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That's all from the BBC's news at 6pm. It's goodbye from me and on BBC


One, we join our teams This is East Midlands Today with


Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale. Tonight ` high winds wreak havoc


across the region. The Winter storm toppled trees and broad masonry


crashing down. Thousands of homes without power. Also, charity that


help smash a paedophile gang faces closure because of funding cuts.


Plus civil rights leader Jesse Jackson draws a crowd in Leicester


with a message of hope. Violence hurts and destroys. Nonviolent


generates hope and 0 hurts and destroys. Nonviolent


generates hope and healing. And we get a sneak preview of how the ?50


million revamp of Nottingham station is taking shape.


Welcome to the programme. Fierce winds and driving rain have caused


major disruption throughout the East Midlands. In north Nottinghamshire,


a man was killed when he was struck by a falling tree. Thousands of


homes are without power this evening and traffic on the M1 was brought to


a standstill after a number of lorries were blown over. Many


country parks and tourist attractions were closed for safety


reasons. Our reporter Geeta Pendse is outside Nottingham Castle. Good


evening. The gates here Nottingham Castle have been firmly closed today


stop as have the grounds of several country parks, mainly because of the


risk of falling trees. As you mentioned, there have been major


travel disruptions and power cuts as gusts of up to 60 mph swept through


our region. Several trees fell around the area as the winds peaked


earlier this afternoon. We have been complaining about the tree for ten


years, the state it's in, we wanted it 0


years, the state it's in, we wanted it cutting back and we have been


fobbed off, saying it's protected. It was just going to happen sooner


or later. I went to the garden to clear the toys away, I was looking


around the trees and soulless one creaking and all of a sudden it went


down, bang. This tree behind us came crashing down with the wind, is just


bent them all over and next minute, that one snapped. It was a similar


picture across the region with falling trees blocking the roads.


Derby City Council's highway teams work to 0 0


Derby City Council's highway teams work to clear the roads while in


Derby city centre, this area was cordoned off after falling masonry.


There were major disruptions on the M1 northbound between junctions 27


and 29 after a lorry overturned. A country park was one of several to


close as a precaution. We would like to make sure that visitors who come


here are safe, that's our top priority, so we had to close the


parts of people are not in danger of falling trees, we have 0


parts of people are not in danger of falling trees, we have a lot of


debris in the park at the moment that our Rangers are working to


clear up. In Derbyshire, police say they have received over 305th the


weather related calls and as the daylight diminished, work


continued. It wasn't just the roads today. The railway lines were also


affected, in particular East Coast mainline. Passengers are advised to


travel only if this area. We also understand around 11,000 homes


experienced power cuts. The power companies say they are working to


bring electricity back to those homes. Obviously, we'll be getting a


full forecast later but Anna's here now. Anna, has the worst of it


passed now? Thankfully so. The winds were peaking around lunchtime today,


when we had widespread gusts of between 60 and 70 mph. I have been


decreasing since and thankfully they will ease during the night. Now, all


eyes on the coast? Definitely, as the winds are subsiding we are at


increased risk of coastal flooding. The Environment Agency are warning


of a possible storm surge. This is in addition to high tides. We are


focusing our attention on the Lincolnshire coast. Still to come `


the crowds come out to 0 Lincolnshire coast. Still to come `


the crowds come out to greet a hero of the US civil rights movement. The


reverend Jesse Jackson was in Leicester, unveiling a plaque to a


young football coach who was stabbed to death in the street.


A charity that helped to smash a paedophile ring 0


A charity that helped to smash a paedophile ring says it could now be


forced to close ` because of council cuts. The police have said it's


"vital" that Derby`based Safe and Sound continues to receive funding.


Simon Hare can tell us more. Someone much older hurts me physically and


mentally. A youngster who was helped by Safe and Sound. This poem and


others now being used to train health care professionals. Derby has


ever looked a nationwide reputation for combating sexual exploitation


but now Safe and Sound's own future is far from secure. It could lose a


fifth of its funding currently comes from the City Council. It will


directly in affect how we can support children and 0


directly in affect how we can support children and young people.


It was Safe and Sound who alerted authorities to a paedophile gang


grooming young girls in Derby, often cruising around the city, looking


for vulnerable youngsters. I wish I could say that isn't the same


situation now, but my working reality is I know it happened last


week and will potentially happen again this week. The council is


currently asking for views on how it should cut its budget. There will


definitely still be a need for support for these young children. We


need to work out how that should look in the 0


need to work out how that should look in the future, 0


need to work out how that should look in the future, going forward,


working with Safe and Sound and others. The police have described


the charity is the vital partner in their work to combat the sexual


exploitation of children. In a statement:


The American civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has been paying


tribute 0 Jesse Jackson has been paying


tribute to a young football coach who was stabbed to death in the


street in Leicester. The world renowned campaigner


planted a tree at Nirvana Football Club in memory of Antoin Akpom. The


20`year old father had been a player and coach there before he died.


