24/12/2013 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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struggled with an Australian barrage all tour. Let's hope this guy has a


lot And now the news for the East


Midlands. I'm Geeta Pendse. A great grandmother from Nottingham


had to wait 12 hours for her prescription after being discharged


from hospital because staff lost her file. Her daughter`in`law is calling


for the Queen's Medical Centre to change its system of handling


patient information. Carol Hinds reports.


Joyce Rowbottom was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham


last week with severe abdominal pains. Four days later she was


discharged. She waited in a side room for medication she was due to


take home but it still had not arrived by the time her family


collected her in the evening. Her daughter`in`law was supposed to take


a home but was told she must wait for the prescription. At 6pm I said,


this is ridiculous, she is 83, it is getting late, I am coming to fetch


her whether the tablets are there or not. I got to the hospital at about


6:30pm and they told me they had lost a whole file and she had still


not got a prescription. The medicine was eventually delivered by taxi at


10pm, 12 hours after Joyce had been is charged. Ann says she wants to


see a change in how the hospital deals with files. It should not


happen and they clearly need to change the system. Nottingham


University hospitals trust has apologised for the delay and says it


will call Joyce to discuss their concerns directly.


An elderly man's died from his injuries after his car was in


collision with a police vehicle. It happened a week ago on the A453 at


Clifton in Nottingham. The 95`year`old man died in hospital on


Sunday. Police are appealing for witnesses. The police car had been


responding to an emergency call. The officer was treated for shock.


Meanwhile, a 25`year`old man's died following a crash near Newark. It


happened last night on Beacon Hill Road in Coddington.


A prison inmate who died from a stab wound has been named as a man from


Nottingham. 22`year`old Michael Hennessy died at the weekend. It's


not yet clear how he suffered the injury, at Lindholme Prison near


Doncaster. Two other inmates were arrested on suspicion of murder but


have since been released back into prison custody while an


investigation continues. Firefighters will hold their latest


strike tonight ` between seven o'clock and midnight ` over their


dispute with the Government on pensions. The Fire Brigades' Union


has already walked out five times over the issue. There'll also be a


strike on New Year's Eve and three January. `` the 3rd of January. The


FBU is fighting government plans to increase pension contributions and


the retirement age. If firefighters find they are not


fit 0 If firefighters find they are not


fit enough to maintain their fitness between the ages of 55 and 60, they


will either be sacked and their pension deferred until they are 68


or they will lose half of their pension that they paid in the 35


years. It is completely unfair. `` paid in for 35 years.


The demolition of a 135`year`old bridge in Derby has begun today. The


London Road Railway Bridge will be replaced with a new one designed to


cope with increased traffic demands. It's costing nearly ?7 million to


install. Now let's get the all`important


christmas weather with Charlie. A fairly cold night but largely


dry, nowhere near as stormy as last night. The isobars are nowhere near


as tight as last night so basically it is not going to be anywhere near


as cold. As we head into the early hours there could be a couple of


drizzly showers but in the main it is largely dry, temperatures down to


one, two, three degrees. A bit of frost possible for Christmas Day


itself, largely dry and bright at times. It pretty much stays dry


throughout, apart from the odd shower through Derbyshire and the


North of Nottinghamshire. Relatively dull weather`wise but we don't mind


that on Christmas Day. Boxing Day, and while there may be a bit of


drizzle at times it looks dry and bright and while we do have some


slightly nasty weather coming on Friday we have a lot more to keep


our minds on until that point. Merry Christmas.


Well, we're back again on Boxing Day. From all of us here, hope you


have a wonderful Christmas. it from us - we are back on Boxing


Day at One o'clock. Merry Christmas. Hello. The weather has been a little


kinder today to travellers and last-minute Christmas shoppers


across England


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