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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` the victims of anti`social behaviour who suffer months of


torment. This couple say repeated complaints


to the authorities have not stopped the threats. He stood there, and


said he will kick `` we will keep `` we will kick your head in.


Also tonight, the remains unearthed in a garden. Police say both victims


have been shot. Plus, firefighters from stations


across the East Midlands are walking out on strike. It is an ongoing


dispute with the Government over pensions.


And entering a new dimension, could 3D printing start the next


Industrial Revolution? Welcome to Friday's programme. First


tonight ` the elderly couple who are being terrorised by local thugs.


Shirley and John Harvey say their tormentors are targeting an entire


block of flats at Sutton` in`Ashfield in Nottinghamshire.


Other residents, though, are too frightened to speak out.


The couple, who are in their seventies, are now sleeping in


shifts to protect their home. Today they were visited by their local MP


who's promised to help. Rebecca Sheeran has this report.


John and Shirley Harvey have lived here for 15 years. Now they say they


fear for their lives, and are being threatened by thugs who intimidate


them and vandalise their home. We can't do anything about it. This


intimidation, threats and anti`social behaviour is allowed to


go on to go onto pensioners on a daily basis with nothing done. They


have moaned `` no morals. He stood there and said, we will kick your


heads in. Today they were visited by their


local MP, who is pledging to help. Ashfield district Council has been


dealing with the complaint for over a year. Anti`social behaviour cases


and that complex, getting robust evidence and presenting it in court,


it is going on so long and people just give up and live with the


consequences which is unacceptable. John and Shirley are not alone.


Last year councils across the East Midlands were dealing with over


10,000 noise and anti`social behaviour complaints, many of those


still have not been resolved after six months.


In Derby, it was 10% of cases and in Nottingham 13%. And it can have


serious consequences. Two years ago, one woman took her own life after


years of living next door to problem neighbours. Notts's Police and Crime


Commissioner says there is still a long way to go to reducing


anti`social behaviour. These are important issues to the people who


are affected, and I want the police to give them more priority, and they


are, and the figure, 14% over 12 months is a good step forward. There


is a lot to be done. Shirley and John hope the council will be able


to resolve the problem, and that finally they will be able to live


without fear in the home they love. I've been speaking to a senior


police officer who's an acknowledged expert on tackling anti`social


behaviour. Simon Edens is the Deputy Chief Constable of Leicestershire,


and speaks for the Association of Chief Police Officers. Here's what


he had to say. Anti`social behaviour is a priority


for the police service, because it can cause harm, and we are focused


on reducing and preventing harm, keeping people safe. When the level


is at a particularly high level, what weapons to the police have to


deal with it? We are very clear, the sort of anti`social behaviour that


causes people to shelter in their own homes, and in some cases move


from their own homes is absolutely unacceptable. In many cases it also


involves crime. There is a very wide range of powers we can use to deal


with individuals, to deal with premises, to deal with people


driving in an anti`social manner. We can intervene even before we use


those powers. We also realise that working more closely with partners


is right at the heart of our response to anti`social behaviour.


Joining up the dots, making sure information we hold is not held in


isolation, so that we can see the big picture, and make sure those


cases that require the best and speediest response I getting them.


What is your advice to somebody suffering from real anti`social


behaviour, someone who is trapped in their home, their neighbours are


afraid to speak out? I can offer them the complete reassurance that


we will listen to them, and we will be sensitive to their needs, and if


those needs include their fear that they may be subject to


repercussions, we will deal sensitively and appropriately with


that. We will understand the issues they face. We take the time and


effort to do that, and we will respond appropriately. Not everybody


who picks the phone up will get the same level of response, but we will


tailor that response according to the harm that person faces, so we


can keep that person safe and protect them.


Police investigating the deaths of an elderly couple whose remains were


found in the back garden of a house say they were both shot. Tonight two


people are still being questioned on suspicion of murder.


Detectives are confident the bodies found in Forest Town near Mansfield


are those of William and Patricia Wycherley. It's believed those in


custody are their daughter and her husband. Quentin Rayner reports.


It was at St Pancras Station on Wednesday night that it is


understood 55`year`old Susan Edwards and her husband, 57`year`old


Christopher Edwards, were arrested. They were brought back to Notts for


questioning. Their arrests follow the discovery of human remains in


the back garden of a semidetached house in Forest town last month.


