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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A misadventure verdict on a burglar who died trapped inside a


chimney. It's thought Kevin Gough was burgling a solicitors office


when he became lodged behind a bricked up fireplace.


Also tonight, as our war dead are remembered, the East Midlands


prepares for next year's centenary of the start of the Great War.


And we are in the East Midlands and market town voted the best in the


country for raising a family. Where am I? Find out shortly.


And a new plan to rejuvenate shopping in Nottingham. A deal to be


signed within days. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight: Unusual and tragic ` that was the


description today of the death of a man in Derby, who was found in a


bricked`up chimney at an office building.


The body of 43`year`old 0 0 building.


The body of 43`year`old Kevin Gough was discovered behind an old


fireplace at a solicitors in the city. It's thought he could have


been there for weeks. James Roberson reports.


On May one this year, this solicitors firm in Derby called in


builders and pest control officers. Staff hadn't noticed an infestation


of flies and a bad smell. When the builders broke through a bricked up


fireplace, they found what appeared to be the decomposed body of a man.


An inquest heard that the man was 43`year`old Kevin Gough from St


Helens. He had arrived in Derby and within one day he was being hunted


by police in connection with this `` a burglary. He left his DNA at the


scene when he cut himself falling through a glass window. On the 15th


of March he was last seen alive at a homeless centre. Then he vanished


until he was discovered six weeks later at the solicitors. He got in


by removing a chimney pot and wriggling down inside the building.


He had become wedged heads downwards with the narrow chimney restricting


his breathing. His T`shirt also cut across his throat and his other


clothing block airflow up or down the chimney. As mother told the


coroner that her son had formed her. A detective told the inquest that


police would not find anyone else involved, and the coroner said he


must have chosen to get into the chimney himself, not knowing the


fireplace at the bottom was bricked up with no airflow and that such


closed chimneys contained supplicating gases such as carbon


monoxide. The coroner told the family that he hoped it was some


small comfort to know that Kevin Gough would almost certainly have


lost consciousness within some minutes and would not have been


trapped for hours before dying. The death was recorded as by


misadventure. And there's more on that story on


our online news pages. At 11am today, the East Midlands


fell silent to mark Armistice Day 1918, when the guns ceased firing in


the First World War. Yesterday, on Remembrance Sunday,


the dead of all armed conflicts were remembered in towns, villages and


cities. Thoughts are now turning to next


year when another significant milestone is marked ` 100 years


since the outbreak of war in 1914. 95 years on and Armistice Day is


marked in time`honoured tradition. On a grey, damp day, medals and


poppies are a vivid reminder of the courage and sacrifice stop then


silence. BUGLE PLAYS. This was Nottingham's


old Market Square. I'm so proud. Similar scenes at the heart a's war


memorial in the marketplace. And at Leicester Cathedral. Yesterday, in


brighter weather, Remembrance Day services were held across the


region. In Loughborough poppy petals were scattered as veterans looked


on, seemingly lost in thought. Every anniversary is important but next


year's will be special dash the centenary. The war was a catalyst


for huge social change across Britain. Across the East Midlands, a


massive programme is being planned. Nottinghamshire's is advanced. There


was not a family or village untouched by this and people have


forgotten that. We want to remind people and will do that with events


at a local level in every single village. We will bring the war


memorials to life. We hope that a lot of what we have will be of


interest to a wider audience than just Nottinghamshire. It will be a


fitting tribute to this out `` thousands of East Midlands who died.


The Government is defending its decision to intervene in the running


of a Muslim free school in Derby. The Al Madinah school has been


described as dysfunctional and inadequate by Ofsted inspectors.


It's been put into "special measures" by Ministers, with a


warning it will be shut if standards don't improve. The Education


Secretary, Michael Gove, told the Commons today that it was right for


him to step in. Derby was one of the 20% weakest


local authorities in the country and the Right Honourable lady said


nothing about that. She turns a blind eye to failure on the part of


Labour local authorities and when this government takes steps in order


to improve state education, she has nothing to say.


