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This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a breakthrough in treating high blood pressure. We speak to the


first patients to benefit. It made my life a lot better. It is going


down. Also denied: New delays and diversions for motorists on the big


return to work. Plus the day the wheels of justice grind to a halt.


For the first time in history, barristers and solicitors across


England and Wales, who care about justice, are refusing to go to


court. And ladies and gentlemen, this may be the only functioning


Victorian music saloon outside of London but now, the amazing


revelations beneath my feet, about what they want to do with the


ancient floors below. Good evening. Welcome to Monday's


programme. First tonight: breakthrough surgery for high blood


pressure has been performed for the first time, in the East Midlands.


Linval Henry from Nottingham underwent the procedure because


medication wasn't adequately controlling his condition.


The experimental technique involves burning nerves around the main


artery supplying the kidneys. As Our health correspondent Rob Sissons


reports, doctors in Nottingham now hope more patients will benefit.


The procedure is called... It is offering hope to patients for whom


medication hasn't really brought down their blood pressure enough. In


Nottingham, they are hoping to come one of 12 centres across the UK


doing more of the work. This man is proud to be a first patient to have


it done in the East Midlands. A few weeks on and his blood pressure is


down from sky`high levels. I feel a lot better in myself. I am not in


pain any more. The technique uses a catheter. This tip burns the nerves


surrounding the main artery to the kidneys. The labs where the


procedure was done were busy with different cases today but they hope


to do more patients here like him. There is a communication process


between the brain and kidney which is to do with how the body sets the


blood pressure and how it regulates the blood pressure. It seems to be


that if you interrupt the communication, mainly in what course


of the Vatican nerves, you reduce the signals which are driving blood


pressure up. At home, he was on 12 different medications a day to


control blood pressure. Now it is five. His father died young because


of hypertension. He had always feared a similar fate. Everything is


going the way the doctor wants it to go. I am not really too worried. At


Nottingham City Hospital, they want to do more of these procedures. But


there are lifestyle changes they stress people can make to bring down


blood pressure, just as `` such as giving up smoking, reducing salt,


taking more exercise and losing weight.


Well, a little earlier I spoke to Simon Cooke from The Stroke


Association who told me the procedure could help save the lives


of people who are not benefiting from medication. It is great that


any new procedure is coming which helps reduce the risk of stroke,


particularly for this group of patients. It will save lives. That


is hugely welcome. We would hope that more money could be put into


research to further the development. How big is the risk of


stroke for those who have high blood pressure? It is estimated that


around 54% of people who have a stroke have high blood pressure is a


contributing factor. It is hugely significant. You welcome new


treatments but do you think people are doing enough to reduce the risk


of strokes in terms of their own lifestyle? There are always things


if we can do to help reduce risk. I think the first and most important


is to get along to your GP or health practice and have your blood


pressure checked regularly, at least once a year. BP is a situation where


you cannot necessarily experience symptoms so you need to have a


cheque. Lifestyle factors also come into play. Cutting out smoking,


reducing alcohol intake, reducing salt intake and taking regular


exercise will all help. Still to come: better news on the


weather. Are the storms running out of steam? And we'll take a look at a


mammoth art display inside a shopping centre.


Each one is a work of art. Here to help, elephants like this one. She


lost part of her leg to a landmine. 13 people have appeared in court


accused of taking part in a Leicester`based immigration scam.


They're all suspected of involvement in sham marriages. Our Social


Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, was in court and joins us now. What


happened today? Eight men and five women appeared


here today. Between them, we heard that they're facing a long list of


immigration charges. They're all Nigerian, Cameroonian or Portugese


nationals. And they're all accused of organising or taking part in sham


marriages over more than a decade. Now they were all arrested back in


May last year. Several at addresses here in Leicester. Others around


London and Peterborough. Among them, Antonio Semedo. He's a Portuguese


national. Today he denied marrying a Nigerian woman to deceive the


immigration authorities. Some of the others are facing criminal charges.


One of those other people who appeared today has been charged with


possessing a number of fake documents. We will hear more about


these allegations when the case comes to the Crown Court later this


year. This is a real priority for the immigration authorities. Because


sham marriages are organised purely to get round the British residency


rules. Essentially to help non`European nationals con their way


into getting permission to settle here and work here.


Police are still waiting to question a woman who was arrested after a


baby was born at a sports warehouse in Derbyshire. Officers were called


to Sports Direct in Shirebrook on New Years Day, where the baby boy


was found, having been born in what they've called unusual


circumstances. A 28`year`old woman has been arrested on suspicion of


wilful neglect. Both the mother and her baby are being treated at the


Leicester Royal Infirmary. The baby is said to be making good progress.


