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All This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` an inquiry's underway after a stroke victim, turned away


from a hospital, died. Good evening. Welcome to Monday's programme.


First tonight ` a stroke patient who was turned away from hospital


because it was five o'clock on a Friday evening has died. It is no


good just saying these things happen. They don't. They must not


happen again. The Serious Fraud Office confirms it has started a


criminal investigation into allegations of bribery and


corruption at Rolls`Royce. Plus, it's one of the busiest


shopping days before Christmas, but why do so many of us leave it so


late? And Lester's singing sensation, Sam


Bailey, gets the Christmas number one.


Good evening and welcome to the programme. First tonight, a stroke


patient who was turned away from hospital because it was five o'clock


on a Friday evening has died. John Mallalieu's grieving widow Ruth is


left wondering whether he might have survived had he not been redirected


from King's Mill hospital. She says the ambulance was just


three minutes from the stroke unit when they were diverted to


Nottingham. More from our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons. John


Mallalieu's death raises many questions, but there have 0


Mallalieu's death raises many questions, but there have been few


answers from the ambulance service or the hospitals. It should have


been a straightforward journey, it is 19 miles from continent to the


stroke unit at Kings Mill hospital. Ruth Mallalieu says the ambulance


was only three minutes away when it was diverted, adding another 15


miles to the hospital in Nottingham. She reckons because of Friday


evening traffic, the added journey took an hour. And John service


disputes that and says it took half that time. I said to the ambulance


man, I have never had such a horrendous journey in all my life


and my poor husband kept saying, I am slipping, I am slipping. With


three minutes to go, they told them not to take on there but to take


into the city Hospital. The Angelus men were furious. It `` we would


have 0 men were furious. It `` we would


have got nearby five o'clock. Five o'clock is the cut`off time for the


Kingsmill hospital to take new patients on a Friday. The experience


of the couple were not good in this situation. We need to make sure this


does not happen again and I would like to apologise on behalf of the


NHS. Two local MP, it is clear something went very wrong. I cannot


prove that this particular ambulance came from the Nottinghamshire area,


but I will bet it did not. It took a long time to get there in the first


place. I understand content is a reward sport but it should 0


place. I understand content is a reward sport but it should have been


quicker. Also bursting to have been navigational errors, that is


inexcusable today particularly today. If they were local people,


they would know the roads better than the dead. Following the death


of John Mallalieu, the initial findings of the enquiry are expected


in mid`January. A reporter joins us in the studio. A disturbing case


when we are told all the time to act fast when it comes to strokes? Yes,


we are told that all the time. Television adverts told us to look


out for the key symptoms of stroke and minutes matter. You should act


fast and I a name names. In this case, the ambulance may have taken


about 40 minutes to get to that house. `` dial 999. It took the best


part of two hours to get to Kings Mill hospital. There are many


questions around us we want to put too East Midlands and John service


and the hospital, also refused interviews so far. When there is


preliminary findings come out next month, we hope they will face


questioning as to what went wrong in this case and lessons. It is not the


first time we have featured problems with stroke patients getting to


hospital. Any month ago we reported how sons were taken to queue MC by


mistake. `` how some were taken to queue MC hospital by mistake.


Heavy rain and gale`force winds are causing problems for travellers


across the region. In Ruddington, drivers using the A60 found the


route blocked by a fallen tree at the top of Kirk Lane. Weather


forecasters are warning that the combination of wind and rain could


cause flooding and bring down trees causing widespread disruption.


Meanwhile, dozens of rail services have been delayed or cancelled. East


Midlands Trains have been running a significantly reduced service to


London St Pancras this afternoon and evening because of storms. Network


Rail has imposed speed restrictions on some routes. It's to reduce the


risk caused by trees and other debris blocking lines and damaging


overhead power lines and signals So, have we seen the worst of it yet?


