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from the Atlantic. Thank you very much. That's it from us.


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a High Court battle for the heart surgeon who unwittingly


infected five patients with a deadly bug.


John Lu deeply regretted the deaths but now he wants to return to the


operating theatre. Also tonight, a masked man snatches


a pedigree puppy in a violent raid on a couple was like home. It was a


matter of minutes and it was all over and they had got away with the


dog. And the student hoping to make a new


home on the planet Mars. And a special departure


announcement. After 53 years, Eddie has left the job he loved. I feel


really proud. A surgeon who transmitted a bug


which killed five of his patients is to take his employers to the High


Court in a dispute over his return to the operating theatre.


Six of John Lu's other patients survived the infection following


surgery at Nottingham City Hospital's Trent Cardiac Centre.


Now, in what's being described as an unprecedented case, the consultant


is taking legal action. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


The surge in the John Lu was carrying area infection.


Unwittingly, it was transmitted to patients during heart valve surgery.


He apologised family. Reflecting on what happened, one woman who


survived the infection says it is now right he should operate again


and stresses agents must be told about his past. He is a brilliant


surgeon and I think if they were open with everybody and talked


privately and confidentially with that person then they could make an


informed decision whether or not to put their life in his hands. The


hospital trust recently wrote to patients and relatives. It said that


John Lu should adhere to certain conditions before operating again.


He disagrees with some of them. A hospital statement says...


At Nottingham City Hospital these days John Lu works with outpatients


and doesn't do operations. Five years on from the deaths, it is not


clear how the disease was transmitted to the patients. In this


Leicestershire village, another survivor told me he doesn't think it


is right that John Lu goes back into theatre. Until you have the


evidence, I can't see how you can be sure it won't happen again. I think


that is fundamental to whether there is an opportunity for John Lu to


operate again. The case will be heard at the High Court next month.


A couple are recovering from their injuries after a man forced his way


into their home to steal a pedigree puppy.


Terry Hayes is terminally ill and had to be taken to hospital after


the incident. His family, from Nottingham, fear the dog will die as


it's too young to be separated from its mother.


Pebbles the pug gave birth to three puppies three weeks ago but now she


has only got two after one was stolen in a robbery. A woman has


arranged to come and view them on Wednesday evening. She came into the


living room and within a couple of seconds, someone, a man came in and


tried to put the mum in a bag. I struggled with. My husband came out


and tried to hit him. He pushed him to the ground. Terry Hayes is still


in recovery in hospital. He is terminally ill with emphysema. He


has got days, weeks, we take it every day with him. This has left us


all devastated. Mrs Hayes also suffered a broken wrist. They are


concerned for the welfare of the puppy that was taken. If he is not


dead now, he will be probably by the end of the night, because they get


dehydrated so quickly and the body starts to shut down. We are offering


a reward for information. Which leads to either the arrest of the


people responsible are the safety return of the dog.


For footie fans, the weekend starts here. And what a weekend it promises


to be. With a taster of what's to come in


sport, Here's Colin. Because what is to come tonight as


an all East Midlands clash. Leicester and Derby at the top of


the championship meeting tonight here at the King Power Stadium.


A man murdered in Derby has been named by police. 54`year`old David


Hunter, from Breadsall Hilltop, died early yesterday as a result of head


injuries. Detectives believe he was attacked with a weapon just after


midnight. A 37`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and


is being questioned by police. Meanwhile, detectives in Leicester


have named a woman found dead at a house in Belgrave earlier this week.


She was Sameena Zaman. The 34`year`old was found at a house on


Down Street early on Wednesday morning. A man's been arrested on


suspicion of murder. He's receiving treatment in hospital.


A ten`year`old girl has backed a campaign for all children to be


vaccinated against a potentially fatal strain of meningitis.


Three years ago, Isabelle Weall from Derby had to have both arms and both


legs amputated to save her life. Her parents' call for the vaccine to be


made available has been taken up by their MP. Quentin Rayner reports.


Isabelle Weall first came to everyone's attention during the


Diamond Jubilee when she presented a posy to the Duchess of Cambridge on


a visit to Nottingham. Now she strives to do as much as she can buy


herself including putting on her prosthetic limbs. She is in no doubt


why a vaccine to put text against meningitis B should be offered to


every child. I don't like the idea of other children going through the


same as me because it is not exactly nice. It would be really good if


nobody else gets it. All children are offered free vaccines against


meningitis but not the vaccine which is available for the B strain. The


local MP is calling on the government to pay for it. I am


arguing with the government that the continuing cost, not just the


immediate cost, of new limbs, wheelchairs, extra school support


and then work will make it cost`effective for the whole country


to be vaccinated. She has been ill for three years and we have seen


hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on her and with hundreds of


