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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, the hunt for a killer who shot a man dead at the barbers.


A decade ago, Nottingham was plagued by a gun crime. One of the victims,


a father, Omar Watson. Now police are renewing appeals to find his


killer. Also tonight 0


killer. Also tonight a big rise in rent


arrears. Streingling tenants blame the bet room tax. You feel it is


never going to end. You're struggling all the time. Plus a


mum's fears over plans to close award treating post`natal


depression. Ultimately what can happen with situations like this,


mothers or babies can die. One of the biggest names in sport


opens one of the biggest diabetes centres in the world. A subject


close to his heart. 0 Welcome to Thursday's programme. The


widow of a man shot dead in a shoot can ten years ago described how hard


life is raising their two children without him. Chantel Watson was


seven months pregnant when her husband Omar was murdered. His


shooting is an unsolved case from one of the most notorious periods in


Nottingham's history. His family say they haven't been able to move on


for the past decade because they haven't seen justice done. Sarah


Teale reports. Nottingham, a decade ago, a city


plagued by gun crime. It ernt an unwelcome reputation. One of the


victims during that time was father`of`two Omar Watson. The


24`year`old was shot dead in November 2003 in Radford. Omar was


sitting and waiting to have his haircut. The gunmen simply walked in


and shot him dead. This is a busy road. It was 1.00 on a Friday


afternoon. Yet, despite that, police received not a single phone call.


They were greeted with a wall of silence and even though Nottingham


was at the height of its troublts, that was highly unusual. ``


troubles. Up to 2003 we had a large number of people who were injured


and killed by firearms. At the height, we had maybe ten firearm


related murders in 16 months. There was a really negative perception of


Nottingham around gun crime. We are ten years on, allegiances may have


changed. People move on in their lives. I'm convinced someone in


Radford knows the people responsible. I want to bring


sloeshure. Chantel Watson was 28 and pregnant with their second child


when she was told the terrible news. She said the whole family needed to


know who killed Omar. I think that would be closure. It 0


know who killed Omar. I think that would be closure. It would be an


answer for my boys. I think it would help, yeah. Some justity to come for


Omar and his sons. A teenage girl who was in the barbers around the


time of the shooting is one witness the police are keen to trace. A


?10,000 reward is on offer for any information leading to an


conviction. Sarah, have police ever stabbed a motive for Omar's murder?


They haven't. That's down to the fact no`one's come forward and


broken their silence on this. Omar was shot the year before he was


murdered. Two men were charged in connection with that. Omar was due


to be a witness in that court case but he was murdered before that case


ever got to court. When it did, the two men were acquitted. Police say


they are not necessarily linking those incidents. They are keeping an


open mind. But they hope someone at the time who was unwilling to speak


to the police may have changed their minds as time has gone on and they


will be able to come forward now with information which will help


them soefl this case. Thank you. Next tonight, Housing Associations


in the East Midlands has seen a rise in the number of tenants falling


behind with their rent because of the introdushings of bedroom tax.


Quarterly figures show in Nottingham, arrears stand at nearly


?200,000. The numbers are not adding up for


Sue Allen. Six months into the Government's welfare reforms and


she's already feeling the pinch. A council tenant from Bullwell, Sue's


nearly two months behind on her rent. You look at everything you


have to pay out each week, each month, you think if I don't pay that


there will be interest charges. It has to be refrnt one week that might


have to go. Then you have arrears. The following time you go to pay the


rent not only have you got the rent to pay but arrears to pay on top of


it. Sue isn't alone. Taents affected by the single occupancy tax in


Leicester owe nearly ?50,000 in rent. In Derby over ?90,000 is paid


while it is around ?200,000 in Nottingham. Housing Associations say


they are doing everything they can to help tenants avoid being evicted.


They admit it is a serious problem and one they predicted would happen


before the bedroom tax came into force. We feel this was a policy


developed on the hoof, in a rush. Changes to welfare benefits need to


be carefully thought through. We think it is 0


be carefully thought through. We think it is a daft policy. Despite


extra support for tenants, the pressure's on for local authorities.


My prediction is it will make a lot of people suffer. A lot more


hardship. Bills and arrears will go up. There will be evictions. We will


do our best. It will cost the council tax payer money to support a


lot of people. I cannot see an end until they reverse the legislation.


