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suitable chairman of the Co-op. That is all from the BBC News at


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, tragedy hits a Derbyshire village as two women and two boys


die in a housefire. The fire broke out in the early hours in a terraced


house here in the village of North Wingfield. 0


house here in the village of North Wingfield. A seven`year`old girl


survived. Plus, grey skies over Leicester as


Hull become UK City of Culture. Plus the moment police interrupted


an intruder. And the council tenants being given a sporting chance to get


more active. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight, police are investigating the deaths of two


women and two boys who were killed in a fire at a house in Derbyshire.


A third child, a seven`year`old girl, is in hospital.


Firefighters were called to the property in the village of North


Wingfield, near Clay Cross just after 5am this morning, after a


neighbour raised the alarm. Our reporter Simon Hare is there for us


tonight. Simon, what more can you tell us?


Well, we now know of course that for people died in the housefire here


behind me just over 12 hours ago, two adults, two children, and an


investigation into what caused it is underway. The latest is that it is


not thought to be suspicious, but the police and fire service work


goes on. Some good news from this whole incident, one child, a


seven`year`old girl, somehow got out of the fire alive.


From the outside, it is hard to tell there has even been fired here. And


a fire that proved to be so deadly. For lives lost, two women and two


boys `` four. Our firefighters battled the conditions, four rescues


were carried out. Unfortunately those rescues did not avail and all


four perished. We can also confirm that a seven`year`old girl survived


the fire and has minor injuries. Consistent with smoke inhalation. A


joint police and fire service investigation into what caused the


fire is under way. This normally busy a road between the town and the


Aone is closed. We didn't know about a fire until one of the neighbours


told me. There must been about five police cars, a fire engine, it is


just surreal. It is yards away from my house. Shocking. You have to feel


for people. It is a tragic event, the impact on the community is


recognised, and together we are working through that with the


family. Specially trained officers are working with the family to take


this forward. As soon as we have anything more to tell you, we are


happy to do so, at the moment that is as far as I can tell you. Some


family members came to the scene to see it for themselves.


Understandably, too upset to talk to the media. A sense of greed `` grief


and shock shared by this community. Any word on identity this evening?


They are starting to be named amongst the local community and on


social media, as you might expect. But the police tell us they are not


confident yet that they have informed all members of close family


members, next of kin, so it would be inappropriate for me to share those


names. We do believe that it is a woman who had this house, her


daughter is the one who survived, and a friend of hers who was staying


with her and her two sons who have also died. We are still awaiting


more confirmation from the police tonight. Thank you very much.


An hour long rampage was brought to an end by police marksmen who shot a


man with a taser after he'd attacked the home of a disabled woman.The


final 0 the home of a disabled woman.The


final few minutes were recorded by CCTV as 28`year`old Jamie Swann


taunted officers and damaged Jane Green's car. She told East Midlands


Today reporter James Roberson that she was still traumatised.


Jane Green's disabled, with severe back and lung problems. She uses


CCTV to keep a close eye on her home, and on the car she needs to


get around. One night last month, she was terrified to be awoken by a


huge noise outside. I CCTV monitor revealed a man attacking her car. He


was 28`year`old Jamie Swann. I spent the next `` he spent the next ten


minutes or so taunting the police and smashing up my car. Jamie Swann


confronted the police when they arrived, eventually the teaser Tim


and he was finally subdued. I thought he was trying to break into


my house. I am disabled and I was struggling with all sorts of things,


but I thought he was trying to get into the house. He did damage the


back door. The damage to the car was covered by insurance, but he also


ripped pipes off the outside wall. She has not received compensation


because Jamie Swann was not ordered to pay any. He was jailed for 22


months. The biggest worry for Jane is how the episode has left her. The


first few weeks I could not sleep at all. My CCTV monitor is in my


bedroom, every little noise I was waiting for something to happen and


looking at the monitor. I am still very frightened. Now she reminds


passers`by she does have CCTV, and is reassured to see police


patrolling her street. Still to come: A look back at the


career of the Nottingham broadcaster and writer Ray Gosling, whose death


was 0 and writer Ray Gosling, whose death


was announced today. And Anna will be here with the


latest word on the weather. Yes, the weather has taken us on a real


adventure, we have had it all. Some, hail, wind and even some snow. The


adventure is set to continue. I will have more details are little later.


But first, there's been major disappointment in Leicester after it


missed out on becoming the next UK City of Culture.