Detectives began digging up the garden following a tip`off. Two sets


of human remains were discovered in what was described as a grave.


Although formal identification has yet to be confirmed, the police are


confident the bodies are those of an elderly couple, William and Patricia


Wycherley, the former owners of the House. There has been no trace of


them since 1998. Two weeks ago, the police began a double murder


inquiry. We are starting to put together now a clearer picture of


the family tree, and the focus of the investigation is on Mr and Mrs


Wycherley and the goings on at the House back in the 1990s. And the


motive? There is no known motive at this time. Home Office pathologist


has established the couple were both shot. It is understood the police


have until tonight to continue Quetta `` questioning the couple who


are in custody. A teenager who's accused of plotting


a terrorist attack on targets in Loughborough has admitted he pulled


a pistol on a group of strangers. The 17`year`old told the Old Bailey


that "idiots", as he called them, had been mocking him. When he got


his gun out they looked scared. The teenager has admitted possessing


explosives, but denies preparing to use weapons for an act of terrorism.


76 workers at a refrigeration and air conditioning business in


Leicester have formally been made redundant. WR Refrigeration went


into administration last week. Another 70 employees are being kept


on to help wind up the firm. The administrators are hoping the


remaining staff can be transferred to other businesses.


Still to come ` Sara will be here trying to find some positives in the


weekend weather forecast. The coming weekend's weather is


going to be cold and frosty for your bonfire parties.


In the last few minutes firefighters have walked out on strike, leaving


resources severely stretched just as an evening of planned firework and


Diwali celebrations gets under way. Fire chiefs say the action will put


people's safety at risk. And they've suggested that any planned bonfire


events should be postponed. Sarah Teale is live at Nottingham


Road fire station in Derby this evening. Sarah, firefighters there


have just started their walk`out? Yes, scenes here mirroring those


across the East Midlands and indeed the country, and this was the scene


just a few minutes ago when on the dot of 6:30pm firefighters left


their posts and went out on strike. They will be out until 11pm tonight.


This is a second strike by firefighters in their ongoing


dispute with the Government over pensions, and the plans to increase


the age of retirement from 55 to 60. With me now is one of the


firefighters who has gone on strike. Why is it impossible to work until


60? The Government has set a fitness standard we are expected to reach


which is unachievable. The Government have had a report into


the fitness standard, and it has been proven that two thirds of


firefighters over 50 will not be able to reach it. Was it a hard


decision to come out on strike? The hardest decision we could have to


make. We do not want to come out on strike, we have been backed into a


corner by Government. Let us pick to Gary from the Fire Brigades Union.


Picking tonight is quite a cynical move, isn't it? We specifically


chose tonight, and we chose to avoid the first Saturday before bonfire


night and the Saturday after bonfire night and bonfire night itself. It


is hard decision to make. But we do feel we have had to make it. Steve


Lunn is from Leicestershire Fire Service. We asked him, was safety


being compromised tonight? Yes, it will be `` put people's safety at


risk, because I will not be able to manage and deliver resources I would


normally be able to outside a strike. The resources we will have


available will be around about 60% less than normal. However, we will


respond to all emergency incidents, and all calls made to our fire


control which will remain unaffected.


We heard there are people's lives are being put at risk. Do you think


the public support you bearing that in mind? I think we do have the


public support. We are out here at the front of the station, many cars


pass by, you can hear the beeping of the horns and the public definitely


support us in our fight. And do you think strike action is the right way


to achieve what you want? Again, this is on the back of two years of


negotiation with this Government. We have put back `` together a very


fact based on evidence `based report, and the Government refuses


to acknowledge it. This is our only fight, and hopefully they will start


to listen. As you have heard, the Fire Service said only dial nine the


Fire Service said only dial 909 tonight if there is an absolute


emergency. They will respond, but this strike finishes at 11pm. There


is another strike planned for Monday morning rush hour. That is between


6am and 8am. Derby City Council says it wants a


group of derelict warehouses to be redeveloped as soon as possible. It


comes after the discovery of a man's body in a recent fire at a run`down


site in the city. Nearby residents voiced concerns


about homeless people seeking shelter in the disused buildings.


Today the council leader says he hopes that after decades of


dereliction, progress can be made. Simon Ward reports.


