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goodbye from me. On BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, remembering the Kegworth Air disaster. 25 years on, we speak


to the ambulance chief whose crews were first on the scene. In other


news, police 0 were first on the scene. In other


news, police discover the body in Leicester. For workers apply for


redundancy at a council that is axing hundreds of jobs. In this gun


amnesty, I found out what happens to them next. And join me later when we


will be gazing at stars and making comics. `` comets.


Welcome to the programme. Our main story: Prayers have been


said this morning in memory of the 47 people who died in the Kegworth


air disaster. It's 25 years ago today that the aircraft crashed on


the M1 embankment near East Midlands Airport. Villagers and relatives of


the victims attended a service at Kegworth Parish Church. At the same


time, wreaths were laid at the memorial in Kegworth cemetery by the


chief constable of Leicestershire Police and a parish council


representative who was involved in the rescue and recovery efforts in


January 1989. The scene on the M1 today. Well, a former chief


ambulance officer has spoken to us ` the first time he's spoken in public


` about that night. His teams were the first to reach the site of the


crash. James Roberson's report contains images of that night and of


the 0 contains images of that night and of


the aftermath 0 contains images of that night and of


the aftermath of the tragedy. The broken fuselage of the plane on


the M1 embankment. It had been flying from Heathrow to Belfast when


it was diverted to East Midlands airport with an engine problem. It


crashed onto the busy motorway is just short of the runway. I


collected lots of letters of thanks. This was the chief ambulance


officer. He has an archive of documents from the disaster at his


Leicestershire home, including the official annual in`service blog for


the night. We had a radio message to say that it was believed to be down


on the motorway. In those days, and even staff were not paramedics.


