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Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies. Tonight: The East Midlands


businesses predicting a more prosperous New Year. Half expect


higher profits, so is it curtains for the crisis? We are going in the


right direction. Also tonight, 25,000 motorists get points on their


licence for using phones at the wheel.


Plus paintings inspired by the pop art era go on display in Nottingham.


And the highlights of this year's record`breaking Children In Need.


Hello. Welcome to the programme. First tonight, is his confidence in


the East Midlands is at its highest level in six years with half of our


company is expecting profits to rise over the next year. It is the most


promising economic outlook since before the downturn, so light at


last at the end of the economic tunnel here in the East Midlands.


But what does it mean for jobs and are we beginning to feel that long


lost feel`good factor? The recovery has finally taken hold.


The governor of the Bank of England promised a brighter economic


outlook. It is a view echoed by this Derbyshire curtain firm which is


enjoying a boom again after going through the toughest time it has had


in its 30 years of trading. It would have been quite easy to just close


the door and throw away the key but you cannot do that. You have to come


through it all and thankfully we have. There is invest ability back


in the country now which is encouraging people to come out and


spend some money. And people are feeling much more positive about job


security. A new study shows 76% of people here in the East Midlands are


more confident about either getting a job or keeping the bond they have


got. And that is backed up by the latest unemployment figures, which


have fallen by 8.6% in this region in the last quarter, from 181,000


down to `` 166,000. And feedback to the Chamber of Commerce paint the


most positive picture they have seen since they started measuring


business confidence six years ago. Over half of the businesses


questioned expected to see a rise in profit in the next year. People are


starting to feel slightly more confident that things are going in


the right direction. They are feeling a bit more stable so they


are willing to spend money again. Businesses are beginning to see more


positives. So they can grow as well. But I'd only streets of


Nottingham, not everyone is sharing the confidence that the economy is


picking up. `` but out on the streets of Nottingham. You hear it


is picking up and the next day you hear interest rates have gone up.


Every time you see the television, somebody has lost their jobs or


hospitals are shutting down .Mac I do not think times have got a lot


better, because things are still struggling. There is propaganda


making everyone believed Binks are getting better, but really they are


not. It might be a note of caution for


Mark Carney, who said this in August. This is real bellwether for


the UK economy. Why is our region used as the benchmark for the UK? It


is a microcosm in the East Midlands. But in Nottingham, the


recession has forced a change of business direction to ensure


economic buoyancy in the future. Nottingham is a city that has always


designed and made things. It is famous for that. But now we have to


rethink what that means. Light sciences and creative industries,


technologies, these are the sorts of sectors that in the future will


provide not just employment at what we want to be. Companies are pinning


their hopes on the recovery and believe it is full steam ahead for


an economic boom. I can enjoy the next three or four years, I think,


as a result of it. D2N2 is the local enterprise


partnership for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. It


plays a key role in deciding our economic rarities. Its chief


executive, David Ralph, joins us in the studio. Where are the new jobs


in our region coming from? There is a lot of work to do. Cautiously to


mistake `` cautiously optimistic. The big numbers of jobs are coming


in with Rolls`Royce and in the small to medium`sized enterprises. That is


important because we do not have as many of those as we would like to


have. We have seen a bit of a housing bubble and are starting to


see growth in real estate and other key areas. So the little microcosm


is beaming at the moment but I do not want people to get carried away.


You mentioned a key sectors. Which one will do outstandingly well? We


are committed to revival in manufacturing. This is about


sustainable jobs and here in Derby and Nottinghamshire and the wide


area, we have some fantastic options particularly for high`tech


manufacturing. Plain, trains and automobiles in Derby. I sciences,


health and beauty in Nottingham. Low`carbon. The digital and other


sectors are really important. The Peak District offers good tourism.


We have good industries. In one sentence, you mentioned the bubble,


is it going to continue or could it collapse because it is fragile? We


are seeing some very positive signs but there is a lot of work to do. We


are definitely seeing signs of housing growth and business is


growing and orders coming in on our supply chains. A bit of an economic


upturn. So fingers crossed? We are in a better place. Still to come, a


world champion takes a trip to the shops.


