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The sun shall never set on so glorious a human


This is East Midlands Today, with Dominic Heale. And me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: A global figure who touched our lives.


The day after his death, we reflect on this region's surprising


connections with Nelson Mandela. We will do better, so says the new


boss of our under fire ambulance service.


Staff are said to me, we don't want to be in this position but in a


stronger place, back to being an organisation we can be proud of. The


man who paid out hundreds for a photo of an Xbox on eBay.


I was expecting it to be more bulky, it was a bit slim. I was conned out


of my money. Look who is on the programme


tonight. Sorry, yes! He's good, isn't he!


. Good evening. Welcome to Friday's programme.


The influence of Nelson Mandela as a world figure reaches far and wide.


Today, the day after his death, it turns out that people in this region


have the most 0 turns out that people in this region


have the most surprising connections with a man who spent his life


fighting racism. Countless others who never met him have been deeply


marked by Mandela's life, even though it was lived thousands of


miles away. Eleanor Garnier reports.


Welcome to Leicester's Nelson Mandela Park. A city that celebrates


diversity and one where the life and work of Mr Mandela, a freedom


fighter, prisoner, turned president, is extremely significant.


I have been talking to one student here from South Africa. She told me


how important he is to her and her country.


He opened so many doors for even our parents who were unable to work the


jobs they wanted to work during apartheid. He has given us hope. He


has given us a future. We look forward to doing great things as


well. It was that gift of hope that


inspired Shirley, a political exile who left South Africa in 1968, and


now lives in Derby. I feel ashamed of myself because I


had a lot of anger and bitterness because I had to give up my country.


But, the more I got to know about Mandela, the more I thought about


it, I was ashamed of myself. I was with the American civil rights


activist Jesse Jackson yesterday as he visited Leicester. We spoke about


Mr Mandela in the hours before he died. The genius of Mandela, 27


years in jail, he chose reconciliation over retribution.


Reconciliation over retribution, followed by hope, not fear. In


1995, but then not in South MP Alan Simpson met Mr Mandela in South


Africa. He said, I'm terribly sorry for being delayed. I've been saying


goodbye to the Pope. You felt, fair enough. He made us feel the


shortcomings were from him. But actually his was the gift of just


being in the room. Books of condolence have been opened in


Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. Flags across the region are flying


at half`mast. People in the East Midlands are joining the rest of the


world in marking the death of men `` Nelson Mandela.


Next tonight: A service in turmoil? Or a victim of unfair public and


media criticism? East Midlands Ambulance Service is rarely out of


the headlines. Its ability to respond to cases in a timely way has


been under particular scrutiny. Tonight, we're asking the woman in


charge just what's going on with our ambulance service. Is it in crisis?


But first, here's our health correspondent Rob Sissons, with some


of the hard facts about EMAS. East Midlands ambulances are


supposed to get to 95% of all life`threatening emergencies within


19 minutes. But EMAS missed this target this year by more than 3%.


Instead of 95% of cases, EMAS managed only 91.8%. It led to the


service's third fine in as many years for missing response targets.


On top of that, a separate report by the Care Quality Commission found


EMAS had failed to meet three CQC standards, on its care of people who


use the service, its staffing, and its training and support. At the


time, the service insisted it was on top of the issues, and was


improving. But only last month, senior management were summoned to a


meeting with NHS England about, again, poor response times. And also


this time, patient safety. There'd even been a day when EMAS was unable


to handle even the most urgent 999 calls. Let alone those that didn't


threaten life. Bradley Watson was playing Sunday


football last month in Nottingham when a tackle left him facedown on


the ground with a broken leg. What he did not realise what he would be


left there for hours before ambulance crew Majak Daw arrived. It


was agony, it felt like forever. The pitch was soaking wet, I was worried


about myself getting hypothermia. When it came to two hours, I was


getting agitated. Two hours and 49 minutes, though, that is not


acceptable. The operation the surgeon carried out was three hours.


To repair his leg. I understand there are more


life`threatening situations. But I don't want anybody to go through


pain that that that that amount of time. It was horrendous.


Today, I met with Sue Noyes who's in charge of EMAS. 0


Today, I met with Sue Noyes who's in charge of EMAS. I asked her what she


made of Bradley's case? I can recognise from a patient point


of view that isn't an acceptable level of service. I offer my


apologies. We keep hearing about these cases.


