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Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka. That is all from the BBC


This is East Midlands Today. Tonight ` a Government minister says we'll


learn to love High Speed rail. Lord Deayton ran the London Olympics and


claims there are similarities. I was confronted by the same kind of


cynicism. By the time it got to the games, everyone was completely


engaged, saw what was in it for them.


A chance underground at Nottinghamshire's remaining coal


mine. Willie have to dig deeper to find a solution to energy bills?


Research to mend broken bones is being used to treat brain tumours.


Thousands of ways to raise thousands for Pudsey. All the excitement of


Children in Need. A very good evening. Welcome to


Friday's programme. I'm on my own tonight ` because as you've probably


guessed, Anne's out on Pudsey patrol, getting ready for a mega


night of fund`raising. Hello, Anne! Hello. Yes we are indeed, we had at


the Nottingham tennis Centre to celebrate Children in Need. It is a


charity which relies on your help to change the lives of young people and


children. You do just that. We will need some of the people who benefit


from the money you raise and many of the people who read that money. We


have all sorts going on tonight, lots of fancy dress, face painting


and lots of you coming down to join in to make it the best Children in


Need ever. Thank you. More from Anne later. But first, a


government minister claims HS2 is facing the same kind of cynicism


that blighted the build`up to the London Olympics. Lord Deighton ` who


ran the games ` now has a high`profile role with high speed


rail. He was speaking as plans for the route went on show in this


region's first ever public consultation event. Mike O'Sullivan


reports. He is the former Olympics boss is trying to turn the ?50


billion HS2 project into a one. Head of the games organisation for seven


years, Lord Deighton is no cheer of the HS2 group task force, looking to


maximise potential benefits. `` he is the chairman. He admits both


projects shared similar problems. I was confronted by precisely the same


kind of cynicism, will it be worth it, what is in it for us? By the


demigod the games, everyone was completely engaged and saw what was


in it for them. It was a great thing to have done. I take heart from


hoping we can go through the same experience. The HS2 station for the


East Midlands is planned for between Derby and the `` Nottingham. The


road show made the first of seven public consultation calls to a


region today. We are concerned about the environmental impact and road


congestion. We have lots of issues in terms of road congestion because


of tram developments and this will make it worse. The infrastructure


cannot sustain the population which is the air at the moment. Back at


Loughborough University is that `` researchers have no doubt about the


value of HS2. As an engineer it is good because there will be job


opportunities and it helps build the infrastructure. I think it is a


brilliant idea. The country needs it. The public consultation period


ends in January. If the task force `` the task force is to release a


report soon after. Next, the daughter and son`in`law of


an elderly couple found buried in their back garden in Mansfield have


appeared in court again today. Susan and Christopher Edwards are jointly


charged with two counts of murder. Sarah Teale was in court.


This was daughter of Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher on their


first court appearance, charged with the murders of her appearance in May


1998. The elderly couple, William and Patricia Wycherley, lived at


this house in the Forest town area of Mansfield for years before


disappearing in the late 1990s. Neighbours believed they had


emigrated. Following a tip`off last month, police discovered what is


believed to be there remains, buried in the back garden. Postmortems


revealed they had both been shot. Susan Edwards who is 55, and


Christopher Edwards who is 57, were later arrested at the impact was


train station. They were charged with murder. They appeared at


Nottingham Crown Court today for a brief preliminary hearing. The only


spoke to confirm their names. They stood next to each other in the dock


while dates were arranged for their case. They will next appear before


the court on December 23. They are expected to enter pleas then and


until then the R.N. Reminded custody. `` until then they are in a


romance. `` remand. Nottinghamshire police say that the


body of a woman found in Nottingham is believed to be that of the


missing GP, Elizabeth Kinston. Police officers searching for the


missing mother`of`two, made the discovery yesterday on grassland in


the Dunkirk area of the city. A postmortem examination took place


this morning, but the full results are expected to take several weeks.


The death is not being treated as suspicious.