After all the hard work and cash expended on the bid, it was


announced that Hull will receive the title in 2017. Our arts reporter


Geeta Pendse has been closely following the ups and downs of


Leicester's bid. Hopeful looks this morning as


supporters gathered at Leicester's Theatre. Then the moment arrived. I


am delighted to announce that the UK City of Culture 2017 is Hull. After


months of planning, for many it was hard news to swallow. Very


disappointed. I think it has been an enormous journey to get to this


point and it is a real shame that we have not won. They were not the


words we wanted to hear. Crushed? I thought we were going to win. Of


course it was a different story for Hull who received a unanimous yes.


Impressed by a theme based on a city coming out of the shadows. It was a


city that was hungry, desperate to come out the negative perception.


They used phrases like they wanted to find their place in the UK and


come out of the shadows. A big part of the bid was to realise


the potential of Leicester, 's cultural infrastructure. It was


hoped that having the title would stimulate interest in this area. Of


course, that challenged all remains. The Mayor of Leicester say some


events will still take place, without the culture title,


attracting funding outside of the city council will be difficult.


Obviously today we dust ourselves off a bit, it is not going to be


lost. There is a determination to show them but we do not need the


title of city of culture. We can do it anyway. Bigger, better, and we


don't need to wait until 2017. A few events on the horizon, but tonight


the lights are out on Leicester's hoped to be the next UK City of


Culture. Still lots of culture there, and a


fabulous place to go. A teenage bomb`maker from


Loughborough is facing a re`trial, after a jury failed to decide if he


was preparing a terrorist attack. The 17`year`old admitted possessing


explosives, and the trial heard that he wrote plans for a massacre at his


old school. Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, has been


following the case, and joins us from Leicester. Good evening, what


happened today? Well, the jury's been considering


two separate terrorism charges. Preparing an attack and possessing a


poison manual. But the jury hasn't been able to decide whether he is


guilty or not. Yesterday the judge said he was prepared to take a


majority verdict. This afternoon there was still no agreement. So the


jury's been discharged. It means there'll be another hearing to


decide what happens next. Prosecutors say they'll ask for a


retrial next year. By that stage, the teenager will have turned 18, so


we'll be allowed to identify him. This trial's been going on for a


month. What do we know now about what happened? A lot of it is not


disputed. He admitted three explosives offences, building pipe


bombs and improvised explosive devices, and testing petrol bombs as


well. The trial also heard that he had a crossbow and a large


collection of guns and knives. The jury had to decide about whether he


was serious about using those weapons for an attack. It all boiled


down to a series of notes he had written about what he called the new


Columbine. What does those notes say? They set out details that were


based on the Columbine high school massacre in the states. That


involved the murder of 12 pupils, and one of their teachers, back in


1999. The teenager had written about how to carry out a similar attack at


his own old school in Loughborough. He had also written a list of


potential targets, including Loughborough mosque. He had also


named the local council and the local cinema. What is disputed is


whether these were genuine plans or whether, as the defence put it, they


were simply jottings to help them cope with years of persistent


bullying. A new jury has to make up their minds about this. Thank you


very much. Mountain rescue teams are searching


for a senior Derbyshire police officer who's gone missing.


48`year`old Chief Inspector Tim Frohwein was last seen on Sunday


afternoon. He's recovering from knee surgery and it's believed he was out


walking. He was wearing a long dark coat, blue shirt and brown jeans.


Water search teams and specialist police dogs have been scouring dense


woodland close to his Buxton home. ?27 million is to be spent


rebuilding a Nottingham college. New College Nottingham's Basford Hall


site was saved from closure six years ago. Thanks to loans and


Government cash, the new centre will have facilities for training


students in construction, science and technology. Work will start next


spring and should take 18 months. You're watching East Midlands Today


on the BBC, and the broadcaster and writer Ray Gosling has died in


hospital in Nottingham. He was 74. He made hundreds of films and radio


programmes for both the BBC and Granada. His career ended


controversially while filming for BBC Inside Out.


Tony Roe, who worked with him, has been looking back at his career.


The East Midlands is my country. Leicester and Nottingham, the two


towns I have grown around. I go home to them. From the early 60s until


his enforced retirement, Ray Gosling made TV and radio programmes about


the people and places he was fond of. It was worth taking part in


life. Freely. Properly. With spirit. Not just letting people,


authorities, do whatever they wanted to do. He wrote like he spoke,


direct. He said what he thought, and he listened. I said, he's gone.


