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Here in the East Midlands: Tonight, the unused fire control centre


that's costing taxpayers a fortune. This building has been closed since


2007 and cost the taxpayers ?8 million in rent alone.


I was drinking six litres a day. For a stand`up comedian, I couldn't


stand up any more. Searching the stolen metal, police carry out spot


checks on scrap dealers in Leicestershire.


And, a song for Rose, written by children for a friend who died from


cancer. We sat around a piano and put some


stuff together and had an amazing song which expressed our feelings


about Rose. Good evening, welcome to the


programme. First tonight, it's emerged that an


empty fire control centre is costing taxpayers in the East Midlands


?5,000 a day. It's been dubbed a costly white elephant by one local


MP. The building was one of nine around the country designed to


replace smaller control rooms, but was scrapped 0


replace smaller control rooms, but was scrapped three years ago. Now,


it could be used as a regional office for police forces from across


the East Midlands. Our reporter Simon Hare is at the building for us


now. Good evening. We are just be a 50 at


Castle Donington, on a busy industrial estate. A hive of


activity everywhere except here. The building is empty. Despite that, it


costs the taxpayer ?5,000 a day which adds up to ?1.8 million a


year, ?1.3 million of that is rent alone. The government is signed up


to continue paying that until 2032. As white elephants go, they don't


come much bigger than this. It was supposed to be a fire control centre


for the whole of the East Midlands. It was part of a project to replace


46 smaller control rooms across the country, with nine regional control


centres. It 0 country, with nine regional control


centres. It began in 2004 under the Labour government. It was hoped it


would provide a better coordinated response to emergencies. The


building in Castle Donington was completed in 2007. But there were


major problems and, with costs spiralling, the nationwide project


was scrapped in 2010, having wasted ?469 million. It is an outrage that


taxpayers have to work that hard to pay their tax for politicians to


waste that money. Someone should be held accountable, there should be an


investigation into why we have got to this. 0


investigation into why we have got to this. Now, there are reports it


could be used by police. But it is thought that would bring


in a fraction of what it cost the government to lease it. And at a


time when the fire fighters union is campaigning against cuts to the


service and their terms and conditions.


For what it would settle our pensions dispute, one of these would


pay for it straightaway. It is galling. A sentiment shared by all


taxpayers who have helped to pay for this building.


To cut the ongoing Bill, could this building now be used by the police


in the 0 building now be used by the police


in the East 0 0 building now be used by the police


in the East Midlands? We have seen collaboration between the different


forces in the region. They are also under increasing financial pressure.


Could they cut costs by sharing more backroom functions and basing them


here for the whole of the East Midlands? That idea is being


considered although it is said to be at a very early stage.


A former Miss Nottingham finalist has been cleared of selling gun


components illegally. Rebecca Draper sold 0 0


components illegally. Rebecca Draper sold firing pins for lethal weapons,


from her airgun shop in Radford. But, today, a judge said the law was


"very uncertain", and the firearms charges were dropped. Our social


affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball reports.


Rebecca Draper arrived at Nottingham Crown Court today expecting to go on


trial and facing the prospect of a five year prison sentence. Miss


Jaeger was accused 0 five year prison sentence. Miss


Jaeger was accused of 0 five year prison sentence. Miss


Jaeger was accused of committing for firearm offences at her family's


business. She was charged with selling components for this handgun


and three police issue pistols without authority. They included


fire pins. Rebecca Draper denied she had broken the law and when the


prosecution's expert witness pulled out, the charges were dropped. It


has been an emotional time for the family.


The possibility of a five`year sentence, at the age of 27, it has


been daunting for me. I wouldn't know how to face it. It was the


arrest of one of her customers which sparked the investigation. A former


clay pigeon shooting champion who is now facing prison. This pistol was


found hidden in a tub of chocolate in his home. Police discovered more


than 100 live bullets. They suspected they were being supplied


to local 0 suspected they were being supplied


to local criminals. This was expected to be a test case for


traders selling gun components. The George said the law was very


uncertain, and that she needed to tread carefully `` the judge said.


Finally, relief that those charges have been listed. `` lifted.


Still to come: If you're fed up with this December gloom, there's


brighter news 0 this December gloom, there's


brighter news on the way, from Kaye. About time too, there has been a lot


of this around, but we will be emerging from the gloom tomorrow


with lots of blue sky on the way. Join me for more details later in


the programme. Around 80% of people in Nottingham


want the sale of super`strength beers and ciders to be banned,


according to the first public attitude survey in the city. Some of


those backing the findings include heavy drinkers. The report, by the


campaign group Nottingham Citizens, revealed a similar number of people


believe street drinking is also a problem. Quentin Rayner reports.