The jury, deciding if a Loughborough teenager prepared a terrorist


attack, has been sent home for the weekend. The 17`year`old has


admitted possessing explosives. But he's denied plotting to use bombs


and guns to settle scores and attack Muslims. The trial heard that


Loughborough Mosque was at the top of his list of potential targets.


And he'd written detailed notes about how to attack his old school


in the town. A Nottinghamshire farmer who


admitted killing his wife has been detained indefinitely in a secure


hospital. Peter Thurgarland strangled his wife Julia at their


home in Maplebeck just after Christmas last year. Nottingham


Crown Court heard that the 72`year`old was suffering from a


severe mental illness which had developed after their property was


flooded in the storms of 2007. The Chancellor, George Osborne,


today joined colliery workers underground at the region's last


deep coal mine. And he came with a pre`Christmas present for the miners


and their families. The Chancellor said the government would pay for


coal delivered to ex`miners' homes. The benefit was scrapped when


privately`owned UK Coal went bust earlier this year. From Thoresby


Colliery, here's our Political Editor John Hess. Clocking off at


the end of the shift at the colliery. Some of the 650 miners who


work here headed for the showers and home, and the Chancellor headed in


the opposite direction, to join the late shift. The visit was no


accident. He has been under political treasure to help some of


the 2000 miners who were employed by the company and who lost their call


allowance when the firm hit financial trouble. Last week local


MPs press the government to intervene. There's a lot of people


out there worried about the loss of their call and they need support


from the government. The government needs to step in and help out. The


concession for retired miners was never an issue but the workers of UK


coal found that it added to their current energy bills. Is the visit a


clue to the contents of his mini budget next month? It has given the


main something of a pre`Christmas budget will stop what will be in it


for the rest of us to help with soaring electricity bills? I asked


why he was making the announcement now. We're helping with the


concession for ex`miners. I'm here at the end of the week when jobs are


being created in this country, unemployment is down and inflation


is down. As Britain recovers from all that went wrong five years ago,


we make sure all parts of the country benefit. If he is planning


any more help to cushion rising energy bills, he was not letting


warned today. `` letting Alaun. A Derbyshire man's admitted murdering


his former girlfriend. Cornelius Brown, who's twenty three, pleaded


guilty at Nottingham Crown Court to killing Jade Riley`Ward. She was


found dead at her home in Somercotes in September last year.


A postmortem examination revealed the thirty year old died from


multiple stab wounds. Brown who's from Riddings will be sentenced next


month. A taxi driver who drove into a


Leicester woman while she was on holiday in New York won't face any


criminal charges. Twenty four year old Sian Green was injured last


August when she was hit by a taxi that mounted a kerb in Manhattan.


Her lawyers say she's incredibly dismayed the driver won't be


charged, and she'll pursue a civil action for compensation.


The family of a Derbyshire teenager, Jess Gauntley, who died from a brain


tumour are welcoming new research which it's hoped will improve


survival rates. Experts at the University of Nottingham have


developed an unusual method of delivering chemotherapy drugs


directly to the affected cells of cancer patients. Carolyn Moses


reports. The 16`year`old Jess Gauntley was diagnosed last year


with a leg and brain tumour. She died in February. `` with a


malignant brain tumour. Her family set up a foundation to fund more


research. The University researched a powder which can be transformed


into a new form of treatment for the same type of cancer that Jess


Gauntley hard. It has the consistency like toothpaste. A


sergeant would apply this so that it would be moulded like a cab wall. ``


like a cavity wall. It would be gradually released over several


weeks. When the temp `` tumour is removed, the polymeric directly


releases chemotherapy into nearby cells. This avoids chemotherapy


drugs running round the whole body and it is hoped to be used for other


cancers as well. This new delivery system which can help deliver more


directly the chemotherapy drugs to the brain and give another chance to


a child, then it has to be good news. This could be used for other


tumours for which surgery cannot remove all the cells. One example


would be breast cancer. I hope would be to broaden out this project. This


might not take too much time. Clinical trials on humans with these


conditions could be just three years away.