Eleanor Garnier reports. It is a tribute to a local young man, but it


carries a message to the world. The international civil rights


campaigner Jesse Jackson turned an act of remembrance into a global


call for peace and an end to violence. 20`year`old Antoin Akpom


died after 0 violence. 20`year`old Antoin Akpom


died after being 0 violence. 20`year`old Antoin Akpom


died after being stabbed in the street in September. Trees have a


kind of eternal life. You plant a tree to say, he lives. You see the


young people here today whose hearts are still heavy yet they are coming


together in love and not in hate and hurt. That says much about the


extended life of Antoin. It shows that 0


extended life of Antoin. It shows that one person 0


extended life of Antoin. It shows that one person can make a


difference. The amount of people he has brought together, Jesse Jackson


all the way from America, in honour of his name. Not a lot of people


could say that. That just shows the work that Antoin put in. This isn't


the first on the Reverend Jesse Jackson has been to Leicester. A


couple of years ago he was given an honorary degree from the Montfort


University. Earlier today he was making his mark on another local


spot. The new Jesse Jackson Park was opened in front of hundreds of


schoolchildren. Back at nirvana FC, Jesse Jackson's daughter added her


voice to the tributes to 20`year`old Antoin.


The family of a Leicestershire woman who was shot dead are asking anyone


with information about her death to come forward. 30`year old Hayley


Pointon died from a single gunshot wound at a house at Hinckley in


February. Her family say bringing the killer to justice would ease


their pain. Police have so far arrested 21 people as part of their


murder inquiry. Nine are on bail. So far no one's been charged.


The new chair of Nottingham's biggest hospital trust says smoking


may be allowed in controlled areas. The health regulator NICE has said


that lighting up should be banned in all hospital premises. There've been


particular problems in Nottingham at the Queens Medical Centre and at the


Maternity Unit at the City Hospital. The Trust's new chair Louise Scull


says a compromise may be possible. Derby City Council wants to bring in


attacks on supermarkets to help deal with budget cuts. It says it's


hoping to spearhead an national campaign. The council says taxing


large stalls could bring in around 1 million per year locally. They say


they are planning to put pressure on Westminster. The tax already exists


in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Next, dementia. It'll be the subject


under discussion next week at a special G8 summit in London. That's


because international experts forecast that dementia cases will


triple worldwide by 2050. But what about closer to home? Well, in our


part 0 0 about closer to home? Well, in our


part of the world diagnosis rates vary depending on where you live.


Campaigners say as well as being under`diagnosed dementia is under


researched and often misunderstood. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons


reports. It's about giving people an


understanding of dementia. The future of dementia care started.


These volunteers have not diagnosed with it but are willing to become


what is called dementia friends, supporting patients and families. We


want to encourage numbers of the general public just to become aware


of dementia, how it might feel to have dementia. The picture of


diagnosis rates is varied. The Nottingham West commissioning group


has the highest rate. I think as soon as you might have a


possibility, so you can organise your life and get them sorted. They


are in England's top ten in Nottingham West for picking up


cases. This woman, it is one of the best phase. I have seen too many


people just lose their marbles, lose all their pressure in living and


being quite incapable of being able to look after themselves. I don't


want that to happen to me. I would rather jump off a cliff. Front line


GPs say both they and 0 rather jump off a cliff. Front line


GPs say both they and thus need to get better at spotting the symptoms.