Andy Caddy has been a heavy drinker for 20 years. A former stand`up


comic, it was no joke. I was drinking 0


comic, it was no joke. I was drinking six litres of cider a day.


For a stand`up comedian, I knew I couldn't stand up any more. Beers


and cider is of more than 5.6% are classified as super`strength and are


often cheaper. 0 classified as super`strength and are


often cheaper. A single count may contain more alcohol than the daily


safe limit for a man. Nottingham Citizens sake 76% of those surveyed


want all shops to stop selling it. The people have spoken, retailers


should hear what the people are saying. This is not an acceptable


practice. It is targeting the most vulnerable. A hardened drinker like


myself, it's not a problem, you will always find money. It is the young I


am worried for. The council says 80% of city centre off licences have


pledged not to sell this type of alcohol. But people have mixed views


of a ban. There are too many young ones


being, spending money on it, getting drunk, acting ridiculously. I don't


agree. I don't think it is for the retailers to make that decision.


I think somebody else has two really push the point.


I don't think they should stop selling it. If they did, a lot of


the people would turn to crime, because, when you have been a


drinker for so long, or an addict, crime is the only thing you know. It


is estimated the health care and policing associated with alcohol


misuse costs each taxpayer ?170 a year.


Buildings in part of Nottingham were evacuated today, after a fire at a


factory. Emergency crews were called to Midland Shelving on Coventry Road


in Bulwell at around 11.30am this morning. The road was sealed off,


and part of the tram network was disrupted. Properties nearby were


evacuated because of concerns that cylinders could explode. Fire


officers are expected to be there for a number of hours tonight.


At this stage of the incident, the predominant risk is from those


cylinders. We have established effective cordon is in liaison with


the police. We are happy public safety is not compromised, but as a


precaution, we have asked the public to stay indoors.


The body of a man has been found at a house in Leicester. Police were


first called to Aylestone Lane in the city yesterday. The home has


also been damaged by a fire, which was out when the officers arrived.


Leicestershire Police, the Fire Service and a pathologist are trying


to find out what caused the fire and the man's death. The area is


cordoned off while investigations continue.


A man from Leicestershire is to stand trial for the attempted murder


of a Sikh religious leader. It's alleged that Sri Satguru Uday Sing


Ji was attacked at a temple in Linden Street in Leicester in


August. He was treated in hospital for head injuries. Today,


27`year`old Harjit Singh Toor, from Oadby, pleaded not guilty to the


charge. The trial is expected in February.


Three houses had to be evacuated, after it emerged that work by


builders had left them at risk of collapsing. Tonnes of soil had been


removed from beneath the foundations of one of the terraced properties on


Violet Street in the Normanton area of Derby. The two neighbouring


houses were also declared unsafe. The hole is now being filled with


concrete. Officials say householders or landlords should seek advice when


carrying out similar work. Before you start your grand design,


come and talk to the local authority, come and get some advice


about whether or not you're building requires building regulation


approval. And get the advice as to whether what you are planning to do


is going to be safe. Police in Leicestershire are warning


scrap metal dealers they could face thousands of pounds in fines if


they're caught trading illegally. Under new laws, scrap metal can't be


bought with cash, and dealers must have a licence. Our reporter Eleanor


Garnier has been out with the police, as they conducted spot


checks. A surprise visit by Leicestershire


Police, on the hunt for stolen metal, and signs of illegal dealing.


Just check there is a record of the metal coming in, and a record of it


going out. So it can be traced. Copper piping and car wheels, even


kitchen sinks, it is all big business for scrap metal merchants,


but it is costing the rest of us. The government says metal theft


costs the UK economy ?220 million a year. Through disrupted train


services, desecrated war memorials, damaged church roofs. Now, a new law


has been brought in to help police cut down on the crime. It has helped


the police dramatically, most dealers are complying with


legislation. Photographic ID is required. And tracing where the


money has come from and going to. It has eradicated a good percentage of


the theft we were having. The theft of metal is slowing business up. We


don't get so many people in because if they don't have ID we have to


turn them away. Police officers claim domestic metal theft is down


80% in Hinckley since the new law came in.


A charity which supports air ambulance services in the East


Midlands has issued a warning about fraudsters. Hoax leaflets like this


one are being sent out, asking for donations of clothing. But they


don't include a registered charity number or proper contact details.


The company originally responsible for the bogus leaflets was shut down


and prosecuted more than two years ago.


Fire fighters had to use breathing apparatus to tackle a fire in


Leicester this afternoon. The Fire Service were called to a shop on


Abbey Park Road. There were no injuries, but the gas and


electricity supplies were disconnected as a precaution. The


roads in the area are now back open this evening.