An 18`year`old man has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his


closest friend who was found dead in his burnt out car last July. Ryan


Morrell had fallen asleep in the car after attending the Fristock


festival near Melton Mowbray. Jack Buckley accidentally dropped his


lighter while searching for his possessions in the dark. He didn't


know anyone was in the car but failed to raise the alarm after the


fire started. Sentencing has been adjourned.


Next tonight: a new year and a new series of major roadworks across the


East Midlands. Millions of pounds is being spent improving key junctions


across the region. Inevitably, there'll be congestion.


Chaos even, according to some. Sarah Teale has been taking a look at


what's happening. Sarah, these road improvements seem to be


never`ending. They do don't they and that's


because there's been a lot going on across the East Midlands over the


last few months. Major roadworks still ongoing of course on the A453


into Nottingham. Beeston's got major tramworks and improvements are being


made around the Fosse Park roundabout in leicester. And now


there's more roadworks starting. Over in Derbyshire work has begun to


widen and improve safety at two roundabouts on the A38 in


Derbyshire. It's all part of a ?317 million improvement programme to


reduced congestion and boost the local economy. So until June


there'll be lane closures and speed restrictions at the Little Eaton and


Markeaton roundabouts. Work will take place outside of rushhour


between 9.30 and three, and again at night to try and keep disruption to


a minimum. Moving further south, into Leicestershire, the busy


Catthhorpe Interchange of the M1 at junction 19 is to undergo major


roadworks. It's going to take a massive three years to complete and


the Highways Agency says over all of that time people should allow extra


time for their journeys. Complete overnight motorway closures start


tonight and continue all week so if you do travel that route its worth


checking the Highways Agency website for detailed information. Into


Loughborough and there's been huge disruption while the inner relief


road is being built. Work has entered the last major phase with


improvements now taking place at the junctions of Leicester and


Southfield Road and High Street and Woodgate. When that's finished at


the end of March work will move to the Epinal way/Forest Road junction.


Work on the whole scheme isn't due to finish until this autumn. So why


is all of this work happening at once? I asked Andy Butterfield from


the Highways Agency. Although it may not seem it, those works have been


carefully planned and coordinated with all those partners to try to


make sure there is as little disruption as possible. Most of the


work is happening at night or between the rush hours. We have to


accept that there will be some short`term pain for the long`term


gain that the works will deliver. The government is consulting on


plans to set up a 60mph speed limit for a 32`mile stretch of the M1 from


junction 28 Matlock all the way up to junction 35. That would be 7am to


7pm every day and why? In a bid to cut pollution. So all in all not the


best new years news for motorists. Still to come: in sport, Forest club


Captain Andy Reid looks back on a good day at the office.


Reidy scored yesterday's fifth and final goal against West Ham in the


FA cup and signed a new contract at the City Ground.


The Chancellor, George Osborne, warned today that 2014 will see


further significant cuts to public spending. And it seems the


continuing austerity will affect everyone, even barristers.


They're already up in arms over proposals by the Ministry of Justice


to cut the legal aid budget. This morning they made their feelings


known by bringing many of our Crown Courts to a virtual standstill.


Today is a momentous day. For the first time in history, barristers


and solicitors across England and Wales, who care about justice, are


refusing to go to court. Criminal solicitors and barristers from


Leicester and Nottingham gathered outside the Galleries of Justice as


part of a national mourning of protest. Our system of justice is


the envy of the world but gradually, over time, it has become starved of


resources. The Ministry of Justice says further cuts are essential as


the local... If these cuts come into effect, the advocacy in the Crown


Court could be affected because we will not be able to recruit and keep


the very best people to do the job. Some of these cases are very complex


and have a special needs, especially for victims and witnesses. They


argue the profession is in crisis and most barristers are not paid fat


cat amounts. The real figures for 25% of the criminal bar is that 25%


of them take gross ?25,000 a year or less. The mystery of justice says


these cuts will save ?220 million a year and still leave us with one of


the most generous legal aid system is in the world. But barristers


argue these figures are misleading and that the cuts will degrade the


criminal justice system irreparably. The parents of a Nottinghamshire


teenager with anorexia say they're having to travel to Yorkshire just


so she can get the care she needs. There's currently no in`patient


facility for anorexia in Nottinghamshire, despite an internal


review highlighting the need for a specialist service. The local NHS


Trust says it doesn't want to take children away from their families.


The Robinsons say their daughter Amelia needs better support closer


to home. And on Inside Out East Midlands this


evening you can hear from other local families affected by Anorexia,


that's on BBC One from 7.30. It's been described as one of the


East Midlands historic and architectural gems. Now even more of


its hidden past is about to be revealed.


