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Monday. That is all from the


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: Another big step forward in the hunt for Madeleine.


1600 miles away from the McCanns' home village, the Portuguese inquiry


into the disappearance of Madeleine is springing back into life.


Also, Eunice Koroma, agony. Her son was murdered but none of his friends


will talk. 500 unfilled posts. The hospitals


now scouring Europe for new nurses. And our Queen of the cakes. France's


Queen, joins us. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight, five years after deciding to close the


Madeleine McCann case, police in Portugal sensationally reopened


their inquiries today. Officials in Lisbon say they are following up new


information after an internal review.


In England, there's been a cautious welcome to the news from Kate and


Gerry McCann. Let's join our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner, who's


in the McCann's home village of Rothley for us. Quentin, how much of


a surprise is this? Very much so. They are in mind that up until now


the Portuguese authorities were adamant they would not reopen this


case without new evidence. And then things started to move very quickly.


This was only proposed last night but by today the Portuguese Attorney


General confirmed the case would be reopened. There has also been a


discreet review going on behind the scenes by Portuguese police officers


in the north of the country, outside the Algarve. They have carried out


their own review and this seems to have come from that two and a half


year review. Everyone is in agreement that this represents a


triumph for the McCanns and their determination to have the case


reopened. Kate and Gerry McCann say they are


pleased that the investigation has been reopened in Portugal. The


Portuguese shelved their investigation five years ago but now


they're Attorney General says new lines of inquiry have been


discovered as a result of an internal review. For a case to be


reopened there has to be new evidence. Not just looking back at


things which had already been discovered but new evidence. The


Portuguese authorities always said they would reopen the investigation


at that ever happened, although they are not telling us what that lead


is. The Portuguese inquiry will run separately but in parallel with the


Metropolitan Police. He was a white man with brown hair. In a


reconstruction, they said it was vitally important for them to track


down a man seen carrying a child. Two witnesses saw him and helped the


police to produce the e`fits of him. I hope this will enable a resolution


of this terrible thing that happened to the McCann family and saw that


her parents are able to now finally what happened to Madeleine. The


Portuguese decision is said to be very significant. It is hoped it


will answer the questions of the McCanns say they need. Although the


Met Police welcome this significant development, they also cautioned


that there is a way to go yet. We have a statement that says this


development is the best opportunity yet to understand what happened to


Madeline. Still to come this evening ` Ellie


takes the plunge. We talk to swimming star Ellie


Simmonds about her decision to move to Loughborough to train for the


next Paralympics. A Nottinghamshire man has been


jailed for life for shaking his partner's child to death. Darryl


Elliott, who's 30 and from Stapleford, killed 14`month`old


Amelia Bowmar at their home in Sutton`on` Sea in Lincolnshire last


year. Police say Elliott had consistently denied harming the


child. He'll serve a minimum of 15 years in prison.


The region's major hospital trusts have all been put in the top three


bands of risk by the Care Quality Commission. The CQC has drawn up a


list of high`risk hospital trusts, based on higher than expected death


rates, staffing levels and patient satisfaction. The Sherwood Forest


Trust ` including Kings Mill Hospital ` is in the highest risk


band along with the University Hospitals of Leicester Trust.


Nottingham University Trust is in the second highest band. And Derby's


in the third. Some of those hospitals revealed


today that they are having real trouble recruiting nurses.


More than 500 posts are unfilled in the East Midlands so hospital bosses


are having to scour Europe, and beyond, for more staff. Rebecca


Sheeran has this report. They play a vital role caring for


patients and yet there is a shortage of nurses in our region. Campaigners


call it the biggest crisis in nurse recruitment for a generation. It is


a major problem. Crucial care can only be delivered by nurses and this


is a problem, especially in winter. In the Leicester, there are 300 jobs


to fill. In Nottingham, they need 200. In Derby, there are only 27. In


Kingsmill they don't have the final figures but they are looking to


recruit. Here, the chief nurse needs to make huge strides to increase the


level of nurses. Staffing levels were not meeting the needs of


patients and we have to sort out where we are getting the nurses


from. This isn't the first time that NHS trusts have recruited from


abroad. 14 years ago, nurses came from old area and the Philippines.


It is hard to find nurses in the UK because, despite unemployment, it is


a hard job to train for. Some people disagree. There has been a total


lack of forward planning for this. A lot of nurses I have spoken to got


fed up working in the NHS and went to the private sector. That should


not have happened. The trust admit that recruitment won't happen


overnight and they're putting key staff in place as they face a tough


winter. So, local hospitals in our region


may be having to recruit from abroad to fill vacancies but that doesn't


mean that no`one here wants to follow a nursing career.


In fact, the University of Derby says it's been inundated with


applications for their nursing course. Navtej Johal reports.