Anna's here later with the forecast. The simple answer is no, the rain


intensifies and the winds strengthened to give us a stormy


night. I'll have an in`depth forecasts metering the programme. ``


litre in the programme. But next tonight ` The serious fraud


office has confirmed it's started a criminal investigation into


allegations of bribery and corruption at Rolls`Royce. The


Derby`based engine maker says it's fully co`operating. Some of the


allegations date back more than 20 years and centre on claims of


improper payments made in Far East markets. Mike O'Sullivan has this


report. The allegations have been swirling around Rolls`Royce for more


than a. Allegations that millions of pounds were paid out in backhanders


to help secure a jet engine deals. Today the Serious Fraud Office


confirmed those allegations are now being looked at as part of a


criminal investigation. Rolls`Royce has made it clear it wants to get to


the bottom of the claims surrounding deals in Indonesia, China and


elsewhere. At the annual general meeting, the Chief Executive


said... It is claimed that in Indonesia in


1990 bright was paid so that ideal for 700 engines would go through


with the national airline. A controversial figure in Indonesia,


the son of the then president, who has lived a playboy lifestyle, has


already denied accepting $20 million and a blue Rolls`Royce car.


Rolls`Royce is also carrying out its own review of business ethics


worldwide. That is being done by a senior litigator. He started work in


January and that work is yet to be computed `` completed.


A pharmacy service which aims to stop people clogging up GP surgeries


with unnecessary appointments says it's been a huge success. The scheme


is now in its 10th year. Pharmacists say the services they offer and save


patients time and money and keep the NHS running more efficiently.


Little Jacob Wood is the latest patient to sign up for a pharmacy


first at this chemist in Nottingham. His mum is already a member of the


scheme which allows her to receive certain medicines free of charge


without bothering her GP. I have four kids so it is usually good for


me if we need medicine. You can just come and get it straightaway if they


have a temperature instead of going to the doctor so it is really good.


It frees up a lot of the time GP so they can concentrate on more complex


needs. Pharmacy first has been up running for ten years. Some 250,000


patients have taken advantage of the scheme. This frees up tens of


thousands of GP appointments. Patients are being urged to use


their pharmacist more over the Christmas period to relieve pressure


on GPs. A lot of people don't appreciate what pharmacist can do


now. Pharmacists have upscaled considerably over the last ten


years. We are not just filling prescriptions. We provide a whole


range of services. Patients exempt from prescription charges can join


pharmacy first by registering at their local pharmacy.


If you are leaving it to the last minute, you are not alone. We're


talking about Christmas shopping ` today was expected to be the busiest


day of the year on the UK's High Streets.


The Highcross centre in Leicester says it's had its best Christmas


since it opened five years ago. Jo Healey is there for us now. Good


evening. I hope you have picked up a bargain. Yes, hello. You may think


it is late in the day to be shopping at this place is open until nine


o'clock tonight. I struggle to park my car here this morning it was so


busy. Last week they had half a million people shopping here. Today


they were expecting 94,000 shoppers. Why are all leaving its soul mate?


`` so late. We got married a week ago and we


haven't had time. 0 We got married a week ago and we


haven't had time. It has to be done this Christmas. I've left it to the


last minute. We started quite early on in October as though we have


managed to find a good bargain when we needed it. But you're still


shopping, why? For me, something to wear on Christmas Day. I want to see


if I can get a bargain for myself now, you save money if you wait.


Just finishing off today. Even though it is one of the busiest days


to do it? I was working. We tried to do as much as we could online but we


forgot a few things. Would going home, we got here early and now we


are done. Well, Joe is the general manager. Is it normal for people to


finish in such a rush? Absolutely. People are finished work, school


broke up and we anticipate this kind of rush just before Christmas. We


heard people saying they're looking for bargains already, are you


expecting another surge on Boxing Day with the scale `` with the


sales? We are expecting Boxing Day and the days after to be huge, they


always are. Is this a record`breaking year? It definitely


is for us. We're five years old now. Have extended customers will stop it


has been really successful which is great for our retailers. Thank you


for joining us. It sounds like a happy Christmas here. Back to you.


Still to come. Drama on the field of play.


A squirrel stopped play. Much hilarity at the match between


Leicester City and QPR after a rodent invades the pitch.


