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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Geeta Pendse.


Tonight ` campaigners call for the NHS to scrap its contract with a


private ambulance service. Arriva are paid to drive patients to


hospital. Clients like Ron say it is in chaos. I would like the contract


taken away from them and given to a proper ambulance service who are


trained. Plus the student flats building boom


in Nottingham, as the city tries to get them to move out of houses that


could become family homes. Also tonight, the young Roma


students 0 Also tonight, the young Roma


students using education to counter Pres `` prejudice. I am better than


some of the English people, so I guess I am doing well.


And the mail centre dealing with all of Notts and Derbyshire's Christmas


mail. Welcome to Tuesday's programme.


First tonight, tough criticism for a company 0


First tonight, tough criticism for a company given a ?26 million contract


to take patients to and from their hospital appointments.


Arriva was awarded the five`year contract in July last year. It's for


patients in Leicestershire and Rutland. But it's already been


docked more than ?30,000 for its poor performance.


Now some patients and health campaigners are calling for that


contract to be scrapped. Jo Healey reports.


Ron is housebound at his home. He is diabetes and his legs are bad. But


every three months he needs to get the Leicester Royal family. He says


with Arriva he gets too late. `` Leicester Royal infirmary. I missed


one appointment, and I did not get home until 5pm. I had to spend the


next two days in bed. An earlier time, when they picked me up, they


got me there that late but I had a hypo and finished up in A


The report from East Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group found


Arriva failed to meet all the target times they were set. They criticised


them for how they handled complaints, and 0


them for how they handled complaints, and also for how they


controlled infection. In a statement today Arriva said


they had had to do what `` more than they had been contracted to do. They


have now taken on more staff, working longer, 0


have now taken on more staff, working longer, but they recognise


there are improvements that need to be made still, and say they will


continue making them. Not good enough, says Ron. He and


some health campaigners know what the contract scrapped. `` they now


want the contract scrapped. Well, earlier I spoke to the health


campaigner Zuffar Haq, who also believes the contract should be


terminated. He described other examples where patients have been


left waiting. I have heard of cases where patients have been left


waiting, sometimes for an hour or two hours, and I have had cases of


four or five hours as well. What you think happen next? I would


like Arriva to lose the contract, it to be re`tendered out, and for


another company to take this contract. And run an effective


service for these patients. The Clinical Commissioning Group say it


would be costly and in effect to describe Arriva's on track because


of the lengthy procedure of re`tendering. Is it in the


patient's' best interest? Of course. You have 0


patient's' best interest? Of course. You have hundreds of patients


relying on this service on a daily basis. It should be in their best


interest to deliver for those patients and the patients should


come first. Arriva say they have made


improvements. Have you heard of these improvements? They have, but


this service simply is not fit for purpose. This contract needs to be


taken away from them, and action needs to be taken.


Next: A student flats building boom in Nottingham. It's a deliberate


policy ` designed to coax students out of traditional residential areas


so families can move back in. The council says thousands more bed


spaces are on the way for students in the city centre.


One 0 in the city centre.


One senior councillor says it's the best place for them ` as they'll


help to keep the centre of Nottingham thriving. Mike


O'Sullivan's been to see the progress of one huge complex which


is currently under construction. 14 floors up on one of Nottingham's


latest student accommodation complexes. It is being built for


foreign students who will be going to Nottingham Trent University. 450


bed spaces, costing ?30 million. It will be ready in September next


year. The developer told me the city Council wants to see more of this


type of building. And student tastes have changed as well. They always


wanted to get out of the institutional halls of residence and


go out into the private housing market. But now they much prefer to


get into purpose`built, modern design economical accommodation. The


City Council says there is around 43,000 students in Nottingham, and


around 20,000 of them live in houses of multiple occupancy.


A senior counsellor told me he would like 0


A senior counsellor told me he would like that 0


A senior counsellor told me he would like that figure reduced around a


half, although that we probably upset private landlords in what are


now student areas. `` that would probably upset.


In the two years to 2015, the council says another 0


In the two years to 2015, the council says another 3,000 dead


spaces will be provided in the city centre as private developers step


in. `` bed spaces. This empty office block is part of


the boom as well. The challenge is for the city to get students out of


residence and into dedicated accommodation.


If demand for students drops, the developer has a long`term plan to


allow conversion for the residential market. But for now, things are


looking up. This is East Midlands Today. Still


to come: The sport's live from Leicester City's King Power Stadium.