Boxer Carl Froch prepares for Saturday's big fight with a warm up


at his local shopping centre. And we are about to be jabbed with a


low blow this weekend. Thermals to the ready. It is about to get a lot


colder. `` this week. Next, it has emerged that 25,000


drivers in the East Midlands have points on their licences for driving


while on the phone. The road safety charity Brake is now calling for all


hands`free phones to be banned from cars or even locked in the boot.


Loughborough University researchers have a special test car which


monitors just how easily drivers can get distracted.


Most of us think we are quite good at multitasking, and I guess I am


not alone. But driving while being asked difficult questions on a


hands`free phone certainly showed that you really cannot do anything


other than drive. 266 .Mac? No. Out in Loughborough and it seems many


people are distracted by their phones. I have no points and I do


not answer the phone when I'm driving, or text or anything. It is


not a good idea. I set my hands`free up before I set off. You are on the


way home and somebody contacts you to say pick`ups of milk or meat here


and you want to read the message because it might change your journey


but you know you should not. A leading charity is calling for a ban


on hands`free calls. People who are speaking on their phone at the wheel


are at a similar level of risk as those who are over the drink drive


limit. You struggle to adapt to changing road situations and respond


to hazards. People would be quite surprised to learn that if you take


your eyes away from the road for even two seconds at a time you are


increasingly significantly increasing your risk level. So when


I am on the phone and being given something to think about, I


accelerate? You do, yes. Your driving is different. Brake is


calling for the penalty for using the phone behind the wheel to be


increased to up to ?1000. So next time, we'll you pick up?


Other news. The Derby`based engine maker Rolls`Royce has secured two


orders worth ?3 billion. The first is from the United Arab Emirates'


national carrier, Etihad Airways. The firm will provide engines for 50


Airbus A350 planes. The second contract is from Qatar Airways, for


engines to power five Airbus A330 freighter aircraft.


Two men have been charged over a security alert in Derbyshire in the


summer. The incident happened on Victoria Street in Clay Cross in


June and led to residents being moved out of their homes and part of


the town being closed. A 20`year`old was charged with a bomb hoax


offence, possession of a firearm and theft of diesel. A 23`year`old was


charged with two counts of theft of diesel.


This is rather fabulous behind us. What is it? It is Reggie Reilly,


1967. One of the most influential private


collections of modern Art is here. It is about to be made public for


the first time in the East Midlands. Partly inspired by the explosion of


pop art in the 1960s, the Nottingham exhibition features an array of a


list artists. Our arts reporter was given a special preview.


It was an era that shook up the art world and paved the way for a


generation of new names. Pop art began in the 1960s and mirrored a


rapidly changing culture. From David Hockney to Peter Blake, many of the


founding fathers are here. Rusted Mac it was emerging from that really


grim post`war period and it was the influence of Americanisation.


Artists were starting to look at advertising and popular culture


generally, but they were looking for ways of trying to reinvigorate


painting. Whilst the collection idioms in the 1960s, it spans almost


five decades and is a roll call of letter a list artists. `` A list


artists. These artworks are all owned by an entrepreneur most famous


for setting up the carphone warehouse. Is a former Nottingham


University student and these paintings are just a fraction of his


private collection. Paintings would normally be in the home, a very


large home, but they are a private collection. We are seeing them in


different circumstances here. Normally they would be surrounding


by the furnishings of somebody's home. Ford Neil Walker, the earlier


works are particularly exciting. I think I have to say that this has to


be a strong contender. It is such a bold paintings and it just sums up


that era. The artworks will be on display at the Lakeside arts Centre


until February, after which they will be packed up and returned home.


They do look fabulous. We like them a lot. Next tonight, a complete


change. Cardiac arrests. They do not just affect older people. The young


can also be victims. 19`year`old Sam from Derby died from heart problems


almost two years ago. Now thanks to fund raising in his name, a piece of


life`saving equipment was presented to his old school.