Sport is just around the corner but here's something with a football


theme, because when X Factor winner Sam Bailey 0


theme, because when X Factor winner Sam Bailey sang at the King Power


stadium last week, she told the crowd it it was her Christmas


present to them. Now the former Gartree prison officer from


Leicestershire has got the present she was hoping for ` the Christmas


number one. Here's Quentin Rayner. It is called skyscraper and it has


taken Sam Bailey to the heights of the charts. 0


taken Sam Bailey to the heights of the charts. With her debut single,


the X factor winner has secured the Christmas number one spot. The


devoted foxes fan got to sing at last week at the stadium. To


celebrate getting number one, I'm going to spend an wonderful


Christmas with my family, maybe have a bit of champagne but I don't drink


so I will go back to a cup of tea. I can't wait to celebrate with my


family and friends. It has been amazing. The single is one of the


fastest selling of the year and the proceeds are going to two children


charities. I still don't feel famous because I am still acting stupid are


owned famous people. I still love my egg and chips and steak and chips.


I'm still me. The prison service said any celebration inside Gartree


would be inappropriate but they congratulated Sam on her massive


achievement. Merry Christmas everyone. It is great that the money


is going to children's charities. Now for sport. I have never seen a


reaction to a half`time performance like that one.


We are going to start with cricket because Graeme Swann's brother has


left the Nottinghamshire defence. Graeme Swann created controversy by


retiring and then suggesting that some international cricketers had


their heads up their own backsides. I asked his brother about this. I


think the reaction has been a bit strong. I can understand he's making


accusations, but no names have been named so until names have been put


forward people should reserve judgement. He has always been quite


outspoken. He always does things in a certain style, including the


announcement of the retirement, what you make of the timing and the


reaction? I thought the end of the series might have been his time to


go at some of the reaction has been ludicrous. You would think he had


left in the middle of war, dereliction of duty and all that


nonsense. He is a sportsman who thinks he has hit the wall and


walked off into the sunset and that is all there is to it. You suspect


it will blow over and we will be left looking back over his career,


what would you say? I think what he has achieved has been astonishing.


He debuted just before his 30th birthday, he achieved so much in


five years and it was amazing. He has this image with the drive, he


must have steel behind him? I think he has a facade to some degree, he


has always been a bit about JoCo. He was always a professional sportsman.


Two days into controversies, is part of him that will enjoy that? Part of


him well. He likes to be the centre of attention, he admits that. Part


of think it is ridiculous, all the attraction. When it comes down to


it, yes just finally hit the wall and that's what it comes down to.


In football, it's been a significant weekend for Leicester City. And yet


another winning one for Derby County. Leicester had a great win


but more importantly their financial future appears to be secure. The


club's owner has effectively wiped out debt of ?103 million by


converting loans to shares. It was the Christmas present to top the


lot, a club saddled with debts of over 100 million is now stable and


then victory over a promotion rival. The only thing which stopped


everyone was a squirrel. He took centre stage for five minutes. Nice


one for the goalkeeper 0 centre stage for five minutes. Nice


one for the goalkeeper to chase the animal off the pitch and then for


showing his understanding with this goal. This goal leaves them third in


the table. Meanwhile Derby County get their seventh in a row. It was


followed by a missed penalty and missed chances before this wonderful


finish made it too. There was a little warble when this own goal was


scored. Craig Bryson soon cut through the defence to ease derby to


another classy Vic today in their astonishing run of results. ``


classy victory. Nottingham Forest believe they've


got a good Christmas in store. Their list of matches looks tough `


they're playing three of the top six. But on their trip to the


Children's Wards at the Queen's Medical Centre this afternoon, they


were taking it in their stride. As Mark Shardlow reports. Who's that


dressed in red carrying presents? One of them is the hero of the


weekend, coming to hand out guests. That's a great strike, what is says.


He made two stunning saves at Birmingham. He said he definitely


touch this one but was most pleased with his acrobatics here. He kept


yet another clean sheet. Andy Reid is no stranger to these wards. He


enjoyed a bit of ant. Who is your favourite player? And day. It's a


setup. Most of us have children ourselves. My son was in here when


he was born. It is nice to come back and try and put a smile on the faces


of the children. Forest have been given Christmas day off before


kicking off their programme al home to QPR boss. We look forward to them


coming to the city ground. A winner too would make a nice present. I


have asked them to surprise me this year for a present.


In League One Notts County were moments away from returning to the


foot of League One ` but battled back against Bristol City.


This is the 89th minute at Meadow Lane. County are a goal down.