There was a male driver and a female attendant. several people grabbed


the attendant and said thank you are here, they helped onto the wind and


pushed into the aircraft. The disaster meant a new emergency


first. Helicopters to ferry the injured from hospital stop I ran my


crew saying, don't worry, we have you safe. We'll pop you in this


helicopter and fly off to helicopter. 0


helicopter and fly off to helicopter. People said, I don't


want to do that. Some of our staff adopted the casualties and one chap


actually flew all the way from England back to Belfast with his


casualty because the guy was afraid of flying so he actually took him


home. A year later, I realise the effect it had on me. At the same


time the next year, the phone rang, and it was the control room with


another message and I actually physically went cold. Something


brought it all went back. All that is left is this plaque which recalls


that 47 people died but it also pays tribute to the heroic efforts of the


rescuers who made sure that 79 people did survive that terrible


disaster. You can read more about the Kegworth


disaster in BBC Online's special 25th anniversary report, which


includes analysis of the crash and its aftermath, as well as interviews


with the survivors. Investigations are continuing


tonight after the discovery of a woman's body at a house in


Leicester. Police sealed off two seperate roads in the city while


they carried out forensic examinations. One man has been


arrested. Helen Astle reports. Officers were called to a house on


this street in the Belgrave area of Leicester shortly before half past


six this morning. There, they discovered a woman's body. The road


has remained sealed off all day. Neighbours say the couple who lived


in the house were quiet and word well`known. I have been here for


over 20 years and have had no problems here. All the other


neighbours are friendly with each other. But this one particular


neighbour, we didn't know much about them. a couple of police cars went


past 6am. We were surprised to hear what had happened. It is not 0


expected of this area. It is a shock, really. Less than a mile


away, the police cordoned off another street and carried out more


forensic examinations. Later in the afternoon, a black Vauxhall Corsa


was taken away. There were more police in the morning. They were


keeping quite quiet about what was going on but as the day progressed,


they seem to be more and more police officers coming down to the 0


they seem to be more and more police officers coming down to the street


and investigation teams. Anybody on the street, people will tell you


they kept to themselves. The police say the investigation they have been


carrying out today are connected to the discovery of the woman's body. A


man has been arrested. He is currently in hospital receiving


treatment. In the meantime, the police are urging anyone with any


information to contact them. Next tonight, the scale of the task


facing our local councils as they try to balance their budgets. It's


emerged that at least 3,500 local authority staff face losing their


jobs in the East Midlands over the next few years. Derby City Council,


for example, needs to shed 350 posts this year. So, how many people are


taking voluntary redundancy? Well, so far, the council has only been


able to offer that option to four people. Officials say that means


it's inevitable that there'll have to be hundreds of compulsory job


cuts. One senior politician is suggesting that it may now be time


to consider cutting the number of councils themselves. With more


details, here's Simon Hare. It looks like there are trouble


times ahead for the staff of Derby City Council. 350 jobs have got to


be cut here in the next few months. It is still not clear which posts


will go. The counsellor in charge of the city's budget revealed on BBC


radio Derby's breakfast show this morning that so far, it had only be


able 0 morning that so far, it had only be


able to offer voluntary redundancy terms to just four people. The


inevitable outcome will have to be compulsory job cuts. That cuts are


relentless. They are deep and sustained and we are finding it very


difficult to find the savings and certainly, those will ultimately


result in compulsory job cuts. Unison says it is concerned it will


impact front line services and Derby City Council isn't alone. Just


yesterday, we reported how Leicestershire City Council needs to


lose about 700 posts over the next four years. Derbyshire county


council needs to shed 0 four years. Derbyshire county


council needs to shed about 1600. It says compulsory redundancies will be


a last resort and Nottinghamshire county council is currently


consulting on plan that would see 758 jobs lost. The financial


situation facing our local authorities is so severe that one


senior Conservative councillor, leader of the Tory group in


Derbyshire and deputy chairman of the local government Association is


reported to have said it could be time to cut the actual number of


councils that represent our communities. This is East Midlands


today. Still to come. Star spotting. It's


that time of year when we're all encouraged to gaze towards the


heavens. But look up tonight, and you are likely to see cloud and feel


the rain. However, there will be some perfect stargazing 0


the rain. However, there will be some perfect stargazing conditions


later in the week. I will tell you when shortly.


Police have made two arrests after a car crash in Nottingham in which two


men died. Janaid Shafiq, aged 19, from Nottingham, and 22`year`old


Abubakr Ahmed, from Peterborough, died at the scene. Both were


students at Nottingham Trent University. Their car crashed into a


tree on Carlton Road at around 11.20pm last night. A 21`year`old


and 24`year`old have been arrested and bailed pending further


enquiries. Elizabeth Byrne and her daughter, Skye Fletcher, were


witnesses at the scene. I heard a loud bang, looked outside my window


and saw blood car. I shut my mum, I rang the eminence and the police,


and outside the was just crashed over by the tree. I spoke to the


driver for a little bit, telling him it would be OK and that the ambience


was on its way, we could see the eminence coming up it street and try


to get him to stay calm. The Electoral Commission says urgent


action should be taken in Derby to make sure May's elections are held


securely. Officials have identified the city as being at 'higher risk'


of electoral fraud, after four people were found guilty of offences


in July last year. The Commission wants tighter security at polling


stations, such as voters showing ID as well as their polling card.


Weapons collected by Leicestershire Police 0


Weapons collected by Leicestershire Police during an amnesty have been


melted down today. More than one hundred and thirty firearms


including antique rifles and fake Uzi machine guns were handed in last


September. The police say the operation is a major step in making


sure guns are kept out of the hands of criminals. But once they've been


melted down where do they end up? Eleanor Garnier's been to find out.


Molten iron at a cool 1500 Celsius but some of this metal has been hot


property. Temperatures in this factory, a sign of the lengths the


police are going to to cut down on crime. These weapons were all


collected in a gun amnesty back in September last year. Officers say


around 130 guns were handed in and half of them were illegal because


they weren't registered with the police. And now they are all for the


melting pot. Destined to be destroyed. we have loads of weapons


from the mystique, shotguns, rifles, handguns, pistols, and there is even


an Uzi in here. Some of them can be used to threaten people and cause


people fear, violence, so it is important that all the weapons,


whether fake or real, are melted down and turned into another ``


other things. Once the weapons are delivered to this factory near


Melton Mowbray, there is no turning back. Picked up by a giant magnet,


they are melting down with other scrap metal, and finally, and


perhaps surprisingly, ending up like this, as 0


perhaps surprisingly, ending up like this, as greats for drains and


manhole covers. Nottingham's tram system should be


extended even further ` to Kimberley, according to a Government


planning inspector. Phase two of the tram is currently under construction


and 0 tram is currently under construction


and will reach Clifton and Chilwell. Planning inspector Kathleen Ellison,


said extending the network to Kimberley should be regarded as


desirable. The recommendation was made in a report allowing an appeal


for 116 homes on the potential route through Nuthall.


A 16`year`old boy who went missing from his home in Derby on New Year's


Eve has been found safe and well. Tristan Wilson left his home over a


week ago. Officers had appealed for information on his 0


week ago. Officers had appealed for information on his whereabouts.


Police say he was found in the area of the city this morning.


