes at the weekend. Alex


Lowes is just 23 and lives and trains in Derby. Today he was back


at the garage and celebrating with his team mates, as Kirsty Edwards


reports. A hero returns. Alex Lowes and his


team are still coming to terms with his amazing achievement at the


weekend. It is a great feeling to work so hard and for it to finally


happen, there are lots of different emotions. Everything about this year


was great. I will remember it for the rest of my life. He picked up


the British superbikes title in a gym attic style on the final day of


the season. The celebrations were made sweeter as earlier this month,


his twin brother became the world super champion. I felt bad for him.


He won his championship and I didn't want to get involved in celebrating.


But now we can chill out together. They both live and train in Derby


and have been racing since they were six. Today, they watched old BBC


footage when they were teenagers. We are still as competitive. I still


want to beat him as much as he wants to beat me and I think that helps us


get the best out of each other. It is so nice to achieve what we have


achieved. Looking back, the same arguments are still there over who


is faster. I bet they are a nightmare at home.


Now, can you guess which part of the East Midlands is the happiest? The


Office for National Statistics has for the first time released data on


life satisfaction in each of the local authorities across our region.


We sent the ever`cheerful Carol Hinds to the areas that had the


highest and levels of happiness and anxiety.


Congratulations. This District Council, according to the Office of


National Statistics, has the happiest people in the East


Midlands. So, what makes people here happy?


Food and sleeping. Sunshine. I'm happy because I'm retired. Grantham


football club. I'm the leader of the District Council and I'm very


pleased we are so happy. According to that survey, the


unhappiest people in the East Midlands live in Ashfield.


I'm not one of them. I couldn't be happier. I've got my kids and my


husband. People are very happy around here. I'm happy. It's my


birthday today. It is a dump. And this is what makes me happy. A


slice of cake. And some of you've contacted us to


tell us what makes you happy: Pam Wells from Fleckney says: That's


easy ` my extended family and wonderful grandchildren.


Kia Kozoi from Mansfield Woodhouse called us to say that the sun and


holidays in Norfolk make him happy. A tweet from Proud Emmerdalian says:


When other people are happy, I'm happy.


And finally ` we didn't make this up, I promise ` Richard from Derby


says: Watching Dom and Anne on EMT makes me happy!


It has been the lovely today. We have had some sunshine and there is


more on offer tomorrow. It took a while to get the sunshine. We had


showers this morning but eventually it did come out. We have some


high`pressure which will keep us fairly quiet for the next 24 hours.


It will stay dry tomorrow with lots of sunshine and the winds are


getting lighter. He was the satellite picture. The showers have


cleared away with the clouds. We will have a dry and clear night. The


wind is easing. Some mist and followed will form `` mist and fog.


Tomorrow morning, no blue on the chart. Lots of sunshine. A little


bit of cloud in the afternoon but we will stay dry and bright all the way


through the day. A light southerly breeze. Make the most of that,


though, we have another area of low pressure coming in on Thursday


night. The clouds and wind and rain will be with us by Friday morning.


Heavy rain on Friday morning. It should clear out of the way but it


will stay quite unsettled at the weekend.


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