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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight ` police hunting for missing GP Elizabeth Kinston find a body.


The news the family was dreading confirmed by police. Also, they have


been doing the job for a year but are they having an impact? I have


never seen one in my life. Plus, we are in Londonderry, the City of


Culture as Leicester has a final chance to try to win the title next.


And halting the decline of the incline, the famous flight of locks


is drained for repairs. Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's


programme. First tonight: Police searching for a missing mum of two


have broken the devastating news to her family that they've found a


woman's body. Elizabeth Kinston, a popular GP, vanished almost two


weeks ago. Ever since, her family have been making desperate pleas for


her to come home. And a team of police officers have been searching


for her. Today, though, came the news that everyone had been


dreading. Sarah Teale has this report.


This was the latest stage in the search for Elizabeth Kinston this


morning. Police divers were called in to examine the canal around the


Castle Marina area in Nottingham where the mother of two was last


seen two weeks ago. Hopes were still high that the 37`year`old would be


found safe and well. Instead came the call that no one wanted, a


woman's body had been found. It was discovered on grassland near


enterprise Way full stop forensic examinations are taking place at the


scene, police say although formal identification has not taken place,


they have informed the family. It is the worst possible news for them.


Husband David has been caring for their children. He had previously


made heartfelt pleas for his wife to come home. Lizzie is an amazing mum,


a caring person, she will do anything for anyone but above all


she is an amazing mother and wife. Elizabeth, described as a popular


GP, disappeared hours after visiting her own doctor with signs of


postnatal depression. On Friday the 1st of November, she left her home


in Beeston and was spotted on CCTV walking past the Vat and Fiddle pub


and on Queens Drive. The last sighting came just after midday near


the Castle Marina retail Park, from there she vanished. Police are now


having to reluctantly move on from what was a missing persons enquiry


to instead investigating the circumstances behind the sad


discovery this afternoon. Police have released CCTV footage of armed


robbers at a shop in Nottingham. It happened at the Premier Store on


Woodborough Road in Mapperly on Saturday evening. Two masked men in


their twenties ` one of them appearing to carrying a gun ` stole


cash cigarettes and alcohol. One man was black and around five foot three


inches tall, the other white and slightly taller. Officers are


appealing for witnesses. A man's been arrested over a


burglary at the family home of Olympic athlete Andy Turner. The


house in Hucknall was broken into last Thursday ` while the


Nottinghamshire hurdler attended his mother's funeral. He tweeted his


reaction after his car, phones and a laptop containing pictures of his


mother were taken. A 21`year`old man, arrested on suspicion of


burglary and theft, has been bailed pending further enquiries.


People using computers in Derbyshire's libraries are to be


banned from searching for payday loans. The County Council says it's


blocking access to high`interest loan websites from seven thousand of


its computers. It'll affect employees as well as members of the


public. It follows similar action in September by Nottingham City Council


` which also banned the sites from hundreds of ITS computers.


Tomorrow is Children In Need and later in the programme inspiring,


helping and saving young women ` another way that your money changes


lives. In sport, we are in Derby as they


announce that Pride Park is to become 0


announce that Pride Park is to become the iPro Stadium.


Next tonight. The region's four Police Commissioners still have work


to do to persuade all of US that the new role IS effective in cutting


crime. That's according to a new BBC survey on public attitudes. It comes


one year after the Police and Crime Commissioners were first elected.


With more here's our Political Editor John Hess.


