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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` a teenager says he wrote about committing a school massacre


as a response to bullying. The 17`year`old is accused of planning


bomb and gun attacks in Loughborough. Targeting drug


dealers, Leicester's crime commission believes Operation Tiger


will make a difference. It makes a big difference. We are putting a lot


of effort into this. Security is tight here as planners meet to make


the final decision on whether two traveller sites should go ahead.


Plus imagine making a living out of chocolate. We need an award`winning


chocolatier from a tiny village in Leicestershire.


Welcome to Wednesday's programme. First tonight, a Loughborough


teenager's told a terror trial that he wrote about committing a school


massacre because it helped him cope with bullying. The 17`year`old said


he was influenced by notorious killers who'd been victims of


bullies. But he said he didn't intend to act on the plans. Our


social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, is at the Old Bailey. What did


you hear about his time at school? He said he had been upset by months


of name`calling, he had been called a Nazi, fascist and racist and that


is what prompted that document which he called plans and tactics for the


new Columbine. He was asked why he wrote it?


What did he say about the other potential targets he had named? We


heard it was partly motivated by ideology. He had written about what


he called the Islamic invasion of Europe and that is white


Loughborough mask was at the top of the list of targets. He said he felt


intimidated when walking past it. He had a hit list of personal targets


and that they included two of the friends he had been testing those


bombs with. He said he had chose them because they had fallen out. He


said this was not a genuine plan, it simply was not real. He also spoke


about his interest in mass killings. We had to surely about a book he


bought in a market in Loughborough. It is called spree killers and the


teenager said it influenced what he did, what he wrote and what he wore


because he related to the way some of those killers had been bullied.


He insisted he would never do it himself and did not agree with what


he had done. A major crackdown on drug dealing


and anti social behaviour has started across Leicester,


Leicestershire and Rutland. It's the biggest operation to take place


since the Police and Crime Commissioner took office one year


ago. Three days into Operation Tiger, 28 people have already been


arrested as Eleanor Garnier reports. It is 6:45am. Highfield in Leicester


and a police raid the home of a suspected drug dealer. One of nine


warrants being carried out today as part of the new Operation Tiger.


These early morning raids of what the police and crime Commissioner


wants to see more Rolph, reassuring the community that the police are


tackling anti`social behaviour and arresting drug dealers. And this is


what the officers came out of the house with. If we have the


intelligence to suggest there are drugs inside the address, if we were


to door knock, we would lose that amount of evidence. It is very hard


then to claw that back. This intense police activity will last if few


weeks. This morning, the police and crime Commissioner was here to see


it all himself. Will this make a difference? Absolutely, it makes a


big difference. We are putting a lot of effort into this. You cannot


sustain this because there will be over time, a lot of people diverted


from other jobs but it is a thoroughly good thing to do to get


out there for a period and make a big difference. It is all costing


the force more but as long as they are putting criminals behind bars


and protecting communities, the police say it is money well spent.


Cancer experts in Nottingham have discovered a new way to diagnose and


treat breast cancer. Researchers have identified seven distinct types


of breast cancer and it's hoped, in the future, it'll mean treatment can


be better targeted. Further studies are still being carried out, but


it's likely these tests could be available in hospitals within two


years. We can target specific treatment to those classes of breast


cancer, whereas before they would be a one size fits all strategy whereas


now you can give a much more personalised plan of treatments.


Road works which caused major disruption on a main route into


Nottingham have finished early. The tram works on the A52 at Bardills


Island had been due to last for two weeks, finishing on Sunday. It meant


there was no access from the motorway and all approaches to the


roundabout were reduced to one lane. But they all reopened this morning.


Officials say last week's good weather meant the work was completed


ahead of schedule. Still to come: Derbyshire police


face more scrutiny over the killing of a pregnant mother and her young


son. In a Commons debate tonight, an MP will claim that officers failed


to warn Rachael Slack about the danger she faced from an ex`partner.


Thousands of people have signed petitions opposing them, but


decisions are expected shortly on whether to allow two new official


gypsy and traveller sites in Leicester. Protestors are voicing


their fears at a special city council meeting this evening where


the plans are being discussed. Jo Healey's there for us now. Jo,


what's the latest? To give you some idea of the strength of feeling over


this, the venue for tonight 's meeting has been moved from


Leicester's town hall to a larger centre in Highfields. The police and


extra security guards have seen `` been drafted in here to keep order.


Here is what is provoking all that thanks to. Let's take a look at what


the sites are. The City Council wants to put six pictures at


Greengate Lane. The other is at Redhill Way. Feelings are mixed.