cases of meningitis each year, this has to be multiplied across and


surely it is cost`effective. The government says it will seriously


look at the apostle. `` proposal. Next, new hopes that this region


could see a long`term recovery in the construction industry rather


than a return to boom and bust. One house`builder hopes the upturn


will mean a 10`15% increase in business over the next year. As Mike


O'Sullivan reports, the firm says prospects have been boosted by the


Government's help`to buy`schemes. How firm are the foundations for the


recovery in the construction industry? Now times are better, I


asked a senior figure at a Leicestershire building company,


will it last? We are optimistic about the future and we are looking


at opening more sites and taking on more personnel to meet our business


growth. We hope it is a sound, safe recovery. They are now on to phase


two on this site in the heart of Leicester. They are holding around


70 three and four bedroomed homes. It comes at a time when the Royal


Institute of Chartered Surveyors says 70% more of its people in the


region are facing an increase in workload. The word on the street, or


on the site, seems to be that we have plenty of arcade others. It is


good now the work has picked up. Is the upturn dependent on government


Help to Buy schemes. Some people say it could create a housing bubble. We


think that it is just that the market has taken a turn for the


better but there is still a lot of caution. The firm is building on


around 25 sites and hopes that that could increase up to 15% in one


year. A man from Derby has been selected


as a candidate for a one`way mission to Mars. Ryan MacDonald hopes to be


among the first group of settlers on the Red Planet in the year 2025.


He's on a world`wide short list of just over 1000 people. As Simon Ward


reports, the mission will be televised and so all the funding for


it will come from advertising. Ryan MacDonald is packing for his


return to Oxford University to study physics. In ten years he could be


packing for a space to Morris, knowing he can't come back to earth.


`` Mars. Including humans is the next jointly. The project is


organised by a nonprofit organisation. There will be a


relative TV programme but with real consequences. I think about all the


things I will gain from going there. I will see things no one has ever


seen before. Every rock is brand`new. Imagine who in history


has ever seen a blue sunset over a mountain so high you can't even see


you're standing on it. It could be in ten years. It seems awfully


close. The reason my space agencies haven't done this already is because


they always wanted to do a return mission and the technology to do


that doesn't exist yet. You have to have too much fuel to get there and


come back. A one`way mission can be done. We ask people at the National


Space Centre in what they think of plans for humans living on Mars. I


would do it myself. I think it is a goal for mankind to reach a


different planet. He would be the first person on Mars and it will be


tough for ending the first person but I think he will do all right. It


is quite likely he might be selected because he is quite determined but I


think if he was selected I wouldn't let him go. In the next few years,


he hopes to make the final selection. He says Maurice would be


a good place to retire. Well to tell us more about this is


Josh Barker from the National Space Centre in Leicester. Josh, it sounds


like a sci`fi movie. So, it is eight and a half months. Yes, and it is a


tough journey, mentally and physically. Zero gravity all the


time. It will be exhausting. There will be effects on muscle and bone


strength. They will be weaker when they get to Mars but it has a weaker


gravity field but it. Other big effect on their body. What will


conditions be like? How can you form a colony there? There is no


breathable atmosphere, we don't know if we can grow anything on the


planet. The plan is to send several spacecraft loaded with equipment,


materials and resources and live off those until the next supply craft


arrives in two years. It could be quite tough. What would be the most


difficult thing to deal with? One of the biggest challenges will be at


finding a way to keep the astronauts alive, making sure that they are


able to breathe and yet. They're working on life`support systems but


the technology is not quite there. The International Space Station, or


closest thing to a permanent colony, has to be refuelled every 90 days.


This is looking at a two year period. If it is successful, might


more of us go to Mars? If they manage to find a secret way of doing


it and find the technology we need, we could all head up there but I


wouldn't count on it just yet. Major space agencies have said they are


waiting till at least 2030. Thanks for coming in.


Still to come: if you're planning any trips out, you won't want to


miss our full weekend weather forecast.


And yesterday, I did this. I met The Hoff.


He's put in 53 years of service, met countless passengers and even been


honoured by the Queen but now Eddie Isaac has blown his whistle for the


last time. The 75`year`old has become a


well`loved face for those passing through Leicester station. Today I


had the privilege of joining him on his last day at the office.


He may have started his career at the age of 22 but Eddie has retained


a youthful spring to his step. After 53 years of service, he has decided


it is time to pass on the baton. Not an easy choice given how much he


loves the job. I'm happy meeting people. I never have a dull time. I


know all my regulars. Even being done to London, everywhere I have


been. People are calling me and I on the radio. He served my dad, me and


my kids. After so many years, news of his departure caused quite a


star. People have been ringing the station because they have heard he


is going on the news. It is just amazing. What is next? Will you be


able to stay away from the train station? I can't stay away. I will


never stay away. It is like my home. I can't stay away. It may feel like


the end of the line but it sounds like Eddie will be back soon enough


and this time someone else can take care of him.


Such a lovely man. When he did his farewell speech there was not a dry


eye in the room. It's a huge evening for East


Midlands football. Our three Championship sides are all well in


the promotion battle. And two of them meet tonight.


Colin's at the King Power Stadium. Good evening.


Here we are. This is Leicester City against Derby County. First against


fourth. The two in`form sides of the Championship meet tonight. It


promises to be quite an encounter and this season both sides have just


one thing in mind. Here's Angela with more.


Two times. Two teams. Just one name. Promotion. `` aim. They are there


any form sides of the championship. Derby County have the best away


record, Leicester City have the best record at home. Something has to


give tonight. Our game has to be right. The critical period for them,


like us, is now. It is OK getting there. But will we stay there? I'm


sure they come with the intention of trying to win and so will we.