To become a nurse, you need patience, compassion and, these


days, a university degree. It may seem that demand for nurses in the


East Midlands is due to a lack of people entering the profession but


according to a survey, that is not the case. We had around 1300


applications, which is good in terms of being able to select the best


doorstop there is no shortage of demand. The demand for places has


also been fuelled by a high percentage of graduates getting jobs


at the end of the course and having their tuition fees paid. Everyone


from my family is in a nursing and caring background and it has always


excited me. You must have care and compassion, you have to be


courageous and committed. Without those values, you are not likely to


enter into the profession. There are a lot of people who go on to Erin


more than I ever will not when they come home they won't have job


satisfaction. I will love what I do. The number of places assigned to a


university's nursing course are now set.


For now, these students hope to be filling vacancies when they graduate


in three years' time. The mother of a Leicester man shot


dead at a music event has pleaded with his friends to help bring his


killer to justice. So far, the friends of Sylvester


Koroma, who were with him when he was shot, have refused to talk to


police. Now Eunice Koroma has given an emotional interview to our


reporter Sarah Teale. He was a lovely son, a lovely dad


and lovely brother. It has just broken my life into pieces for


losing my eldest son. Eunice Koroma is in the depths of grief. She is


preparing to bury her son, knowing that his friends, who hold the clue


to finding his killer, haven't spoken to police. How those people


can look at me and say they are grieving and not come forward to the


police to bring these people to justice. He was shot in the stomach


outside this Birmingham nightclub on August of the 10th. Police say the


key to finding his killer lies in Leicester. Sylvester's family and


the police say that the friends who were with him when he was shot


should examine their conscience. If they were happy to be with him when


he was alive, they should not desert him now that he is dead. It will


bring closure, although I know it will never bring him back to life.


But it will give us closure. Yes, his life is gone but the person


responsible should be charged for what he has done. Police want to


reassure any witnesses that they can remain anonymous.


A Zimbabwean grandmother who's lived in Leicester for more than a decade


is expected to be deported in the next few minutes. Evenia Mawongera


was detained last month after reporting to the UK Border Agency in


Loughborough. Supporters have been campaigning for her to stay and say


they fear for her safety if she returns to her home country. She's


had several applications for asylum turned down.


There's been a big rise in shoplifting in Nottinghamshire.


Figures released by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner show a


25% increase ` the fourth highest in the country. Nearly 3300 offences


were recorded in the first six months of this year.


Next tonight, the people who ring 999 for the most ridiculous of


reasons. Derbyshire Police today released the recording of one such


call ` a woman who wanted help with a spider in her house.


Officers say a third of 999 calls made are not genuine emergencies.


And they can prevent important calls from getting through. From Ripley,


Simon Hare reports. A 999 call comes into the Derbyshire


police control room but not all the calls received are genuine


emergencies. We receive something like 400 calls


her day and around one third of those are not emergencies and some


of them aren't even policing matters. Other recent examples


included someone reporting a letter sent to the wrong address, plus a


woman and a teenage girl were recently prosecuted for making more


than 400 hoax calls. We are not trying to put people off calling us.


Don't be afraid to call the police. But if you don't think it is an


emergency, don't call 999. Sometimes we can even mess cols as a result


and people are in danger. Today is the anniversary of the introduction


of the 101 nonemergency number. Hopefully, in future people will


understand when to use each number. For some communities, the great


British local is becoming a thing of the past. Hundreds of pubs are going


out of business every year. So, in order to survive, many are starting


to branch out beyond beer and pub grub.


A Leicestershire pub has now joined in the trend. The Queen's Head in


Saddington has just opened the only shop in the village, as Simon Ward


reports. With help from the former England


and Nottinghamshire cricketer Chris broad, The Queen's Head pub farm


shop was opened. It comes at a time that a survey claims that 20 pubs


close every day in the UK. Gone are the day that pubs just open and


people walk through the door. You have to make sure that you are doing


little things like a farm shop. The public will make a lot of food for


the shop which will open from nine until seven. It saves having to


travel to other places. This shop is trying a different business method.


Bartering. People have even paid with the pheasants. This pub is now


even more part of the community as it serves as a for older people.


Back in Leicestershire, it is hoped of the pub and shop will thrive. You


can have a pint of beer and then go next door for a pint of milk.


Talking of food ` which we nearly always are these days ` look at


these! Cakes. But these aren't just any


cakes ` these are Frances Quinn cakes. Frances, from Market


Harborough, was a bit of a dark horse in this year's Great British


Bake Off. But she romped home in style. Frances will be joining us


live later in the programme. Sport now.


Derby County manager Steve McClaren says young Liverpool defender Andre


Wisdom will be tested by his move to the Rams. Wisdom is on a season`long


youth loan and a lot is expected of him ` he's already made first team


appearances for Liverpool. So I asked McClaren if he was the real


deal. We'll soon find out. I think this is a big test for players who


come from big clubs on loan. It is difficult. They have to handle the


championship, a new dressing room, a new way of play. We are hoping, with


the mature T he has shown in his performances for Liverpool and


England under`21s, he will fit right in.