At first it was thought this was just a fire in a long disused


building. But would firefighters managed to search inside the old


warehouse, they found a body. Later he was identified as a man


originally from Poland. Today it is obvious people are coming here, with


rubbish and drinks cans strewn around. The company that owns this


building `` these buildings did not want to make a comment, but soon


after the fire people living around here told us they have been worried


for years these buildings have been left derelict.


They said it was common knowledge people have been sleeping rough


here. They could have prevented all this. I have seen it boarded up and


people reopening the door again and making access so they can get back


inside again. So how does the City Council leader respond to the


concerns of the local community? I did not know that people were rough


sleeping in the buildings. What we want to do is talk with developers


to enable them to bring that site forward. It has been like that for


probably the best part of 30 years. We want to enable them to bring that


warehouse back into use. Bring the site back into use and redevelop it


for the benefit of people in Derby. The old magistrate's building is to


be redeveloped into an office `` library and offices. But it seems to


be a difficult task for councils to get buildings into use. Two men were


arrested in connection with the body found in the old warehouse. One is


on police bail, the other released. There have been no charges, and


detectives continue to investigate what happened.


Serious concerns have been raised about standards at another care home


near Nottingham. The health watchdog ` the Care Quality Commission `


inspected Bramwell Care Home in Bramcote in August. ?NEWLINE It's


one of several that were sold off by the County Council last year.


Angelina Socci reports. It is not the first time this care


home has been criticised. Last year, not long after Nottinghamshire


County Council sold it off, inspectors said it had failed to


meet a number of essential standards. 18 months on, and an


inspection has again found failings. This man's mother`in`law spent four


years of her life at Bramwell Care Home. The objects to the decision to


sell it off. They gave guarantees that the


private sector were better at administering care, and they did it


on a lower budget. This was the guarantee given by adult social


services and the councillors. Nottinghamshire County Council has


fun stop placing residents in this care home. Is one `` one of more


than a dozen homes in the country to have recently had its contract


suspended. We have to be assured that the contract we have with homes


for the residents we placed the are consistently higher, so although we


have not got the authority as the Care Quality Commission has two


close the home, we do work with them closely. The owners say they have


put in place management support to maintain standards. It also says


that it has meant `` made substantial investment in staff


training and will continue to monitor all areas of the service.


We can look ahead no to a busy weekend in sport.


Coming up, two big names in football management, Steve McClaren and Harry


Redknapp. But news first from Nottingham Forest. The Reds are


stepping up their search for a new striker, and have welcomed a new


addition from the Premier League in the middle of the park. Natalie


Jackson reports. Ahead of tomorrow's game, Nottingham


Forest have confirmed they are looking to bring in a striker on


loan. They have widened the search into Europe, and they do have a


target in the Premier league. According to the manager, it is a


search which is ongoing. The chairman put up some very good money


for good strikers, but unfortunately deals did not happen. We will not


bring in players that we feel are not better than the ones we have got


or equal to the ones we have got. We want to bring in the right type. One


who is the right type is midfielder David Vaughan. He signed a deal from


Sunderland yesterday. Forest fans will remember him for being part of


the Blackpool team which got promoted at Forest's expense four


years ago. David Vaughan was very influential. He is a wonderful


player, excellent appetite for the game. I am delighted he is now part


of this competing midfield. You obviously know how to get promoted


from this decision `` division. What is the key? I think it is just


having the confidence to go out and play under the pressure. Hopefully I


can bring that to the table. And the new midfielder is in the squad for


the game against Blackpool tomorrow. And you can hear an extended


interview with the Nottingham Forest Manager Billy Davies on the BBC


Sport website. On to Leicester City, who will be


looking to lay last season's demons to rest when they head to Watford


tomorrow. The last time the Foxes played there was the play`off


semifinal that ended in such a cruel and dramatic defeat. But the Foxes


go there second in the Championship and are only looking forward.


The players who played in that game put it behind them, and we have got


to do that. It will be a tough game, they are a good side, we have


worked very hard so far this season, but it is about going into the next


game and doing the same again. Next, a former England boss and a


man who has often been tipped for the role. Tomorrow Steve McClaren's


Derby go head to head with Harry Redknapp's Queens Park Rangers. Now,


QPR are a team McClaren knows all about. Just five weeks ago before


joining Derby, Steve was a coach there under Harry. So what do they


really think of each other? We have been rivals throughout the


years, so I think it was a little difficult at first coming together,


but as time went on we developed a good relationship. Another expert on


red wine, I have worked with some characters who know their red wine


and I know he is going through the country publicising his book, and I


have heard all the stories before anyway. He talks about Bobby Moore


and that team, and he comes through and he is still involved in football


in this era, the modern era. To adapt is very, very difficult to do.


