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arrives on Friday. Can't wait! That's


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A coroner says a hospital missed chances to save the life of a


baby boy. The boy was rushed to A after


swallowing a battery. In other news, the drivers and


pedestrians playing Russian roulette at a rail crossing.


Also tonight, rising prices, frozen pay. New figures show we `` why we


are all feeling poorer. Plus, the world's smallest


production car. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. A coroner has heavily criticised the Leicester Royal


Infirmary over its care of a 14`month`old baby. Wsam Noorwali


died after accidentally swallowing a battery.


At the inquest which finished this afternoon, the coroner said there


was neglect in some important aspects of his care. She's now


writing to the hospital because she's 0


writing to the hospital because she's concerned it might happen


again. Wsam Noorwali died aged 40 months.


He is missed terribly by his family, who say they have no


strength 0 family, who say they have no


strength left after his death. The bright lights at Leicester's


town hall where Wsam's inquest took place are in stark contrast to a


distressing couple of days for his parents.


Wsam Noorwali was taken to the rest of 0


Wsam Noorwali was taken to the rest of world infirmary after he started


vomiting blood. Over the following hours, he was moved to the


children's intensive care unit. In the early hours of August 19th,


Wsam's heart stopped beating. He was unable to be revived and was


announced dead shortly after 7pm. Apple mortem revealed Wsam had


accidentally swallowed a disk battery the size of a 2p piece. `` a


postmortem. Whether battery came from still not known. In recording a


narrative verdict, the coroner heavily criticises the Leicester


Royal infirmary. There were permissions in temp


two's care. Four hours, his true condition was not known, and there


was a missed opportunity to treat him sooner.


It is not possible to say if that would have made a difference, but in


the balance of probabilities, Wsam's chances of a better outcome


would have been better. His parents are naturally


devastated. The legal team is satisfied with today's verdict. The


family are considering their options, which may involve a civil


claim. Wsam's parents were too distressed


to talk to the 0 Wsam's parents were too distressed


to talk to the media. They 0 Wsam's parents were too distressed


to talk to the media. They say the way he was treated was appalling.


The whole family is devastated. Well, in a statement the University


Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust says that it has taken on board the


coroner's comment. Managers say: Next tonight, incredible pictures of


the unbelievable risks some people take on one of our region's level


crossings. Yes, bosses at Network Rail are so


shocked by the kind of thing going on at Narborough crossing in


Leicestershire that they've decided to release their CCTV footage.


Our reporter Jo Healey is at the crossing now.


This crossing has a terrible reputation for misuse, both by


drivers and by pedestrians. That is why Network Rail is driving home the


message that it is dangerous. And that is why they have released these


pictures. As you can see the red lights are


flashing on the left, but the van whizzes through just as the barriers


come down. This truck is not so lucky. Watch what happens as he


tries to jump the flashing red lights. He goes into reverse, but


gets stuck. Part of his load is left dangling on


the barrier. He gets out, to see what is


happening `` has happened. Then this one reverses, but a child


runs straight 0 Then this one reverses, but a child


runs straight across 0 Then this one reverses, but a child


runs straight across as the barriers are lowering.


These two schoolboys are not deterred either, and here the lights


are clearly unread, he has stopped in the path of the train, trapped.


`` the lights or red. Official figures from Network Rail


say there have been 60 cases of misuse here in the past five years,


and 20 of those have lead to prosecutions, but when you talk to


people who live and work run here, the situation seems to be much


worse. I think it is down for too long. I think that is the main


frustration for everybody. It can stay long for about ten or 15


minutes at a time with numerous trains going through. So people do


try and jump it. Some kids do go to school on their own, ten`year`old,


who try and get on the the Bellas quite often. I remember the crossing


when it was manned. A man put the barriers down and popped them back


up. I think it worked a lot better that way. A bit of manpower rather


than modern`day technology. Across the country there are 6,500


crossings of 0 Across the country there are 6,500


crossings of different types, and Network Rail do plan to invest ?130


million in the coming years in either closing or upgrading some of


them, but not this one. This apparently is as good as it gets, so


all 0 apparently is as good as it gets, so


all they can say is if you do use it, use it safely.


Next tonight: Open all hours. The Government's convinced more GP


surgeries should be able to offer appointments 12 hours a day, seven


days a week. Sounds like good news for patients `


but a doctors' leader in the East Midlands 0


but a doctors' leader in the East Midlands has attacked the plan. He


says it's unrealistic, given the huge pressures on the NHS.