More than 230 people have been arrested as part of a crackdown on


criminals by Leicestershire Police. Dubbed Operation Tiger, the force


has been carrying out more patrols, forcing entry to suspects homes and


tackling anti`social behaviour. Over the past two weeks, drugs and stolen


property have also been seized. The police have called it a success. The


operation will continue into next year.


Concern is growing for a man who has gone missing from his home in


Derbyshire. Scott Walker hasn't been seen since he left his house at


Langley Mill for his journey to work on Thursday. He never arrived there.


Police are appealing to him to get in touch and for any information on


his whereabouts. Still to come tonight, we're inside


the winning dressing room after the weekend's all`East Midlands


footballing affair. And I'm in the East Midlands today


dressing room, sheltering from the cold and rain. All the details


later. A deal to rejuvenate shopping in


Nottingham could be struck as soon as next week if councillors agree to


put ?50 million of public money in the pot. That would trigger a


redevelopment plan for the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre including


more shops, cafes and a multiplex cinema. Our reporter Jo Healey's in


Nottingham City centre now, picking over those plans.


It was built in the 1970s and, let's face it, it is a bit tired and


jaded. The City Council has wanted to do something about this place for


years and it is almost exactly two years since Westfield pulled out of


the deal. Now the council is more optimistic. What does it have in


store? First of all, how much do shoppers reckon that Broadmarsh


Shopping Centre needs a boost? It is outdated. 0 0


Shopping Centre needs a boost? It is outdated. It is really sad and it


needs decoration. Better shops. It is just a bunch of shops on one side


and emptiness on the other. With new people coming in, it creates a


better impression of the city. We've been waiting for years for something


to be done. What sorts of changes are in the plan? It promises to be a


bit of a cracker. Much more in the way of leisure. Multiplex cinema,


cafes, restaurants, and a big investment in transport and car


parking. ?21 million. Including a new tram stop. The City Council is


set to contribute ?50 million in partnership with the Centre owners.


It is tired and needs investment and it is not a great shopping


experience for people. With the kind of investment that the City Council


are looking to make, we will see a dramatic improvement. I think people


will recognise a sharp uplift in the quality of the city centre. That


will be helped by another part of the deal which will eventually


revamp Nottingham's Victoria shopping centre nearby. So, lots


going on here. Next week, the executive board of the City Council


will meet and be asked to agree the ?50 million contribution. If so,


work could start in 0 ?50 million contribution. If so,


work could start in 2015 0 ?50 million contribution. If so,


work could start in 2015 and finish by 2017. Four years' time.


Radio Nottingham's breakfast show with Andy Whittaker will be


exploring the story further ` that's just after 7am.


Police officers looking for a GP from Beeston who's gone missing say


they've had another possible sighting of her. Elizabeth Kinston,


37, is thought to have been seen outside a supermarket in The Meadows


on the day she went missing ten days ago. The police are appealing for


good Samaritans who may have helped her to come forward.


The reburial of King Richard III's bones in Leicester's Cathedral looks


likely to be delayed. The Cathedral Fabric Commission says it needs


longer to consider the impact of the new tomb on the rest of the


building. Officials want more information on key aspects of the


scheme and say this will take at least six months.


A Derbyshire building company has paid ?2.7 million in compensation to


the driver of a crane which collapsed in Liverpool city centre.


Bowmer and Kirkland, along with an engineering firm, paid the


compensation to Iain Gillham after the accident left him paralysed. The


crane collapsed on apartment buildings in July 2009. Iain


remembers nothing about the accident. Bowmer and Kirkland won't


comment. Bodily functions which you no longer


control and cannot deal with. You require carers to help. That means


you have to have carers. That is probably the worst. Worse than not


being able to walk. Having to deal with what I have two deal with no,


`` now. There's no point in looking for revenge.