Nothing more was ever said. In 2010, his TV career ended when he


confessed to taking the life of a gay friend who was dying from AIDS


in hospital. A false claim, he convinced himself, for whatever


reason, was true. He thought everybody would not be bothered


about that. We have got to forget about that, remember his talent. For


decades, he came out with stunning interviews at a level most of us


were not capable of. Why don't you throw in the towel? That is not a


nice thing to say. He was writing not a biography he never finished.


He missed doing the telly. I'm glad I never went to London. I have done


so much in Nottingham. And you can hear Ray's last interview with John


Holmes on Radio Nottingham this Sunday at 11am. That's on 103.8FM.


A firm that helps to set up apprenticeships is to create 100


jobs after getting a ?1.75 million loan from a fund backed by the


taxpayer and wealthy business people.


But, and there is a but, to qualify for the cash, the company will have


to leave its base in Derbyshire and move over the county border into


Nottinghamshire. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


Just 20, the operations manager at this business in Mansfield. He


started as an apprentice. It is the best thing I have ever done. When I


was at college I was up and down, up and down. I got this job on a


website. This is the training provider that helped deliver his


apprenticeship. They have now been given a ?1.75 million loan to expand


and create 100 jobs. The country `` company is based here in Derbyshire,


right on the border with Nottinghamshire. But the business is


going to have to move into Nottinghamshire to get a postcode so


it can qualify for this huge loan. It is a requirement. We need to


relocate to Nottingham or the Nottinghamshire area. This will not


be an issue for us. We do need larger premises. The loan is coming


from a company which has ?40 million to help businesses. The


government's British business bank and the Nottinghamshire local


government pension scheme are involved. So are three leading


businessmen with Nottingham connections. The company announced


its arrival last night. It is also backed by a big investment company.


We are interested in backing companies that will be here in five,


20, 50 years time. Baxter there alone, positive outcomes say they


will be able to set up thousands more apprenticeships `` thanks to


their loan. Still to come: The Ashes start at


midnight our time, and already the atmosphere's a little lively.


Nottinghamshire's Stuart Broad is far from flavour of the month with


some sections of the Australian media. Find out why later.


A council has set itself the target of getting 10% of its tenants


involved in physical or sporting activity over the next three years.


The project has been backed with a grant from Sport England which has


also awarded a further ?2 million towards the redevelopment of one of


Nottingham's sports centres. Quentin Rayner reports.


You are looking at where the deep end of Nottingham's first 50 metre


Olympic sized swimming pool is going to be. But on a smaller scale, at


this community centre, a big idea is also taking shape. The city council


wants to encourage its tenants, particularly in areas of


deprivation, to use community centres and public spaces for a


minimum of 30 minutes a week of sporting and physical activity.


Professional coaches will train local volunteers to teach various


sports to the tenants. A lot of people tend to relax at home and use


the telly too much. This is a good idea to get them out, and they enjoy


themselves. If this was around when I was at school I might have


continued in sport and not let it die off. We have about 55,000 people


living in our properties within the city. The aim is to try and get 10%


of those engaged in sporting activities. The scheme has been


backed by Sport England. We are bringing the sport other people


today, allowing them the opportunity to take part in sport on their


doorstep. Major redevelopment is already well underway. But Sport


England has put in an extra ?2 million. Another lane can now be


added to the athletics track, and a playing field converted into a


cycling circuit. This redevelopment marks the final part of a policy to


create fewer, but better quality leisure facilities, across the city.


It will reopen in 2015. The community scheme is already up and


running. Brilliant. Still on the subject of


physical exercise, we can bring you these pictures of an athlete who's


overcome quite a few hurdles to reach peak physical form.


This is Lavender the sheep from Ellastone near Ashbourne, who


certainly has a spring in her step. In fact she's an accomplished woolly


jumper. Especially over hurdles. If she completes the official course


she could soon hold the world record for "The Fastest Ten` Obstacle


Course Completed By A Sheep." There is nothing to say after that,


is there? Apart from, here is the real sport.


We start with cricket, and the Ashes Down Under starts at midnight with


Nottinghamshire's Stuart Broad in the firing line. An Australian


newspaper has begun its coverage by banning Broad's name. They say it's


because of Stuart's refusal to walk after being caught out in the Ashes


Test at Trent Bridge in the summer. Well, Joe Wilson is in Brisbane for


us and has sent us this. At some point during the first test


match here in Brisbane, it might happen in the first few minutes,


Stuart Broad will find himself fielding on the boundary, and he


might want to close his ears. He knows he is going to get fearful


abuse from the crowd here. He has been described in the Australian


media as Stuart Broad `` fraud. When I was speaking to David Warner


here, he said, Stewart has a sense of humour about this. However,


Alistair Cook has been very clear today that he wants Stuart Broad to


be an in`your`face, combative cricketer. He thinks he can be


England's game changer during this Test match, just as he was in


Durham. I wonder if this Test match can possibly be as memorable as the


one at Trent Bridge? If so, we're in a fun five days.