When someone suffers heart problems, this could save them. Remove all


clothing from pace `` patient's chest. A defibrillator was presented


to the score of a former pupil, Sam, who died suddenly after returning


home from a run. His mother says that with the kind of Ings `` events


were organised to raise money. His mother says they were the kind of


things he would enjoy being involved with. He liked runs, cycling,


swimming. He had boundless energy. When someone suffers a cardiac


arrest and somebody performs CPR on that person, their chance of


survival is only 21%. But if a defibrillator is used, the survival


rate goes up to 75%. The defibrillator is designed for


anyone to use. It starts to talk to you and tells you when to put the


pads on the chest. It instructs you. Funds will also be used for


preventative checks on people 's' health. We will screen 16 and


17`year`old boys particularly for cardiac risk and we will be able to


do that next April. We offer that to stick form. They hope the


defibrillator will not be used but in an emergency, this school is


ready. Figures released today show more


than half of children in the East Midlands use the internet without


parental supervision. The anti`bullying Alliance says more


than a third of parents in our region also believe their child may


have been bullied online. Earlier this year, Hammersmith from


Leicestershire is thought to have killed herself after online


bullying. `` Hannah Smith. They child bullying charity says it has


seen an increase in calls since her death. An RSPCA centre in Darby says


it has seen double the number of animals come through its doors since


2012. It has been full for a year and


there is a waiting list of at least three months. They are reminding


people to only buy pets this Christmas if they will be cared for


responsibly. Many people who want to leave their animals at the shelter


have already been turned away. A great big thank you to everyone


who raised money for BBC Children In Need this year. We raised more than


ever before in the East Midlands. Nearly ?1.2 million. He is a big


bear! Nearly 1000 people came to the


Nottingham celebration. Here are just a view of the highlights.


It is Friday, it is November, it must be Children In Need. We are


down here at the Nottingham Tennis Centre.


They have raised ?3365. What did you do? A flash mob in Leicester. That


is when you secretly start dancing and nobody knows, right? I did the


story of four different victors. The first one is from when I was


homeless. The others are where I came from and where I am now.


Children In Need funds the group that helps you. What has it done for


you? It has given me so many opportunities to show off my work


and it has opened a massive career path. It is one of the stories of


what Children In Need is all about. Brilliant. We did the sponsored walk


from Nottingham to Derby, 80 miles. It is 14 years since we have done it


this year. We raised ?45,000. You raise so much every year. 5000 this


year. Yes, all be children have been doing a sponsored sing along.


MUSIC. It is all about raising money so it is time to say a big thank you


to all the groups who have done just that. ?1000 from this scuba diving


club. What did you do? We had an underwater tea party. How many of


you? 17. Mad but brilliant. Thank you. What have you done? We walked


1800 miles. We raised ?1800. # She wore blue Velvet... We have


had 27 people in a taxi. Did they have to be very small? Smaller than


me. What does Children In Need mean to you? It has enabled us to reach


more children with cerebral palsy. A giant thank you to everyone who


raised this money and help us here on Children In Need. We do not know


what we would do without you. And another thank you, as well,


thank you for sending all your amazing fundraising pictures. We


have put a whole selection of them on our Facebook page, so have a look


at that. We have a fabulous weekend of sport


coming, do we? Kind of mixed. We start with the world champion


oxer, Carl Froch says he's confident he'll be the clear winner when he


puts his title on the line on Saturday. He's fighting fellow


countryman George Groves in what the promoter is calling The Battle of


Britain. Today, Froch made his final preparations in front of shoppers in


his home town of Nottingham. Mark Shardlow reports.


He has stood many grand entrances. Now a walk through a busy shop. Very


good. Ready. It would not be Christmas without a man with a beard


and this was the chance to see a close`up training routine. It is


great for the fans to see him. Is from round here and it is nice that


he comes back and does all this. It is five years since col frock first


became a world champion. His camp say he is in no mood to let that go.


Every fight has its dangers, underestimating opponents, it is all


possible. That he is top`notch. Around 1000 fans came to wish him


well, including some from a local primary school. He is a well`known


boxer and everyone knows about him. It is fantastic. He is an amazing


boxer. Thanks to everyone for coming. I really appreciate it! If


no one had turned up it would have put me on a downer, but it has


raised my spirits. The carrot for a big win on Saturday is another week


pay day and a night successive world title.


And we've got more from inside the Carl Froch camp all week, including


a behind`the`scenes look as he does his cardio work out in the gym.


On to the football now, and Derby have confirmed the signing of


much`travelled midfielder Kalifa Cisse. The Malian, who played


Premier League football with Reading, will stay at Pride Park for


at least the next two months. Notts County hope to find out by the


end of the year whether new manager Shaun Derry will also be able to


play for them this season. He's already played for two clubs and


usually that would rule him out, but Notts have asked the league to


clarify their rules. For now, Derry is strictly in the dugout, where he


saw Notts lose again at the weekend. But it wasn't all doom and gloom.