At Nottingham Forest, we've had confirmation of Dexter Blackstock's


loan move to Leeds United. Leeds announced his arrival on a


three`month deal this afternoon. And in Rugby, Leicester Tigers boss


Richard Cockerill reckons he will be without more than an entire team's


worth of players for the weekend's trip to Wasps. Tigers have been hit


by lots of injuries, and now by international call ups. But


Cockerill insists his squad can cope.


I have no interest in those who can't play this week. My only focus


is getting the guys who are available to play. I am only


concerned with the guy who will play for us this weekend. They are a good


bunch. They will want to play with us and they will be hard to beat.


Swimmer Ellie Simmonds has moved base to train at the university's


world`class facilities and be closer to her family ahead of the next


Paralympics. She's been speaking to Jessica Creighton.


Ellie Simmonds has never been far from the spotlight. At just 13 years


old, she won double Paralympic gold in ageing in 2008. When she repeated


the feat last year in London, it brought about fame, red carpet and


an OBD. 13 months on, she is aiming for a new glory. After London I


thought I needed a new chapter and a new challenge. I am based in the


Midlands, it is where my home is, in Aldrich. I wanted to move closer to


home because I was fed up with travelling three hours to get home.


Lost brother is becoming a hot spot for Britain's Paralympians. Johnny


Peacock moved here after his gold last summer. It is also the home of


British swimming so Ellie now has other swimmers as training partners.


Here, I train with a group of 20 or 25 able`bodied athletes. It is a lot


different and individual cultures are different. Steven and Billy are


different people with different philosophies. A new environment and


a changing coach could have been daunting but she is enjoying a fresh


challenge and still smiling. From one great champion to another.


It has huge viewing figures, it's hosted by a middle` aged man and a


lady in her 70s and it's turning us into a nation of bakers. It is of


course the Great British Bake Off ` the BBC programme that's captivated


viewers of every age. If you're a fan, you'll know that


Tuesday was the final. And the winner is here with us this evening


` Frances Quinn from Market Harborough, who wowed the judges


with her show`stopper wedding cake. Before we talk to her and eat her


cakes let's have a quick look at part of her baking journey.


The programme said that France's proved to be the most creative baker


ever to set foot in the tent. Her designs impressed everyone. But,


according to Paul, her flavours didn't always. But she had nailed it


by the final. That's fantastic. What is annoying as you were ten minutes


from perfection. But the perfection of her designs were even held up as


a benchmark for the other bakers. You have come up with something that


looks like Frances Quinn made it. But it was this show stopper that


turned out to be the making of Frances Quinn. The winner of the


2013 The Great British Bake Off is Frances.


You looked as though you were about to collapse. Watching it now, I get


goose bumps. You looked so pale and shattered by that time. It was the


longest eight we had done. Six hours. You could have done to


marathons in that time. It had been such a long ten weeks and to finally


get to the end, I think, it was just... You had to do tasks that


took you by surprise. The pretzels, for instance. I'm familiar with


eating them but... Being at the front of the tent for a


technical wasn't good. It was more obvious that you are trying to see


it was going on behind you. Was that one of the most difficult things? It


was one of the most tricky technicals. He said they were lovely


shaped rolls but not pretzels. We have got to look at what did it for


you. Your show stopper was... Were you pleased? I was. It was almost as


tall as the tree itself. It was only really the last half an hour of that


it came together. When we started, six hours seems like such a long


time but we all knew it would go quickly. You have such a fantastic


eye for detail and design. The biscuits you brought him today. I


get ideas coming in at every angle. What will you do now? I would love


to combine the two together and do something very different with baking


and design and use of these ideas. Thank you so much for coming in.


Congratulations. Time for the weather.


It has been a super day with some beautiful sunshine, thanks to some


high pressure which has calmed things down. Unfortunately, the


weather is on the move again. Low pressure coming in tomorrow means it


will become wet and windy. In wet start tomorrow but the rain will


clear for some brightness in the afternoon. Still fairly warm for the


time of year. It has been quite a fine end to the day. The wind is


starting to pick up now and the cloud will increase to the early


hours of the morning. Rain will arrive to the end of the night. A


much milder night than last night. Tomorrow morning, a Saudi start to


the day `` soggy. In the sunshine, it should feel quite pleasant. For


Saturday, it looks as though it will be the driest day of the week. A lot


of cloud but fairly easy. Some rain forced Saturday night. A mixture of


sunshine and blustery showers on Sunday. For Sunday night into


Monday, the potential for some stormy weather.


Can we try them? Of course. Goodbye. This is Malcolm, who owns Iceland.


He's the one that's going to present us with


the ten grand. When we win it.


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