Students at the University of Leicester are to be offered paid


internships whilst studying for their degrees. The project will


provide 500 placements for undergraduates each year, as Sumeer


Kalyani reports. Pod casting with a purpose. This woman is recording her


latest staff interviews. It is part of the new job at the University of


Leicester which she secured after following a graduate internship at


its PR department. The job market is so combat that it is 0


its PR department. The job market is so combat that it is so having any


of that unity to do an internship before you graduate has got to be


invaluable. The University will provide paid casements to 500


undergraduates every year which it claims 0


undergraduates every year which it claims is a sound investment. our


students faced tough competition from students around the world so


what this gives them is a strong platform. Business leaders have


criticised 0 platform. Business leaders have


criticised students for not having the necessary skills when they leave


college. I think those students who have spent time in the working world


are much more prepared for it when they leave university, they know


what to expect, then know how to behave in a 0


what to expect, then know how to behave in a working environment and


then had to be a response or member of the team and the difference is


very stark. It is hoped the project will help students be more prepared


for the workplace. It's one of the UK's oldest schools


of art and design ` for 170 years a variety of budding artists have


learnt their craft in Nottingham. Now an exhibition at Nottingham


Trent University is showcasing their work and exploring the school's


origins. I went to take a look. From the acclaimed painter Dame Laura


Knight to rock music photographer, this is Nottingham Trent


University's own wall of fame, the works of 100 former students are


being displayed across the campus to mark 170 years of art education. The


School of Art and design originally started as the Nottingham government


School of design. It was one of several institutions set up to


improve the design skills of industrial workers. Soon enough, it


attracted hundreds of local lace workers. They understood the


economic imperatives for the country so Art and design education started


to support the manufacturing industry and also because it was


believed that we needed to develop a consumer market for products within


the UK. Stuart Trevor is founder of the UK fashion chain all Saints. He


was a student here in the late 1980s. Some of his designs feature


in the exhibition. They have external tutors, they come in, they


are designers and they come in and they inspire you and you learn from


them what it is like to go out into the big wide world and come up with


something. The school has come a long way since its industrial


origins with modern techniques and innovations at the heart of


teaching. This exhibition, which runs for a month, is as much as


about celebrity the past as looking output can come next. Did you know,


the musician Damon Albarn's parents went to Nottingham Trent University


and they are artists and their work is at the university.


Coming up, stand by for some celestial bodies. Yes, why has this


static that is making my head going wild got anything to do with outer


space? The report coming up will be out of this world. It is time for


the sports news. We start with football. We have rugby and ice


hockey coming up to. First, the former Derby and Notts


County defender Michael Johnson has denied being homophobic in the wake


of stepping down from the FA's anti discrimination board after making


controversial comments two years ago. On the BBC show The Big


Questions, 0 ago. On the BBC show The Big


Questions, he said this: despite the campaign against


homophobia, do you support the fight against 0


homophobia, do you support the fight against homophobia? Listen, what I


support their campaign? Because of my beliefs, because of the Bible


that I read, in that chapter in the Bible, it does state that


homosexuality is... He says he is deeply sorry and regrets coating


that part of the Bible and felt put on the spot J wring the programme.


Johnson had a 20`year career in the game and was working voluntarily for


the FA anti`discrimination advisory board. He said he felt he had to


step down but felt it was a great shame. He insisted he doesn't


discriminate against gay people and wanted the chance to show he had


changed his views. Next Leicester City manager Nigel


Pearson has given his strongest hint yet there may be movement on player


contracts at the club. Ten Foxes players, and Nigel Pearson himself


are out of the contract in the summer and as Kirsty Edwards reports


it looks like it will be an interesting January. This could well


be a profitable month for the foxes. All the talk not only about the


players that may be coming in during the transfer window but crucially,


in succession continues over the feature 0


in succession continues over the feature of a number of the current


stars. Amongst the ten out of contract at the end of the season


are the likes of gold paper Kasper Schmeichel, Captain Wes Morgan and


leading scorer David Nugent. Fans fear other clubs may capitalise on


the situation and try to lure them away this January and some of them


have expressed their frustration that as yet, there has been no new


deal offered. 0 that as yet, there has been no new


deal offered. I do understand there has been a feeling in security may


be amassing the fans have probably voiced some opinion in those lines


but hopefully, things will resolve themselves in a positive manner for


everybody. Alternately, we have to try and keep minds on the job in


hand and that is to try and achieve promotion this season. If we work in


the same fashion, we have a good chance to 0


the same fashion, we have a good chance to do that. While he hopes to


keep hold of his big stars, he is also looking to add to the squad. I


will do everything to keep my squad gather and hopefully add to it and


go from there. Could we see any deals being done in the near future?


I don't know what the near future is but let's hope so.


Derby have completed the sale of winger Michael Jacobs to Wolves.