One thing within our quality improvement programme is coming yes,


it's about response times, and clinical safety. On a personal


basis, I hear and I respond to every complaint we receive. We hear


patients and their stories, but we are taking direct action. From next


week, we will have a GP within our control centre, and a consultant


paramedic in the control centre, to make sure we are providing the right


resource to the right incident. And to watch how, when people are not


receiving an emergency ambulance, if their situation is deteriorating


over a length of time, we can pick that up and respond sooner. How does


it feel to be in charge of one of the worst performing trusts in the


country? I am enjoying the challenge but I recognise fully that EMAS


macro needs rejuvenating. `` EMAS need rejuvenating. People in the


East Midlands pay their taxes. When will they get the quality service


they want? We are working on a quality improvement programme on


better patient care, and we are planning to deliver on our response


targets by the end of next quarter, March. And in the meantime to


improve. That is our focus. Are you still committed to the controversial


sell`off of ambulance stations? That was part of a previous strategy. We


have put a short pause on that because we need to concentrate on


improving response times. We have winter coming up as well.


We'll be updating you on the performance of the Ambulance Service


over the coming months. A man who groomed teenage girls for


sex over the internet has been jailed for ten years, and condemned


as a predator. Ian Sluggett, from Whetstone in Leicestershire,


admitted 23 charges. Sluggett befriended the girls on social media


sites. He also forced some, as young as 13, to send him explicit photos


by threatening them. Quentin Rayner reports.


Using several pseudonyms, 40`year`old Ian Sluggett posed as a


16`year`old, sending friend requests and making contact with 3000 teenage


girls on Facebook. He convinced to 15`year`olds to meet up and have sex


with him several times in his van. He demanded explicit photos from


313`year`olds by using threats. Sluggett made 5000 calls to


113`year`old on his phone. He threatened another that if she went


to the police, her life would be over and he would send her naked


photos to her friends. He was clearly an organised person, he made


concerted efforts to contact young girls using false information, in a


very organised manner. That does concern us. The judge told the


father of three who is separated from his wife that he is a predator


who had cynically deceived and exploited young girls with no


concern for the damage he caused. The judge said the case highlighted


dangers posed by the misuse of the Internet, and the utter folly of


some young people and their attitude towards it. My concern is that there


are several thousand contacts on his phone, Facebook account and Skype


account. My concern is there are potentially other victims who we


would like to speak to. The Internet grooming only came to light because


one victim was overheard by a teacher talking about being


blackmailed. Sluggett was sentenced to ten years and is said to have


been disowned by his family. Still to come: In sport, Colin


reflects on the rise and rise of Derby County.


We are at Derby County surrounded by these fans enjoying the fact that


club is on a roll. And, Hi`de`Hoff! Anne schmoozes the


stars of Peter Pan, a panto that's sure to get you hooked.


People in Lincolnshire, who were evacuated from their homes last


night due to 0 evacuated from their homes last


night due to flooding, are facing a second night in temporary


accommodation. Flood waters swept through the town of Boston, after


yesterday's storm. More than 200 people had to spend the night at an


army barracks and a holiday camp just outside Grantham. The county


council says a number of them are facing a second night there, as


they're still unable to return home. A predatory rapist who attacked


seven women, six of them in one night, has been jailed for life.


Harbinder Khatkar, from Derby, was described by the judge as a highly


dangerous man who, if at liberty, would undoubtedly attack women


again. Khatkar, who terrorised six victims in the Normanton area of


Derby this year, had also subjected a seventh woman to a similar ordeal


two years before. The police say all the victims have been severely


traumatised. In court, we heard a statement from


one victim. She said how prior to the effect she had been a confident


person bringing up her children in a stable home in Derby. Her life has


been shattered, she has lost all her confidence. She fears going out


alone, she fears a knock at the door, always looking behind her.


Hopefully this sentence will be the beginning of her rebuilding her


life. The funerals have taken place of a


mother and her two children who were killed in a house fire in north


Derbyshire. Josie Leyton and her sons Tyler and Jordan died when the


property caught fire in the village of North Wingfield last month.


Josie's friend Claire James also died. Her funeral was held on


Wednesday. A multi`vehicle pile`up caused big


delays on the M1 this afternoon. One person was taken to hospital


following an accident involving as many as 13 vehicles. Elsewhere this


morning, two lorries were involved in a crash on the A38 outside Derby.