Kirsty Edwards reports. Plenty for the new men in charge to


ponder before Saturday's game. Shaun Derry arrived at Meadow Lane 12 days


ago, knowing he faces a huge challenge in his first job as a


manager. And what a challenge he has. Notts County have won just


three league games out of 16. They are bottom of the league, with just


ten points so far this season. There are now 30 games left to escape


relegation, but Derry is convinced they can do it. He reckons a vastly


improved display on Saturday gives them plenty to feel positive about,


despite the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers ending in


defeat. They should have taken the lead in the first half. This was the


best chance of the half. They were eventually made to pay when walls


broke the deadlock well into the second half. `` walls. They deserved


more for their efforts. Listen, I do not think Wolverhampton Wanderers


are going to have much harder games this season than what we gave them


today. I'm proud of the players and I have told them it needs to be


every single weekend that they turn it on. I am really proud of them.


In League Two, Mansfield's good start is ebbing away a little, going


down to ten men at home to Oxford United not helping them on Saturday.


The Stags were already a goal behind to Oxford United when it happened.


Jamie McGuire left the ground, making this challenge on Sean Rigg.


The red card was decisively instant. The eight minutes of added time at


the end of the first half featured drama too. An equaliser for


Mansfield swiftly followed by what turned out to be Oxford's winner.


They added another later to make sure.


On to the ice ` speed skating first. And there was mixed news for the


Nottingham short track skaters at the World Cup event in Poland. With


Olympic qualification up for grabs, the much talked`about men's relay


team couldn't get the result they needed to go to Sochi. But Elise


Christie ` the World's best woman over a 1,000m ` HAS qualified,


overcoming injuries to get a bronze medal.


A dramatic weekend for Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey ` won one, lost


one against old rivals Sheffield Steelers. After going down in a


close game in Sheffield on Saturday, Panthers delighted their home fans


last night. Sunday's first period featured just


what you might expect from a Panthers`Steelers game, a good


old`fashioned, if one`sided dustup, as accounts were settled from


Saturday's match. As a bonus, once Brett Henley had been thrown out of


the game, Panthers responded with Matt Francis' related short`handed


goal to take the lead. Great stuff. The Steelers found an equaliser in


the second period, and with a series of injuries and penalties, Panthers


looked to be up against, but what a third period they produced. From the


moment they went ahead on the power play, they never looked back. Five


goals in 20 minutes, including Francis completing his hat`trick.


That is certainly the way you want them to finish the weekend. Did you


enjoy Children In Need? Especially the tennis centre.


Seeing those youngsters loving it. I did not go into the tennis bit.


Some of the able`bodied kids got into the wheelchairs and they played


wheelchair tennis. I thought that was lovely. It is magic. Talking


about magic, there was a rainbow. Did you see it?


It was gorgeous. But it is about to get a lot colder, unfortunately. No


reason to panic. Nothing particularly scary. It is a cold


front and this is the dividing line between the milder air in the South


and colder air in the North. As it sinks tonight we will get a blast of


the colder air. Certainly turning colder. We have been bracing


ourselves for it for the past week but it will be one of those dutiful


crisp and sunny autumn days. This weather friend has practically


cleared across the East Midlands and we have had a sharp edge to the


cloud as well. It will be cleared for most of us tonight. The chance


of a wintry showers. It could turn icy in the Peak District. Elsewhere


dry and very cold. Close to freezing in the towns and city centres but we


will be be going just below that in rural spots by morning. It is cold,


it is crisp, it is a very frosty start to the day tomorrow morning.


But lots of lovely son tried to keep us going. Little to spoil backed by


the end of the afternoon. The chance of a wintry flurry. That is in the


afternoon. But that will be very isolated. Lots of lovely sunshine.


Add on the wind and it will feel freezing literally tomorrow


afternoon. Into Wednesday, an area of low pressure that will sink


southwards through Wednesday as it hits that cold air. There is the


chance it could turn a big win to read on the leading edge of that,


mainly across the higher ground of the Peak District. `` turn wintry.


And it is only big N. I was shocked. It is only the 18th of the month. We


will 'We wanna do


a science fiction series.' CS Lewis meets HG Wells meets


Father Christmas, that's the Doctor. Can't we have Doctor Who


without Doctor Who? Travel back to the birth


of a phenomenon.


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