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We will keep you updated on the Typhoon as it heads towards Vietnam


Tonight: A sickening attack on a bouncer outside a city centre bar.


CCTV shows for men attacking the dolmen with a metal pole, after they


were refused entry. Also denied: The explainer of Andy


Turner, burgled while at his mother 's funeral. There are some


disgusting people out there that do things like this. I hate them.


Plus the flu jab that could avert misery for you and paying for the


NHS this winter. And in London before the great


Fire. The stunning video that has one students from Leicester a top


award. Good evening. Welcome to Friday


night's programme and we start with a vicious assault on a doorman in


Leicester. The 40`year`old victim has been left with serious head


injuries. He was attacked by four men who'd been refused entry to a


city centre bar. The police have now released CCTV


footage of the incident to try to trace those responsible. Our


reporter James Roberson joins us now from outside the Mobius Bar on


Braunstone Gate. So James, what more can you tell us about this attack?


Good evening. It was an evening somewhat like this, except what


happened was considerably later. It all happened just across there,


outside the bar, the side that main entrance. We are just south of the


city centre. This is what the video that the police have released shows.


The scene seems entirely, the first and the door staff are seen talking


to a group of men who turn up outside the bar at midnight.


Suddenly, when one of the staff will not let the men in, it turns ugly. A


fight breaks out. One of the men picks up a heavy stand and wields


its like a weapon. He hits the door supervisor and then strikes it over


his head. The doormen goes down, he collapses backwards and then the


other staff finally get the men to go away.


How is the man who was attacked? He is 40 years old, has not been


named but we understand he is now recovering from this very bad


attack. The police have described the four men involved as of Middle


Eastern appearance and they are asking anyone who might know them or


who might have witnessed the attack, to contact Leicestershire


police on the non`emergency number, 101.


Police say they have another sighting of a missing mother who was


last seen a week ago. Elizabeth Kinston left her home in Beeston


last Friday morning. Just before midday she was recorded on CCTV


going past a pub near Nottingham railway station. Shortly after that,


she was spotted near the Castle Marina retail park outside the city


centre. We have conducted an extensive CCTV surgeon who have a


confirmed sighting of her at Queens drive, of Castle Bridge Road. She


was wearing a distinctive pink top, which from the rear, you can see a


black outline of the figure of a chicken. It's really significant.


She was wearing dark blue jeans and knee`length brown boots.


Detectives investigating the death of a Leicester football coach have


made two more arrests. Antoin Akpom, who was 20, died after being stabbed


in Kent Street in the city in September. Two men aged 59 and 49


have been detained on suspicion of assisting an offender. They've been


released on police bail. Two others have been charged with murder and


will appear in court at a later date.


Detectives investigating the death of a man in a fire at a derelict


warehouse in Derby have released mobile phone footage. Jaroslaw


Wieczorek was found dead in the former factory on Great Northern


road a month ago. This film of the fire was captured before the


emergency services arrived. Officers want to find a man who was seen


sitting on steps behind the building between 11 and noon on the day of


the fire. Still to come: in sport, almost sold


out. The Foxes v Forest. It's the big local derby. We'll be


talking to Forest defender and former Fox Jack Hobbs ` a man with a


foot in both camps. The Olympic athlete Andy Turner has


spoken of his devastation and disgust after burglars ransacked his


family home while he was at his mother's funeral.


The Nottinghamshire hurdler says he believes they deliberately targeted


the house after he mentioned the funeral on social media. They took


his car, phones and a laptop which contained the last photos he'd taken


of his mum Yvonne when she was alive.


Sarah Teale has been speaking to Andy at his home in Hucknall.


Happier times together. This was athlete Andy Turner and his proud


mother in the run`up to last year 's Olympics. Sadly, 58`year`old Yvonne


died unexpectedly last week after a stroke. While the family attended


her funeral, yesterday, fees burgled their Nottingham home. You just


think that at that point, things cannot get any worse but then you


realise, things can. There are some disgusting people out there that do


things like this. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. Andy, who is


European and Commonwealth champion, believes he may have been


deliberately targeted after posting details of the funeral on social


media. You do something like that, you don't think about criminals


thinking it is their chance to take something. For them to even think


like that is just disgusting. If that was the cause, I don't put it `


regret putting it on Twitter because people got a chance to pay their


last respects to my mum. As forensic teams examined the windows, news


came that a stolen car had been found abandoned. He says it is his


phone and laptop which he went back because they store precious photos


of his last moments with his mum. It is not a car that I was forced


about. It is the memories. I cannot get those memories back. They were


on the phone and my laptop. That is what hurts the most. It is the


memories, I need to get the memories back.