Good news is we hope. From concerts by musical icons to a


two month light festival ` those are some of the events that COULD take


place if Leicester becomes the next UK City of Culture. For the first


time the full bid document has been made public and our arts reporter


Geeta Pendse has been taking a look. Arriving to present their beds in


London yesterday, the team went before the judges. Now it is the


turn of the public to take a look. After ten months of planning, this


is it. 146 pages outlining the artistic vision of Leicester and the


cost of delivery. What is on the agenda? ?1.2 million light


Festival. Concerts up `` concerts, bringing back famous musicians.


Lester's two sons, Sir David and Richard Attenborough will be at the


centre of an exhibition. It is believed hosting the year will bring


in an extra ?38 million from visitors. Geeta is back from


Londonderry and joins us in the studio. So what's next? All of the


teams have now pitched to the judges. Swansea had their chance


this morning. The judges will make a recommendation to the government and


next Wednesday the Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, will make


the formal allies admit. It is very close. What is even closer is


Children in Need, are you a fan? I am a huge fan. I have brought these


because I'm such a fan. This does not fit on my wrist.


Thanks, Geeta. Well, talking of big cultural events ` it's all happening


at the Nottingham tennis centre tonight. A night when anything can


and probably WILL happen for Children in Need. Goodbye from Geeta


and me and hello again to Anne! Thank you very much. We have a great


crowd here at Nottingham tennis centre. Give us a wave everybody. We


have Pudsey. There is so much going on, face baking, `` days painting.


We have a fantastic tennis match going on next door. Everyone is


dressed up as superheroes, one of the themes of Children in Need. It


is all about helping people and raising money. We do raising money


very well in the East Midlands, we are big on caning. We raised more


than ever before last year, over ?1 million. `` we are big on key ring.


`` caring. Our cameras have been out around the region today, here they


are. Give Pudsey a hug. Put your money in, brilliant. Thank


you, everybody. You are amazing. We do do particularly well here. It is


the most amazing charity. We have been bonding with groups over the


week to help young people and children have a better life, get out


of bad situations. One group I met was fantastic. They are called


Nottingham photographers hub. It is all about helping people find


themselves and get confidence by taking photographs. We have the


pictures here, they are special. I went to meet them. Why don't you


have a look and make up your own mind about how fantastic this group


is. Awarding skills, credits at level


one, congratulations. Pleased? Another success story. Ryan has made


huge progress. He attends college three times a week. The project


takes referrals from lots of organisations. It is about people


who had substance `` substance abuse. Young people who have been


homeless, young people in the care system. People with learning


disabilities. How does photography help Wes mac it is inaccessible


medium. Immediately people are interested. Once we get the men we


use photography to develop confidence and self`esteem. It


allows you to express your feelings and emotions through your


photography. If you feel you have no one to speak to, taking pictures


help. It is something to look forward to. I thought, I have


photography so it brings up my spirits. I have a good time. Does it


change your life is coming here? Definitely. Yes. Finding this course


has made life so much easier. It was only for a year, but it boosts your


confidence and everything. It has changed a lot. Hopefully in January


I will go back to college to get a sport qualification. I want to start


my own business. I like having a camera in my hand and filming


everyone full top I want to do what he is doing. What would you say to


people to give to Children in Need? Please guess, there are lots of


people who if given an opportunity would be able to achieve what they


want to achieve. We had to meet this young lady. What is your name?


Megan. You look beautiful. What are you painted as? A tiger? No. Lots of


little Pudsey is here. Colin is in the tennis court next door. Hello.


We have to see some tennis. You will see a lot of fancy dress costumes.


These are the performance teams and they are taking this tournament very


seriously. They are playing to win. Here the tennis centre it is more


than just playing the game, they want to identify and bring through


future champions. I came down last week to see how they do that.


There is no doubt about it, Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph in a


national dam. We can win at tennis. In Nottingham, they think this


line`up is the answer. The tennis Centre is working on finding the


ones who can go to the top. That is the attitude we try and instil, why


not you? We try and introduce a can`do attitude. We have the


facility and the coaching expertise. We have the environment so why not?