As the rent arrears mount, so does the criticism aimed at the


Government. But the Department of Work and Pensions says the reforms


are still in their early stages and local councils have been given


millions of pounds to help vulnerable taents. For people like


Sue, that's little comfort as she struggled to make ends meet.


Still to come: Tough times for children. A charity warns youngsters


struggle to cope when adults fall ill, lose their jobs or break up.


Before that, notes shire police have released new video footage of a


Doctor Who went missing almost a week ago. The family of Elizabeth


Kinston sister Beeston are desperate for her to return home. It is


believed she is suffering from postnatal depression.


It is one of the last confirmed sightings of Elizabeth Kingston.


Friday 1st November she walks past this pub. From a different angle,


she's seen putting on a dark woollen hat. A few minutes later, she walks


up towards Nottingham train station. Detectives first thought she may


have taken a train but now believe she may have walked past the station


and could still be in Nottinghamshire. Her family are


naturally very worried. The mother`of`two girls was on maternity


leave after having 10`month`old girl. It is thought she may have


post`natal depression. We need her back. She's the most important


person. Please come back, Lizzie. We just need you back. Please come


home. The police have also released these pictures of the same type of


pink`hooded Topliss Beth was wearing. They are desperate to know


she's safe. Police hope this video will prompt anyone who has seen her


to get in contact. Meanwhile, a mother in


Leicestershire who has battled post`natal depression is fighting to


save a specialist mental health unit to help other patients. The


perinatal facility in Leicester is due to close because it doesn't meet


the NHS standards. The nine`month`old twins get


everywhere at home. Mum has fought post`natal depression. It is not


necessarily about the children, it is about what's going on in your


head. She's campaigning to stop next year's planned closure of the parry


natal inpatient 0 year's planned closure of the parry


natal inpatient beds for pregnant women and those with babies under


one. There are three beds at the one. There are three beds at the


Knowing that facility is there is Knowing that facility is there is


comforting. The NHS said over the past few years only 13 women a year


have been admitted and it no longer meets modern stabbed Ards. We have a


specialification which means they need dedicated staff open 24 seven


for emergency access. It needs staffing and restructuring. It is a


huge amount of investment in these cash`strapped times. Claire knows


there are alternative fast youths in Nottingham and Derby with you says


it 0 0 Nottingham and Derby with you says


it is not reasonable to expect vulnerable women to always travel


The the financial impact it will have on families. When women are


feeling vulnerable and guilty, you get guilt with depression. It


wouldn't help you. The trend in the NHS is for fewer, bigger more


specialised centres. It can be a difficult sell convincing people its


worth travelling further. A an 0


worth travelling further. A an inquest into the death of a


four`year`old girl attacked by a dog in Leicestershire has been opened


and adjourned. Lexi Branson was killed by the family bulldog. Her


mothering tried to save her by stabbing the dog. The bulldog came


from a local rescue centre and is not a breed listed under the


Dangerous Dogs Act. A Nottinghamshire teacher has been


sent to prison for more than three years for sexual activity with a


child. 23`year`old Mark Haywood was a maths teacher. He was newly


qualified when the grooming and sexual offences came to light


earlier this year. Haywood is on the sex offenders and is banned from


working with children for the rest of his life.


A charity warns more children across our region are facing tough times as


adultses lose their jobs, are ill or split up.


Action for Children says one group which increasingly needs help are


young careers who look after parents or other family members. What do we


use the knife for? It is lunch time in Derby, the head chef is making


sure four meals are prepared. In this case, the head chef is bobby,


she is making Sher her brother mother and mother's carer are fed. I


went to bed, woke at 4.00 in the morning completely paralysed. Not


been able to scratch me knob or move which was really, really scary.


Surgery's given Nicky some mobility back but two `` for go years bobby's


had to do everything. I watch her hair, look after my brother. In the


morning's I make his breakfast. Since August, the family get 12


hours paid help. Bob jig gets some respite from Action for Children.