He has done that very successfully. I really enjoyed having him around,


he was great, and I think it was good for him as well. He got himself


back into coaching, back on the training ground. Steve's took over a


good squad, and I am sure they will be there at the end of the year.


Derby's a good club, a fantastic set up, the stadium, the crowds. It's a


Premier league club, really. It is a good opportunity for him.


The players are very strong, perfect for the Championship and perfect for


them to bounce back. I have moved on, and I love working here. I


thought I lived a very good bunch of players at QPR, but their attitudes


here are exactly the same. Will you be sharing a glass of red wine with


Harry after the game? No doubt, with a smile on my face, I hope.


No new manager at Notts County yet, so Steve Hodge will be in caretaker


charge again this weekend. Hodge led them to victory in Tuesday's game


against Oldham. Tomorrow they have a tough trip to Coventry as they look


to pull further away from the bottom of League One. Former Sheffield


United Manager Danny Wilson remains the bookies' favourite for the


vacant job at Meadow Lane. Mansfield Town play tonight and


travel to Southend in search of a first win since September.


In rugby, the Leicester Tigers meet Harlequins tomorrow at Welford Road


looking for a win to keep in touch at the top of the Premiership table.


And in ice hockey, the Nottingham Panthers could hand debuts to new


signings Joe Jensen and Nick Conway in tonight's game against Dundee at


the National Ice Centre. Hope you enjoy your sport this


weekend. Scientists from Nottingham say


advances in 3D printing could be one of the most significant developments


in British manufacturing. The University of Nottingham, which


boasts one of the world's leading 3D research groups, says the technology


is far from being a gimmick. In fact, it could be of particular


benefit to small and medium`sized businesses right here in the East


Midlands. Tom Brown reports. It is printing in a whole new


dimension. This is a 3D printer, following a computer designed to


build an object layer by layer. Often, with intricate detail.


Additive manufacturing has been around for years, but here at the


University of Nottingham, this team hopes the research will help the


technology make a real impression. This is a super exciting area, and


watching the processes work is almost like watching magic work. As


a research group what we are plight `` trying to do is add more sides to


the area. The technology already allows you to


put out something like this out of plastic or something like this made


of metal, but what the team here are researching is combining multiple


materials so that eventually you could have something like this


prosthetic arm at the click of a button. The research is not yet a


reality, but this idea of printing and entire product in one go and in


one place could open a world of opportunity for our smaller


manufacturing firms. If you are making small volumes of


things, the conventional way is expensive, so using this approach to


break a product will enable companies to get a product to market


easier and manufacture them locally as well. From this 3D printer done


to these 3D printed people, the technology is already starting to


excite and amaze. It is said it could spark the next industrial


revolution, and this laboratory is ready to lead the way.


Could you put your own table? Scary stuff? `` print your own


table. This coming weekend, if you are


hosting a bonfire party, is going to be quite wet and windy at times. Low


pressure is controlling the weather today, that is soon replaced by this


next area of low pressure coming in for the weekend. A band of rain is


sitting over the East Midlands, that has been with us for the majority of


the day, producing some heavy bursts of raid as we head into the early


hours. A little bit more showery over Leicestershire and Rutland, but


across Derbyshire it will increase and it will be around tomorrow


morning. The temperatures falling no lower than eight or nine Celsius


overnight in rural areas, and a damp start initially first thing. But


rain quite patchy, but then a few lively showers coming in as well. It


will still remain quite wet, the best of any brightness I think


across the eastern side, before we see further outbreaks of showery


rain in the afternoon. But it is the strength of the wind on Saturday


afternoon and through the evening to. The wind starting to gust, we


could see gusts of around 40 or 50 mph. So very difficult conditions


for fireworks. Sunday will start off a bit better, but it will still be


blustery. Through the daytime we should be merely dry, but this band


of rain will push up from the south. It depends how far north that comes


in. It could still work its way in earlier on in the evening and get us


our wet night. `` give us a wet night. Wet and windy weather returns


on Tuesday. Keep on smiling!


Have a good weekend anyway. Goodbye.


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