Dr Peter Holden from the British Medical Association says in an age


of austerity there are bigger priorities than seven day a week


surgeries. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports from his surgery


in Matlock. Here there are `` they are already


open 56 hours a week, a late finish on Monday and Tuesday, and the


doctors' leader here thinks that is probably enough. My generation


expected when you came into medicine that we would have to provide 24


hours a day Argent and emergency care, and that system is there and


has 0 care, and that system is there and


has always been there. We cannot provide, because we do not have the


resources or the staff, is 24 hours a day convenience medicine. You do


not provide `` pay enough income tax to provided.


There are NHS walk`in centres open late. Some like Ashfield shot


because we were told the man was too low. Today in Derby patients seemed


to like the idea of their own GP's surgery open seven days. They earn a


lot of 0 surgery open seven days. They earn a


lot of money and they should look after their patients a lot better.


GPs work a lot hours `` a lot of hours as it is. I agree about


Saturday, not so much Sunday. Doctor Holden says widespread


weekend opening is unrealistic. It every GP was to open `` work 40


hours per week, we would need some thousands more GPs. That is the nub


of the problem. Less than 60 miles away, Sunday


opening is already a reality, being tested at Berry in greater


Manchester. The Patterson family have fitted a visit into their


Sunday. I do not work on a Sunday, so it is really convenient. We have


to give the patients better access, better continuity of care.


But will many doctors be keen to get involved in more Sunday experiments?


There are ?50 million of Government money up for grabs, and we will soon


know who the takers are. A woman's been arrested on suspicion


of murder after a man died, days after being attacked.


Police say 48`year`old Emiel Blankert went to the Ladybrook pub


in Mansfield last Monday, when he was already badly injured. Hours


later he was admitted to King's Mill Hospital, where he died on Friday


night. A 48`year`old woman's being questioned. Police are appealing for


witnesses. The private company awarded a ?26


million contract to take patients to and from hospital appointments has


failed to meet all of its target times.


Arriva Transport Solutions has also been criticised over its handling of


complaints, infection control and how it manages incidents. That's


according to the NHS in Leicestershire and Rutland. It comes


as East Midlands Ambulance Service also failed to meet its response


time targets for the third year running.


Leicester's Sam Bailey has spent today contemplating the move from


prison officer to performing star, after being crowned this year's X


Factor winner. The mother of two lives at Leicester


Forest East and worked at Gartree Prison near Market Harborough. The


36`year`old looked stunned as she was told she'd scooped the show's


title, after performing in front of 10,000 people at Wembley Arena.


We all know household finances have been under pressure for some years.


Well, now, the latest official data on pay in our region has been


released. The Office for National Statistics


has established that for the fifth year running wages in the East


Midlands have failed to keep pace with prices. Our chief news reporter


Quentin Rayner has been crunching the numbers.


Every year the Office for National Statistics compares wages from 12


months ago across the 0 Statistics compares wages from 12


months ago across the country. Around 6,000 workers in the East


Midlands have been questioned for the survey. What we're talking about


is the median average figure. Imagine, if you put everybody's


salary in a long, long line, the median is the figure in the middle.


Due 0 0 median is the figure in the middle.


Due to its skilled engineering jobs, Derby comes out top, with annual pay


there standing at just over ?22,500. That's up 2%. Leicester's average


pay is lower at around ?20,300, but that's an increase on last year of


2.6%. In Nottingham's travel to work area,


it's a gloomier story. Figures show a drop in annual pay to a little


over ?21,000. Higher than Leicester, but down by 1.9%. So this is what it


all means in terms of average weekly pay. If we look at average pay for


full`time workers, we find that workers in Derby have the highest


average weekly pay, about ?500 per week, workers in Nottingham about


?480, and Leicester about ?460. Workers in Mansfield on average


take`home about ?420 per week. The modest pay increases have been


cushioned by rises in personal tax allowance. Since the Coalition came


to power it's steadily increased, so that by next April when it's reached


?10,000, the average earner will save around ?700 a year in tax. But


economists say it doesn't fully compensate for the fall in real


wages. This survey tells us that since about 2009, pay in the East


Midlands has only gone up about 4%, so that is 4% over about four years.


In the same time, prices have actually gone up by about 15%. So


over that four`year period, people's real wages have gone down.


If you feel no better off, then you won't be surprised to learn that


across the UK people are earning the same in real terms before tax as


they were ten years ago ` and don't forget more people are now paying


the higher rate of tax. The recovery may have taken hold, but there's


still a long way to go. A ?50 million tower complex in


Nottingham city centre is finally nearing completion.


