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light rain. It will be damp across the north and west. That's all from


the BBC news at This is East Midlands Today with


Anne davies and me, Dominic Heale: Tonight ` the pressure's on in A


Delight of the Derby. What does McLaren think of his chief


executive's first year in charge. Welcome to the programme. First


tonight, more evidence of the huge pressures being faced by our


accident and emergency units. Tonight we can reveal some patients


are facing lengthy delays as they're handed over from ambulance crews to


hospital staff. Figures we've obtained reveal instances of


patients waiting up to four hours to be booked in. Our Health


Correspondent Rob Sissons reports. The latest snapshot of the pressure


our A unit comes under handover time. It should take no more than 15


minutes to handover a patient from ambulance crews to hospital staff.


The 12 weeks of data obtained by BBC news shows in the east midlands the


average wasn't far off at over 18 minutes but that masks some very


lengthy delays. Here's the worst at each hospital from August to


November At Kings Mill a four hours wait is being disputed. At


Nottingham's Queens medical centre one patient wasited two hours 44


minutes for handover to be competed, and over at the Leicester Royal


Infirmary a patient handover took one hour 54 mintues. There, they


accept they've been under strain. At the moment, because of pressures in


the organisation, we are having more patience and we would have liked


waiting to be transferred. It is completely unacceptable. The role of


Burnley side have too few sides. You're taking action to try and


mitigate against that. It'll be a very challenging and Amanda in


winter, occasionally patience will wait too long. And balloons trolleys


have been fitted with electronic tags. That'll help Clark when the


patient arrives in hospital and when the trolley leaves. Here there be


patients faster. At peak times it proves hard. The reasons why patient


wait too long. The volume of ambulances arrived together,


sometimes seven or eight Amblin 's arrive in a few minutes, we can't


deal with that. The Air Ambulance Service tall as they are working


closely with the hospitals. There is a new BBC website, way can track how


your hospital bills this winter, by simply typing in your postcode.


There are special pages on Facebook and Twitter where you can have your


say. Simply go to the BBC website. Next, High Speed Rail may be years


away, but from today our region has faster links with London. For the


first time trains are able to travel at a 125 miles an hour cutting


journey times from our cities. Not all passengers are impressed though


as Mike O'Sullivan reports. The 901 from Derby to London got a


special welcome today from the Secretary of State for Transport. It


is the first of the faster trains from the city, now able to travel at


125 miles an hour, knocking off minutes off the average journey time


to the capital. How impressed are passengers? Four minutes is not a


lot. Every little bit of speed is good I suppose. An improvement of


four minutes is good. Grim. It will probably make quite a big difference


to a lot of people. It is a result of a ?70 million investment by


network rail. Improvements include realigning the rails and taking out


a level crossings, meaning trains can reach the top speed on around 60


miles of track. Here in Derby, they have cut four minutes off the


average journey time to London. The bus trip will be one hour 20


minutes. In Nottingham, they have knocked five minutes off that time.


The faster trip will be one hour 31 minutes. In Leicester, just a minute


has been shaved off. The fastest time is one hour and five minutes.


With even quicker time to come through over the next five years,


does it make high`speed rail redundant? One of the reasons is


capacity, one of the reasons is the way we are seeing numbers grow. We


are 0 way we are seeing numbers grow. We


are also seeing more and more railways, people want to see more


freight. Time to put your foot down on a liner which previously limited


the driver to 110 miles an hour. Later in the programme. Who'll come


here ` and how many? The big questions posed by Bulgaria and


Romania. Plus: In full bloom. 0


Romania. Plus: In full bloom. One of the last


garden centres in Derbyshire selling these Christmas plants.


A man who carried out a fire bomb attack on the constituency office of


an East Midlands MP has been jailed for 15 months. A court heard how


Paul Leverseidge threw a homemade firework at the offices of the


Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles. He lived in a flat opposite. He


admitted a charge of having an explosive. The defence said his life


had fallen apart after his father died and he turned to drugs.


Parliamentarians are continuing with their tributes to Nelson Mandela in


a special session at Westminster. David Cameron and three former Prime


Ministers will travel to the memorial service in South Africa


tomorrow. As people continue to sign books of


condolence more details have emerged about how he will be commemorated in


the East Midlands. Quentin Rayner reports.