This year's Download music event has been named the country's Best Major


Festival. The three`day event at Castle Donington beat off


competition from Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, at the UK


Festival Awards. Iron Maiden was one of the headline acts this year. The


veteran band were back in the East Midlands 25 years after their last


appearance at Donington. More men and women die from it than


any 0 More men and women die from it than


any other cancer. 0 More men and women die from it than


any other cancer. And yet, with early diagnosis and treatment, more


people would survive. One expert in Nottingham is convinced there's now


a need to bring in a national screening programme for lung cancer.


Dr David Baldwin, a lung cancer specialist, is campaigning for


targeted screening of those most at risk, typically in their sixties and


seventies. He pulled together fresh evidence to present to the decision


makers in the new year. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


A lung cancer tumour, sadly detected too late. That is often the problem.


Could one solution be targeted mass screening? This expert argues, yes,


in the Lancet. Three quarters of our people who come to our clinics have


cancer which is unfortunately incurable. If you catch it early,


you can take it up with surgery and people can be cured. Lung cancer is


on the increase with 3000 new cases across the region every year. With


2400 deaths annually, it is the biggest cancer killer.


We think that CT scans are the way forward for people with high risk.


CT scans are not cheap. Then there is the criticism smokers have


brought it on themselves. But Doctor Baldwin has sympathy. People get


addicted to smoking at an early stage.


The vast majority of people intent `` in our clinics are former


smokers. Surely's lung cancer was discovered when she was being


investigated for a stomach complaint.


If I hadn't had to go to the hospital for this other complaint,


it would never have been spotted. I never felt ill with my chest. If it


is voluntary screening, you don't have to go. Like many of her


generation, she had smoked 50 years, so `` 50 years.


This is a giant pair of inflatable lungs, the latest trick at the


Kingsmill hospital to raise awareness of lung cancer. One of the


biggest health challenges of our age.


There are screening programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancer.


Will lung cancer be added to the list?


The short answer is, one day, maybe. The committee that evaluates


all the evidence looks at the evidence and is led by that. It is


waiting for the results of a pilot study in Liverpool 0


waiting for the results of a pilot study in Liverpool which is already


doing CT scans and looking as it whether it improves long`term


survival. The results are not until 2015.


What are the symptoms the NHS urges people to look out for?


The main symptom they always go on about is a persistent cough. If you


have had a cough which has lasted more than three weeks, the advice is


to get it checked out. Who knows, it could be something more sinister


than a virus or common cold. The other thing to say is, a lot of


other symptoms, things like breathlessness, unexpected weight


loss. In the early stages, there can be no symptoms and no pain.


It's something many of us don't like to think about, what happens to us


when we die? As thousands of us are choosing to be buried, across the


region there's only so much space left in our graveyards. In


Leicester, the city council has launched a consultation so, in the


long term, they can meet the demand for burial space. Helen Astle


reports. Already, the final resting place for


thousands of people, with new graves being dug every day. This is the new


extension which is likely to be filled within the next 25 years.


Then what? How long do people want the exclusive use of a grave for? At


the moment it is 99 years and there is a cost. We want to give more


affordable options for burial which could involve a shorter period. One


proposal in Leicester is people have a 30 year lease on a burial starts


`` site. This means the plot could then be reused. It is wrong, it


should be how it is now. I know families who have used the same


place. I don't think it is a good idea. You pay for a plot to put your


own family there, then for somebody else to go, it is wrong.


It is wrong, that is why my Gran is at a natural burial ground. Almost


half of cemeteries could run out of space in 20 years. In Nottingham, it


is estimated there could be 70 years of space. 0


is estimated there could be 70 years of space. As our city graveyards


full up, what is the alternative? Here, there is a natural burial


site. No headstones, plenty of room to expand, and increasingly popular.


We only did 25 in the first year. Now it is 150. It has increased year


on year. Leicester City Council's


consultation finishes in the New Year. It says we may not like


talking about burials but with a growing population we need to, so


ultimately we can all be at peace. Time now for the sport.


Leicester City look to extend their lead at the top of the Championship


table tonight, as they travel to Sheffield Wednesday. The Foxes are


three points clear, and the team were in great spirits as they left


the King Power Stadium for Yorkshire earlier today. Natalie Jackson


reports. Ahead of this Sheffield Wednesday


game, this team of brimming with confidence. Why not? They have won


six out of seven, 12 of their first 17 games. The rest of the


Championship is looking up at them at the top of the table. Wednesday


are second bottom, without a permanent manager after David James


was relieved of duties this week. Six Football League badgers have


been sacked in nine days. Only in the summer, Nigel Pearson faced


speculation about his own job. Just in the summer? I thought it was all


the way through the season. It is something you become accustomed to.


