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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: Guilty. The sex attacker who targeted six women in one night.


He is found guilty of 18 sex offences. He was filmed chasing one


of his victims along the street. The court has heard evidence of some of


the worst crimes imaginable. A fresh warning that terrorists are


stepping up their attempts to place bombs on freight planes.


Leicestershire's police commissioner gets strict talking from teenagers.


Art as therapy. How a project in Nottingham is helping to transform


the lives of a group of women. Good evening. First tonight: The law


catches up with a prolific and dangerous sex attacker. Harbinder


Khaktar from Derby was today found guilty of 18 offences, including


five rapes. Incredibly, 14 of those offences, including three of the


rapes, took place in just ONE night last February. One of his


traumatised victims said what happened to her had affected every


part of her life. In another twist, Khatkar today became the first


person in Debyshire to be re`tried under double jeopardy laws after


earlier being acquitted of raping ANOTHER woman in 2011.


CCTV footage shows Harbinger on the prowl. He was about to embark on a


horrific catalogue of attacks on women. The CCTV shows one victim


fleeing from him with him in pursuit. She fought him off, as did


another victim on the street. A third is unlucky. He then follows a


woman home from the pub, bursts into her house in attacks but is driven


off. Round the corner, he knocks a double and gets inside. He reaps a


terrified woman downstairs while her children sleep upstairs. Hours


later, 0 children sleep upstairs. Hours


later, he leaves and goes to a flat where he knocks and tries to attack


another woman but she managed to get him to leave with money. This has


been one of the largest and most complex investigations undertaken by


my team of detectives. The attacks were not his first. Two years ago,


he was rested for others. He has also been found guilty of four


attacks. This is the first case in Derbyshire were an acquittal has


been overturned by the Court of Appeal so that the same charges can


be brought against the same man. The court heard a witness impact


statement saying he'd completely wrecked her life, leaving her


terrified to go out and unable to forget her nightmare ordeal. It's


the impact, not just on the victim but on their family as well. The


judge will pass sentence on Friday but has already indicated he faces a


life sentence. There are fresh warnings tonight


that the terrorists who planted an explosive device found on a plane at


East Midlands Airport are using more sophisticated techniques. That's


come from government officials who say bomb makers in the Middle East


are determined to develop explosives that are much harder to detect.


It was the moment East Midlands airport became the focus of an


international security alert. Three years ago, a bomb, sent from Yemen,


was found on a plane. It was disguised inside a printer. Now,


there is a new warning. Officials in Whitehall say terrorists in Yemen


are determined to develop bombs that are harder to spot. The devices are


becoming more difficult because they are sealing them up so that the


papers don't get out so much. They are designing explosives that don't


smell so much so that dogs can't sniff them. They are designing them


so they look like similar things. This professor has spent ten years


developing a special laser that can detect trace amounts of explosives.


He says we need radical approaches to security in order to stay safe.


The techniques we have currently were developed 40 years ago. They


have got used to those and we now need new techniques that change the


game, stuff that really puts the advantage back on the harder `` in


the hands of security people. East Midlands airport is getting new


security body scanners, another element in the global fight against


terrorism. A little earlier, I spoke to the


BBC's security correspondent, Frank Gardner, and I began by asking him


in what way terrorists bombs are becoming more sophisticated. There


is a small group of professional, clever expert bomb in Yemen who have


been devising nonmetallic bonds that are very hard to detect and


disguised in ordinary things, either packed flat against the body or


described `` disguised in printer ink cartridges. One of these devices


was brought out of Yemen just weeks before the London Olympics but


people in Whitehall are convinced they are continuing to devise these


devices and coming up with new ways to fill security. How worried should


booby? Not too worried. Britain has got scanners and efficient systems


for this. The worry is when you get on planes in airports that don't


have sufficient security, where the operator is not paying attention,


where they don't have up`to`date body scanners. I am sure you have


seen people being patted down, but also with these tongs and a little


swab. That is looking with explosive traces. If you have been anywhere


near explosives, you may not think you have handled it, but somebody


you know know somebody who has handled it that will show up. East


Midlands airport are awaiting scanners, but traditionally, airline


travel has or has been the safest way to travel. I don't think it's


becoming more dangerous. Al`Qaeda has had a fascination with using


planes as bonds, as targets. They will not give that up. But the


airline security regime has got harder for them to penetrate in the


last ten years. They are trying to come up with new ways to get through


that, but it is a harder target for them than it was.


