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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight ` high speed rail. Still on track ` for now. The government wins


a key vote on hate shift to but which of our MPs are on`board? The


bodies in the back garden `2`macro people are under arrest.


Plus they're rock walls for bonfire events to be postponed tomorrow


night when firefighters walk out on strike.


And in the studio, actress Felicity Kendall on being busy, staying happy


and keeping fit. Good evening.


First tonight, the government may have won today's vote on building


HS2, but is a high speed rail link to the East Midlands any nearer


tonight? The Transport Secretary, the Derbyshire Dales MP Patrick


McLoughlin, had to face`down Tory backbench critics. And in turn, East


Midland Labour MPs were challenged to get off the fence and publicly


back the project. Our Political Editor John Hess has been following


today's developments in Westminster. From the air, this is the route that


high`speed trains will take from the East Midlands heading north that is


if HS2 phase two is completed. Waiting to speak on a Parliamentary


platform, and HS2 Tory critic. How can she explained that the


government are on the fifth revision of the business case and is this the


last or will there be another 25 to justify this case? I cannot believe


it. The project has gone up by the ?10 billion. This is the biggest


work of fiction! The shape of rail travel to come. This is Italy and


this week the government claims similar high`speed trains will


deliver huge economic benefits to cities like Nottingham and Derby, an


extra ?2.2 billion a year but back in the Commons, would ordinarily


well users afford to use it? We cannot afford the new rail line to


become a rich man's toy. It is absolutely clear that the new


network must be available to everyone. It has become a political


route map for the transport Secretary, a line he maintains that


will spread economic wealth from London. This is the point when the


debate moves from if two when. I hope it will do so again this


evening. The government way may have won two days vote but the


controversy is far from over. Our Political Editor John Hess joins


us from our Leicester studio. John, across the first hurdle but did HS2


fly over or limp over? I am in the one Midlands city that will not see


the tangible economic benefits that were promised in the report.


Watching today's debate, I was struck at the serious lack of


cheerleaders for this project. I think there may be a coup here


because we learn the shadow transport secretary has seen plans


of phase two of the route that goes through Birmingham into the East


Midlands, that includes a serious number of tunnelling that will have


to take place and there is a price tag on that, ?150 million a mile and


that is why we're hearing from labour they will not blank cheques.


Police investigating the discovery of human remains in the garden of a


house in Mansfield have arrested two people on suspicion of murder.


Police say they're confident the bodies they found are those of the


home's former owners William and Patricia Wycherley. They haven't


been seen since the 1990s. Carolyn Moses reports.


Giving up its secrets. This is the garden were earlier this month


police discovered two sets of human remains and what they described as a


grave. They were found in the back garden of a house here in Forest


town. Police brought in the bone experts to try to age the remains.


They identified them as those from an elderly man and a woman a little


younger. William and Patricia Wycherley who used to live here


would now be aged 100 years old and 79 years respectively. There has


been no trace of them alive or dead since 1998. The couple first moved


into number two in 1987. Neighbours say they kept to themselves so when


they vanished in 1998, it was assumed they emigrated. Then this


month, detectives received an tip`off shortly before discovering


the remains but what happened to the couple still remains a mystery? Last


night a development. Two people were arrested, and man aged 57 and a


woman aged 55 in London. They have been brought to Nottinghamshire for


questioning on suspicion of carrying out two murders in 1998. How did


this home then come to be sold years later?


Still to come: a first glimpse inside the East Midlands newest


sporting venue. We look round the velodrome being built in Derby in


the company of British cycling's Performance Director Sir Dave


Brailsford. The family of a woman who died after


being given penicillin by a hospital, despite warnings she was


allergic to it, say they're still seeking justice. Susan Hammond from


Nottinghamshire died four years ago at Lincoln County Hospital. This


week at the inquest into her death, the coroner called on the family to,


"draw a line under it". Quentin Rayner reports.