Here in the East Midlands, 44% of us think the new commissioners are


positive for policing generally. But look at this. Only 34%, just over a


third, believe the commissioners have had a positive impact on


reducing crime. Just listen to these views from Leicester today. I don't


know what they are meant to be doing. I have never seen one in my


life. I have not really taken any notice. They are supposed to be an


independent commission to do that. Yet, the survey shows that


regionally, 41% of us still have no idea about the role, set up to


replace the even more anonymous police authorities. So is that low


recognition a problem? There are challenges, deep challenges, for


example, the issue of finding ways of saving ?20 million from the


budget of 174 and keep the streets safe and deliver but we will do that


together. Derbyshire's Police Commissioner hits the streets,


meeting licensees to help tackle what the public says is a huge local


concern, anti`social behaviour. We have come across obstacles in


regards to the people drinking in the town. The big problem is the


high strength of alcohol before they come here. He is 14`macro police


commissioners but the findings question their effectiveness. Some


people, all they are bothered about and who can blame them is that the


police are there when they need them. Paddy Tipping was elected a


year ago as Nottinghamshire crime commission, he enjoys a higher local


profile. 7% of people knew it was a police authority, my survey shows


70% know there was a Police and Crime Commissioner. That is a


tenfold increase. One year on, that isn't bad. The public may be unsure


about the new role but the government today backed the


Commissioners with 0 government today backed the


Commissioners with extra cash for policing. You are watching East


Midlands today. Over 1400 people a year are diagnosed with bladder and


kidney cancer in the East Midlands ` and there are around 700 deaths a


year. All too often patients either ignore or don't spot the classic


symptom of blood in urine. Whether it's embarrassment, ignorance or


fear there's now a big advertising campaign to tackle it. Our Health


Correspondent Rob Sissons has been to meet a cancer patient at Annesley


Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire who's keen to support the new campaign.


Relaxing on holiday in Tunisia, but why had he collapsed on the flight


out? It was telling me there was something up. He kept faith with


doctors at home in Nottinghamshire to 0


doctors at home in Nottinghamshire to find out what was wrong. Blood


was discovered in his year reign and then, cancer. I was numb. How bad is


it? Will it be curable? I thought I had better get 0


it? Will it be curable? I thought I had better get on with it and think


positive. The key is take positive action when you think something is


wrong. There must be a logical explanation. Blood in your year and


could be a sign of cancer even if it is only once. Fighting it barely


makes it treatable. Everybody should be aware of it, go straight to the


doctor. At the hospital, a cancer surgeon told what he thinks patients


sometimes delay getting checked out. Denial, fear, embarrassment and then


sometimes people do not think it is a serious symptom because they have


no discomfort. This is another patient with blood in there you are


in. Kidney cancer. This is the right kidney which is normal but on the


left side the kidney is replaced by a tumour. It is 16 centimetres in


size. Rob hazmat cancer was different. After surgery and


chemotherapy, he is upbeat. It is going to be good. Police in


Leicester have released images of three men they want to question


following an assault in the city centre. A 27`year`old man was badly


beaten on Albion Street in the early hours of October 13th, by a group of


up to five men. One's described as Asian, in his late teens or early


twenties, and was wearing a light t`shirt. The victim needed hospital


treatment for head and facial injuries.


A missing man has contacted police to say he is safe and well. Scott


Walker had not been seen since he left for work. He never arrived.


Police thanked everybody who helped with the search for Mr Walker.


Plans to give Ilkeston a railway station for the first time in more


than 45 years went on display today. They were on show at the town's


market place. The new station will have services to Nottingham,


Chesterfield and Sheffield. It'll cost six million pounds, with the


County Council putting in a million and the rest mainly coming from the


government. Most people seem to be in favour.


Surely people want to travel nowadays, death about. You know, I


am sure it will be great. It is only going to suit for the time being


people living commuting out. The line is already there, most of the


infrastructure is there so let's get it open and running. And part of


Nottingham has won acclaim that's a little out of the ordinary. The


Goose Fair roundabout on Mansfield Road has been named one of the best


in the country. The accolade's come from the UK Roundabout Appreciation


Society. It's called the traffic island "charming" ` praising its


"array of colour and fragrance". Its picture taken in the Summer will now


feature in the society's 2014 calendar. Your Christmas present!


After months of planning, this afternoon Leicester's bid team had


their last chance to prove why Leicester should be the next UK City


of Culture. Alongside Hull, Dundee Swansea Bay


` all the teams pitched their bids to judges in Londonderry, the


current title holder. Well, our arts reporter Geeta Pendse has been out


there with the Leicester team ` she says it's been it's been a hugely


important day. Incredibly important, not just for Lester but all of the


teams because it is the final hurdle. In Londonderry, they got the


chance to go before the judging panel and physically present their


vision should they win. Earlier, I spoke to the team as they went into


the cultural centre where the bid presentation took place. Amongst


them was Sir Peter Salisbury and Jeff who we filmed with in June when


they were here on a fact`finding mission. A combination of excitement


and nerves. We have been working really hard for months to get to


this point. I think overall I am excited about presenting the bid to


the judges. I am confident, we have a 0


the judges. I am confident, we have a brilliant bid. We are all geared


up as a team to deliver it and I think they will be wowed. The bid is


in. Who are the judges? There are nine judges today, all cultural


figureheads, the chair is Phil Redmond, the producer of Brookside


and Hollyoaks and I spoke to him about what they are looking for and


as well as proving they have an ambitious cultural programme, they


have to deliver it, the logistics, the funding and crucially it is


about hunger and need and proving winning the title will be a real


game changer for the city. Is there a sense there is a front runner?