Still to come: New slippers for old. Why hundreds of elderly people are


being offered comfy new footwear that COULD save their lives.


The funeral took place today of one of the four people who died in a


house fire in North Derbyshire. 27`year`old Claire James died when


her house at North Wingfield caught fire last month. Her seven year old


daughter survived. The funerals of Josie Leighton and her sons Tyler


and Jordan, who also died in the fire, will be held on Friday.


Hundreds of motorists are stuck on the M1 in Leicestershire this


evening after a lorry overturned and the motorway was 0


evening after a lorry overturned and the motorway was shut going south.


The crash blocked the southbound carriageway between junction 22 and


21A. One person was taken to the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham


following the accident with injuries that are not thought to be


life`threatening. Recovery work is continuing. The carriageway MAY open


around 7pm. I have seen, at junction 23, cars on the hard shoulder and


reversing back`up, backwards, going back up to junction 23, the slip


road. For the very latest travel news,


keep listening to your BBC local radio station through the evening.


Inspectors say improvements have been made at the Bradgate Mental


Health Unit in Leicester but more work still needs to be done. The


Care Quality Commission previously gave two warning notices over


record`keeping and the physical needs of patients. The inspectors


did find improvements in those areas but say more should be done to


ensure that appropriate numbers of suitably skilled and knowledgeable


staff are on duty. What do young people actually think


about the police and how could relations be improved? Well, over


1,000 young people in Leicestershire have been given the chance to


address just those questions. Their best suggestions will be revealed by


the county's Police and Crime Commisioner later this month, but


will he act on them? Our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball,


joins us now from South Wigston. Come to any high street and you can


bet you will find teenagers who say they don't like the police. You will


hear complaints about disrespect and stop and search. That is why the


local police Commissioner came to the college behind me to look for


solutions. These are Asian and I getting stopped and searched. It is


called the big conversation and it is about making changes to what


young people feel about the police. This is stereotyping. The police and


crime commission won't be surprised by the complaint said. They have


come up time and time again. What ever police do, once young people


are older, it will affect them. Right now, it is more towards hate.


I have tried to look a police officer and the blank you. They


don't interact with young people. If police went into primary schools and


developed positive relationships with children, they are more likely


to not be against them so much. He is planning to use the best ideas to


improve very poor relationships but he knows that way be easy. So,


Jeremy, can this really make a practical difference? The police


commissioner is convinced that it can and here's looking at whether


they can build more trust by changing things like how they train


officers and the recruitment process. I asked him what surprise


to most about what young people have suggested that the sessions. Their


relationships with the police are not what we want to be and we need


to address that lack of warmth and trust. The core issues are fairness


which are shown through today. Some people might say, you will not get


ideas here from people causing problems. Through these 25 people,


we will hit 2000 people, and that is valid. That is valid and a large


number of conversations, and quantity has a quality all of its


own! We're getting that feedback and I don't accept it is shallow. I set


this up because I didn't have the answers. It's worth saying that the


big conversation has even heard from young offenders down the road from


here, locked up. Their views will be considered as well and the findings


will be revealed when the youth commission unveils its final results


at Leicestershire's police headquarters.


Still to come: A key fixture for the high`flying rams. Tonight, Derby


County take on Middlesbrough, where manager Steve McClaren's managerial


career began. Thankfully for those fans, tonight


will not be too windy. Tomorrow, on the other hand, a very windy day


indeed. Full details on the next few moments.