65`year`old Susan Hammond died in July 2009 from a heart attack after


a violent anaphylactic shock. She had been given penicillin prescribed


by a doctor at Lincoln County Hospital. An inquest heard that when


she was admitted, high notes stated she was allergic to the antibiotic


and she was wearing an allergy band. A narrative verdict was recorded and


the coroner called for a line to be drawn under the whole affair. How


can you draw a line when it is your mum and she has been taken from you?


Anyone else would be in prison. Why is it different for a doctor? Upset


that the doctor is still working in the medical profession. In a


statement, the hospital said: We have had no apology, none


whatsoever. We got a letter a week before we came here and it said the


accept liability for Malm's death, that is all we have had in four


years. The family say they are talking to the legal team about what


steps they can now take. A teenager who's accused of plotting


a terrorist attack on targets in Loughborough has told a court he had


an urge to shoot at a children's nursery in the town. A jury at the


Old Bailey heard that the 17`year`old would sometimes walk to


college from his home carrying a knife and, on some occasions, a


pistol. Our reporter Eleanor Garnier is at the Old Bailey. Eleanor, when


exactly did the teenager have this urge to shoot at a nursery? The


defendant who is too young to be named was being asked about a day


last year, December nine ten, when he had been walking in Loughborough


and he told the court he had the urge to shoot at a children's


nursery. Asked if he was targeting children or adults, he said, I do


not know because I would not have done it. The jury heard how he then


told a friend about this urge and in a message she said, I nearly gave in


but fought it. During cross`examination, counsel for the


prosecution asked the defendant, when you get angry, do you feel like


hitting people? What was said in court about the


weapons that the teenager had? The 17`year`old admitted today that he


did sometimes carry a knife and on some occasions a pistol. Earlier it


in the proceedings, the jury was told the teenager had been diagnosed


with asthma is syndrome after he had been arrested. The dependent has


admitted possessing explosives but he has denied using them and other


weapons to carry out terrorist attacks on a number of sites in


Loughborough. Kate and Gerry McCann have refused


to comment on speculation that a leading suspect in the hunt for


their daughter has died. Madeleine McCann, from Rothley, disappeared


six years ago while on holiday with her parents in Portugal. Today, some


national newspapers quote Portuguese press reports saying a former member


of staff at the resort from where the three`year`old was abducted was


a suspect. But he died in a road accident a few years later.


A Derbyshire school has been put into special measures just two years


after it was rated outstanding by Government inspectors. Ofsted says


Heanor Gate Science College has declined since becoming an academy.


It gave the school the lowest possible rating of inadequate in


three of the four categories assessed. The school says a meeting


with parents will be held next month.


Fire chiefs are warning the public not to hold bonfire and firework


events tomorrow night because of the fire`fighters' strike. Members of


the Fire Brigades Union are taking action between 6.30 and 11pm. The


fire service says contingency plans are in place to deal with any


emergencies but they're urging anyone with displays planned to


reschedule. Sarah Teale reports. Last month, thousands of


firefighters walked out over changes to their pensions. They had hoped


the four hour strike was the first and last in their battle with the


government over changes to pensions. But now more industrial action has


been called by the Fire Brigades Union. The first happening tomorrow


night between 6:30pm and 11pm. The union said it had decided against


taking action on November the 5th itself. There will be events


happening on Friday, surely that is dangerous to the public to go one


strike that night? It is but we will do prevention work right up to the


moment we go on strike. Unfortunately we are in the


situation where we have to call the strikes, we hope people will not get


hurt. If people can move the event to Saturday, that would be


beneficial for us and we want to Mena flies the risk. `` minimise.


That advice has been heeded by Boots. It was due to host its annual


bonfire event tomorrow night for thousands of its staff, but bosses


their third in the light of the firefighters strike they had decided


to postpone. Duffield Parish Council has also rearranged its display in


Derbyshire and several schools across the East Midlands are


cancelling their events. Their Iraq until the plans to deal with 999


calls but the level of cover will be significant register. ``


significantly richest. It's emerged today that the East


Midlands gets less money than any other region for arts. A report into


arts funding also highlighted a huge imbalance between London and the


rest of the country. Over the past year, our region got around ?10.5


million of funding from Arts Council England, less than anywhere else. We


got ?2.33 in arts funding per person. London got ?69. But why?