We are indeed, and we will be mentioning the Broad name a lot


throughout this series hopefully. Meanwhile, Australian batsmen has


signed for Nottinghamshire. Onto speedway, and good news for the


Leicester Lions. They will fulfil their ambition next year of racing


in the Elite League. The club's application to join the top tier has


been granted by the British Speedway Promoters' Association. The Lions


have operated in the Premier League, the middle tier of the sport, since


returning to speedway in 2011. But they will now become part of a


10`club structure in the Elite League. Competing at the top and


representing the East Midlands. Next, an exclusive insight into the


final preparations for Carl Froch as he prepares for his World Title


defence. He's revealed his schoolboy best friend helps keep him


motivated. The Nottingham Super Middleweight Champion takes on


George Groves on Saturday. And Mark Shardlow dropped in on Froch on what


was supposed to be a day off from the gym.


Even for a world champion, a gym session is hard, and getting their


even harder. Every time I think I'll stay in bed this morning, Adam is on


it. If he can do it, I have got to do it. It keeps me going. It is good


to have a wing man. Especially one who is fit and in great shape. They


have been friends for 25 years and are still training together. He was


born to be a fighter. Had he been born so many years ago he would have


been a gladiator. That's what he is, and to see a working class guy go to


the great heights of top`level boxing, and do it by sheer drive,


ambition and desire, is incredible. What better could I have as Roma


Rome at and a best friend? I make it my mission to catch on. Without Adam


there, it is difficult. It is always better to run with somebody. You can


get lonely on your own. Carl's team is full of family and friends,


though they are not always helpful. My anti`landed yesterday with half a


carrot cake. It was outrageous. It was straight to the kicked in for a


slice of carrot cake. `` cake tin. No pain, no gain, it is an old


cliche but it is true. Pain is weakness. Make it as hard as


possible, which is there, then pedal. I will be going straight to


that machine. Your legs are burning. And your breathing heavy. That is


when the work`out starts. Every time you step the ring, you must know


you're going to get pain? A lot of people ask that. In all honesty,


when I am fighting it does not hurt. And so, the gym session for this


fight is over. That'll do me. It has been good. It is your turn now. Have


you got your running shoes on? He is never short on commitment, is


he? Very true. In the gym on his day off. What is best friend said about


him is absolutely true. Totally committed to the sport. We cannot


wait for Saturday. It is going to be a sell`out. I can believe it's been


a year ago that he got that amazing win in Nottingham. A great thing to


see. The enthusiasm still is great. The tickets sold out in 11 minutes.


We are not going then? Thanks for that. Let's see if the weather is a


sell`out. We had it all today, hail, sunshine and autumn time weather as


well. Tomorrow is looking a little bit quieter. There will be plenty of


bright weather to be had. You might get a photo like this. Thank you for


sending that in. What happened earlier today? We had a weather


front moving its way south this morning that brought all that rain,


hail, sleet and snow to higher ground. Staying quite breezy as we


go through this evening. Plenty of showers around. We do have a warning


in force for Derbyshire, across higher ground, for snow this


evening. We could get two to five centimetres. It is over higher


ground and it will not cause an issue. It will quickly turn back to


rain as we go through the night. Some lower levels, a little bit of


sleet, but it is mostly would`be rainforest as we go through the


evening and overnight tonight. A good scattering of showers, a lot of


cloud, holding temperatures up to night, lows of two degrees. It


should be a frost free night. Showers around first thing tomorrow


morning, but slowly they start to ease. A breezy day on Thursday.


Bright or sunny intervals, but still feeling chilly in that north


easterly wind. Highs of seven degrees on Thursday. As we go


towards the end of the week, high pressure is in charge. It is


building and it will be with us throughout the weekend. It will be


settled into the week, much lighter winds. But also the risk of frost


and some freezing fog. Staying chilly towards the end of the week.


Frost and fog, those phrases weather presenters hate.


I am on the late news. Hope you can join me then. Goodbye.


I'm Nigel Slater, a cook. And I'm Adam Henson, a farmer.


all back in touch with where our food really comes from.


You asked me to grow some durum wheat to produce your pasta.


Our own eggs, our own flour - couldn't ask for more, really.


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