One of them fell on a car. It took four hours to clear the road. No one


there was hurt. Next, a warning to consumers about


ordering goods over the internet, from a man who thought he'd bought


an Xbox, but only got a photo of one instead. Peter Clatworthy from


Nottingham paid more than ?450 for what he believed was a gaming


console, even though the advert on eBay actually didn't promise that.


Luckily for Peter, he's now got a refund. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


He has learned a harsh lesson and now he wants others to beware. Peter


Clatworthy from Nottingham is warning people to check the fine


print when they buy online. After ordering an Xbox, paying more than


?450, this is what he got back. A picture of an Xbox. That is actually


what had been advertised online. I was flabbergasted at first. I was


expecting the Xbox to be a bit more bulky than it was. It was very slim.


I thought, I have been conned out of money. I had to laugh at first. You


can't be angry, it's your own fault. What did you say to the person who


sold it to you? At first, I said, very funny. He got back to me and


said you got what you bought. The auction site was eBay.


Very misleading. It says photo but in the description it says 500 bed


debates, hard drive, Bluetooth, Wi`Fi. You thought you were buying


an Xbox. I really did. In the run`up to Christmas, Peter hopes consumers


will check and check again before the order.


That would have been a bit of a disappointment. Just a little bit. A


little envelope. Time for sport. And some important


games this weekend. Colin's been out to Derby County where things are


going well for the new man in charge.


The Rams, not short of attention. Head coach Steve McClaren has


catapulted the Rams up the table! Since he took charge nine games ago,


the Rams have won six, drawn two, and only lost one. They are the


in`form team, fourth in the Championship, the ones to watch. So


this week, Angela Rafferty has been charting the rise o f the Rams.


From 14th to fourth in just nine league games, McClaren's men are


enjoying a meteoric rise of the Championship table.


The whole town is buzzing again. Yes. I wouldn't rule out automatic


promotion. When anybody is doing well, no


matter who it is, it is a good time. Penmanship, definitely. I


would say so, this season or next. Derby County is on the up. We have


to make sure we maintain it. That is our job, the players's job, and


performance. And about points and not letting people get carried away.


We are not even dreaming of promotion, play`offs. In March,


April, if we are in the same position, you can say, Derby County


are genuine contenders. At present, we are on a very good run with a lot


to prove. McClaren has led the team to the top and the feeling there is


plenty more `` is that there is plenty more to come.


An exceptional start to Steve McClaren. The Steve McClaren era has


started in impressive style. But it coincides with a new start for the


stadium here. Tomorrow, Pride Park will be re`named the iPro Stadium in


a sponsorship deal worth ?7 million. Look, the signs are already


up. More on that is a minute but the team Derby and everyone is chasing


at the top is of course near neighbours Leicester City.


Leicester manager Nigel Pearson says many of his team have an extra


incentive to perform to stay at the top of the league. 11 first`team


players are out of contract in the summer, including Kasper


Schmeichel, Wes Morgan and David Nugent. We will have to see if it


has an impact. Hopefully it doesn't. Players have focused very well so


far in doing the job. Like anybody else, they will want to get their


future is sorted out but they have a better chance of doing that if we


remain successful. Pearson's contract expires in the summer.


Football management is not exactly these most secure job in the world.


I don't really think, in some ways, the contract situation is something


that I need to be overly concerned about. And it's not going to affect


how I do the job one way or the other. I am just cracking on. The


next test, a game at Brighton tomorrow.


We have come back inside. As have all of these people, to see a proper


hero. We will be talking to him in a minute and revealing who that is.


First, the rest of the action. Nottingham Forest are eighth in the


Championship and a way to Sheffield Wednesday. In league one, Notts


County have jailing them. Mansfield are in FA Cup second round action.


In rugby, Leicester Tigers have a crucial game in the European cup. I


hope you saw our feature yesterday building up to that. And our best


wishes to Mark Selby, the defending UK champion. The semi finals this


weekend, he is defending his title. Let us meet the man all these people


are here to meet. Former club captain at Derby County. A legend.


Welcome back! Are you pleased to be back? I am always pleased to be back


here. It was a special place for you, what are your best memories? It


brings memories back, only good ones. I never had any bad memory


from here. Even when I left a long time ago, this club, these people, I


always have it in my heart. Wherever I am, Derby County is with me.