There are stars all over here. Manchester City, and Sam Bailey,


winner of the X Factor. With Christmas and the New Year just


round the corner, our local councils have been looking ahead to 2014. It


won't surprise you to learn that there's not a lot of festive cheer


about. 0 there's not a lot of festive cheer


about. Yes, it's the time of year when local authorities prepare their


budgets for the next financial year, and many are warning of big spending


cuts. Nottingham City Council is the


latest: It says 76 jobs will go as it cuts its 0


latest: It says 76 jobs will go as it cuts its budget by ?25 million.


Let's find out more from our Political Editor John Hess.


Money is still being squeezed out of council spending as the coalition


attempts to reduce the national deficit. Labour leaders at


Nottinghamshire County Council need savings of ?154 million over the


next three years: That's a 23% spending cut.


But the Conservative leader Councillor Kay Cutts says a proposed


council tax increase of just under 2% is unnecessary, and has set up an


online petition to demand a further tax freeze. We have had quite a few


comments so far, and they have been, my income has not gone up, I


cannot afford a council tax increase. That has been the strength


of feeling coming over. Labour`run Nottingham City Council


is warning of 76 job losses as its attempts to find ?25 million worth


of savings. That's a 9.2% annual cut.


It says 0 cut.


It says library 0 cut.


It says library services and arts funding will be hit. The opening


hours of children's centres will be reduced. Council tax will also rise.


But is that fair? Vulnerable people depend on councils, and it is the


vulnerable that are being hit. What makes me more angry is that if I


were living down south I would not be hit as hard as if I am living in


Nottingham or Liverpool or Sunderland.


So what's the picture, say, in Derbyshire or Leicester? Let's find


out, first from BBC Radio Derby's political reporter Chris Doidge.


The in the city the council says any service it doesn't have to provide


is vulnerable to being cut. So street cleaning will be reviews a


smack reduced, parking charges will go up. `` street cleaning will be


reduced. We will know about the County Council's plans in the New


Year, but we do know that the mobile library service faces big cats.


The Leicester the city Council says it has already planned ?21 million


in saving from April. `` here in Leicester. In Leicestershire they


are still talking about saving ?110 million in the same period. They are


putting up council tax by 1.5% over the next few years. `` three years.


Eric Pickles is the Coalition's Local Government Secretary.


Tomorrow, he confirms how much spending our councils will be


allowed. If he turns into Father Christmas, that WILL be a turn`up.


Our councils are already budgeting in the knowledge there'll less money


around. East Midlands Airport could grow


faster than any other small airport in the country, according to a new


report. The Airports Commission ` set up to


look at Britain's airport capacity ` says passenger numbers at Castle


Donington could more than treble over the next 35 years. It says the


airport, which had around four million passengers in 0


airport, which had around four million passengers in 2011, could


have up to 14 million in 2050. It adds it's also only using 18% of its


runway capacity. Police in Derbyshire have released


dramatic footage of a shopkeeper fighting back against three men who


ram`raided his store. It happened at the Londis store in


Ilkeston in October. The first man forces his way in just after 9:00pm,


but is confronted by a member of staff. When a second man breaks in,


the shopkeeper tackles him too. The raiders make off with an empty cash


machine cassette. Two men have been arrested in connection with the


robbery, and released on bail. Police are appealing for witnesses.


Severn Trent Water has defended its decision to install wind turbines at


some of its sewage treatment plants across the region.


Two now dominate the landscape on the eastern side of Derby after


being erected in Spondon. Similar turbines have been erected at Wanlip


in Leicestershire and Newthorpe in Nottinghamshire. All four are due to


be switched on in the New Year. We understand some people love them and


some hate them. We are doing this for good reasons, to reduce our


carbon footprint and help keep our customers bills low. `` customers'


hills low. They will produce around 25,000 megawatts of power per year.


`` Meghan... A college in Leicester's helping


schools across the country to integrate Roma people who've come to


Britain for a better life. Some pupils arrive at Babington without


speaking English, but still get good exam grades.


Roma parents are being offered English lessons too. And one Roma


worker's been tackling community tensions in Leicester. This


exclusive report from our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball.


Andre is one of more than 80 pupils here who 0


Andre is one of more than 80 pupils here who come from European Roma


families. He is in the Army cadets and on course to get through ``


grades for a teaching career. Some of his friends want to get into


business of banking. But 0 of his friends want to get into


business of banking. But they usually arrive in Leicester well


behind in their studies because the old schools in parts of central


Europe still segregate Roma minorities. There is one room for


Roma, other rooms for whites. They thought that we are not mentally


capable of doing education. They think we are stupid so no point


giving them work to do. Dominik arrived without speaking a word of


English, survey focused on his music skills to get him out `` up to


speed. `` so they focused. Just by watching others, I learned. I was


looking at them, thinking they are good, so why cannot I be like them?