Things like taking medication can become more difficult, more context


tasks like preparing a meal, they might be repeating themselves quite


frequently asking the same question repeatedly. Dementia is a huge


priority. More of us are likely to get it. 20 to keep the G8 summit


busy. `` plentiful stop ``. The 0


busy. `` plentiful stop ``. The scaffolding has been up for so


long, you might have forgotten what Nottingham station looks like, and


the ?50 million redevelopment is still some way off from being


completed. It's not to be confused with the recent resignalling work


which closed the station for five weeks. This is a much longer`term


project which we're promised will establish the station as the Gateway


to Nottingham. Quentin Rayner has been to see how things are taking


shape. Gone are the days when the front of the station was full of


throbbing taxis, open to the elements. From next spring it will


be covered, pedestrianised and hoping to attract more than just


travellers. We are trying to create a destination station, like we have


in St Pancras, people can shop, catch a train wherever they are


going. The 6.5 million passengers who use the station every year will


also enjoy a new ticket office and refurbished platforms. This new


station is all about creating an integrated hub. In future you will


be able to park your car in the multistorey car park, audit of a


tram here, and then through this brand`new concourse, 0


tram here, and then through this brand`new concourse, be able to


travel down into the main station to catch a train. ?50 million as part


of a wider investment here, truly well spent. People will see where


the money has gone and what the advantages of the work we're doing


here are. As a listed building, much has to be preserved. When a


suspended ceiling was removed in a cafe, early 20th`century friezes of


cherubs chasing each other were revealed. Maintaining the heritage


as important as it adds to the character of the station, taking


anything away would devalue it. This is the refurbished booking hall


which has been restored to its former glory. The original stonework


and tiles have been restored by the same Nottingham company that appear


in the first place in 1903. The new concourses will be opened by next


April but you will have to wait another year before the hub is fully


operational. It does look fabulous. Still to come ` the little girl


lighting up an entire town. Two`year`old Iris was asked to


switch on the Christmas lights in Southwell. Find out why, later.


A programme on BBC One tonight will shine a spotlight on some of the


East Midlands crumbling heritage. Presented by Selina Scott, Restoring


England's Heritage features ` among others ` the Taylors Bell Foundry In


Loughborough ` one of only two working bell foundries in England.


The roof's leaking and the building needs three million pounds 0


The roof's leaking and the building needs three million pounds to


restore it. In a moment we'll hear from Ben Robinson of English


Heritage but first here's a clip from the programme.


Loud and proud, the workers here often spend their lunch hour ringing


their own bills. This is a focus for bell`ringing and Bell manufacture in


the country. It is almost unique, and that must stay, it simply must,


can't let it go. But this cavernous Victorian foundry is leaking like a


sieve. And unless there is urgent action, this historic site could


close. It 0 action, this historic site could


close. It looked fine, but obviously it is leaking. There is an urgency


for it to be repaired, then? A lot of buildings have hidden problems


and it's not until you start probing a way that you realise how


vulnerable they are. How significant is the foundry? Fantastically so,


it's unique, a purpose`built foundry that is still in use, after 150


years. You can't see this anywhere else. How did it get into this


state? A lot of owners struggle to keep up with maintenance, they


focused on their main business and maybe 0 0


focused on their main business and maybe the structure of the building


isn't foremost in their minds all the time. So everyone requires a bit


of help every so often to get those things sorted. Some of these


problems are quite specialist, difficult to sort 0


problems are quite specialist, difficult to sort out. 0


problems are quite specialist, difficult to sort out. Is this


indicative of buildings across the region, things get to a point and


then they have problems like this? Sometimes you do 0


then they have problems like this? Sometimes you do with catastrophes,


a storm or a fire will create a show out of a perfectly good holding,


disaster will happen. Otherwise, a slow decay or neglectful set in and


buildings will reach that tipping point where it becomes incredibly


difficult to get back to productive use. We are talking about vast sums,


?3 million to save this building. Times are hard in terms of the


economy. It can 0 Times are hard in terms of the


economy. It can be a lot of money, there are things you can do to


prevent the decay and slow it down without going the whole hog. But the


longer you leave things, the more expensive they get. Part of our job


is to try and catch things before they go on our risk register. How


can people get involved they would like to help? We publish and at risk


register, which shines a spotlight on our most important and vulnerable


heritage. 0 on our most important and vulnerable


heritage. We need to know what's out there, what's vulnerable to decay or


loss and we needed to galvanise our heritage. 0


loss and we needed to galvanise our heritage. Once they are gone, they


are gone forever. You can find out more about that on our programme


later. At 7:30pm on BBC One. First, talking about crumbling heritage.


First, they left it late, they admit it 0 0


First, they left it late, they admit it was a poor performance ` but


nobody really cares about that at Derby County? Victory over


Middlesbrough lifts them up to fourth in the Championship table. No


wonder expectations are high at Pride Park. Angela has more. They


can't do nothing wrong since McLaren came. I will take the play`offs, or


else, top two! We get excited to come because we know we can win!


McLaren's march up the table is gathering pace. Middlesbrough were


trying to put a stop to it but they were up against a Rams team in form.