As you heard there Andy Turner fears the burglars may have known he was


out because he'd used social media to talk about his mother's funeral.


Joining us now is Darren Surgey from Nottinghamshire police. Darren, a


hard lesson on just what we should putting on social media.


It is something we need to be very careful of, with Facebook, Twitter,


the list goes on. It is making sure that what we are putting on their


only our friends can see. We are looking at locking down our security


settings, making sure we're not putting anything on there that


somebody could take advantage of, but in this case. How often do


pergolas specifically target homes having read information like that?


Or is it more likely to be opportunistic? About 20% of all our


burglaries are few insecurities and it is down to an opportunist


situation, a beginner will go down the street. They will see an open


window, a door that is not locked, and they will take a chance. If they


do see through a window, and at tablet or khakis, it's things like


that. They are very good at what they do and what we have to do is be


one step in front and make sure we take the necessary measures. We will


leave it there for now but thanks very much.


A drive to kick`start Nottingham's economy is creating thousands of


jobs just a year after it was started. That's the claim of those


behind the Nottingham Growth Plan. It's not all good news though. The


review has also shown there's still a jobs gap and the poor performance


of a shopping centre is fuelling the number of empty shops.


The growth plan was unveiled in July last year. As one of the UK's core


cities, Nottingham received ?60 million from the government to


unleash enterprise across the city. Its achievements have been reviewed


by the likes of this person, one of the founders of an information


company, who was pleased with progress. Last year was a record


year in terms of new business start`ups. The thing that still has


to be done is unemployment, that's still a problem in the city.


Therefore, tackling unemployment is one of the priorities that we have.


Since the plan started, almost 800 jobs have been created, with the


potential of at least another 8000, if projects are delivered. Although


200 apprenticeships have been created, there are still jobs and


skills gap. If we wanted to go back to where we were before the


financial crisis, we need to create another 10,000 jobs. 21`year`old


Matthew is one of the lucky ones. He has just landed an assistant chef 's


job in a pub restaurant, after one years apprenticeship. I was socially


withdrawn with people. I had been out of work. Then I found this. It


has done wonders for my life. Are you more confident? Very much more


confident now. The review has identified an 8% fall in city centre


shop vacancies. That reduction would have more than doubled if the broad


Marsh Centre was excluded. Broad Marsh is an issue which we have


focused on within the growth board and we are taking steps to try to


secure funding to deal with it. But it is going to be something we


tackle over the next few years, rather than something we can do in


12 months. The review says continued growth depends on promoting key


sectors, digital content, life sciences and clean technology. The


city also needs to develop a skilled workforce, deliver major transport


infrastructure projects on time and provide free Wi`Fi access. There are


still a lot of work to be done. The Deputy Prime Minister, on a


visit to Nottinghamshire, has stressed the importance of doing


business with Europe for East Midlands who want to grow.


But Nick Clegg also condemned this week's budget and job cuts announced


by the Labour`run Nottinghamshire county council.


Nick Clegg was visiting a company which makes yarn for car seats and


exports most of it to Europe. It was county council job cuts that span


the Deputy Prime Minister into this attack. It is hypocritical of Labour


councillors in the Nottinghamshire county council which they now run,


where they pay themselves or in summary than almost any other county


council anywhere in the country, that they should be inflicting cuts


on the ordinary people and working families of Nottinghamshire, rather


than taking an axe to some of their pay and perks which they have in


County Hall. Labour responded tonight, saying they had frozen


allowances for the first year in a row. The Lib Dem 0


allowances for the first year in a row. The Lib Dem leader was also


fired up by attempts to force an early EU referendum. The issue


matters for the boss of this firm. We are concerned that if we were to


come out of the EU, we would have to reset relationships with the markets


in which we are selling, which we think would be detrimental to our


business. 95% of what is manufactured here is exported


directly to the single market. If we are yanked out of that because of


political extremism, this part of the world would be much poorer off.