In Parliament Square the floral tributes grow around Nelson


Mandela's statue. Across the way verbal tributes flowed including


this from a former Foreign Secretary who met him several times. We all


honour him as a hero. Unlike some others who also honoured in that


vein, the sickly during my student years, he became also a hero of


peace. That is why we remember him. On Saturday a Walk of Freedom will


make its way from Nelson Mandela Park to Leicester Cathedral where,


as elsewhere, books of condolence have been opened. It was part of the


suffering in South Africa. I've met Nelson Mandela several times. It was


my duty to comment do this. Is a way to 0


my duty to comment do this. Is a way to say goodbye and thank you. It is


a remembrance of the time I spent a year. It was a moving occasion. He


is the most fantastic man I've ever met. There have been many great men


in the centuries, but this is the only great man I've seen. I think


years a most inspirational man was obvious not a perfect man, but he


did not what many people can do. It is just to pay respect to someone he


was completely inspirational. A day of words for a man who rewrote


history. A pub landlord and his family have


lost everything they own after fire tore through the premises at the


weekend. Eddie and Amy Mulgrew lived at the Bridge Pub at Gamston in


Nottinghamshire but managed to escape the blaze along with


customers. 0 escape the blaze along with


customers. The brewery has promised to rehome the couple, and pledged to


rebuild the pub which was so badly damaged it'll have to be demolished.


Sarah Teale reports. This was the fire at its height on


Saturday afternoon. Flames engulfed the Bridge pub, a local landmark at


Gamston in Nottingham. Within minutes the blaze had spread


throughout the entire two storey pub gutting the whole building. Eight


fire engines were called in to keep it under control. The road had to be


closed because of the billowing smoke. We were on the scene for 18


hours. We had one high`rise appliance and support vehicles.


There was quite a lot of flames coming from the roof. There was


smoke as well. Fortunately around 30 staff and customers were all


evacuated safely. This was The landlord, his wife and their family


managed to escape. Also a family home. But the fire has destroyed


what was their home just before Christmas. Everybody got out,


everything is fine. In terms of Eddie and Amy, they will be looked


after. They would like to find everyone he was acquired about


them. The brewery is now keen to quash rumours that the pub land will


be sold off for development. We're not going to be able to salvage the


building itself, so it will be demolished and replaced.


Investigations continue on what caused the fire which is believed to


started in the kitchen. In a few weeks time Bulgarians and


Romanians will gain the same rights as other European citizens to work


in the UK. Diplomats from Bulgaria and Romania have repeatedly stressed


that they are not expecting a "wave" of migration. But others have warned


that tens of thousands could come here every year. We'll have more in


a minute from our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball, but first


Simon Ward has been talking to a group of Romanians who are working


and studying at Derby 0 group of Romanians who are working


and studying at Derby University. How many of his fellow countrymen


will come here next year? That's a more difficult calculation. Dr.


Ovidiu Bagdasar, from Romania teaches mathematics at the


University of Derby. Some Romanians and Bulgarians already have the


right to work here and there's quite a list of jobs that people can do,


but all jobs will be open in the New Year. We're discussing the issues


with other Romanians at the university. What do you say to


people who feel they might be a lot of good look on the jobs? I think


that nobody should panic will stop this is my 0


that nobody should panic will stop this is my first message. It takes a


lot of skill and a lot of confidence for that I'm sure only the people


with the right skill sets who can bring a contribution here will come.


The wages 0 bring a contribution here will come.


The wages are much higher here than in Romania. It is that attractive?


Cost of food is much higher in Romania. I don't think there will be


a real profit. Surely if there has been an English person and the


remaining person going for the same job, the remaining person got it


because they have more skills. It is not because it had been preferred.


Are you planning on to stay in the East Midlands? I would like to stay


near the couple more years to develop my skills even more, because


I think it is very different, the you learn here to the way you can


learn and enhance your skills and Romania. In ten years, I see myself


at home. Dr. Bagdasar is settled here with


his family for the moment at least. Next year the UK will be keeping a


close eye on the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians who follow


him. Simon Ward. So why are these changes so


controversial? And what could it mean for the rest of us? Our Social


Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, has been looking at the arguments.


There are some real concerns here, aren't there? Yes. Critics are very


worried about pressure on services. Things like health, housing, and


schools. If you're looking for a job, this means you're likely to


face more competition. And there's real concern about new arrivals


claiming benefits as well. There are urban myths around that. You can't


simply come here to claim the dole. But new arrivals are likely to be in


low paid jobs, which eventually entitles them to things like housing


benefit. So it's still very contentious. Is there an upside for


us? Well supporters think that, overall, these changes benefit


Britain's economy. That's because migrant workers have to pay taxes.


While increasing numbers of British people are retired, and drawing


pensions. There are a lot of these migrants who will be working in


places like hospitals. They also have crucial role to play. There is


one argument is that about that, we could all be paying more for our


shopping. So do we know how many Romanians and Bulgarians are likely


to come to Britain? We don't. But we've heard some widely varying


predications. At the top end, Migrationwatch thinks we'll see


50,000 people a year, coming from Romania and Bulgaria. They've warned


that numbers were much higher than expected, last time the rules were


relaxed. But 0 expected, last time the rules were


relaxed. But the government says that's because Britain was the only


major country to let come and work. So ministers think the numbers will


be much, much lower. And we'll find out in the New Year.