We're talking about the Malt Cross, the only surviving saloon music hall


outside London. As James Roberson reports, it's just won nearly ?1.4


million from the Lottery to open three floors, including the 11th


century caves, below the existing Victorian building.


Tucked away on Saint James's Street just off the old Market Square, the


exterior belies its spectacular interior. Built in 1877, it is now


the only functioning saloon music hall outside the capital but it is


not the spark that has changed, it is what lies beneath. In the 80s and


90s, the two floors below were used as an Indian restaurant but the


partly hidden Victorian colours reveal that this was originally a


very different space. Here we are on the lower ground floor. Got to


imagine that the ceiling wasn't there and around the top here would


have been a balcony. Just like in the top. Just like the top. This


flaw would have been a Victorian roller`skating rink. It says on the


blueprints. It was also used as a billiards room. Perhaps the most


extraordinary area is the third floor down. This cave was from the


old monastery that stood on the side from 1100. The monks would have


brought up water to make wine and beer and cider. They would have


stored it along these prints here, along with meat, so that you


couldn't see the rat bites in it or the mould. Here is the boiler that


would have heated the building in Victorian times. ?1.38 million from


the Heritage lottery fund will transform all of these three


currently hidden levels. The idea that we gave them they thought were


really exciting, to engage with tourism, artists and musicians and


Heritage craft that would have been associated with the music Hall at


the time. It was cute too good an offer to turn down. Heritage is an


important part of tourism and this is fantastic news for the city. It


will bring people from all over the UK and hopefully all over the world.


The trust hope to open the three floors this coming September.


Well I never. Fascinating. It's time now for sport.


First tonight the club captain of Nottingham Forest has been in our


new look studio this afternoon after signing a new contract at the City


Ground. His new deal was announced yesterday after Forest thrashed West


Ham of the Premier League by 5`0, in the FA cup. Andy scored the fifth


and final goal of the game to take his team into the fourth round in


style! Shortly after the club released the news that he'd extended


his contract by two and a half years. Earlier Reidy popped in to


chat to us and told me how he now wants to go and lead his team into


the Premier League. It is a relief. It is something that I suppose plays


on your mind sometimes and now that it is sorted, it's great. I'm


absolutely delighted. The club have been good to me and I think I've


been good to them. It was the right thing to get it done. The timing is


pretty good as well, I suppose, on the back of a win yesterday. And


what a result in the cup for you yesterday. We've got some footage of


the goals. The first one, a penalty by... He is not shy, is it?


Obviously not. Would he have been in trouble as captain if this had not


have gone on? Yes, of course. If you are going to do something like that,


there are risks that come with it. He got away with it yesterday but I


wouldn't be keen on him doing that again. Your heart must have been in


your mouth. Listen, it went in, so that is the main thing. I thought


Henry was going to take it because he scored the last one that he took.


Jamal looked like he really fancy that. He is not too shy so he ended


up taking it and luckily enough, it went in. In the second half, the


hat`trick, which we can see, he is an extraordinary talent. What is


special about him? He was fantastic yesterday. He has done well since he


has come in. It has been a start`up for him and he has a bit to learn.


He is another lad in our squad who isn't shy. We all like him. He has


been threatening to do this for awhile. He's been a little bit


unlucky and yesterday, things went well for him. If he keeps his feet


on the ground, has a fantastic feature again `` ahead of him. The


third goal was a fantastic goal. You also got on the fourth `` scoresheet


yourself. What would it mean for you to have a good season in the


championship? Things are going really well at the moment. I've


scored a couple of goals and that always helps. I was absolutely


delighted to get on the scoresheet yesterday. I made a late run. My


legs were a little bit tired after all the games that we've played. It


was nice to round the day off with a goal and then get the contract


sorted, and of him that goes with it. It turned out to be a fantastic


day for me and for the club and everybody involved. A special day.


Thanks for coming in. Now onto Derby, where it's not just


Rams fans hoping to see them in the Premier League next season. Jose


Mourinho's is rooting for them too. His Chelsea side beat them 2`0 in


the cup but it was a performance Derby could be proud of.


The magic of the FA Cup was well and truly alive at Derby, a sell`out


crowd, hopes high for an upset. This Chelsea side are real contenders for


the Premier league title. If Derby are going to make it nine wins out


of 11, they are going to have to be at their very best.


We are going to have you, Chelsea. They will rise to the occasion and


hopefully upset the special one. No lack of respect for the cup from


Jose Mourinho. Some changes to his team but still packed full of stars.