Most of the largest arts organisations are based in


Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. We do not have one of


those major arts centres. The second reason would be that on balance, we


receive a lower number of applications for our funding from


organisations based in the East Midlands than other parts of the


country. Joining us now from the Nottingham


Playhouse is the theatre's Artistic Director, Giles Croft. Giles, London


has a huge number of theatres ` the National Theatre, the opera houses,


galleries ` you name it, it's in London. So it stands to reason much


more money goes there, doesn't it? I do not think anybody would argue


with the fact that there should be a degree of bias towards London. It is


the level of bias that people have found shocking. The figures make


that clear, it is extraordinary the East Midlands is so poorly served.


OK. Well, we get the least amount of money for arts. Arts Council England


says we're not applying for it. Whose fault is that? I can well


believe there are few applications from within the region but I do not


think that accounts for the discrepancy. The person interviewed


also said there are also major art institutions. We work with


individual artists, new companies, emerging companies. There are a lot


of people who require funding. A lot of the issue is people are not sure


how to go about applying. Thank you very much indeed. Now it is time for


us to go to sport. First tonight, a new signing for


Nottingham Forest. The Reds have secured Wales international David


Vaughan on a three`month loan deal from Premier League side Sunderland.


Vaughan is a midfielder and trained for the first time with his new


team`mates today. He brings experience of success in the


Championship to the City Ground, having helped Blackpool get to the


Premier League in 2010. Forest play the Seasiders this weekend and you


can see a full interview with Vaughan ahead of the game with his


old team on the BBC Sports website. So one new face at Forest today, but


there's also been a departure. Midfielder Simon Gillet has gone on


loan to Bristol City where he'll link up with former Reds boss Sean


O'Driscoll. At Leicester they are looking


forward to a quarterfinal tie in the League Cup against Manchester City.


It will be on Tuesday the 7th of December. The draw was last night


and the Foxes are the only Championship side left in the


competition. Onto cycling, and tonight we are


focusing on the sport because tomorrow the world's best track


cyclists take part in the World Cup. The man at the top is Britain's


cycling performance director, Sir David Brailsford. Dave was born in


Derby and lives in Ilkeston. He's the man who inspired historic


victories in the Olympics and the Tour de France and wants the East


Midlands to be the best when it comes to facilities for cycling. At


the back of Derby County's Pride Park, there is a new stadium under


construction. It is costing ?27 million and according to those at


the top of British cycling, this place holds the key to the future of


the sport. I am super excited by it all. I have seen a lot of


velodromes around the world. They are all different. The way this has


been designed and the multipurpose aspect makes it very exciting. Sir


David Brailsford was born in the city and yesterday saw inside the


velodrome for the first time. In the middle you can have badminton,


football, any sport in the centre well people compete in the cycling


on the outside. The scale of the flooring is impressive. If you were


to lead all the wood out for the track here, then two and it would go


from here to Leicester. It is a boom sport with British cycling


membership at record levels. It would be a fantastic original icon


to get more and more people cycling and within a few decades we will


have Olympic and Paralympic champions that would have started


here. The paint around the sides shows the steep track taking shape.


In another year, Derby's belligerence will be complete.