Burglaries, rubbish, they are just not civilised. A lot of people have


a bad opinion on them and not all of them make a mess or litter and


stuff, so they can't all be judged for that. We have some really nice


ladies that come in. This is one of the two areas they want to develop,


but here the travellers are not keen. The family that lives here has


done so for five years and Powell read they do not want it to be


developed because it means are the families would live here and they


would pay more rent. Someone has sprayed here something offensive to


the community. They are race of people and they are a community


alongside all the different communities we have in Leicester. No


how much do they need these pictures? They desperately need them


because they have nowhere legally to stay and they want to be classed as


a community. This has been a problem for some years and residents have


been pressing the council to come up with a solution. The problem we feel


is this is not the best solution and it is more of a political decision


that a planning decision. That all`important planning decision is


due at some tonight. The number of people filing for


bankruptcy in Nottinghamshire has gone up 37 per cent in the past


decade. The Citizens Advice Bureau in Nottingham says it sees people


every day who are on the verge of financial collapse. Across


Nottinghamshire 625 people filed for bankruptcy last year.


Nottingham's Jake Bugg will find out tonight if he's won this year's


Mercury Music Prize. The singer and guitarist from Clifton is one of a


dozen artists short listed for the prestigious award. Jake's new album


was recorded in America and is released on the 18th of November. In


February he'll be performing in Nottingham ` part of a UK tour.


An MP is to claim in a Commons debate later tonight that failings


by Derbyshire police contributed to the stabbing of a pregnant mother


and her child. The Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills says the police failed


to warn Rachael Slack of the dangers she faced once her ex`partner was


released on police bail. Let's find out more from Westminster, and our


Political Editor John Hess. At the heart of tonight's


parliamentary debate is whether the police have enough powers and


whether they react effectively enough when someone with a history


of mental illness breaches their police bail conditions. That had


tragic repercussions in this cottage in the village of Holbrook three


years ago. Rachael Slack, who was pregnant, and her son, who was


almost two, were killed by her former partner. Andrew Cairns was on


police bail with a condition not to contact Rachael. It was revealed at


an inquest hearing that she had warned Derbyshire police her


concerns about her former partner and his mental health.


With me is the Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills, who's secured tonight's


special parliamentary debate. You get the chance to question a Home


Office minister about this tragic case, what's the main cause for


concern for you? The main concern is that a young woman with a child were


murdered by her former partner despite the police knowing of that,


despite him having a mental health issue. It links to be a terrible


failure of various agencies. But this is more about the failings of


Derbyshire police and their procedure. The inquest found against


Derbyshire police that they had contributed in some way to this


tragic event. The question here is how the police interact with other


agencies and perhaps some stronger action could have been taken. The


coroner at the inquest said an incident like this must not happen


again, so what is needed to ensure that? We can look at tightening the


laws so the police can have more powers if someone breaches their


police bail, but the key thing the police working with the mental


health team to know the full facts to make a fully informed of risk


assessment to protect people? A Home Office minister will respond


to Nigel Mills' debate tonight. That will be an indication whether the


Government believes this tragic case requires changes in police bail


procedures, or not. The rising cost of energy is the


biggest story for politicians today and this afternoon, David Cameron


and Ed Miliband clashed on the subject during prime minister's


questions. The heated exchange between the party leaders comes as


the University of Nottingham completed its latest eco`house. It's


one of seven properties which could improve energy efficiency and bring


down our fuel bills. Carol Hinds reports.


This is green close at the University of Nottingham. It has


taken 13 years to design and build seven homes with a range of


energy`saving measures, like this still frame house. It does not have


stone or brick work to leak heat. You no we should be using the sun to


heat our water, generate electricity. There is lots of south


facing blazing bring that heat into the home. All of this is freely


available for us. Today during Prime Minister 's questions, the political


heat over energy is rising. How will the report how people pay their


bills? We want a competition enquiry that stars straightaway. As the


debate rages on, researchers at the University are already monitoring


alternative ways of heating our homes. With the house we have here,


it is one of the first zero carbon homes and in order to do that we


needed to move away from gas central heating. This is a biomass boiler


using woodchip pellets as fuel. One of the best ways of making a home


energy efficient is to inflate. It is the teller knowledge you cannot


see which is the most important. `` technology. Coming up with good


solutions. Better insulation and greater use of solar and wind power


are among the energy solutions of the future.


Still to come tonight: rich, smooth and award`winning. Not Dom but one


family's latest venture ` local chocolates for local shops. I would


love a bit of chocolate now! Time for the support.


First, what a night for Leicester City last night. They're through to


the quarterfinals of the Capital One Cup after beating Premier League


Fulham in a seven goal thriller. Kirsty Edwards reports.


