01/01/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight, a man has appeared in


court charged with murder. It follows the discovery of the body of


35`year`old Ian Cammack at a house at Hyson Green in Nottingham on


Saturday. Police say he'd suffered chest injuries. Today, 50`year`old


David Gill from Ruddington appeared before Nottingham magistrates and


was remanded in custody. Fire 0 0


was remanded in custody. Fire crews from 0


was remanded in custody. Fire crews from four stations were


called to a blaze on an industrial estate which sent plumes of smoke


into the air. It broke out in the early hours of this morning at a


waste transfer facility on the Meadows Industrial Estate in Derby.


Police said at one point smoke could be 0


Police said at one point smoke could be seen from the A52. The cause of


the fire is not yet known. A father who tried to take his own


life has now set up a charity to help other men deal with depression.


Most attempted and successful suicides are carried out by males.


And Ian Hastings from Nottingham says they need serious help. Quentin


Rayner can tell us more. Ian Hastings is surrounded by the


woman 0 Ian Hastings is surrounded by the


woman who saved his life. After attending suicide, he was forced to


see his GP by his mother and his wife. The father of two was


diagnosed with having suffered depression for 20 years. He has set


up 0 depression for 20 years. He has set


up and 0 0 depression for 20 years. He has set


up and funded the charity Muted. My attempted suicide was the trigger to


set up the charity to help men to realise that it is not about being


too manly to deal with the condition and to recognise the symptoms and


take steps to deal with it. When it comes to depression, the figures are


stark. 72% of those treated are women but 75% of suicides are men,


with an average of 13 suicides per day. We provide accessible


information directed towards men that they can relate to. Whether


that is signposting to GPs, counselling services and also


self`help groups. Nottingham is the starting point but Ian Hastings


wants Muted to be heard around the country.


A town is marking this year's 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World


War I with a giant tribute. A large W`W`1 has been marked into a field


on the Chevin, overlooking Belper in Derbyshire. It's part of a project


involving the Royal British Legion and the town council. And it's been


sown with millions of poppy seeds, which it's hoped will flower this


summer. Crowds braved the rain today to


watch dozens of hardy competitors jump 40 feet into the River Dove in


Derbyshire. The Mapleton Bridge Jump near Ashbourne is a traditional New


Year's Day celebration. It sees 20 pairs of competitors raft down the


river before jumping off the bridge and sprinting to a nearby pub. This


year's winners were George Ditchfield and Terry Brown.


It's the third time I've done it and we've won it three times. Why do you


do this? Because it's there. Like Everest. This is my fifth year on


the trot. Every year a different costume. The locals make everyone


welcome. It brings everyone out even on days like this.


On to football and all of our teams were in action this afternoon. In


the Championship, Leicester maintained their four`point lead at


the top with a 3`1 win away to Millwall. Forest drew 1`1 at


Reading, while Derby's long unbeaten run came to an end at home to Wigan.


In League One, Notts County are off the bottom with a 3`0 win over


Bradford. And in League Two, Mansfield Town's game with Burton


ended goalless. A pretty poor day weather`wise.


After a 0 weather`wise.


After a wet and winding baby will see showers this evening, plenty of


them. Some will be quite lively with heavy downpours expected and it will


be breezy overnight. Most of the show was well clear to the East in


the early hours 0 show was well clear to the East in


the early hours of Thursday morning. Temperatures will stay fairly mild.


Any remaining showers will clear first thing tomorrow morning. It is


a better day tomorrow. It will still be breezy but most places will be


dry with some spells of sunshine. The top temperature of around eight


Celsius. Thursday night will see more rain across the country. Some


heavy downpours, once again, and strong winds forecast for Friday,


with blustery showers working through. The weekend will remain an


settled. We'll be back at 10:30pm.


Hello. It is a New Year but it is the same old weather. Flood warnings


are on the rise. The flood line number is on screen if you are at


all concerned. Still some rain to come this evening and overnight.


Still some heavy bursts. It will push the way towards the east taking


the strongest winds with it. It did in temperature across the Highlands.


Temperatures are holding up fairly well. Tomorrow, I can offer you a


glimpse of brightness. Quite it isn't over getting out and about.


Many places staying dry. -- quite a decent day for getting out and


about. There will be some


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