A Nottinghamshire MP has written to the Prime Minister supporting


campaigners opposing plans to build on land in her constituency.


Planners from Broxtowe Council want five hundred homes to be built at


Toton. A government inspector has recommended the plan should go


ahead. But Anna Soubry ` the MP for the area ` insists the move is


against government policy. She's now calling for the public inquiry to be


reopened so those in Toton can have their say.


People in Nottinghamshire are being encouraged to get rid of their


knives as part of a 0 encouraged to get rid of their


knives as part of a police campaign. 17 sealed wheelie bins are being


placed outside police stations in the county this week for the knife


amnesty. It comes after figures show that the number of people carrying a


knife has increased in the past year.


Still to come ` a breath`taking natural display. Last night's sunset


was an absolute corker. We'll have some of your photos later `


including this shot of the 0 some of your photos later `


including this shot of the sun dipping 0


including this shot of the sun dipping over Leicester's Welford


Road First, the American chairman of Derby County says the last six years


have been much tougher than expected.


In an exclusive interview, Andy Appleby says Derby is now where they


planned to be four years ago. But he says Chief Executive Sam Rush and


Steve McClaren are now giving them a glimpse, promotion is possible this


season. On Saturday, Natalie was behind the scenes on a day to


remember 0 behind the scenes on a day to


remember at Derby. It is nearly a year since Sam Rush became chief


executive at Derby. I serve photograph a year ago. Here's made


bold decisions. He sacked Nigel. He changed the name of the stadium. I


can come here who had an average position of 15 for five years. I had


to make some changes. I did it because I believe in the best


interest of Derby County. On Saturday, pride Park felt like a new


era has begin. It sure does. We have been through a lot over these last


six years. It does feel like a brand`new start. We are a debtor


gratitude to Nigel Clough for help and a steady the ship. It is not an


overnight success. Although it seems like it. Steve is giving us a


glimpse that it is possible. The results going the way they are, it


feels like it is our year. Here's not getting carried away, but says


change can be difficult, and 0 not getting carried away, but says


change can be difficult, and Sam Rush 0


change can be difficult, and Sam Rush has 0


change can be difficult, and Sam Rush has been brave during his 12


months in charge. You plan to good results, and we are pleased so far


with results. In ten games, Derby have gone from the team is the


fourth and the Steve 0 have gone from the team is the


fourth and the Steve McClaren. And apart from a sleepy start against


Blackpool, the Rams rampant, especially in the second half. Chris


Martin has scored 13 so by the season. He got the second after the


penalty. Craig Bryson added a third. And there was no way back Blackpool.


Martin grabbed his hat`trick. And captain got a tapping at the end to


make it 5`to Derby. It is three wins in seven days. The Sam Rush, it has


been a week to remember to stop to be fed to Sam, he made a good call.


All I want to do is just to repay that they've and repay that belief.


The 0 that they've and repay that belief.


The players 0 that they've and repay that belief.