Nick Clegg says at stake is the future of manufacturing.


A council leader, planning to cut 800 jobs, joins us to explain why


they have to go. It is when you run since they were elected but do you


know who your police and crime commission is and what difference


have they made? We will be carrying out enquiries of our own. Join me


from 12:25pm, this Sunday. Health officials say they're


concerned many thousands of people still haven't taken up the offer of


a flu jab before the winter really sets in.


The NHS says the vaccinations not only save lives but can also ease


some of the pressure on stretched hospitals and doctors through the


colder months. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons is here.


Rob, who can get the jabs this year? An incredible number of people these


days, over 1 million people are entitled to it on the NHS. Let's


take a quick look. In Leicestershire, there is an


experiment going on, a pilot scheme, involving four to


ten`year`olds with a nasal spray. Quite a long list.


How is the campaign going this year? It's early days. After a slow start,


it's picking up. They are about halfway through the campaign. I


popped into a surgery today at Arnold in Nottinghamshire. This is


the Highcroft surgery. The vaccination campaign is gathering


pace. Over 2000 people here have been injected. It's getting those


people who are reluctant to come through the surgery port ` door


which is important. It's about being bothered to come down and do it. It


doesn't hurt. I've only had it once. Very bad, high temperatures and


hallucinations at night. You don't want to wait until the flu season is


in full swing to get your job because it does take a couple of


weeks for the job to begin to work. Last year, they were under 800


people who ended up in intensive care with flu related illnesses. Flu


hasn't taken off yet but pressure on our hospitals increasing?


In a war of words this week just dash over how well our hospitals can


cope, they say October was really busy, along with hospitals in Derby,


Leicestershire and Lincoln. They have been struggling to hit their


four`hour wait. We hope that it doesn't hurt us too


hard. Students from De Montfort University


in Leicester have won a top video game award. Their recreation of


Tudor London was inspired by the British Library's historic map


collection. Judges said it was so accurate it


wouldn't look out of place in a Hollywood studio production. Have a


look for yourself. London in the 17th century. Set in


and around the streets and lanes where the great Fire of London broke


out. Created by a team of university students, the realism and attention


to detail is so impressive, they've won a top video gaming award. We


were quite surprised. The quality of the work the other teams produced


was amazing. When they announced we were the winners, it was a big


shock. We put an extreme amount of effort in. The whole team are


incredible hard workers. We are very proud. The competition was inspired


by the British library 's historic map collection. But the students got


inspiration from elsewhere as well. There are many historical


references, but no tips plea Samuel Pepys diary. He gave names of


streets and pubs. It took 14 weeks to create and is even being used in


school history lessons. One of the issues is there tends to be a


separation between arts and sciences in the UK, which is regrettable.


What we tried to do is heal that devised to our students are


technical and also artistic. You can get compelling visual experiences


when he put the two together. The students are in the final year and


they are hoping the award will lead to one thing in particular... Jobs!


Jobs at the end of the day. That looks really brilliant.


Still to come: the weather. And if you're attending a


Remembrance Sunday event this weekend ` there's some better news


from Kaye. We have got some cold, crisp autumn


sunshine this weekend but there has to be reined in there somewhere. All


the details coming up later. The sport. It is on the verge of a


sell`out. Over 30,000 fans will be inside the King Power Stadium


tomorrow for an all East Midlands affair. Leicester City versus


Nottingham Forest. Leicester, second. Forest, sixth. This is what


the clubs two managers have to say about the game. This one comes at a


very important time for both sides. We have been on a pretty good run of


late and are glad to continue that. I am sure Nottingham Forest will be


looking to apply some pressure. It's an important three points and we are


all excited and looking forward to it. As I've said before, it is the


next game in the fixture list. We look forward to the game.


Leicester are the in`form team in the Championship. City are in a hot


streak at home. They have won eight in a row at the King Power Stadium


and have only dropped two points out of a possible 21 there. Natalie has


been in the Leicester camp this week.