Jacobs leaves the Rams just 18 months after arriving from


Northampton. It's thought the deal is worth ?300,000 with a sell`on


clause included. Rugby and at Leicester Tigers, Toby


Flood's England career looks to be over as he's set to be left out of


the Six Nations squad. Flood has won 60 caps for his country over the


past seven years. But his decision to move to French side Toulouse next


season goes against head coach Stuart Lancaster's rule of only


picking players based in England. And Tigers coach Richard Cockerill


wouldn't be surprised to see him left out. The rules are if you go


abroad, you won't get picked for England. He's with us now so they


can him for the six Nations but like most coaches, they look to the


future, if Toby is not going to be around next season, there is some


sense in looking forward and getting one of the younger guys in. But we


will see tomorrow at 12 o'clock when they announced the squad. We will


indeed. And in ice hockey, the Nottingham


Panthers are in Scotland to face the Braehead Clan tonight in the second


leg of the Challenge Cup Quarter final. The Panthers take an 8`0 lead


into the tie. Natalie, thank you very much indeed.


Next tonight, 0 very much indeed.


Next tonight, be prepared ` we are now going to take you out of this


world. Where did the stars come from? What would an alien look like?


What is it like to explore Mars? Well, at Leicester University, they


are dedicating this evening to the wonders of the universe. Our very


own star Jo is there. Hello. When I was a child, this was as good as


gold `` stargazing God. If you are very lucky and sophisticated, you've


got to use something like this, probably a bit smaller. Now, if you


are a fan of space, you get to come to nights like this, . This is what


has inspired the event at Leicester, BBC Two's Stargazing


Live. It has attracted a host of new fans to our solar system. Here they


ask, some of them making most of the cosmic fun. I like space. Being here


allows you to be part of something that is quite over and, looking into


space, and for them, it is oh look, there is the and the Earth. What are


you making? I am making comics. We are making it with Worcester sauce,


and dirt. And sand and water. I am standing on a Vander Graaf generator


and that is all to do with the aurora borealis, the Northern


lights, you can look at rockets. You can make, it's with dry ice, try


some freeze`dried marshmallows. They are expecting 2500 people here


tonight. Astronomy has taken off. It certainly has taken. Paul, how is


it? You are 0 certainly has taken. Paul, how is


it? You are macro 0 certainly has taken. Paul, how is


it? You are macro it is very popular. It is great. The general


public can ask scientists questions and that is what makes it so


popular. How important is it, Lewis, that we look at outer space? I think


we are a cubist bunch. We try to understand the world around us as


well as space and use 0 understand the world around us as


well as space and use that information to inform us what we do


back down here on Earth. It inspires people, it gets kids into science,


that is important, but by learning things in outer space, we can apply


that knowledge and technology back on Earth in hospitals and in the


third world, it is all about transferring knowledge, not just


keeping it where it is. I know you look at whether there is life out


there, is there? maybe. Maybe there is an intelligent alien in the


galaxy looking back. I think it is more likely we have some hardy life


forms, something like bacteria on the surface 0 0


forms, something like bacteria on the surface of Mars. Clearly, Lester


is very much a centre. Thank you very much. Tonight, it BM, BBC Two,


Stargazing Live. 7pm, here tonight, a big stargazing outdoor event but I


have to say it is pouring down so I guess we will be finding out soon in


the weather whether that will be successful or not. It is funny you


should say that. We're about to bind up the good news or not, it is very


dependent on the weather. Tonight is in the best night to be out


stargazing with all the rain we have on the way. But things do improve


with clearer skies expected overnight, Thursday, Friday and


Saturday so some good news there. Back to now, we do have rain pushing


in and what we have to bear in mind is another of our rivers have flood


alerts in force and with the added rainfall tonight, 0


alerts in force and with the added rainfall tonight, there is that risk


so do be extra careful if you are heading out and about. He was the


low pressure that is bringing in the rain at the moment. It is relatively


small at the moment. It will be quite quick to move away to give us


an improving story on Thursday. Here is the current position of the rain


that is with us at the moment. It is patchy but it will turn increasingly


intense as we go into the early hours of Thursday morning, just for


a time. Once it clears away, behind it we will start to see the showers


push in. They are heavy in nature and they do have the risk of rumble


of thunder. All the cloud and rain, it is a mild night, though, seven


Celsius. 0 it is a mild night, though, seven


Celsius. The showers still with us first thing tomorrow morning but


they start to die out and it is an improving story throughout the day.


One or two showers around but bright and sunny intervals as we go into


the afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow, we'll look at highs of


nine Celsius but the wind starts to change election and it will be more


northwesterly and you will notice it feeling a bit cold as you head Frome


from work tomorrow. Cloud coverage will increase to the day and this


area of rain, as it makes its way towards us, it will start to ease so


patchy rain towards the end of the day. Let's look at the day. Say


hello to high pressure, a rare sight at the moment, it will be crisp,


cold, but plenty of sunshine so let's look forward to that.


cold, but plenty of sunshine so let's Little bird tells me it will


be a lot colder next week, possibly, we shall see. I shall be back with


the late news. I do hope you can tune in. Until then, good night.


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