The start very young, the starter four. They love it. There is


ambition to. I want to go all the way. I want to go to grand slams and


everything. 11`year`olds are training 13 hours a week. The


hitting gets harder and the competition fiercer. You get a good


opportunity to play tennis. You enjoy it a lot. How good do you


think you are? I am better than her. I am better than you. I have beaten


you lots of times. Older players train alongside younger players.


There's no pressure at their age. They can just play and enjoy running


around. They are undistracted by the gorgeous tree shadows in this dome.


They are beginning to work out what they can achieve. It has supported


me throughout my tennis career. It is a long journey but it has helped


me develop my game. I have a good relationship with coaches. It has


been good. Attitude again, and here they believe they can teach it. You


saw there some interviews but here is a performance director. How good


is it here? It is fantastic and we have players and parents joining in,


everyone is chipping in to do something for Children in Need. Tell


us about Freya Christie and what she has achieved in the last few weeks.


She has been doing really well. She has made good progress and is


currently the youngest British player with the senior tennis


ranking which is fantastic. She has just entered the top 100 in the


world junior international rankings. Are you confident that as


a future champions somewhere in this hall? Why not? They have every


opportunity. We have a whole bunch of children and committed parents


and they are all invested in trying to be the next Andy Murray. Why


not? I am impressed how seriously everyone is taking it distressed ``


despite being dressed in fancy dress. Yes, it is very competitive,


especially when you get the coaches involved. Thank you very much. It is


football's international break but we don't go without completely.


Attractive home games for both Notts County and Mansfield this weekend `


in Leagues one and two respectively. It's new Notts manager Shaun Derry's


first home game in charge. Rugby's Leicester Tigers are in LV Cup


action at Worcester tonight ` but arguably the standout games of the


weekend are in Ice Hockey. Nottingham Panthers have an away and


home double header with big rivals Sheffield Steelers.


That is what is going on in the sport, but I am here at the tennis


centre. Somewhere I have my fancy dress. I think I should go and get


involved. See you later. I love a man involved. Good old


Colin. I must introduce this gentleman, Pete Whitehead, head of


tennis. You surprised at how many people we have got? It is


fantastic, what a great audience. It is brilliant. We have all the


coaches out on court to help players. We have a tournament as you


said. It is fantastic to have so many people out there. You have all


these inflatables which came from the lawn tennis Association? Yes,


they sent them up from the O2 Arena. We are privileged to have them


appear. It is a fantastic centre and we would like to say thank you very


much. What would you say to anyone setting up home with their feet up


saying it is too cold to go out tonight? It is never too cold to go


out and this is in doors. Come down and have a shot. You may just find


the next Greg Rusedski or something. With a bit of luck. Thank you for


having us here. Give us a wave, everybody. Do not worry about the


cold, just come on down. Will it get any colder.


The lady to my left is wearing a pink summer dress, welcome back,


Anne. Give us some nice weather please.


Anne. Give us some nice It is going to get much colder, a


real taste of winter as we head into next week. Not too bad today, more


clout than we expected. If you got clear skies, you were lucky. Cloudy


overnight tonight. There is an exception in the south`east of


Leicestershire and Rutland. You may keep clear skies. That is the chance


of some frost forming. For the rest of us it is cloudy. Under the cloud


we will see temperatures holding up around five or six Celsius. Not as


cold as last night. Tomorrow morning, fog will take its time to


clear. Generally it is an overcast day. Remaining dry with a high


temperature of nine Celsius. We see a weather front drink `` dropping


south on Saturday night. That will bring outbreaks of rain. That is the


story on Sunday, a damp day. Some dry spells to be had to stop


temperatures around 10 Celsius. This is the outlook for Monday. Take your


scarf and gloves because temperatures will get lower


throughout the day. It will be bitterly cold. Temperatures will


struggle to get higher than five Celsius by the middle of the week.


Winter is really on the way. Time to wrap up warm. I think Pudsey might


need another court next week. It looks like good fun next door. It


is, but it is also really competitive. Did you see the person


wearing the Gandalf costume? Very impressive work. This is all about


raising money for children. We will meet a lot of the people who have


raised the money and lots of the people who have been helped by




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