But does that mean diverting teaching away from other pupils? We


never take away from other groups. We are very careful to focus on all


our children and include all our children. The mistake people make is


that `` thanking you must treat everybody the same. The Roma pupils


are getting significantly better results than students elsewhere in


Britain. Now those lessons are being shared with goals in the check


Republic, `` schools in the Czech Republic. We make sure our lessons


are engaging and exciting, that learning is fun, and that the


aspirations are boosted through the way we teach our lessons, and that


helps our Roma pupils to make progress but also helps all of our


students to make progress. The school's trying to engage Roma


patient `` parents as well. This DVD explains the system in a language


they understand. And one Roma worker has set up a youth club to tackle


emerging 0 has set up a youth club to tackle


emerging tensions 0 has set up a youth club to tackle


emerging tensions with the local community. We do not know `` they do


not know `` they do not know what the laws are. Now they know that


they have to go home at 0 the laws are. Now they know that


they have to go home at 10pm. At this primary school, several Roma


patients `` parents have been offered places on 0


patients `` parents have been offered places on these language


classes. I live in the UK, I need to speak English. This is all about


equipping new arrivals to contribute to British society rather than


becoming a burden, and if it succeeds they think is extra help


will more than pay its way. `` they think this extra help.


Coming up: A bit of high drama ` or should that be Hi`de`Hi drama? Soup


and art here. Tune in later and find out what I am holding. `` Su


Pollard. If you thought you were busy this


Christmas, spare a thought for Royal Mail. This week they're handling


more post than at any other time this year.


In one mail centre they're sorting millions of items a day, and it


seems sometimes we're not much help to them. Here's Quentin Rayner.


Any letter or parcel with NG Ord E.ON its postcode comes through


here. This is where all of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire's


mail is sorted. Yesterday and today are the busiest


in the year for the centre. Up to 2 million items of mail are handled


each day. An extra 250 staff are taken on, bringing the 24`hour


workforce up to 1000. How is it going? Great. I like it when it is


busy. Do you think it has been this busy this year? I do. Busy sorting


cards 0 busy this year? I do. Busy sorting


cards and helping people make their Christmas for them.


Staff say they have not noticed any difference since Royal Mail's recent


privatisation, and the increase in the price of stamps has not put


people off. We are seeing comparable volumes 0


people off. We are seeing comparable volumes in credit `` business cards.


An increase in parcels this year, and a healthy growth in that area.


`` Christmas cards. No sorting office Christmas would be


the same without the impossible clients to deliver. Name, but no


stamp or address. At least here, there is a stamp, but


no address. And what about this? !


It is anticipation of all the vague mail that we get, mail that is not


addressed properly. You have to use all your knowledge to be sort that


male. Second`class items have to be posted by tomorrow, first class by


Friday, but all Royal Mail wants for Christmas is a postcode.


Sport now, and Leicester City are not just our leading East Midlands


Club, they also have a really exciting cup tie tonight. Colin's at


the King Power Stadium. These 0


the King Power Stadium. These are the weeks you want as a


football fan. Tonight's glamour match for Leicester City against the


Premier League stars of Manchester City, just one of three huge games


in eight days. Of the three, tonight's Carling Cup quarterfinal


probably matters the least. But of the three, it's definitely 0


probably matters the least. But of the three, it's definitely the most


exciting. The stadium is going to be sold out, and Manchester City have


just beaten Bayern Munich and thrashed Arsenal.


But I am delighted to say I can introduce you to the winner of the X


Factor, Sam Bailey. Huge Leicester City fan. You have a senior Dutch


back season to get. Yes, and I have not been for ages. `` you have a


season ticket. You are singing on the pitch. I am, singing at


half`time, my new single. It is my chance to give something back. How


much are you looking forward to the game? I am so excited to be actually


watching a foot or match. I have not watched TV for ten weeks. `` foot


all match. You have not had the chance to follow anything? I have


not had time, but I have put this in my schedule to make sure I was here.


I want to chat to you again in a second.


Dzeko, Toure, Silva, Negredo ` Manchester City have no shortage of


star names. They won't all play. But that doesn't mean Manuel Pellegrini


doesn't want his team to win this. He just has a squad so strong, he


can change it for games at every level. That is why we went last week


to play against via Munich with five or six players, and we made six or


seven changes. Tomorrow for me, we will make some changes again.