The Nottingham One building was seen as a future landmark for the city


when construction started six years ago. But the project stalled when


the original owners ran into financial trouble, as Navtej Johal


reports. It is an impressive view, and the


outlook for this belief did building could also finally be looking up. We


are probably doing 20 viewings a week. Construction at the office and


apartment complex began in 2007, but it fell victim to the economic


downturn, badly delaying the work. Since 0


downturn, badly delaying the work. Since then, it has had several


owners, and the cost has continued to rise. Last year it was what by a


Dubai `based firm. `` it was bought. We have had a marketing task to


convince people something is happening, and it still looks like a


building site. Once the hoardings come down this will look like a


finished loading. All local authorities have found it


frustrating recently, and in recession that is inevitably the


case. But this 0 recession that is inevitably the


case. But this is 0 0 recession that is inevitably the


case. But this is a good example of projects coming through.


The completion of this project is more good news for the East Midlands


property sector. There's been a 3.8% rise in house prices recently, and


for the estate agents marketing this property, they 0


for the estate agents marketing this property, they have seen city centre


sales increase by up to 20% in the last year.


But there are still problems to address, including water leaking


into the basement. The issue with the basement is currently being


resolved. The water subject `` is not coming from the canal, there


were problems early days, but we should be all good to go by the end


of January. So if somebody was to move in here tomorrow, they would be


pleased by the work that has been done here? More than 0


pleased by the work that has been done here? More than happy. The


developers 0 done here? More than happy. The


developers say that why Easter, the project will be fully complete.


They are hoping that despite its troubled history, the future is


bright for this building. 55 Contested views there.


Now, some good news on the art ` while many organisations have


struggled to survive budget cuts, one art gallery in inner city


Nottingham is thriving. New Art Exchange in Hyson Green opened five


years ago, and has just been given thousands of pounds in funding.


A huge space to showcase art projects. Now, after being awarded


?800,000, New Art Exchange is promising to deliver even more. Is


about seeing tangible results in terms of the number of people and


entrepreneurs that are born for this project. Artists creative businesses


that started here, and ends up on a long trajectory with a very positive


future. This probably isn't the place where you'd expect to find a


gallery, a couple of miles outside the city centre. In the five years


since it opens, nearly a million people have visited. Staff are now


hoping this extra funding will help bring even more people through the


doors. It's been a great place each different 0


doors. It's been a great place each different and practitioners. To


share ideas and a network, and to be able to have more resources in this


area. I think is going to be a huge benefits to Nottingham. The gallery


has received funding from the EU, arts 0 0


has received funding from the EU, arts Council and a private grants


trust. It's important for us that this money is invested in local


talents. And it's invested in what is going to transform the arts and


cultural landscape. At a time when many arts organisations have seen a


cut in their funding or even lost it completely, the investment at this


gallery has been very much welcomed. Still to come, like a car, only


smaller. They may have a top speed of only 30


mph, but these tiny vehicles are in big demand.


And there's nothing micro about the weather. It will be packing a punch


later this week, and it's getting much livelier again. Join me later


in the programme. Neither the sports. A busy weekend.


Little sign of the bubble bursting at Derby County. The Rams in


stunning form. Another win at Charlton at the weekend Mrs X in a


row. `` makes it six in a row. There was no need for international


rescue. The Rams have won six out of six. That's just one in ten games


lost. With an impressive 42 goals, the Championships top scorers. Jamie


Rowe started it off against Charlton. It was a 0


Rowe started it off against Charlton. It was a battling display.


Neatly wrapped up near the end by Craig Bryson. His ninth goal this


campaign. The last time the runaway Rams won six in a row was six years


ago. That's time around, they went up. History to remembering maturing


exciting times. `` during exciting times for Derby.


Onto Leicester City. The foxes are in the middle of a three`game


winless run, which has seen them slipped to third. They are still our


best placed team in the East Midlands after a draw against


Burnley at the weekend. Penalty king David Nugent but the foxes in front


from the spot, but Danny Ings later made one all. 0


from the spot, but Danny Ings later made one all. A good point over the


foxes, against a Burnley side who are in the top two.


Nottingham Forest are looking to strengthen and bring in a player or


two in January. An injury hit few months have seen an slipped out of


the championship play`off places. The results just aren't coming


forest at home. Simon Cox appeared to be brought down by the keeper. He


was much `` there was much distraction and anger, but replays


appeared to back up the breast's decision, forest and Cox, for that


matter, had their chances. Forest's lack of gold means they are out of


the top six. We just nonclinical. That little last bit is the reason


whether not speaking up. Boris haven't won at homes in September.


The fans will be hoping for better in the two matches over Christmas.