The players are doing that. The help and off the field as well. Mail that


long continue. `` may. And, as if the 0


long continue. `` may. And, as if the weekend could have possibly got


better for Derby, the FA Cup draw was great too. In fact, it was


brilliant for all our teams. Every single one getting Premiership


opposition. Couple of tasty rematches in there too. Plenty of


history to Forest versus West Ham and to Mansfield's possible trip to


Anfield. But Derby against Chelsea is the pick. Leicester City face a


challenging December after suffering two defeats in a week to knock them


off the top spot. Their next three league games are against clubs in


the top six. Meanwhile Nottingham Forest recorded their first win in a


month. Mark Shardlow reports. Forest were close to concealing a


calamitous goal at Sheff Wednesday, but keeper Karl Darlow made a


brilliant recovery. It was an important moment as the game only


had one goal, this from Simon Cox, his fourth in five games to put


Forest back in a play`off place. A week ago, Leicester City were


celebrating being top of the league, but it was the Brighton fans


cheering at the weekend. In a poor first`half performance, City found


themselves two down before the half`hour mark. Nigel Pearson rang


the changes and city pulled themselves back into the game with


this header from Andy King. But Leicester had given themselves too


much to do. As they committed men forward, Morgan conceded a penalty


and Leicester lost 3`1. So Leicester are third. But what a table for our


clubs, with Derby fourth and Forest fifth. This coming weekend Leicester


are at home to table topping Burnley. In League One there was a


first win for Notts County manager Shaun Derry. And he had two loan


signings to thank. Celtic's Callum McGregor scored the first at home to


Gillingham. But County conceded a sloppy equaliser just after half


time. Nottinghamshire bounced back with 0


time. Nottinghamshire bounced back with a 0


time. Nottinghamshire bounced back with a second from McGregor. They're


still bottom of the table, but Saturday was the most encouraging


result for some time and this lovely goal from Aston Villa loanee Jack


Grealish sent the fans home happy. Onto Rugby, because Leicester Tigers


produced a thrilling win against French side Montpellier. They came


out with a crucial Heineken Cup bonus point, beautifully setting up


next week's return match in France. It was all about the start for


Tigers, who produced a first quarter hour to remember. Right from the


fourth minute, when the returning Niki Goneva went over. It got even


better just a little while letter. Miles Benjamin 0 0


better just a little while letter. Miles Benjamin did not 0


better just a little while letter. Miles Benjamin did not have a


Leicester try to his name coming into the match, but he grabbed two


in the space of two minutes yesterday to put Leicester in


control. This, remember, against a big spending French team. But wins


aren't enough in the Heineken Cup. Bonus points 0


aren't enough in the Heineken Cup. Bonus points are the thing. And


Leicester got theirs, scoring four tries halfway through the second


half. A great job done. But Montpellier weren't finished. They


came roaring back for a four`try bonus point of their own. At the end


they were pushing for more. Leicester can maybe count themselves


lucky to have finally seen off the French, and crucially held them to


just the one point In snooker, Leicester's Mark Selby blew his


chance to become World Number one but made history, and got a handsome


pay day at the UK Championships. On Saturday, in the semi, he completed


a maximum 147 break, the 100th in the history of professional snooker,


to earn himself ?59,000. But in yesterday's final he squandered a


5`1 lead and missed a routine black, to be beaten by Neil Robertson. More


successful for Leicester were the Riders basketball team They


confirmed their return to the BBL Cup final with a demolition of


Plymouth over the weekend. Riders are the defending Cup champions and


will play either Sheffield or Newcastle on January 12th in


Birmingham. Now, it's a well`known Christmas


favourite, but a nursery says it's the last one in Derbyshire to grow


this particular plant commercially. We're talking, of course, about


poinsettias. But Meynell Langley Gardens 0


poinsettias. But Meynell Langley Gardens say the fuel costs involved


in growing them are now so high, that only a handful of places are


bothering to produce the plants here in the East Midlands. James Roberson


reports. In all their December glory, poinsettias at Meynell


Langley Gardens Centre, in Derbyshire. They made a spectacular


and mostly crimson splash. Robert Walker and his dad before him have


been rearing poinsettias for over 45 years, but now they are one of very


few growers left, and the only one in Derbyshire. It is the main reason


why they grow here. We can't make enough out of them. Because of the


fuel cost? Yes. Most of them are grown in Holland now. There are


perhaps only three growers left. The Walkers still produce 800 a year. We


are growing poinsettias this year. They have done a lot of breeding


work over 0 0 They have done a lot of breeding


work over the last 0 They have done a lot of breeding


work over the last two years. About half of those are red ones. There


are lots of pinks and whites. There is a full range. How do you get the


best out of your poinsettia? You keep them in warm conditions. Don't


put 0 0 keep them in warm conditions. Don't


put them 0 keep them in warm conditions. Don't


put them in 0 keep them in warm conditions. Don't


put them in draft. Don't put them behind a curtain at night. Don't


over water them. They are a Mexican plant, so they are used to hot and


dry conditions. How long do you think you can continue to do it? I


will let you know on January the 1st. If they were all gone, we will


continue. It is looking good at the moment. It depends on how cold


December is. It is freezing cold. Talking beatable colours, the


beautiful sunsets. `` beautiful. There was lots of lovely sunshine.


It has been relatively mild today. Top ten leaders of 11 Celsius. That


milder air is coming from the South West and not a lot of change in the


next few days. There will be some precious account 0


next few days. There will be some precious account of East and that is


blocking these weather friends out of the West. Very little and the way


of change the next few days. It will stay relatively mild. It will be


cooler on Wednesday, but mostly dry this week with some brightness


around. The best of the sunshine looks to be on Wednesday. We will


keep those breaks in the cloud the next couple of hours. The cloud will


increase in the night. They will keep that wind in, some are looking


at those are four or five degrees. We are starting frost free tomorrow.


A lot of cloud tomorrow morning, and I think we are looking at a


generally cloudy day. There are some holes in the 0


generally cloudy day. There are some holes in the cloud. Temperatures of


89 Celsius. Some subtle changes as we going into Wednesday. That eight


or nine. We might start off quite murky. They'll be shifting out of


the way as that dry air comes in. Lots of sunshine Wednesday


afternoon. Six or seven Celsius. Lots of sunshine Wednesday


afternoon. Six or seven What about last night's fantastic sunset? We


had a lot of photographs coming. You can see on our Facebook page. Good




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