There he is putting Leicester City on it power with Bayern Munich. ``


on a par. Intimidated prospects for Leicester City. It is going to be


tough, but I have high hopes for the boys. I have not watched a game in


ages, but I think the boys are going to be all right. I think they are


going to be good. Never mind the foot or, number one download,


prospect 0 foot or, number one download,


prospect of a 0 foot or, number one download,


prospect of a Christmas number one, are you thinking about that? No, I


just want people to buy it or download it. It would be amazing to


have a Christmas number one, I just really excited.


Thank you for talking to us. I heard Sam's sound check, she sounds


amazing? `` she sounds amazing! We're starting to buzz for it in


here. Let's get a taste of how things have been building up


outside, with Mark Shardlow. River Place Manchester City will be


expensive, world`class players, but do not roll out a shock. In the last


five seasons I have seen three times East Midlands club 's bring these


teams down to earth. Three years ago Leicester City drew two to two. Five


years ago Forest beat them three 2`0 in Manchester.


The first sell`out for three seasons. What are you thinking? Very


excited. Who is going to win? Leicester. Leicester City. Are you


equally confident? Yes, Leicester is going to win. It is going to be a


shock tonight. `` the fans say it is going to be a shock.


Thanks, Mark. Tonight's game here is live on BBC Radio Leicester.


There is another big cup game tonight. Mansfield replay Oldham in


the second round of the FA Cup. The prize there is a trip to Liverpool!


BBC Radio Nottingham have full live commentary from the One Call


stadium, starting in just a few minutes.


But here, it is all about the glamour boys. Manchester City, here


to play Leicester City. Let us not forget Leicester's history in this


competition. Three times finalists in the late 1990s. They have won it


three times overall. So there is an awful lot to take into this game,


but they are the big names of Manchester City. Follow it here on


East Midlands Today, we will have a report in our late bulletin. And all


the goals and a full report tomorrow evening. You can already feel it


here this evening. How exciting!


It's nearly half a century since an actress from Nottingham began


learning her craft before going on to achieve national fame.


Su Pollard 0 to achieve national fame.


Su Pollard ` who's currently appearing in panto at Nottingham's


Theatre Royal, was presented with a drama award for best performance


when she was just 16. But for the past 30 years, that trophy has been


kept in the back of a cupboard. That is until now. Angelina Socci


reports. 0 Thank you so much. It is such a


wonderful surprise. It is 47 years since Su Pollard was


presented with this award. Today pupils at this primary School had


the honour of reuniting the two. It has been lying around all this


time, but in beautiful condition. It was found in an office in Nottingham


by John Clayton. His daughter taught at the school, but she sadly died of


cancer last year. It was always her wish to reunite the trophy with the


past winner. We wanted to keep that association with the school, to do


the things she found important in terms of actually giving them the


chance to experience different things. For these pupils it was


certainly a unique day. She was amazing and really, really nice. It


is weird because I have never met a celebrity and it is the first time.


I am gobsmacked, because I did not know she was coming in. The only


thing left to decide is whether to keep it. Wherever it is, it will


just be pride of place. I am thrilled to bits. And thank you!


Time now for the weather. We had a super day today, and that


deserves a super photo. Some lovely festive holiday shining in the


sunshine. Beautiful blue skies in the backdrop. `` Holly.


Our final day today is thanks to a ridge of high pressure, but


yesterday's front is reluctant to clear away. Eventually it clears out


of the way, we dry up for a time, and you can see what is waiting in


the wings tomorrow, another weather front which will liven things up for


tomorrow. The majority of the daylight hours should not be too


bad, but we are going to be seeing some very wet and windy conditions


as we head on into tomorrow evening. We have some rain for this evening,


across 0 We have some rain for this evening,


across southern parts. 0 We have some rain for this evening,


across southern parts. Clears out of the way quickly, some clear spells


and light winds as well, so a little bit of mist and fog, and turning a


little chilly for some of us as well. A dry start tomorrow morning,


a bright start across eastern parts, but the cloud thickens up very


quickly. The winds will be picking up through the morning, and we will


see some rain as we head through the afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon's rain


light and 0 afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon's rain


light and patchy, 0 afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon's rain


light and patchy, just an average wet and breezy afternoon, and


bridges not much to write home about, but warmer than today. ``


temperatures. Tomorrow evening a second weather front moving in,


turning really windy for tomorrow evening. Gusts of up to 45 mph. For


Thursday it is a much drier, brighter afternoon, temperatures


around to six `` up to six Celsius. But at least we will have some


sunshine by Thursday. Never a dull moment!


Back with the late news.


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