That's the championship, but my team at the weekend has to be league one


not Co. Back`to`back wins under new manager, Shaun Derry, has seen them


right off the foot of the division and has given the real hope. With


Saturday, they beat Colchester for Neil. 0


Saturday, they beat Colchester for Neil. The defence was fast asleep


though, Callum Ball found Morgan Fox for the second will stop in the


final five minutes, Calum MacGregor 's score is a great birds for Gary


Liddle `` before Gary Liddle sealed victory. Let's hope for them it is


very Derry Christmas. Elite two, Mansfield avoided a club


record of seven straight league defeat by picking up a point at


Wimbledon. Now, rugby. Leicester Tigers were six points behind in


Montpellier and had one minute left. If they did nothing, the Heineken


cup progress would have been as their hands this is what happened


next. Absolutely extraordinary finish,


after a match which was actually scoreless. Nevertheless than


absorbing, it came to triumph. The first Tigers win in France after


eight attempts. But, Montpellier, as you might expect, came roaring back


with two tries of their own. They must've thought they'd won it. But


then came that genetic emotional shifts. Suddenly, Tigers are two


wins from the knockout stages will stop in next weekend for Nottingham


Panthers, beating for two in Cardiff on Saturday. This game was


effectively over before the first break as Panthers scored five early


goals. The match counted in the league and as the first leg of the


cup quarterfinal. This was a really big win.


Finally from me, and little bit of darting drama. Congratulations to


Jamie Kagan. At the first round stage of the world Championships,


Jenny 0 stage of the world Championships,


Jenny won his match 31. There's Debbie, his wife, celebrating. The


Derby ace saw the... He'll face five`time world champion Raymond van


on about for a place in the last 16. Well done Jamie, 0


on about for a place in the last 16. Well done Jamie, all his training in


the studio with me obviously paid off.


A Nottinghamshire company is taking on new staff after winning a big


order to make what is described as the smallest production car in the


world. Three wheels, top speed of 35, and approved as road legal, what


more could you ask for? The world's smallest production car


is proving a big hit in Sutton in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire. This


manufacturing company has won an order ten new vehicles. That's worth


?200,000 to them, and it has meant to new jobs to add to the current


eight. Not bad for a company whose core business is making golf


buggies. We're very proud to manufacture this. Were proud of our


achievements in manufacturing a petrol car. For moving on from a


golf buggy, to a road legal car is a big achievement for us. We are very


proud of that. The single seater version is called a Peel P60.


Measuring 40 inches by 61. The double seater is called a Trident,


measuring up at a more roomy 72 inches by 42. I was given a mini


test drive. Is a pretty casual ride. `` it's a pretty comfortable ride.


Everybody comes out of their houses, peaky and sharing. They got


a fibreglass body, 44 cc moped petrol engine and a top speed of 35


mph. The eight microcars in the workshop at the moment are destined


for the export markets. Drive its buyers and collectors are snapping


them up. There has been a breakthrough ` the new models do


have a reverse. This one doesn't, though, so if 0


have a reverse. This one doesn't, though, so if you wanted round on


the other direction, this is the best way of reversing it.


And an electric model is also being developed. A little car with big


ambitions. Well, you have to be quite good


friends to share a car that size. It's certainly a confined space.


The weather 's been lucky today for us. 0 0


The weather 's been lucky today for us. A lot of clout and dampness,


extra riverfront. This one has been playing games with us. It looks as


though it's going to come back for a second helping tonight, across


southern parts, before finally giving up when clearing out of the


way for tomorrow. They going to get one of those brief, transient ridges


of 0 one of those brief, transient ridges


of pressure. 0 one of those brief, transient ridges


of pressure. That settle things down briefly for tomorrow. For most of


us, it'll be drier, brighter, with some winter sunshine. For an unlucky


few, there will be so practice lingering well into the afternoon.


Some real stubborn fog first thing tomorrow 0


Some real stubborn fog first thing tomorrow morning and 0


Some real stubborn fog first thing tomorrow morning and into the


afternoon. The rain has eased down for a time, but that rain is going


to... Across southern parts into Leicestershire will stop it will


eventually clear as the way as we had to the early hours of the


morning. The cloud breaks up behind that, and the winds eased down or


stop it will turn a little chillier than of late. Much chillier than


last night. Two or three degrees across northern parts. Northern


parts will also be prone to the fog first thing tomorrow morning. It'll


be quite dense tomorrow morning, and some of it will be lingering


throughout the 0 some of it will be lingering


throughout the day 0 some of it will be lingering


throughout the day and well into the afternoon. But elsewhere, that file


will be listing and clearing. Some winter sunshine coming through, and


the winds are a lot lighter, although will feel a bit chillier.


Temperatures will be struggling at around 56 to Greece, where we get


the sunshine. Were fog is lingering, it'll be more like five... Three or


four degrees. Very windy by the end of the day on


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