There is no rest for these players. They were back on the training


ground today. A more strenuous work`out. All of them buzzing about


a fantastic performance last night. Fulham had made a number of changes


to their team but so had Leicester and when they fell behind in the


18th minute, heads certainly did not drop. As half`time approached, the


foxes took control. So too `1 up at the break and early


in the second half they were further in front. Back came for 11 just a


minute later, they reduced the deficit. And there were just three


minutes to go, the game looked going into extra time. Leicester had other


ideas. Their raise a to get the nurse


within the group this year `` togetherness which we possibly did


not have at the same level before. We deserve to win but a good game of


football. An important for us in the centre we maintain what has been a


good start to the season. Leicester will find out who they face in the


quarterfinals later tonight. Forward Paul Gallagher has joined Preston on


loan until January. Onto Notts County who say they have


narrowed the search down for a new manager to three of four candidates.


Chris Kiwomya was sacked at the weekend. Last night, under caretaker


boss Steve Hodge, they earned a long`awaited League One victory at


home to Oldham. Jessica Creighton was there.


The manager gone and bottom of the league, so who do the fans want to


see in charge? I heard Danny Wilson might be the best of a bad bunch. I


am hoping Danny Wilson. Danny Wilson is top of the list and he is also a


favourite with the bookies. Second favourite is Steve Hodge and Brian


Kerr. It is their first game since Chris Kiwomya left, and a chance to


prove themselves. A great start from Notts. On the stroke of half`time,


Notts were an done at the back and Oldham pulled level but the home


side did not panic and after 15 minutes, they regained the lead. Top


scorer Cal mag Notts held on for their third win in


14 games. Tonight we had a bit more and we were not lucky, we deserved


it over all but it was hard in the end.


Cricket and Nottinghamshire's Chris Read has signed a new two year


contract. He's announced he's giving up the one day captaincy though, but


will carry on leading the side in the County Championship.


Now he has been knighted, revolutionised British cycling and


masterminded two Tour de France triumphs, but today Sir David


Brailsford came back home and for a special reason. Dave, who was born


in Derby, was here to see the new Velodrome which is being built just


behind Pride Park. Dave is Britain's cycling performance director.


Tomorrow on the programme we'll have a cycling special as Sir Dave sees


inside for the very first time. It was really exciting, so looking


forward to that tomorrow. To my mind, there are few things


better in life than chocolate, so you don't get much better than the


next part in our series on fine foods. The art of the chocolatier is


not a simple one. To make the perfect chocolate takes time and


experience. And to actually source the cocoa bean too takes real


commitment. But tucked away in a small Leicestershire village is a


couple who've done just that. Here we are. This is a typically


English cottage in a beautiful Leicestershire village but inside it


is a chocolate Emporium. And it is in this call, purpose`built workshop


that Jerome makes his chocolate. It is quite a family affair. This is


Jerome's Malm and his wife is in charge of marketing. We print


everything, cut everything, glue everything so it is all done


in`house. This personal touch is reflected in the markets they sell


to. They are not interested in big contracts with huge retailers. To


them, local is where it is at. The furthest we sell is 40 miles away


but generally speaking they are within 7`8 miles away. To keep the


whole process as close as they could come at the couple set off for Costa


Rica. We wanted to go to the very basics of chocolate and learn all


about it from the people who farm, the process it goes through, which


is extremely long, so we know what it has gone through when it has come


to us. What they really want is to source the beans from this


plantation and make the chocolate over here. For now, they are


concentrating on the chocolate in hand but how did this start? I love


chocolate so I wanted to go on a course and Jerome agreed to go with


me and it all started from there. With two golds from the great taste


awards, they are hoping the sweet taste of success will continue for


some time to come. Is there really a huge difference


between really posh chocolate like that and the other stuff? There


really is. It is all about the purity.


Food for thought, it has been a beautiful day today, some autumn


sunshine. But once again, that weather is on the move. It is not


sticking in one place for too long. A little ridge of high pressure gave


us sunny weather today but all changing once again. We have seen


the cloud increasing, the winds picking up and a few splodges of


rain. The rain will move eastwards and it will clear out of the way by


around midnight. Behind that, the skies were clear and we will see the


wind is starting to ease so there will be missed and fog forming


during the early hours of tomorrow. Lows of around seven or eight


Celsius. Tomorrow morning will start off murky. The mist and fog will


clear fairly quickly. Dry and bright weather through the morning but the


showers will pack into the afternoon. If you get a shower, they


will be on the heavy side. Temperatures of 11 or 12 degrees.


There will be some showers lurking around tomorrow evening. They will


fade away and then it is back to the drawing board. Another West ``


weather system pushing out from the south. A wet day on Friday. Into the


weekend, Saturday at the moment looks like being dry. Wet and windy


on Saturday evening and showers by Sunday. But today was lovely.


Absolutely beautiful. Late news at 10:30pm. Goodbye.


Everyday normal things that everybody does is where I use my energy.


I haven't got an extravagant lifestyle,


I've not got a hot tub outside or something like that.


In essence, it is a choice between heating or eating.


We will still eat and we will still have heating


It's just maybe the quality of the food that we eat


may not be as good as what we're eating at the moment.


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