But the charity says life for young careers is getting tougher. When


people are losing their jobs, circumstances are difficult. Local


authorities are less able to provide services, it adds another level of


pressure to families which adds another sense of extra work for


young people and extra things for young people to cope with. They do


it because they love you. They don't want to see you in pain. There are a


lot of children that are doing the roles of parents, really. Getting


used to it. It's really fun cooking dinner. Really fun. What a lovely


young lady. The Westfield shopping centre in


Derby is to be sold. The site was the first development in the UK by


the Westfield company in 2007. It is described as a solid performing


asset with strong sales. It is thought the centre could be sold for


as much as ?400 million. There will be a service of rededication tonight


of a Derbyshire war memorial rescued by the local community. The memorial


was put up in Sawmills which is now for sale. The wooden monument was


salvaged by the local Civic Society. It has been restored and rehung in


the village hall. Interesting has been phenomenal from people around


here. And from younger people too who had grandparents in the war.


People have been reminiscing. Came to our exhibition last weekend


wanting to talk about people who are gone. And Remembrance Sunday is


coming up. They are closer in people's minds. You're watching East


Midlands Today. One of the largest diabetes centres in the world has


been officially opened by one of the biggest names in sport. Five times


Olympic champion sir Steve Redgrave has a personal interest in the


Leicester unit because he suffers from the condition himself. The


centre brings together experts under one roof to fight the disease and to


try to stop people who are at high rest can `` risk developing it.


There he is. Cool and calm going for number five... At the 2,000 Sydney


Olympics sir Steve Redgrave one his sixth gold medal. Three years


earlier at the age of 35, he'd been diagnosed with type two diabetes and


had been taking insulin while training. Today, he officially


opened the diabetes centre. He reflected how he dealt with his


diagnosis before the Olympics. I was devastated z when I was told.


Thought by rowing career was over. Went to see the consultant in my


area. He felt I still could achieve my dreams. With his attitude it span


off, I made the decision diabetes had to live with me and not me with


it. The centre aims to improve the lives of patients and their


families. It brings tokt clinical expertise of an 140`strong team. It


allows us to bring the most talented and best researchers in the country


to work in our unit. We can start to make a difference in some of the


treatments for dyke Easties and research into prevention of


diabetes. This centre is one of the best equipped in the UK. This lab


has caught Steve's eye because it works out the best activities suited


to deeb eat `` diabetes patients. I was expecting a dozen rooms and not


a whole floor of treatment rooms, breakout areas and exercise areas.


The new centre in Leicester is all about reaching your creams.


`` dreams. When WWW stands for Worldwide


Waterways. We'll find out why our canals and riverbanks are being


digit alley mapped. Before that, the family who have


spent around ?70,000 bringing their home up to one of the highest


eco`friendly standards of the world. The owners say they'll get their


money back. It is slashing their energy bills and helping increase


the value of the property. Built in the 1950s this house in


Derby is a head of his time when it comes to cutting energy bills. It


has been triple glazed, superinsulated and is virtually


airtight. The owner showed me one of the key features. Clean air which is


warmed up through the ventilation system at 20 degrees. Before we did


the work, the house was leaky, cold, we couldn't get it above 15 degrees.


Our bills were very high. We're both interested in eco`measures. It just


looked like the logical thing to do, to do everything at once. It is like


a giant duvet has been wrapped around this house reducing energy


bills. The average annual dual fuel bill covering gas and electricity is


around ?1,300. Here, it's dropped dramatically for a family of four


and two lodgers. The house has reached the passive house receipt


rose fit standard. These thermal images of other converted proorts,


the dark blue ones, shows how much difference it can make to heat loss.


For an individual private house, it is an expensive atroech. If you're


going to refush and live there for 30`50 years it is a good investment.


Otherwise tricky. The attic ventilation system does all the hard


work. 0 ventilation system does all the hard


work. There are a couple of fans and metal plates, air coming in cold and


air going out is warm. The family believe they'll get their money back


as the extension and passive house status has increased the value of


their home. Passive house retro fit standard!


Talking of retro fit, here's Colin Not sure how to respond to that!


Two of our championship managers on the short lit, Leicester boss Nigel


Pearson sand teef McLaren are in the running. Sean Dyche and Chris


Powell. It is always nice to be nominated for things like this but


ultimately we only achieve success if there are's a collective spirit


which there has been this season so far. The players have responded


since we came in. They deserve a lot of credit for that. Henri Lansbury's


been nominated for the Championship Player of the Month for October.