There are far too many occasions managers lose their jobs when maybe


it is the first wobble. When you are involved in management, it can be


quite a lonely job from time to time. You have to get on with it.


But he is still smiling and still looking for that extra edge to keep


his team in top spot. We are trying to find ways of improving. And, I


think, when you start patting yourself on the back, you are in


trouble. No one here is getting carried away because, last January,


they were in the top two before they slipped down the division into the


play`off places. This time around, it feels different, Leicester City


are eight points better off than they were exactly this time last


season. Nottingham Forest can go back into


the 0 Nottingham Forest can go back into


the play`off positions if they win at Millwall tonight. Millwall are


unbeaten in their last five home games.


Commentary tonight on BBC Radio Nottingham. Their sports special


starts just after 7pm. And, as ever, exclusive commentary


too on Leicester City, from BBC Radio Leicester 104.9 FM.


As for Derby County, they don't play till tomorrow night, at home to


Middlesbrough. And something else for the club to look forward to.


Pride Park's hosting international football again. The England


under`21s will play Wales there in March, in a European Championship


qualifier. Manager Steve McClaren says it's the perfect venue.


A magnificent stadium. I was there with Jim Smith when it was built and


opened. It was very modern then. The stadium is still as pristine as the


first day when it opened. That is credit to the football club who have


kept it going, and to the public. This is a great venue for football,


a great venue for the under 21 is as well, it is great news.


Leicester Tigers expect to have lock Ed Slater and winger Vereniki Goneva


back, to bolster the squad, before the crucial Heineken Cup game with


Montpellier at the weekend. Tigers have been badly hit by injuries this


season, and have back to back games with the French side coming up.


We have if few missing still. But we will crack on and give it our best.


We will see if the crowd can drag us through.


Snooker. Leicester's Mark Selby is defending his UK Championships title


at the Barbican in London. His third round match was his most


straightforward yet of this year's tournament, Selby through to the


last 16, with a 6`0 win over Stuart Carrington.


In ice hockey, the Nottingham Panthers play tonight. The injury


and suspension`hit squad face a tough game at the National Ice


Centre, against league leaders Belfast Giants.


Now, the young classmates releasing a song for their friend who died of


cancer. It's called Always In Our Hearts, A Song For Rose. Rose


Whittle was ten, and a pupil at Nottingham Girls High School. She


died in March this year. Today, her friends and family told Jo Healey


all about their song. You told me to live, you told me to


love. Rose was diagnosed with a rare children's cancer when she was


eight. Obviously we were devastated, we had


a daughter who was always happy, bright with a zest for life.


She was very jolly all the time when I visited her in hospital. We wrote


a song about her because she was always really musical. She liked the


guitar and ukelele. The day after she died, we got a book and rewrote


different poems to remember her. And then 0


different poems to remember her. And then we wrote words down on a piece


of paper from the poems that really inspired us of what she was. She did


music. We split up into groups, violins,


clarinets, flutes. In the end we formed it together and maybe music


for the song. We sat around a piano and put stuff


together. By the end of the day we had an amazing song to express our


feelings about Rose. The song is a fantastic celebration


of her life, a tribute to Rose, and raising awareness for children's


cancer, and raising money for the cancer ward at Queens 0


cancer, and raising money for the cancer ward at Queens medical


Centre, Nottingham, to make it a home from home for families living


with cancer. Everyone loved rose from their


hearts, from being her friend. A beautiful song, what a lovely


tribute. Fantastic effort. You can download it from Thursday. I think


it should be a Christmas number one. Time now for the weather.


We have some lovely sunshine on the way, but it is a weather picture


first. This is a picture of the starlings in Stoney Middleton, on


Sunday. Keep them coming in. Thereafter changes on the way for


the next few days. Fairly quiet recently. A weather front moving


south tonight. Bringing some rain tonight. The main thing is it will


clear that cloud. We are emerging from the gloom. Rain will clear


away, the 0 from the gloom. Rain will clear


away, the cloud will break, lots of lovely sunshine. Some breaks in the


cloud this evening. The cloud will thicken again. This weather front


will bring some rain in the early hours. The 0


will bring some rain in the early hours. The cloud will hold the


temperatures up, down to four degrees. Cloudy and damp to start.


That rain will clear away swiftly. Taking the cloud with it quickly. By


the 0 Taking the cloud with it quickly. By


the middle of the day tomorrow, we will be basking in sunshine. Breezy


tomorrow. Feeling fairly call, highs of seven Celsius. Things are getting


livelier as we go into Thursday. A deepening area of low pressure


swinging to the North. You can see the squeeze in the isobars meaning a


windy day on Thursday. We have a weather warning in force.


That's all for now. You can join us during the ten o'clock


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