It was a good first half for Derby. They had a number of chances. And


they were strong in defence, too, mainly restricting the visitors to


some long`range shots. As the game went on, Chelsea looked more and


more threatening. The player broke the deadlock after 65 minutes. Just


five minutes later, O made sure of the win. There was still time for


Derby to threaten but it wasn't to be. I wish them the best for the


championship. I hope that next season, I can come here, not in the


cup but in the Premier league. The players were doing all the talking


beforehand and they were saying, this is where we want to be, we want


to play like this every week. They have put a lot of responsibility on


themselves. They must feel now, that experiencing that packed stadium,


that they want more of this. Derby and Leicester play each other


this coming Friday. With that in mind Leicester City boss Nigel


Pearson rested five players against Stoke as they lost 2`1 in their cup


game over the weekend. Promotion is the priority so it was


a result which went `` will not hurt too much. Jones gave Stoke a


first`half lead, before of the few highlights in a fairly ordinary


game. This was the strike for Charlie Adam, to make it 2`0. Less


to got a goal back but they couldn't force a replay.


In the league, there was no game for Notts County, but Mansfield Town's


revival continued at Exeter. Lee Stevenson scored just before half


time to make it three games without defeat for the Stags in League Two.


Rugby, and the Leicester Tigers needed a last minute try to prevent


being beaten by old rivals Bath. There was a full house yesterday to


see the Tigers take the lead with this Benjamin try. But they are


missing almost a full team of players with injuries and the


pressure showed. Bath went ahead, scoring the next three tries. With


ten minutes left, this player crept in behind the forwards and crawled


over to give Leicester a chance to get back in the game. They grabbed


that chance in the last minute. It needed the video referee to confirm


that Jamie Gibson had touched down fairly in the corner. So the scores


were level. It left this kick to win it. In the wind and rain, Owen


Williams just push it wide. In ice hockey there was no close


finish at the National Ice Centre. The Panthers had an emphatic win


over Cardiff Devils Nottingham scored five times in the first


period. And they got eight goals in a remarkable 20 minutes to blow away


their Welsh visitors. Two players got hat tricks. First it was Matt


Ryan. And then local boy Rob Lachovitz got his third to complete


a 9`2 thrashing. You may not have herd but there's


been a stampede of elephants through two of our biggest shopping centres.


Don't worry though, they're not real.


In fact, they're rather beautiful and they're here for a very good


reason as Jo Healey discovered. There are 30 of them, here, on a


mission. This is to protect the Indian elephants. Elephants are my


favourite animal. They remind you of India and I am so happy to be here.


There is a message to save elephants. They are so beautiful and


intelligent. Yeah, really good. We want to save them, definitely. And,


Asian elephants are threatened with extinction, partly their habitat


disappearing, son, injured like landmines. And here is the


inspiration behind the whole tour. The reason why we are doing it is to


raise money for the Asian elephant foundation. As well as running shop


and it `` shopping centres, we are passionate about elephant


conservation. Each elephant weighs ten stone, was manoeuvred in here by


a forklift truck and a seam of six people. They finished in the early


hours of this morning but luckily, they are here for another five


weeks. I love elephants. They are very


intelligent, you know. Just like you!


We've had some gorgeous winter sunshine today but we still cannot


get away from those wins at the moment. We have low anchored to the


north and west of the UK. It has been battering us with its wins all


day long. But things are improving over the next few days. We don't see


that area of low pressure starting to fill in and push its way


northwards. We can see the ice bars will open out. We have to keep a


close eye on this cheeky chappie which may come in on Wednesday.


Otherwise, it is looking pretty decent for the next few days. It is


a lot calmer. Winds will be a lot lighter. It will be drier as well.


Those showers will start to diminish and we are staying on the mild side


as well. We've had a little bit of a forcefield around East Midlands so


far today with not too many of these showers pushing in. A couple of them


are trying to creep into the north and west now and these may continue


during the evening of the first part of the night. Generally, it is


drying up to the latter part. We will see temperatures falling away.


Not falling very far at all. Those of seven or eight Celsius. That is


about where we should be for the daytime maximum temperatures for


this time of year. The winds will stay quite strong tonight. They


would be their first thing. A couple of showers around first thing as


well. These should become a lot lighter and they will eventually die


away into the afternoon. Some sunshine to enjoy later in the day.


The winds will ease down as well. It's a lot better in terms of how it


feels with highs of nine or 10 Celsius. In two Wednesday and a


decent day for daylight hours on Wednesday. Perhaps a little bit of


rain creeping in later on but pretty decent.


You like the changes we've made to our studio. Goodbye.


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