They're pressing for an equaliser and they're awarded a penalty. The


kick's taken by Alan Sheehan ` and it's a valuable draw for Notts as


they enter the key Christmas period. Mansfield Town had a dramatic day `


even by their standards ` as their slide down League 0


even by their standards ` as their slide down League Two continues.


Jamie McCombes second had given the Stags a 2`1 lead and the points


looked safe as the match went into injury time. But then came the


pantomime ending. Accrington Stanley scored twice in added time to steal


a 3`2 win. The late goals leave the Stags without a league win in 12


games. Rugby. The Leicester Tigers captain


Toby Flood is to leave the club at the end of the 0


Toby Flood is to leave the club at the end of the season. Director of


Rugby Richard Cockerill confirmed the news after the Tigers heavy


defeat at title rivals Saracens. Flood's got 60 England caps and has


been at Leicester for five years. The club had been hopeful they'd


persuade him to stay ` but he now seems likely to go and play in


France. Tigers' Christmas started very badly. They conceded six tries


at Saracens in a rare heavy defeat going down by 49 points to ten.


That's it for the sport. Thank you. Loved the squirrel.


Now you don't need us to tell you that with only two sleeps left until


Christmas Day, it's an exciting time for children. But how much has the


festive season changed over the years? We've been to Kirk Langley


Primary School in Derbyshire to ask pupils what they think Christmas was


like in the olden days. I don't think they had Christmas trees and


tinsel is and angels. They wouldn't have got much presence because they


were quite poor. Except for the king and queen. I wasn't there. I think


they didn't get much presence in the olden days. My mummy told me she


only got an orange, some pencils and mints. I think they would go around


building snowmen and things. I think they might go sledding. They had no


television and no heating. There was no Christmas lights or electricity.


They would use a gramophone to play music. It is like a thing, you put


what you put what he wanted and it goes round and round. In the olden


days, they wouldn't have that much decorations. I think they would


because Christmas Day is a time to have Choi and peace and love and


hope. Happy Christmas. You have to have a bit of hope. He said Love.


So what was the reality? How was Christmas celebrated decades ago? We


asked Teresa Mikula to delve into the archives. Here's her selection


of family films celebrating the festive season, some dating back to


the 1930's. Well, this our last full East


Midlands Today # Santa baby... # Hurry down the


chimney tonight. # Noel, noel. # The programme will


return on January the a lot has changed but a lot hasn't.


Let's see what the all important Christians that the Christmas


weather will be like. It will be called an crisp on Boxing


Day but It will be called an crisp on Boxing


Day before that we have stormy conditions to contend with. Deals


and very heavy rainfall. The Met Office have issued a yellow warning.


This is for the Peak District which could have gale force winds. The jet


stream is driving all the weather systems are way and this area of low


pressure is with us at the moment. The rain has eased for a time


through the end of the afternoon. The winds have been strengthening as


we go through the afternoon. Into the evening, we will see the rain


becoming intense and the winds becoming stronger. We might get


gusts of 50 miles an hour Wales play and possibly up to fit `` 60 miles


an hour. The heavy rain will clearly in the early hours. We get lost in


the showers behind that. Tomorrow we continue to have squally showers,


they may be wintry in each, especially on high ground. There


will also be bright 0 especially on high ground. There


will also be bright and sunny conditions. It will remain windy


throughout Christmas Eve self. It is feeling much colder tomorrow. Highs


of six or seven Celsius. The winds continue to die down, giving us are


settled Christmas day. The frost starts on Christmas Day. Friday


looks like we are set to have another spell of wet and windy


weather. We will keep you updated in the next few days.


Do come and join us. This is our last bulletin. The programme returns


on January the 2nd. Although, as you'd expect, we'll have news


bulletins throughout the festive period here on BBC One. However


you're spending Christmas and the New Year ` may it be everything you


hoped for. We're leaving you tonight ` in traditional style ` with some


young choristers from Leicester Cathedral singing, Hark the Herald


Angels sing. Good night and Merry Christmas.


# MUSIC: Hark The Herald Angels Sing by Leicester Cathedral choristers. #


Glory to the newborn king! # Peace on earth, and mercy mild. # God and


sinners reconciled. # Joyful all ye nations rise. # Join the triumph of


the skies with th'angelic host


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