Walking back in with a lot of people you were around, they are running


the place! That is why I am here. I have a strong feeling good and


positive things are happening here. I came actually to be a good


supporter to my old friends come in improving their home run.


What next view, there are some job openings in England. We will see. It


is too soon. It is interesting. But... What I intend to do is spend


Christmas and New Year with my family, then look for another


challenge. If they invited you to be part of things at Derby County,


would you jump? We will see. No rush. We will let you get to these


people. A real legend here at Derby County. Lots going on at the


weekend. Follow it on BBC local radio for commentary.


It's that time of the year when men dress as women, women dress as men,


and usually everyone lives happily ever after. Yes, the panto season is


upon us and, at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, Peter Pan is littered


with star names. I spent a little time this afternoon backstage with a


magical mermaid and Captain Hook, aka the lovely Sue Pollard, and the


legend that is the Hoff, David Hasselhoff. It was mad.


Can I enter a moment. Hi, how are you. It is lovely to see you both.


Tuesday sitting down. How is it going, it sounds fabulous. It is


going better than last year. Last year, we had no full dress


rehearsal. I have heard technical rehearsal is so difficult with so


much flying. Do you fly? Not at all. But, each gentleman helping with the


flying in the wings, it is almost choreographed, like bell`ringing. It


has got to be precise. Health and safety. We've only lost two cast


members. They weren't very nice anyway! You seem to be get along


like a house on fire. We are old school. We earned our fame! We


started off very young. We hit the boards early. That's why we love


each other. We have been around the block. I have a co`presenter,


Dominic. I wouldn't say he is old but he's not young. He wanted a bit


of advice how to retain this ability to be eye candy. Surround yourself


with beautiful women. You want to look good for the girls and


yourself. You were here 30 years ago. You look as if you must have


been two years old. I was ten. I was the youngest! I can't believe I have


had to wait all this time to come back to Nottingham to do a panto.


You broken all the records already. We haven't even opened up yet! One


last thing, how are you finding the area. Do you love it here? I love it


here. I am a real fan. I have a little disguise, as walk around and


see, and embrace the past because it's still here. It still feels like


a medieval city. Will you come back? Absolutely. The main thing is,


when he comes back again, he will have deciphered all the accents. "


??FORCEDCAPNEXT what was that? What are you talking about? ! "


I just wait for my cube if I don't understand anything. I know you have


a dress rehearsal. Good luck with the opening night. Don't you just


love us! Yes, they do. Fabulous. It was such fun. I could have


chatted with all afternoon. I have taken the advice of surrounding


myself with beautiful women. Thankfully, things have calmed down


after the disruptive weather yesterday. The Atlantic storm has


cleared away to Scandinavia. Over the weekend, high`pressure moves in


to the south. That will dominate, keeping us really quite settled. The


winds will be light at the weekend. Less cold. Generally dry. We may see


some sunshine tomorrow. Do you get out and about.


Tonight, still fairly cold at the moment. We start to see showers


moving in from the north`west with the risk of ice early this evening.


The showers may be witchy over higher ground. Then, milder air from


the West and temperatures will start to rise in the early hours.


Temperatures down to three degrees. A frost free start to Saturday. Less


cold tomorrow, feeling milder. Cloud around first thing but that should


break 0 around first thing but that should


break up. Some lovely sunny intervals the day. Dry for most of


us will stop one or two rogue showers in the Peak District. A high


of eight degrees in the south`west. Looking further ahead at Sunday. Not


too bad. Generally, a bit of cloud around. It looks like a dry day. A


high of 10 degrees on Sunday. Two or three degrees higher than what we


would expect. A good compromise after the cold day today. The


outlook, Saturday, bright spells, more cloud on Sunday. Staying mild


on Monday, 10 degrees again. In the middle of next week, it is set to


get a little bit colder. A brief cold snap today but milder for the


weekend. Finally from us, you may remember on


last night's programme, we told you about the two`year`old girl from


Southwell in Nottinghamshire, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. And


who, this year, was asked to turn on her town's Christmas lights. This


was the moment Iris Jaworski waved her magic wand to switch on the


lights. She was joined by dozens of local school children. Her parents


have said they hope the event will help raise money for research into


her condition. That's all from us. Join us again


during the ten o'clock news. Goodbye.


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