Now, it's not just the velodrome and Dave doing the East Midlands proud


when it comes to cycling. Grantham's Rod Ellingworth may not be quite so


well`known, but he's been credited for much of the sports


transformation. And that's by none other than the former world champion


Mark Cavendish. This is the moment that inspired the


man who trained a generation. In the crowd, a ten`year`old Rod


Ellingworth. 29 years later he was the power behind the Brit at the top


of the world. British cycling is building. I felt that it just needed


somebody to get hold of it, getting people together and believing in one


thing. There was never much doubt about Rod's sport after a childhood


of wrapped up in cycling. When you love the sport like we do it is


huge. Road cycle professionally and he did well but when the injuries


came, so did the decision to give back to his sport. He is key man in


the background of Team Sky's Tour de France triumphs. He pushes super


hard. I totally respect his work ethic. The way he goes around


things, he supports but he is pretty strong. Together they have


transformed British cycling. I am really proud of him. To think he can


get a full`time job out of a sport he likes, it is very good. Knowing


he has come from the same place as me is inspiring and the people he


has met and train, it is just incredible. If this was all in front


of me at 13, I would take this every step of the way. Every step of the


way is there now. Cycling in great shape in the East Midlands and that


velodrome will be something special when it is done.


Next tonight, she's officially a national treasure, loved, in


particular, by men of a certain age, and with an acting career that spans


decades. Felicity Kendall became a familiar face on TV thanks to The


Good Life and Rosemary and Thyme. But her stage career is also one of


the most enduring in British theatre. At the moment she's


performing opposite Simon Callow in Chin Chin at the Theatre Royal in


Nottingham. She came in earlier and we asked her how it was going.


Going really well, wonderful audiences, they are laughing a lot.


They are not getting too shocked by the surprise ending because it goes


deep and dark. It is a great piece and a beautiful theatre. With the


lovely Simon Callow and we love working together. We started years


ago in television. You combined TV and theatre. Had you ever had that


desire to cross the pond and do big movies? I did at one point a long


time ago but I soon realised I would probably have the career I wanted if


I stayed in the theatre and worked solidly in the theatre in England. I


wanted to do new plays more than I wanted to be a film star and I ended


up doing what I wanted to do. Strictly come dancing, how was that?


It was one of the things I did entirely for myself. A lot of people


asked why I was doing it. I said I wanted to do it, I wanted to be part


of that and I have never been so fit, so fatty happy. `` happy.


Without Vincent I cannot put a foot in front of another but it was just


a wonderful experience, life enhancing because you went in not


being able to move but at the end of three months you could do things you


were not able to do before. You were also in Doctor Who? I think that was


three or four years ago now. One of the nation's favourite programmes.


Yes, it has its own little bubble. The people that send photographs


from Doctor Who to side have no interest in the other aspects of my


career. But with other things, you get a combination of programmes. You


were very fit for Strictly Come Dancing but you are generally known


for being fit and keeping trim. What is your secret? Exercise. I do


yoga, waits, structuring, I have to wonderful trainers in yoga and


Pilates. Whatever suits you but you have to do something. It is the


hardest thing and there is always a reason you do not have to do it. You


look fabulous. Thank you so much. I said she was incredibly fit but I


meant, you know what I meant! US smitten! She was the loveliest


person. Now the weather forecast. Lots of tricks but not many treats


with the forecast over the next few days. The weather is very mobile at


the moment. Low pressure after low`pressure system coming through.


Brief windows of dry weather in between the first one heads way


tomorrow. We are back with the rain tomorrow. It will be fairly light


and patchy but it will be on and off and with us through much of the day.


The showers stayed away today. Pleasant afternoon but we will see


showers developing as we have through this evening. Not many, some


places will stay dry, but we keep a lot of cloud and there will be a bit


of mist and fork forming for the early hours of the morning. Seven


and eight degrees the loan. Tomorrow morning will start off drive but the


cloud of the morning. Seven and eight degrees the loan. Tomorrow


morning will start off drive but the cloud will thicken up. Nothing


particularly scary, fairly light and patchy in nature but I would not


rule out the odd heavy blast in northern parts. The rain sticks


around for most of the day. 11 or 12 degrees our top temperature. We get


rid of one weather system on Friday night. But then another weather


system moves in later on Saturday. A dry start to the weekend. The cloud


will thicken up, showery rain later on Saturday. A breezy night on


Saturday. There will be rain around and it will feel quite cool.


Hopefully something little drier and brighter by Sunday. I realise


November is tomorrow! Trick or treat. Have a good one. Goodbye.


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These were the objects that were making the Earth.


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