Well, each city, Dundee, Swansea Bay, Hal and Leicester have their


own reasons why they might be picked. I must admit, there was a


genuine hunger, a feeling that if they won, it could change the


perception of the city to the outside world. Lester has a strong


cultural offering and also the location, it is so central means


potentially more people could visit should they win. OK, thank you. Not


long to 0 should they win. OK, thank you. Not


long to find out. Fingers crossed. Children in Need is of course


tomorrow, and tonight we're looking at Love4Life which is making a huge


difference to the lives of vulnerable girls.


The organisation looks after girls aged 11 to 18 who've become affected


by their surroundings often feeling trapped and alone. I found out just


how much Children in Need funding is helping to change all that.


Believe it or not, in some of these states 55% families are living in


poverty, one of the casualties are young girls who suffer from all


kinds of things like low self`esteem which impact on their lives. That is


where Love4Life comes in. It has changed my life. Rebecca was in a


desperate situation, until she was helped by Izzy and the project. I


was going through a hard time, I completely could not leave my house


at all. I was isolated and alone. I thought that there was no way out


and I felt trapped. I did not think I had a future but Izzy came along


and now I have her. It breaks my heart when I come into contact with


so many girls who have so much pressure and they want someone to


talk to, someone that can understand and can give them an hour or two but


be the encouragement. Izzy runs Love4Life 0


be the encouragement. Izzy runs Love4Life and is dedicated to


turning these girls lives around. What kind of problems to the girls


have? Many cannot enjoy school, they are in risky relationships, some of


them are exploitive to. Strokes and alcohol problems, teenage


pregnancies, they cannot stay safe. We are there to encourage them to


show there are different ways of doing things. It is amazing and it


has not just change my life that so many 0


has not just change my life that so many peoples lives. In the last


year, Izzy has helped 100 girls. It brings you out of your shell so you


are not afraid to be you and if you have problems at home or friendships


you can talk it out to whoever you want. It is friendly and you know


you are bonded. I wish there were more projects and it is only because


of Children in Need that we can help these girls. The work is invaluable


and the girls know she really cares about each and every one of them.


She is amazing. I don't know if I would be here without her. It shows


how much the money makes a difference. Tomorrow, I should be at


Nottingham tennis centre with the Pudsey Bear and people playing


tennis in fancy dress and you are welcome. Bring your trainers. Derby


fans die just the name change at pride Park. And 1 million gallons of


water, join me as I discover one of Leicester shows biggest canal


projects. She is not wearing trainers. Not tonight. First Derby


County says the money from the re`naming of the stadium will go


towards the playing budget and mean in January new faces will be brought


in. Derby have signed a ten year deal, worth seven million pounds


with a drinks company. So next month Pride Park will be called the iPro


Stadium. What is in a name? ?7 million to Derby County over the


next ten years. We are not aware of a bigger deal in league history. It


is not typical to rename after the length of time Pride Park was in


place. We are pleased to have got this level of deal and scale. It


means Pride Park will soon be told `` called the iPro Stadium after


drinks company. The managing director says they have been working


on the deal for the last ten months. We believe the football club


will be Premier League in the next few years and our objective is to


support that commercial drive and moving forward support the Premier


League. Derby played at the racecourse ground, they moved to the


baseball ground where they played for 100 years. They then relocated


to Pride Park 16 years ago. They should have imported the baseball


ground name in the first place. It would have been more historic. What


do fans think? It is a good thing. It is a lot of money. The fans


realise it is the way forward. Everyone was furious about it. If


they want to go to the Premier League, it is a small sum of money


for such a big change. Is it a good deal? Out of 92 clubs, 28 have


commercial titles, the emirates pay Arsenal 150 million over five years


but in Derby division, Brighton received 4.5 million over ten years


for stadium naming rights. Leicester have sponsored stadium but that deal


is paid for by a company who owns or is connected to the club. Everyone


knows we have a ceiling to the losses, we have to drive the


revenue. For us to combine that with a partnership like I protest


positive. The first game at the iPro Stadium is on December the 7th


against Blackpool. Matt Smith returns to make his first starting


appearance of the season for Leicester Tigers in the LV` Cup trip


to face Worcester Warriors at Sixways tomorrow night. Time for the


last of our three finalists as we search for the BBC East Midlands


Sports Unsung Hero of 2013. We've had lots of entries for people you


think have given their time and effort to help others play sport.