The visitors soon found themselves a man down. It was down to Martin to


break the deadlock for Martin. `` for Derby. Their lead lasted until


the second half, when Middlesbrough equalised through Whitehead. It


looked likely to end honours even, until late in the day, up popped,


salmon. When it is 1`1, pushing for a goal,


you always have that optimism that you can make the difference and get


yourself into the right area. Thankfully tonight, it's gone well


for me. 0 Thankfully tonight, it's gone well


for me. We know we need to be better on Saturday. Four wins on the trot.


The rise of the Rams goes on. Defender Andre Wisdom at Derby has


been a key part of the team's success and was today among four


players in the mix for the Championship player of the month


award. Leicester City winger Lloyd Dyer has


also been nominated for the same award. Nigel Pearson has too been


short listed too for manager of the month. The old cliche is the award


is often a curse, so not everyone wants Nigel to win it. I don't get


why we are still doing well! But obviously, what we do on the pitch,


for him 0 obviously, what we do on the pitch,


for him and for us, it's for him. Speaking to both the league is


obviously why he has been nominated and deserves it. Elsewhere,


Leicester Tigers are gearing up for two Games that could define their


season. They play Montpelier twice in a daze. The result will decide


whether they have any hope of going through to the European knockout


stages. The first of those matches on Sunday is at home, that could be


crucial. The crowd will be a massive


influence on what goes on. The attitude of how the friend turn up


and want to play, or don't, will be a massive impact on the result ``


the French turn up. We will put them into our poky dressing room, only


about four of them will probably fit in there! Hopefully, we will show


them how English proficient rugby is played. `` premiership rugby.


Hopefully we will combat their physicality with our relentlessness.


In France, I think they grind you out a bit more. You think you have


broken the back of it after 50 minutes, the neighbouring three or


four players on to keep the physical battle going. We're not looking too


far ahead, we have just got to get the win here. I think we're good


enough to win home and away, I don't see why we can't. These two Games


will be the deciding factors in finishing top or not. We probably


need to have at least five points out of the two Games if not more.


You can hear how they get on on the radio. Not to be mist!


A little girl from Nottinghamshire had a big task on her hands this


evening. Iris Jaworski, who's two, and suffers from muscular dystrophy,


was asked to switch on Southwell's Xmas lights. Her family say they're


delighted that she's been asked to do the honours and hope the event


will also help raise money for research into her condition.


Angelina Socci reports. It's an exciting day for Iris, not only is


she responsible for decorating this Christmas tree at her home, she also


has another big job ahead of her. She has been asked to switch on the


town's Christmas lights. RS is a very local little girl, we are


always in the town, people have got to know her and her story, I think


it has really touched them. She is a very endearing little girl, and I


think they felt it would be a lovely thing to do. Iris was diagnosed with


muscular dystrophy a year ago. Her family hope that as was bringing the


community together, this will help raise vital funds for charity. The


funds will go to two special charities, you must muscular


dystrophy campaign, there is real hope there will be a cure. The other


one is the school 0 hope there will be a cure. The other


one is the school for parents, a fantastic organisation who have


helped them immensely over the six to eight months. Not to be out


done, her big sister will also be picking the raffle tickets tonight.


Says it is an important time for the whole family. It's a lovely,


positive thing, that's how we live our lives, planning for the worst


but hoping for the best full stop that's what we will continue to do.


The community is now hoping that tonight 's event will be just a


sparkly as her new shoes. I'm sure it will be. She will be doing the


honours in about five minutes! Time for the weather.


We really have had a gusty day today, the winds picked up


lunchtime, we are now focusing our attention on the storm surge across


the Lincolnshire coast. If you live or work out that way, here is the


first line number. It was this Atlantic storm which started to


track east during the early hours of this morning. The I suppose ``


isobars tightened, behind that, the introduction of much colder air. The


good news is things will be calmer tomorrow, much lighter winds, but


you will notice it feeling really quite chilly. With that in mind and


a few showers around, we have a Met Office warning in force with a risk


of ice. Be careful if you are heading out on the roads. Generally


clear skies at the moment, more cloud towards the West. A few


showers moving south as we go through the night stop they could be


wintry across higher ground but it then gets drier towards the morning


with the good swathes of blue, which means a widespread frost. If you


wake up with the sunshine, the best of it is across the East throughout


the day, we start to see more cloud across the West, one or two showers


possible into the Derbyshire Peak District. On the whole, calmer day,


lighter winds, a good deal of dry weather but look at those


temperatures. Very cold tomorrow. A quick look at the outlook: Not


feeling too bad into the new week. Positively balmy by the new week!


Lates news later. See you then full


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