Now if you're wondering where's the best place to raise your family, new


research suggests the answer could be close at hand. One


Nottinghamshire town has come top of the class when it comes to things


like schools and property prices. So where is it? It's Bingham in


Nottinghamshire and Sarah Teale has spent the day there 0


Nottinghamshire and Sarah Teale has spent the day there to find out what


makes it so special. Marketplace Bingham, 11 o'clock.


Locals here are proud that the place they call home is the best in the


country for raising a family. The report found it had three excellent


schools, a low crime rate, lots of social clubs and activities, good


shops and affordable housing. It's a great place to live. It is


brilliant. There is a lot to do and great facilities and shops. It is a


nice atmosphere. More families can come here because Bingham is


expanding. Several hundred new homes have been built on the outskirts and


plans for another major housing development have been agreed. That


will see around 1000 new homes built here along with a primary school and


other facilities. The average cost of a two bedroom house is pretty


reasonable as well. Around ?140,000. That is cheaper than the national


average. Bingham grabs you. It's a market town but feels like a


village. If you have your children in schools here, they are


outstanding skills. So, you will move from three bedroom 24`bedroom


and eventually bungalows. But not everything is perfect. A lack of


parking is an issue. And Bingham has had to defend itself from critics.


Last year, a family moved away when they were the victims of an


anti`Islam attack. We were victims of racist abuse. The only people


that supported those were our neighbours and the local reverent.


No one else, not the council. I believe it was an isolated incident


and a great shame. It is a great place to bring up a family. That is


something they are proud to shout about.


Now, the sport. First, Leicester City and Nottingham


Forest go into the international break in great shape as they push


for promotion, but it was Forest who came out on top, against the form


book, in the all`East Midlands match at the King Power Stadium on


Saturday. We promised you a cracker and the team's delivered. Natalie


Jackson was there. Leicester City and Nottingham Forest


are on the promotion march, both banging the drum in the top of the


table. That's 30,000 down here today. One of the lucky few to get a


ticket. I think it will be quite boisterous today. Just keeping my


fingers crossed. It's not just about rivalry but remembrance. A special


fixture for an East Midlands derby. BUGLE PLAYS.


Nottingham Forest haven't won for eight years at Leicester City but it


could have been a different story. Leicester City had a number of


chances but it was Nottingham Forest who take there. There was a reward


for hard work with this second goal. It was unlike him but striker David


Nugent missed a penalty saw in the end it finished 2`0. Nottingham


Forest close the gap by six points and become in the first six. I don't


like losing local derbies but we'll have to move on. Never try and put


these players done. The togetherness amongst the staff and the rest of


the people is absolutely top`class and that's what you showed outside.


You showed the spirit of this football club. Well done.


At Derby County, they've found their new Director of Football Operations


` the man who'll work alongside coach Steve McClaren. He's Chris


Evans ` the former Sheffield Wednesday 0


Evans ` the former Sheffield Wednesday assistant manager. He's


spent the last year as a widely`travelled scout and will look


after Derby's scouting network, as well as dealing with agents.


Evans will have a good impression of what Derby already have ` he was


there to watch them demolish his former club at the weekend.


Against Sheffield Wednesday Derby put in a performance that leads you


bouncing out of the stadium. We gave the five forward players the freedom


to go and express themselves. A host of early chances meant there


visitors were on the back foot. A proper confidence boost. How far


can the Rams go? What a great team. What football. We have to be


consistent. If it carries on like this, the drinks should definitely


be on Steve McClaren. In the FA Cup, Mansfield's reward


for first`round victory is an attractive second`round trip to


either Oldham or Wolves. They were the only one of our clubs to get


past Saturday's test. Jessica Creighton starts our round`up at St.


Albans City. Mansfield may have thought they were


at risk of a giant`killing at St Albans but their resistance broke


just at half`time. Two quick goals set them on their way. Once they


started rolling over their opponents, there was no stopping


them. The FA Cup provided Nottingham's


first game. Last year, Alfreton beat Wrexham at


this stage in the competition. This time, the Welsh side got ahead and


never let it slip. This penalty was the only thing that offered anything


to Alfreton. In ice hockey, an injury`hit


Nottingham Panthers had a really disappointing road trip to Scotland.