Confidence is high in both camps. Yeah, it's just us so we have to


look forward to these big games like Friday and pick up the points and


the sky is the limit. I felt invincible going into every game


thinking we are going to win this game against any team. The Rams have


never won a game at the King Power Stadium. They're out to rewrite


history. Get a result, give a performance and play like we have


been playing over recent months. Can you? Tomorrow night at about ten


o'clock I'll answer that. Who will come out on top? It is about points


and pride. At this season it is all about returning to the Premier


League. It is rare for a game between these


two teams to mean as much. We have people from both sides. From


Leicester, young. The lads have had a fantastic Christmas. They have


come on leaps and bounds and they know what to do. Derby County


already won one contest. The manager should have won the other one as


well. Since he has come in, he has made some shrewd signings. Andre


Wisdom for a start is fantastic. He's brought a few good players in


and change the system a bit and the team are massive at the moment.


Hopefully we will get three points tonight. Leicester have been here


before, Alan Young. We are 13 points better off this stage last season.


With 51 points at Christmas, which is brilliant. We are entertaining


and four points from the top. We have to give it going. Derby County,


finally defeated, can you give it going? I think their legs were tired


and it was one game too many. He didn't really swap the players


round. A rest this week and a bit of team spirit, I think they will be


ready tonight and Leicester have been here before and falling like a


stone. Hang on a minute. I think tonight will be the silence of the


Rams. Well, in pursuit at the heels of


Leicester, Derby and the rest of the leading clubs are Nottingham Forest.


They head to Bolton tomorrow with manager Billy Davies insisting the


gap between his team and the top means almost nothing. Don't tell me


that the top two at the moment are sitting there in the very


comfortable situation. We will keep track to win football matches and


working on every game and we will see where it takes us come the end


of the season. Both Notts County and Mansfield are


in action tomorrow too. Notts Manager Shaun Derry faces the club


where he had many good years. I'll be there tomorrow for Notts versus


Sheffield United. And Mansfield host Scunthorpe United


in League Two. A big weekend here in Leicester and


a big weekend for the city over in Italy too. That's where Leicester


Tigers will hope to stride towards the European quarterfinals. They


need a victory over Treviso ` and are looking for a big one.


We need to go there and we have to win the extra point. It would be


very helpful and Robert would get us to a quarterfinal and then Ulster at


home the week after. It is a massive two weeks for us and it is important


that we get it right. Angela is here with a report on that in a related


built`in. We will keep you in touch over the weekend.


It is the place to be tonight. Now, the legend that is David The


Hoff Hasselhoff is coming to the end of his panto season here in


Nottingham. His final appearance in Peter Pan is on Sunday.


Oh, yes it is. But today he passed on a few words


of wisdom to hundreds of students who wanted to hear about his


superstar lifestyle. Sarah Teale was there too.


It may not have been the kit car but it was a stylish way for The Hoff to


arrive. He was here to speak to more than 300 students from new College


Nottingham. About his amazing career in show business. His most recent


part was starring in Peter Pan at Nottingham Theatre Royal. The Hoff


with his head. How's it going? It's going great. Enough to tempt you


back for next year? It is such a hard job. This is the earliest I


think I had gotten up in six weeks because you come home and you are


wired. Have you seen much of Nottingham? A lot of my family have.


The caves and Cassell and dungeons. I haven't managed to. A lot of


people are looking down because of the weather. When it rains, it's a


good time to go out because no one recognises me. They only look down.


What happens next? I leave on the 12th and on the 13th I am an


television in Sweden with my own chat show. I spoke to someone who


wanted to do a comic book called The Hoff. He used to work for Marvel.


Has superpowers are that each other's back in time and he can beat


David Hasselhoff in the 50s, 60s. Do you think you will be back in


Nottingham? I think we made such great relationships here in the


theatre, it has the nicest staff have, and they actually named a seat


after me so it will be there until 2034. You are officially a legend.


The great thing is he really sends himself up and doesn't take himself


too seriously. Now, the weather. Things are looking good for


tomorrow. Perfect winter weather with lots of sunshine. A dry,


settled today but it will be feeling a little bit cold and Saturday night


will be the coldest night for a long time so a widespread frost. Sunday


starts decent but will go downhill as we expect rain to move in later.


This was first thing this morning. You can see the frost. If you would


like to send us a weather picture you can e`mail us. This weather


front pushes through overnight tonight and clears the cloud away


and bind it clear skies and colder air and high`pressure move sent


giving us a lovely day on Saturday. We will see some light patchy rain


over the next few hours moving east but it will clear by Don and we will


start to see the sky is clear. Temperatures down to two degrees.


Tomorrow morning, a cold start and any cloud will break to give us lots


of sunshine through the morning. It will stay that way until the


afternoon and with light winds it will feel pleasant in the sunshine.


Six degrees will stop for Sunday, it starts nicely but this area of rain


moves in to end the day. Make the most of Saturday.


That is it from us. We have bulletins through the weekend and


the late news tonight at 10:30pm.


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