27/12/2013 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Sarah Teale.


A main commuter route through the East Midlands will be closed for


more than a week after a major water leak. A three foot wide pipe burst


on the A6 near the M1 junction in Leicestershire. It's left thousands


of properties without water. Eleanor Garnier reports.


They are mending a water pipe that burst on Boxing Day. It left around


10,000 people in the Loughborough area without water. All homes are


now reconnected at the A6 at a key junction with the M1 is closed. It


will have a lot of impact because we don't have a bypass in this village


and it is a main artery towards Loughborough and the East. Its


proximity is important to people here so I say it will be a big


impact. Me and my father have a petrol station and a fish and chip


shop so the impact will be dramatic, we rely on a lot of passing trade so


it will be a very bad week. The pipe that burst is three foot across and


four metres underground and seven Trent say that is why so much water


is gaped. Engineers need specialist equipment to mend it, which has been


difficult to get hold of over the Christmas holiday. It is not just a


burst pipe engineers are mending. The huge volume of water that is


gaped damaged the road and that needs to be fixed as well. ` water


that is gaped. It will be at least a week before this busy route to the


M1 is open again. `` escaped. A fight early this morning closed


part of Derby City Centre. Witnesses say 20 people were involved in the


incident. It happened at six o'clock outside the Cantina Bar on The


Strand. A man in his 20s suffered head injuries.


A Derby MP has started a campaign calling on the government to


reconsider an almost million`pound cut to Derby College. Chris


Williamson says the college will lose ?800,000 next year due to cuts


to the Education Funding Agency. He's written to other local


politicians asking for their support.


Work to create a huge nature reserve south of Nottingham should begin in


the new year. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust says it's on course


to raise almost half a million pounds to buy and redevelop the


site. Tom Brown reports. Between home Pierpont and the a 52


lies one of Nottinghamshire's best kept secrets, bursting with wildlife


but relatively untouched by human hand. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust


has ambitious plans for the site's future. It wants to turn it into the


county's third largest nature reserve, with more than 200 species


of bird, but far more than a haven for twitchers. Undoubtedly


bird`watchers would find it fascinating but equally we want


people to have a good day out in the countryside. For the last year the


trust has been raising money to buy the site. ?14,000 has come 0


trust has been raising money to buy the site. ?14,000 has come from the


public and the Environment Agency has donated almost ?300,000. The


money we spend, which at the end of the day is public money, is given to


an organisation who will manage the site for generations to come. The


nature reserve should open in 2015. Onto football, and Leicester City


are top of the Championship, with our other local teams in the playoff


positions. With a review of an eventful Boxing Day, here's Mark


Shardlow. The lights went out at Leicester


City. The floodlights failed three times, putting the match in


jeopardy, but the generator kicked in and Leicester grabbed the points.


It leaves Leicester two points clear at the top. Derby County were fourth


but their run of seven victories came to an end. They missed a


penalty and plenty of other chances before Huddersfield scored a late


equaliser. Nottingham Forest are fifth after they beat Queens Park


Rangers. Forest one at home for the first time since September. The goal


that wrapped it up was controversial. The assistant flagged


for offside and the referee did not agree. In League one it was Notts


County's goal that was sandwiched between two penalties as they went


down 2`1 to Port Vale and Mansfield have gone 13 games without a win,


leading 3`0 at Rochdale. `` losing. It is finally settling down for the


week `` the weekend. We have had gusts up to 50 miles an hour but


things are coming down and we will have some sunshine. The winds stay


quite lively through this evening. They will ease down through the


early hours but most of us are dry. Turning a bit chilly tonight, down


to one or two Celsius. A cold start to the weekend, some sunshine for


the morning" in into the afternoon. The winds are a lot lighter but it


will feel chilly. We are back with the late news at


10:15pm. Join us then if you can. Good evening. What a week it has


been, a stormy start, a law through Christmas, then a wild end to the


week, had to keep up, isn't it? This was a vicious area of low pressure


last night, but today the winds have been strongest across northern


areas, where it is still blowing a gale. That will gradually subside as


we go through the night, although a windy night across Scotland with


frequent, heavy showers. A few showers whistling in elsewhere, but


a lot of dry weather, and temperatures will ease down first


thing tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, a


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