Beaten 4`2 in Fife on Saturday, and then on penalty shots in Edinburgh


last night. On the bright side for them, Sunday's visit from Sheffield


is already almost sold out. Get your tickets fast.


And just to round up the rest quickly, in case you missed it,


Leicester Tigers were victorious in the LV Cup on Friday. Then over the


weekend Nottingham Rugby lost at Moseley but basketball's Leicester


Riders continued winning and still top the table.


And finally from me, Derby's new on`loan defender Andre Wisdom might


know his way round a back four but hasn't quite mastered the route to


Pride Park and this is the result. That's a very expensive car in a


very deep, wet hole after Wisdom's SatNav took him up a terrible track


on the way to Saturday's game. I imagine he's taken some fair old


stick for this. And I dread to think of the bill. At least he is playing


well. We've been waiting for a very


special guest to join us on the programme this evening. In fact he's


so important that Anne has gone to the reception area here at the BBC


to meet him. Anne, what's happening? Not a lot at the moment. No prizes


for guessing who the guest is ` yes, a big, yellow bear called Pudsey.


And here he is, just in time. Well, the final countdown begins


here. Children In Need 2013 is on Friday. More than ever, we want you


to get involved on behalf of children and young people in the


East Midlands who, for whatever reason, need a helping hand. We'll


be at Nottingham Tennis Centre on Friday night ` that promises to be a


fabulous and worthwhile evening. And through the rest of the week we'll


be seeing what kind of work the money you raise pays for. First


let's just take a look at the numbers involved. Last year, you


raised more than ?1 million here in the East Midlands ` nearly ?1.1


million, in fact. A fantastic total, up on the year before. It's an


achievement that allows Children In Need this year to be helping 136


projects across the East Midlands, which currently have grants to a


value of ?6 million. And people are already collecting money ahead of


the big night on Friday. We are trying to raise ?1 million which


would be a massive achievement. Today, we are riding a rickshaw


around Nottingham city centre. Charnwood 20:20 got nearly ?87,000


for a scheme that helps teenage girls at risk in Loughborough And


this project ` The Nottingham Photographers' Hub ` was given


nearly ?90,000 to help young people, some of them homeless. That's just a


couple of examples of the work that's funded by Children in Need.


The biggest slice ` a third of the money ` goes to projects dealing


with child poverty. A fifth helps children with disabilities. And


smaller percentages to address abuse, behavioural problems,


distress and other serious issues facing children and young people.


And over the next three nights, we'll be looking in more detail at


some of those projects. And I promise you that so many of


those groups you will be seeing this week are truly inspirational. On


Friday night from 6pm we'll be down at Nottingham tennis centre so come


and join us. It's a great evening with fun things going on. It is such


a great night and it proves there are some fantastic people out there


doing great things for children and young people in the East Midlands


who really need our help. We'll see you then. Now, the weather.


I hope he is waterproof because it has been wet and horrible today. We


have had some beautiful pictures sent in. This is the River Trent.


The weather front will clear away through tonight and pressure is


building in behind that and that will settle things down nicely


tomorrow. A dry and sunny day just like Sunday and some sunshine into


the afternoon. It will be cooler than today. We have some rain first.


It has been light and drizzly this afternoon but it will get heavier


for the first part of the night. Some mist and fog as well. It will


clear away to the south in the early hours of the morning. Tomorrow


morning, the rain will continue to clear to the south and behind that


we have some cloud across southern parts of Leicestershire. It will


finally clear away and we will have sunshine in the afternoon. A little


bit hazy at times with higher cloud. High`pressure tries to hold on for


Wednesday but it gets sunk to the south. So it is a dry day but we


will see the cloud increasing. We'll see you later.


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