Ahead of this match, they have likened the atmosphere down here to


the spirit at the training ground during the O'Neill days. Leicester


are favourites to win this one, after their best start to the season


in 129 years. And a win could put Nigel Pearson 's team at the top of


the championship tomorrow will stop because of that and the parallels


between the two teams, there has been extra interest this week. Both


clubs get massive gates and it is a massive game for everyone. Last


season 's epic game at the city ground saw Leicester win. It allowed


them to stick into the play`offs in dramatic fashion, at Forest's


expense. It was the 93rd minute and I looked up. I just managed to get


the ball at my feet and I passed it through. He did the rest. It was a


great feeling. For a Leicester player, it was one of the highlights


of my career. I can probably speak for everyone who was on the field


and it was a fantastic day. I'm sure they will come to do a job on us.


Leicester City nine poorer `9 points above capital at a forest in the


table. So, that's the view at Leicester,


how are they feeling ahead of the big kick off at Forest. Well, one of


their players has a foot firmly in both camps. Angela met up with


defender Jack Hobbs. No need to mug up on this week 's


opposition. Jack Hobbs spent three years at the Foxes. I felt like I


really came on as a player. I did enjoy it. That was if you years ago


now and now I'm in Nottingham Forest colours. I'm looking forward to try


to pick of the three points on Saturday. So, now firmly on the red


side of the a 46, he is relishing the prospect of returning to the


stadium. I've learned a lot of Nigel being a centre half. I'm learning


more. While they are flying, Forest's form has wobbled of late.


We feel like we could be a lot higher. Some things have gone


against us. Sometimes you've only got ourselves to blame. Fighting


hard for his new team on once familiar territory, he will be going


out to prove that he was the lad. Hopefully we get the three points


and come away happy. Leicester and Forest won't be the


only teams playing before a big crowd. Derby County expect over


26,000 at Pride Park for their game against Sheffield Wednesday. We did


our big feature with young star Mason Bennett here yesterday. You


can see an extended version online at the BBC Sport website.


Notts County's new boss says he feels for his players after years of


uncertainty at the club. It's 48 hours since Shaun Derry became the


eighth manager in four years at Meadow Lane and today he was doing


his first formal pre`match press call before leading the team into


the FA Cup first round at Hartlepool. When new managers come


through the door, a lot of players are wary and worried about the


future. I understand that. I've had a lot of managers in my career. I


fully understand where the players are coming from. I think it is up to


me and up to grade to set a standard for them to follow. If I can give


them that, I believe in them. Confirmation of that game. Good luck


to Alfreton. They play Wrexham. Leicester Tigers are in LV Cup


action tonight at home to Ospreys but they have yet another injury to


contend with. Scrum Half Ben Youngs has picked up a hip injury while on


international duty. That means 26 out of Tigers 41 strong squad have


been injured at some point this season.


At the start of the week, as part of our Made in Leicester series, we


asked you to send us photo's that sum up culture in Leicester and


Leicestershire. Thanks to everyone who took the time to send their


pictures in. Here's a selection. A rainbow of people... Different


cultures... Made in Leicester... Well, how lovely were they?


Very varied as well. Absolutely super!


Some magnificent weather on the way for the weekend, some gorgeous


sunshine but I will start with an appeal of my own. We've not had many


of your weather pictures sent in recently. Get snapping and send them


in. We will try and show a few of them on the weather slot. There have


been scenes like this and there will be frosty seems this weekend. It


will be a cold weekend. They will be showers around on Saturday but by


Sunday, we will be having one of those cold, crisp autumn Sundays.


Good news for remembrance service is taking place. Not quite as nice


today. It has been pretty dismal. This rain has moved further north


than we've been hoping for today. It is starting to pull away to the east


now. We are drying up once again tonight and the skies are starting


to clear right behind that as well. It is dry, clear and look at the


temperatures, they are starting to take a tumble. It is a cold start


and a bright start for many of us. You will have to be quick and


ability to appreciate that. The code will start to thicken and... It


should start to clear later in the day. Behind that, we should see


something drier and brighter. Feeling very cold, six or seven


degrees our top temperature. We are going into a cold started a night.


Another ridge of high pressure moving in. This is going to be with


us too much of Sunday. Another cold and frosty start to Sunday.


Beautiful sunshine for much of the day. Perhaps a little bit more


cloud. It is always very nice when


Remembrance Sunday is crisp and sunny. Goodbye for now.


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