Nottingham City Council is defending paying almost ?600,000 last year in


discretionary redundancy payments for staff who promise not to


complain. The so`called "compromise agreements" are paid on top of


statutory redundancy. The council claims they protect it from further


legal costs like tribunals. The TaxPayer's Alliance has criticised


such agreements as wasteful but council leaders say it only equates


to ?4,000 per person. If you fall and injure yourself at


home, it can be a really distressing experience, especially if you have


to go to hospital. Treating patients who have fallen over costs the NHS


?6 billion a year. Well, today, older people in Leicestershire have


been given advice on how to stay steady on their feet this winter.


For James and Mary, even getting up the stairs can take its toll. Mary


has dementia and suffered a stroke three years ago which makes a


unsteady on her feet. Mary is afraid of the cooker now. When she fell, if


frightened her and she didn't want to get up and I have got to try and


get her up. Four is common after strokes. To give 0


get her up. Four is common after strokes. To give Mary a bit more


confidence, James has brought Mary to a slipper exchange. Anyone over


65 can bring their old slippers in exchange for new ones. It's been


organised by the parish council to make older people feel safer in


their home. Slippers have been fitted by a specially trained team


of fitters who asked them all sorts of questions about their medical


needs. The slippers are Velcro fastenings so they can be


comfortable. Hopefully, that will reduce the amount of force people


experience. One third of over 65 's full every year. That amounts to 3


million people across the country. In Leicestershire alone, 3000 people


have been admitted to hospital with hip fractures, mostly caused by


falls since 2006. After a proper fitting in a new pair of slippers


each, James and Mary arrived back at their house. The slippers are just a


small step in reducing the risk of Mary falling at home.


Eight giant beams that will support the roof of the new food hall at


Leicester Market have been lifted into position. The laminated timber


beams were brought in from Denmark. The longest measures 25 yards. The


work took place overnight to avoid disruption to the market. The


project's costing ?7 million. The existing building will be demolished


and the work's expected to finish in March.


A piece of art inspired by one of Britain's greatest sculptors has


been unveiled in Nottingham. The wedge`shaped work, called Juggernaut


of Nought, has been installed outside Nottingham Trent


University's School of Art Design in Shakespeare Street. It's the work


of Richard Trupp, who says he was inspired by his time working with


Sir Anthony Caro. The 89`year`old, who died in October, was regarded as


the greatest sculptor of his generation.


Coming up: A big night for Derby, but first, breaking news. Nottingham


Forest are tonight going to issue a formal complaint to the Football


League after talented midfielder Nate Chalobah was racially abused


during the game at Millwall last night.