We'll find out the winners of those awards tomorrow.


Derby's young star mason Ben it is the club's youngest ever first team


player and goal scorer. He was at school when he made his debut for


the Rams. This week, he went back to see old teachers and I went with


him. Not that long ago, Mason Bennett was


one of the kids playing here. Now he's the Star Inn spiring the kids.


You know other people have a chance. It gives us a confidence boost.


Anyone can do it. It is not just him. Anyone from a round here could.


' of just 15 years and 99 days, mason started a championship game


away at Middlesbrough. It was close to being a dream debut too. It is


all a blur. It was a dream come true. At 15 years old, it was


unreal. I enjoyed every minute of it. You came close? I should have


buried the ball! At the time of his first start Mason was 0


buried the ball! At the time of his first start Mason was doing his


GCSEs. We'd pack him off on Tuesday, give him work to do, most of it got


ton. They understood education was as important as the football. The


teachers helped me with everything, not just lessons, but everything in


life. I'm really happy to come back and do something for them.


Shirebrook is a shiny new school with shiny new pitches. As for


Mason's future, he's scored his first league goal. His new boss is


paying attention. He's a revelation for us. He's continued that


progress, performed in the second team. Made an impact when he's come


on. We have high hopes for mason Bennett. Everyone has ambition to


play in the Premiership. I have a long career. Hopefully represent


England at first team level. A long way ahead. See where it goes. A long


way from schoolboy to top footballer, yet, it's takesen no


time at all. We'll see how he gets on. England have chosen a front row


for Saturday's match against Argentina. No Tigers players in the


start`up. Thank you, Colin.


Now, the Industrial Revolution meets the digital revolution along our


waterways. First, Google gave us Street View which lets you see a


road like you were standing there. Now it is the turn of our canals and


riverbanks. Paul's been to see the mapping team in action.


They are an ideal place to unwind, walk the dog or just lose yourself.


Now, these time`worn towpaths are being captured by 21st Century


technology. He want to put the waterways on to the internet to


inspire people to come and explore them. It is a great opportunity for


people to plan a visit, to find a local waterside pub or an area of


interest. The pack is four foot high, weighs 40lbs. It is fitted


with a camera which takes images every two`and`a`half seconds. It


provides a 36 0 degree view of the towpath. Though using the waterways


think it will be a welcome resource. It is ideal to know where the walks


are. How to get to the nearest town. The more we have the towpaths


mapped, the more people can enjoy it. It will be good for business. It


will promote the area. Show people abroad where we have. They'll come


and enjoy the canals. It is about technology to get people out


exploring their Nike hood. The ten tow paths in our region will be


mainnd and on line by next year. Manned. It is like we had Wallace


and Gromit. ! Now the weather. It has been a better day today than


yesterday. Some very heavy rain yesterday evening. Over half an inch


fell over Leicestershire yesterday. 18mm recorded by the end of the day.


We've had our share of the wet stuff. We have had a chance to dry


out today. A little ridge of high pressure settled things. The winds


are turning to south`westerly direction. That will bring more


cloud tomorrow. Most of us will stay dry. A small chance of a shower. In


general, we won't see the sunshine we had today.


Here's the satellite picture. Beautiful sunshine this morning.


We've seen some rogue showers across Derbyshire this afternoon. They have


faded. It is dry and clear for most of the night. The temperatures


tumming. Cloud increasing from the west by the end of the night which


will halt that temperature fall. 5 or 6 degrees in the town's and


cities. 3 or 4 in rural areas. A bright start tomorrow morning. Cloud


increasing as we head into the afternoon. More cloud for us


tomorrow. A chance of a shower mainly across southern parts of


Leicestershire in the afternoon. A fairly quiet day. Fairly cool at 9


or 10 degrees. For the weekend, start dry and Chilean Saturday


morning. A band of heavy showers pushing through by mid`morning. They


should clear into the afternoon. So drier and brighter. We'll just hold


on to that drier and brighter weather for Sunday.


A mixed picture as they say. It was ever thus. Always a mixed


picture. Hope you can join me for the late news.




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