Tonight we meet Colin Magee, who for half a century has been helping


others go sailing. For 50 years, Colin has been


teaching sailing. The bowel, the Stern, the mainsail. No matter what


age or ability or background. We have children from age eight, people


come down, the oldest was coming into his 90s. These are the rules,


no membership fees, free instruction, kicked and clothing


provided and well maintained boats. If a child wanted to sail and could


not afford it, if I have to dip into my own pocket, I would do. Colin


trained the older kids to become instructors, to lead sessions,


thousands of children have come through the Leicestershire and


Rutland youth sailing Association. In boats bought by the fundraising,


maintained by Colin in his spare time. He works tirelessly to raise


funds and raise the profile. Without him, none of this would be possible.


He is a fantastic coach. I would not be here today without him. He has a


lot of experience and patients. He works in sailing for 40 hours a


week, he has taken children with behavioural difficulties and got


them in the squad and he has got this kid onto the Olympic programme.


In terms of making the sport open and accessible to people from all


backgrounds. I would not be sailing if he wasn't here. I love it. It is


giving something back to children. It involves them. And it brings the


best out of them. That's Colin Magee from Burbage in Leicester. And we'll


be revealing our winner ` the Unsung Hero who'll be representing the East


Midlands at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year ` next


Tuesday. Last year we won. It's taken months


of planning, days of skilled work and hundreds of thousands of gallons


of water. One of Leicestershire's biggest canal repair projects is


underway at Foxton Locks. The fifty thousand pounds scheme will repair


damage from years of people using one of the busiest canals in the


region. It's part of a 45 million pound national scheme to repair two


thousand miles of canals and rivers. Rebecca Sheeran reports.


Over the summer, thousands of people and boats use the locks, now, time


for repairs. What we see is the majority is original brickwork and


coping is and effectively we have to keep the gates maintained, they wear


out, they get hammered from boats going through and the work we are


completing we hope will mean we do not have to come back for ongoing


maintenance of a five`year. It is taken two days to drain ten locks


similar to this and they think it is over 1 million gallons of water that


has drained out. After training, there was plenty of clearing up to


be done. You name it, we found it. More shopping trolleys than the


supermarket. We drain down, and gradually it works its way through


Leicestershire into Leicester and then it joins the river and is taken


by the river. When we refill in five weeks, the 20 miles above us is fed


by four reservoirs. The project has been all about restoring and not


replacing. This weekend, the public are being invited to walk these


tunnels and view the history that lies beneath. Lovely weather there.


It was nice. The return of Anna. Welcome back. I missed you both. The


weather might get a bit interesting into next week. We have had wind


around today, much lighter tomorrow and with the dry conditions, feeling


quite pleasant. Thank you to Paul, a beautiful picture. The fair is on in


Loughborough. The wind is continuing to ease off to this evening, and as


it eases, temperatures dropping really quite quickly. We expect them


to drop as low as two Celsius. If you live somewhere sheltered in the


countryside, you may get a touch of frost. Another beautiful start


tomorrow, clear blue sunny skies for all of us as we go through the


morning. You may notice some cloud edging in to the Peak District into


the afternoon but another settled and lovely autumnal day. Because the


wind feels lighter, temperatures will be pleasant out and about. The


weekend, Saturday looks like the best of the day, it should stay dry


but we will notice the cloud gradually increasing to the day.


This area of rain in the north, it will move south through the night


and it is with us on Sunday so cloudy with outbreaks of rain on


Sunday. It will clear away giving us a decent day into Monday, you will


notice temperatures of nine, that is what we expect the time of year but


from Tuesday we expect them to drop, a bit of cold snap and a chance of


some wintry showers. My first forecast. Welcome back. A quick


apology, in a story about Police Commissioner is we said Lincolnshire


Police Commissioner was the wrong name. Sorry about that. Join me for


the late news. Goodbye.


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