Last night at half`time, he complain to the assistant manager that he had


been subject to racist chanting by a section of Millwall fans. He claims


a group of home supporters taunted him with racist language while he


was injured on the sidelines during the game. In the second half, he


scored the equaliser in the match. But he felt so upset by the alleged


racist incident that he asked his club to report the matter to the


football league. The club are now issue a formal complaint to Millwall


and the league and say they treat any incident of this nature


extremely seriously and will be liaising closely with the relevant


authorities in their investigation of the issue. Nate joined Forest on


loan from Chelsea in September. Onto football matters on the pitch


and Leicester City. They are still top despite defeat at Sheffield


Wednesday last night. Not many would have expected Leicester to lose and


it looked like they would continue their dominance in the league when


Anthony Knockeart put them ahead just three minutes into the game but


Conor Wickham had other ideas. He was the star of the show for the


South Yorkshire team and scored two goals to give the manager`less


Wednesday all three points. Well, Derby County play tonight and


they are really flying at the moment. Since manager Steve McClaren


arrived, the Rams have taken 17 points out of 24. In the next hour,


they take on Middlesborough, a team where McClaren's managerial career


all began. McLaren in George huge success at


Middlesbrough, winning the League Cup and taking them to Europe. That


time was buzzing and rocking! Great nights. Cup finals. That's the kind


of thing we want to create here. He certainly managed to create a buzz


so far. Just one defeat in eight games and they have won their last


three. There is no shortage of belief amongst the players. I don't


think there is anything in the dressing room of any opposition of


players we face. If we bring our best game, we can deal with anybody


and be anybody. McLaren first met the team before the game against


Ipswich. So, could he have imagined, back then, he would have


done so well since? From that position, to where we are now, I


don't think anybody would have dream of that kind of a start. I have got


to give credit to the players, recovering from a setback from the


club, to reacting the way they have, gone on the way they haven't


played the football they have. How far they want to go, it is up to the


players. It's a challenge. We try to do that every game. We have to make


sure we keep knocking them over the head and keep their feet on the


ground. Cricket and no sleep for fans


tonight. The second Ashes test begins in Adelaide, with England


hoping for a much better performance. Two men who know all


about the Ashes are former Leicestershire and England stars


Matthew Hoggard and Paul Nixon. How do you see the test match going?


It's up to England to fight back and make sure the senior players stand


up and be counted. They have been in this situation before. Australia


won't be easy to beat in Adelaide and I'm sure England will be doing


all the right things in the warm`ups and pre`match preparations to put


Adelaide on the map as a victory to England. Your thoughts on the game?


A massive game. It will be interesting to see what England do


with the batting. I think England will win the test. Much flatter


pitches. More batsmen friendly. Ice hockey Nottingham Panthers


secured their sixth straight home victory last night at the National


Ice Centre. They thrashed Elite League leaders Belfast Giants by


8`3. Leigh Salters scored twice and there were also goals for David


Clarke, Matt Francis, Robert Lachowicz, Petr Kalus and Chris


Capraro. Coach Corey Neilson said the win wasn't so much a statement


to the rest of the league but a reminder to his players of what


they're capable of. And now, how contemporary art is


helping transform lives. A Nottingham gallery has been working


closely with a group of women, many of whom have been the victims of


domestic violence. The aim is to boost their confidence through art,


and as Geeta Pendse has been finding out, for some, it's given them a


voice for the first time. Breaking through a mask of silence,


the ethos behind this project. Many here have experienced abusive


relationships and mental health problems. Over two months, these


workshops aim to give the women a new voice through art. Quite a lot


of them have been through traumatic relationships in the past and are


surviving domestic violence, so we decided to set up a project to help


them feel empowered through the medium of art. Louise could barely


speak when she attended the pilot project last year. Now she's back


and mentoring other women. I was quiet on the very first session,


didn't speak to anybody, so the fact I am doing this now is actually


quite a big step for me. Contemporary art is not everyone's


cup of tea, but the project is about making exhibitions like this one


more accessible. The women are encouraged to question what they


see, react and incorporated in their own work. Working with art forms


ranging from photography to painting, for Louise, it's also a


chance to share experiences. It's been humbling to see the other women


as well. State, another exhibition space will be open. This time, it


will showcase the women's work. Tomorrow is a very windy day indeed,


particularly the further north you are. That is why we find ourselves


in the amber warning zone. It's pretty whether we get an amber


warning. We could potentially see blasts of 80 mph, but probably more


likely to be 60`70 mph. Tonight, that is a much easier tale to tell


because there are clearer skies. Then the breeze picks up. Maybe just


a bit of a ruler or frost for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, you


might see a few people looking like that for a time. But check out


tightly isobars are. That means it be windy. As we make our way through


the afternoon, that band of rain turns heavy for a time and very


windy. Disruption as possible, particularly to public transport.


Amber warning means to be prepared for it. Behind it, we have this band


of high pressure, meaning it is more settled. However, it will also be


much colder. All of this mild there we have had starts to spell away


from behind us and that cold arctic air will start to move down, so


Friday looking like a very cold day indeed. While it will be much drier


and settled and nowhere near as windy, it will be very cold indeed.


We will see a largely settled weekend on Saturday and Sunday, but


tomorrow, one or two hats.


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